Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bitch Session V

Remember the comments below was written by the readers, not me. Feel free to laugh, groan and whine. And you're more than welcome to defend yourselves and retaliate back to the folks who said things about you! C'est la vie!


* * *

Jay Baldridge is out of JAIL!! BEWARE!!
Ridor Responds: Hide your children!

True biz, Paul Stone is still the bed wetter at his age of 30 something!!

Paul Stone cries about his dog because he misses him...and the dog is very much alive!!!

There is evidence that Paul Stone is in the closet -- no, he was not looking for clothes!

Sean .... Can you please stop victimize women?!?! Getting laid by getting them drunk isn't the answer!!

Seth ... oh yes, Sean's brother!! Stop lying for God's sake! You are not popular!! Stop acting like you are! Please please on't turn women off by lavishing them with gifts...that scare them off!! If you want to get someone, go slowly!! No wonder you are still a virgin!

Paul Stone RAPED!! He did not rape women!! He raped men!! He raped boys when he was in High School. He pushed the boys' face onto the pillow to prevent them from scream....and he FUCKED them!! He also claimed that he does not like GAYS....he did it himself....hes so full of it!!

If you ever meet Chris Cowden, do not believe a single word he says about anyone. He is full of shit and crap with unreliable information and twisted memory. I cannot stand his presence. He thinks he's all that. But, know what? He's full of bullshit. And, he eats like the world's largest vacuum. He is the vacuum champ. No vacuum company can replicate or compete with him. A waddling overweight duck who quacks bullshit about people and things in life. Quack quack. Poops crap all over the place. Based on how much he eats, he probably will have loose ass muscle by the time he hits 35 from shitting all those long brown river snake poops.

Andy Bonheyo was never contacted by gallaudet regarding to the football coach position....dimwits!!

defBef, stop sucking your thumb and thinking you're the world's greatest slut. your blowjobs SUCK.

Why is that deaf gays intend to be secretive about their drugs and don't want to share with others?? Get a life and do something productive in life than being greedy with drugs....

Amy, you were fired at Arthur Anderson Elementary School for breaking the Code of Ethics. You did not resign. You were either fired or forced to resign because of your behavior.

mccock, your antics last fall AREN'T a complete secret. stop copying ridor or i'll tell.

Jane Fernandes got tenured position in ASL/Deaf STudies Department -- a sign that the department is joke.

vapid NYC blonde: yes, it's your ass i'm talking about. shut! the! fuck! up! BITCH!

Star Wars has millions of inhabitants on different planets -- fighting the Evil Empire and it has many characters -- yet no one you can find anywhere is deaf? Guess back then, we have better things than to fight the Siths or Jedis.

Jody and Sean are truly the dangerous-est gossipers and lardiest guys whom I have ever met. Fuck JodySean!

I. King Jordan
Paul Kelly
Jane K. Fernandez

The KKK needs to get out of Gallaudet. Their stay is overdue and unwelcomed. Do you realize that the paychecks of the KKK is a total of One Cool Crisp Million bucks!-PER YEAR !!! FOLKS!!!! Wake up!! *hallo*!?!?!?!?

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