Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Chris Crain Was Bashed

AT Gallaudet, on Fridays, you'd find the batches of Washington Blade newspapers sitting somewhere in Ely Center (now the Student Union Building & Student Academic Center).

Occasionally, I'd pick it up on my way to the dorm -- honest to God, when I was a freshman, I would stand and wait until nobody is around -- I'd pull it in my backpack so fast that nobody will never realize that I did it. I did it every week to a point where picking it up without attracting anyone's attention was an art that I had mastered very well.

However, Washington Blade was the guide, like it or not, of tolerance and understanding of my identity -- that it's OK to love a man.

For years, I knew Washington Blade was bought by Windows Media -- the same company that owned several newspaers in New York, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale. Its Editor is none other than Chris Crain.

Some people cannot stand him because they said he censored the topics they wanted to cover. Some claimed that he protected and coddled the Roehmosexual like Ken Mehlman, who is the Chairman of Republicans National Committee, who can be seen at RESULTS, a gay gym in DC, quite frequently -- in fact, some claimed that you can watch Ken in action in the shower area.

Some said that Chris coddled and protected Ken because they went to the law school in Harvard University.

Either way, some people cannot stand Chris because of his ego. Some people said he's nice. I never met him. But I don't like Bruce Carroll and Ken Mehlman -- Chris Crain seemed, to me, to protect these Roehmosexuals.

Crain went to Amsterdam on his vacation with his boyfriend and was assaulted by Muslim Extremists. He was savagely beaten down by the Muslim thugs. You can see his picture right after the beatings.

The Netherlands seemed to have a wave of Muslim extremists targeting the same-sex couples. Most Muslims were brainwashed by its Clerics, just like the X-ians by their ministers and preachers in order to hate and vilify the gays and lesbians in general.

Perhaps it is time for The Netherlands to play a role of subjugating the Muslim clerics for spreading the seeds of hate. I'd wish the same thing for X-ians in this country but fat chance, really!

When I heard about Chris Crain getting beaten down, my first reaction was: Too fucking bad -- karma goes to people for what they protected and coddled people like Ken Mehlman, Bruce Carroll and others.

But the beatings itself is definitely wrong.


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