Monday, May 09, 2005

Banjo, This Is For You

Banjo, just saw comments on a forum called -- you obviously are stupid to start with.

You wrote, "For the record, this is how Dale got misquoted by Ridor and on purpose!"

My dear Banjo, Dale once commented on my blogsite a LONG time ago the exact one he uttered: "Your very existence is offensive to me." -- right before I deleted his comments because that particular comment was in the same paragraph where his other comments were very offensive, so I deleted it because he was offensive but I liked the first sentence. I quoted it as is. Therefore, you did not know the whole story so fuck off. Do not attempt to monitor nor know me in order to justify your comments on some cheap forum called Deafreedom.

It is good thing that Reggie White is dead -- he made a lot of hurtful remarks toward gay people and increased the risks of Down Low amongst the black men -- and when I say, good riddance to his death -- aww, you're upset that I'm so glad he's dead? Boo hoo. Get a grip.

I did not give you the permission to link my blog from your cheap-assed blog, Banjo. It is amusing that you would monitor, bicker and whine about things I say on my blog on some forum. But at least, it brought some kind of attention to my blog from many people across the world.

Pathetic creatures.


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