Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This and Amanda's Appearance

Before hitting the sack, Merritt told me to check this. This website is "Brothers & Sisters", a deaf-owned gay and lesbian club in London for the United Europe. It is interesting -- as you can see this with -- which one is more vibrant?

You bet they are better than RAD. It is shameful. But what do you expect from old farts who tried to hijack the RAD for themselves? Probably lacked the chances to fuck anyone else in the process so they had to control *something* -- voila, it is the RAD!

Cheers to Brothers & Sisters, Jeers to RAD!

Now with this: The link to the videotape is NOT WORK SAFE! But it contains Amanda LePore. The Trannie Queen of New York whom I had the privilege of knowing in person frequently. Amanda seems to enjoy exposing herself in bars/clubs just for the shock value. For that, I admire her. It is difficult to explain but ... when people started to talk very serious in front of her, she'll pull her dress just to expose her vagina to get people to loosen up. It worked, always.

How did I know Amanda? She is always around in New York, you see her there, there and over there. But on Wednesdays, she always hosted "Faggot Feud" with Richie Rich, another well-known fella in NYC. One time, I organized a deaf team vs. hearing team which the deaf team ultimately murdered hearing team, 389-30.

The door between us and Amanda was opened, I get to know her in person. She is nice, funny and sweet. Richie Rich and Traver Rains owned the company called Heatherette which specialized in out-of-world designs. You can look around with their clothes -- it is not something that I would wear in DC or in Montana. But hell, more power to them if they wanted to shock the world.

But anyway, this link which a friend of mine told me that I have to check it because Amanda did something outrageous. I checked it -- I cannot stop snickering throughout the whole thing. Warning: Some antics that Amanda did on this video can be considered as disturbing but hello, this is New York! Who gives a fuck if this guy over there is wacko?

Here is the instruction, when you get to that website, scroll down to the "Short Movie, MAC in Store Version". Don't say that I did not warn you! You know, I am wondering about what Burke and Ben Moore would think of this?



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