Friday, December 31, 2004

You Know ...

I bet you that you guys did not know what a Tsunami meant before the 26th of December, 2004.

You guys probably called these "high waves".


From Philadelphia With Love

It appeared that Philadelphia's Deaf Gay Community has plenty of drama in the last few weeks and it has been, I was told, accelerating to a point that when one screams, 'FIRE!' -- Hell shall break loose.

I suspect that it will happen during the New Year's Eve at a private party in Norristown. My friend snickered and said, "You know, we'll enjoy the drama tonight because I already issued invitations and received the confirmation from different people that hated each other -- they'll be here tonight."

My eyes widened, "Holy shit -- pass me the bag of popcorn, will you?"

We laughed.

And Jason mentioned that there was an article in a magazine that tells the readers how to "smooth-talk with a deaf dude" -- I was intrigued. Then his partner interrupted, "The worst thing is that it mentioned one Deaf person from Philadelphia, Kev -- I know him from PSD. I always suspected he's gay but he always denied -- he's married to a woman and has 2 kids. Somehow, I confronted the couple that Kev was mentioned in this magazine -- all Hell broke loose as his wife accused me of trying to "out" Kev."

"But Kev was mentioned in the magazine before you talked to 'em?" I asked while he nodded. "Then the secret is out, this delusional woman needs to wake up."

His name is Kevin Steffy. Kevin, you are a loser for not being honest with your wife and continues to brainwash her. Tsk tsk.

Oh, the article is amusing, funny and interesting. It can be found in INSTINCT Magazine January 2005 titled "Signing Out" on page 54 (3 pages). In other words, I is the VEE VEE at the article!

One shameful thing is that they did not interview moi, the one and only MOTHERFUCKING DEAF GAY MILITANT TERRORIST, THE EMPRESS by any means!

Happy New Year! I'm gonna shower and dress up a little then be amused with the performance tonight. Oh, yeah -- Alcohol will be involved so it is bound that someone will lose control and start the temper tantrums.

But nothing to do with me at all! I'll laugh hysterically and be the peace meditator. Yeah, right.



Thursday, December 30, 2004

Where Are You, Greg Crane?

When I first met Greg in Fremont, Califunny -- it was in Spring, 1986. Nearly 20 years ago!! I went to CSD-F (for hearies, CSD-F is California School f/t Deaf at Fremont) for Jr. NAD Convention. I had a great time in Bay Area.

One funny moment -- my sister, Lily, Marshall (Ugh! I swear you guys will vomit if you saw him!), Mr. Marzolf and I flew from Dulles International to San Jose -- it was our first time ever (except for Mr. Marzolf), of course -- we were goofy teenagers ... and incredibly dumb. But not dumber like Marshall.

Anyway, my sister is a skilled artist. She and I threw in our stuff for the national competition sponsored by Jr. NAD few weeks before that. But I digress. Back on the airplane en route to Denver. Lily and Marshall split in a row far away from me and Mr. Marzolf. As the plane was steady flowing westward, Mr. Marzolf and I chatted about various things. Suddenly, the flight attendant stared at me and Mr. Marzolf, then stared at the napkin. And smiled with a glee. And tapped Mr. Marzolf for his attention.

Mr. Marzolf is Deaf, like me. We were baffled and asked her what's wrong? She showed the napkin to us. It was a portrait of Mr. Marzolf's face, drew by my sister. Then the flight attendant pointed to the row where my sister and Marshall was sitting. Mr. Marzolf got up and said, "What's wrong? Why did you draw that?"

Lily responded, "The flight attendant don't know your name so I drew to call you over!" Mike said, "You can wander around the plane when it is in the air but not descending or ascending!" We did not know. Like I said, we were dumb teenagers.

Then Lily retorted, "Marshall claimed that this plane flew 65 MPH, is he lying?"

I nearly shot my snot out of my nose -- I was kneeling on the chair staring over the rows to catch what Lily said with her signs. I choked, guffawed and slipped back on the seat.

Mr. Marzolf stared but did not respond and said, "Marshall, this is pointless and idiotic conversation -- that does not warrant anything for you to use the flight attendant to call my attention to prove the point that the speed is 65 MPH. It goes over 400 MPH."

Marshall shot back, "But we have the national speed limit at 65 MPH!!"

Mr. Marzolf said, "I'm not going to talk about it with you now." He slipped back to his seat.

Later during the week at Jr. NAD Convention -- I met a charming fellow named Greg Crane. He and I became inseparable and I was incredibly infatuated with him. At that time, I did not know he was gay as well. I found about that he's gay ... few years later. Sometimes I wonder if I should make a bold move on him when we were in Fremont. Sometimes I attempted to locate him but it was very difficult thing to do so.

Greg and me at 13

I know that he was raised in Seattle, Washington. He was few years older than I am. But what impressed me the most was he came and introduced himself to me. To a freshman who is pretty much new to the Deaf elitism in Fremont, that is remarkable feat, though. The day that we spent together in Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz Island -- we were in a group, but Greg and I were on each other. It was nice while it lasted. Later, don't laugh. A fucking sea gull dumped a fucking shit on my shoulder. I was distraught with embarrassment, not from everyone else -- but Greg. Greg was so nice. He said, "That is great! It means a good luck for you."

Later in the evening in Fremont, I won the 1st place in Short Story at Jr. NAD while my sister cinchly picked up the 1st place in Art.

It has been nearly 20 years since I saw Greg. I want to see him again. I do. Maybe for a quickie, yeah. He's cute. Can't help it.



Finally, She Has It

Debbie Ryan

, Coach Ryan!

After the 98-52 win over James Madison, Coach Ryan became the 11th coach to reach the 600-win plateau and only 5th coach to do the feat at one school.

James Madison is the school that once pulled the collegiate women's basketball sport's greatest upset in the tournament by beating Virginia 71-62 in 1986. Ever since, Virginia hasn't permitted James Madison to post a win against the Cavaliers.


Yes, We Are Stingy, So Says the NY Times

New York Times wrote the editorial that captured my attention and it should serve a lesson to the people who coddled Bush and his cronies. McCock, read and weep.

You might need to register in order to read the article.

The Bush Adminstration, Powell and Bush, has no right to attack Jan Engeland regarding his comment about the Americans being stingy. Because we truly are.


Wal-Mart In Red State

One good reason why I think the folks in Red States are barbaric. I never liked Wal-Mart. Firebomb 'em, I say.


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Be Creative! Use Your Imagination!

What makes me cringe the most is seeing people reading other blogs then go back to their blogs and steal the subject and whine. It says a lot about their lack of imagination and creativity, really.

It is amusing to read some people who perceived me to be angry person. But the problem is that I am not even angry at all. I just rolled my eyes, flinched my facial expression, expressed my disgust but be angry at little stupid things that Amy Kurz would try to play around? Please. I don't need that. She has two strange kids that nobody wanted to tell it to her face that their kids are dofus bags.

Honestly, who would wear blue tie while wearing the brown suit? The pic is so ... unattractive, scary, prick, ghastly that tells the story of McCock -- a bitter man who feels that being Hard of Hearing is better than being Deaf.

These people amused me from time to time. But I do not appreciate for McCock to come to my blog and read and go back to his blog and whine about the issues I wrote -- if he has the guts, comment on it on my blog -- otherwise, make his own issues. Stop being a copycat. No wonder you do not have many readers these days.

Pitiful characters, they are. And yet, I won't be surprised that few people will wail and say that I'm bitter as well because I lashed out at them. Again, it is not true nor the case. The whole point is ... I'm annoyed at their lack of imagination and creativity.

All they do is whine. Cry. Pout. There is no balance of everything on McCock's Blog.

Three words: Get a life.


VIP Lounge?

First impressions are important. The Bush Administration and the US Government are being perceived by foreigners and Americans as insensitive.

There was an American who said that she was unable to find the American booth where many countries set up the booths in the airport. She looked around for 3 hours and found the Americans in the VIP Lounge. Her hotel was destroyed, her passport was obviously swept into the sea. The Americans insisted that she produce a passport and pay for the pictures -- in the hour of need. These Americans need to be fired, immediately.

Bush was in Crawford on a vacation, doing nothing but jerking off while many leaders across the world addressed the Indian Ocean epic disaster. Even Bill Clinton made few words on BBC, the Bush Administration officials were quick to criticize Bill.

Stop criticizing Bill Clinton, he is free to say whatever he wants -- but for you, as the representative of this country, DO SOMETHING.

Hundreds of Americans are missing. The Bush Administration downplayed that it is matter of them not getting in touch with the proper authorities -- is this the most idiotic response? The American already mentioned that she looked for three hours to find the American consulate who berated her to pay for the passport, despite the fact that many people might lose ATM cards, important documentations in the disaster.

Bush seemed to be flabbergasted with the fact that people are looking at him to say something. He decided to speak publicly from his ranch. A symbol of his arrogance (My home is clean and pretty, unlike yours!). Anyway, he will address the media right after the meeting with the National Security Council. He probably will accuse al-Qaeda of causing an earthquake and killed more than 80,000 people (still counting the deaths).

The whole point is that Bush acted too late, too slow and too little ... don't wait.

We cannot afford to wait and assess or people whose lives are devastated will resent us and their anger on us for lackadaisal efforts can aid the Al-Qaeda in the long run. If we did make a haste effort to reach the people who needed the aid, they will have a faith in the American dream. But we were too slow, and now they are doubting us of our sincerity and concerns.

We failed at making a good impression. We are darned good at saying "Oh, I'm sorry and I hope you'll be OK." but we really suck in reaching out and do something.

Perhaps, when a tsunami struck the United States -- these countries reserve the right to turn their backs on us.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Joke

Found this on by a friend which made me giggle.

Necrophilia is ETHICAL and REASONABLE! Join Necrophiliacs Against Cremation today!


Only $15 Million -- What A Stingy!

When 9/11 happened, more than 2,500 people were dead. People poured in with money that totaled more than several billion dollars. What a noble deed.

When the Tsunami strucked 11 countries and killed 52,000 (and still counting more) and more people will die because of diseases, many generations are wiped out in these countries -- its impact is immense greater than the 9/11 Tragedy ... the United States Government acted quickly to give $15 million.

They were quick enough to spend billions of dollars on the War on Iraq, terrorism but only $15 million for the devastated places?

Again, again and again -- what a typical Republican administration.


Firebomb This!

There was a controversy in New Zealand regarding the Civil Union Bill which many conservatives and X-ians opposed with a fierce attitude.

Then they decided to firebomb the popular gay club in Downtown Auckland, destroyed the whole she-bang thing for the community to enjoy.

How nice of X-ians & conservatives!

Pink Zealanders, don't be so passive! Firebomb their churches as well, Pink Zealanders!!


Gays (And Yamka) Have A Problem!

Just read the article on about the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its President, Gordon B. Hinckley (Is he related to that John Hinckley, the wacko shooter now imprisoned in St. Elizabeth's Hospital for shooting now dead-President Reagan??) spoke to Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live.

"We love these people and try to work with them and help them. We know they have a problem. We want to help them solve that problem."

He was talking about gays having a problem. He's nuts. Just typical X-ian. Next!

Who's Yamka? My niece by my sister's name. I was startled when my sister named her Yamka. Being an Irish/Scottish, that is bit odd name to start with. Lily said that Yamka means to blossom in Indian word. I rolled my eyes. And shot back: "Sistah, you know that she will have to deal with people calling her Yams on or around November and many people will mistook her to be oriental or African American!"

Yamka can use her middle name if she wants to, Lily said.

*rolling my eyes*

Fine with me, only time will tell, right?


New Year's Eve?

Some people asked me what I'll do for New Year's Eve? Of course, I'll partyin'. But not in New York City.

After experiencing the Triple XXX Party at The Hole last year, I do not think I want to undergo another wild party ever in a long time. It was nice to make out with a recurring actor on a television program last year and all that stuff that happened in The Hole. But frankly, I'm 31! I'm not 40! I'm not 21!

A friend invited me to spend the time with him and his friends ... in Norristown. A town outside of Philadelphia. Of course, on Thursday night, I'll hook up on NJ TRANSIT and head down to Trenton, NJ then switch to SEPTA to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station and switch to some train en route to Norristown. Or Jason will pick me up in Trenton or Philadelphia. Or whatever.

But one thing that guaranteed the most is that I'll have a good time -- but I also will relax a lot.


Pretty Girl and Geek Guy

Today on the subway, I stared at a couple with two children. The mother is young and yet, so gorgeous. I mean, she is way gorgeous than anyone else on the subway. The father was more of a geek with glasses. And the kids are just cute and adorable. They bicker and tease each other well as the parents stared at each other -- you could see the rapport between the pretty girl and geek guy without them talking at all.

I guess, gorgeous and geek do combine well.

And you wonder why I like geek men?



Did I make you wince at the word above?

That word is known as Ecstasy or X -- the ones that you popped a pill and in few hours, with the aid of water, you go on a roll for few hours. You become affectionate, touchy and moody. Except me, I hate to be TOUCHED when I rolled on it a while ago.

It was insane!

Anyway, our beloved Food and Drug Administration approved the experiment of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine with terminally cancer patients as a way to see if it can help the patients calm and be in the state of euphoric while dealing with the loved ones before dropping dead.

I say, go for it.

Give me two Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.


Monday, December 27, 2004

*Munching Popcorn*

Each day, we have to hear the deaths of US soldiers in various manners in Iraq. Our beloved Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld mentioned that this happened is to pull all terrorists to come in Iraq and make it a playground.

Yeah, if you think killing the soldiers are better than the citizens, then fine with me.

I feel like a spectator sitting in a coliseum and eating the popcorn as people were sent to Iraq to get slaughtered.

More and more US soldiers are looking for ways to avoid the duty. One guy in Philadelphia shot himself to prevent himself from going to Iraq.

The Governor of Oregon told a dead son's mother that "her son is a hero." She shot back, "I don't want my dead son. I want my son here! My son is already hero before he was sent there!"

Later, the same mother got a phone call from someone within the Bush Administration who told her that she was invited by Bush for some event, she declined. That particular someone said, "Are you declining the opportunity to be in the same room with the President?"

The mother admitted that she was offended by the arrogance of people associated with the Busn Administration and hurled insults at the person and hung up on 'someone'.

It is amusing to sit back and watch our own soldiers marching into the Valley of Death, knowing that they could end up being killed because they are "serving" the country. They are not serving the United States of America. They are serving the Bush Administration and its cronies.

Deal with it.


Swept Away

There was an earthquake six miles deep in the Indian Ocean which measured at 9.0 richter scale and sent the massive tsunamis towards South Asia, Southeast Asia, northwest Australia and East Africa, killing more than 20,000 people, thousands swept by the sea, millions displaced with no homes.

It was my fault. I got off from the subway train and felt the floor rumbling. I thought it was the train rolling away. But I probably caused it.

My apologies. Really, I read that lots of famed beaches in Thailand were destroyed. I'm glad about that. I heard that the pedophiles often flew to Thailand because of its laid-back attitudes on prostitution with small girls and boys. I hope the pedophiles were awashed into the sea, never to be seen again.

Again, I hate the beaches. Tsunami is not funny thing to deal with. When I went to Rehoboth Beach to waste a day at the beach with gays, I often stared at the ocean, I always knew that the ocean is there to remind us that they are in control of this world. If they don't like it, they can just swept us away and be done with us.

Hell, the scientists said that the western slopes of the Atlantic Ridge just off the coast of Europe is due for a massive rock slide that could trigger a huge tsunami that can reach New York City within few hours. And it shall happen within 100 years. It mentioned that it can overwhelm the eastern coast of North America.

If it does happen, it'll be interesting to observe the rags of Appalachian hillbillies take over the riches of Manhattan while the Manhattanites takes the rags in economic terms when it happened -- the property values in the mountains shall skyrocket while the beachfronts plummeted to nothing.

And I live in Manhattan. Go figure.


Rejoice! For The Wicked Is Dead!

It is time to celebrate! The Wicked is finally dead.

Reggie White, a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers is dead at 43 last Sunday afternoon.

When I learned about his untimely death, I smirked. It was the karma doing the good deeds. Reggie White was a vocal homophobe who contributed the homophobia in the NFL and in the African-American community as whole. His repeated comments regarding his feelings toward the Gay Community was very dangerous, especially with the growth of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community. To me, I think Reggie was very dangerous person because lots of African-American men practiced what we knew as "Down Low" which fanned the spread of HIV. What is Down Low? They are men who discreetly have sex with other men while in sexual relationships with women. Often, these men do not consider themselves gay or bisexual, it is another form of hiding -- akin to the closeted term but, the DL was coined after the researchers noticed the # of HIV were pretty high in straight African American women. They pinpointed it to the DL phenomenon.

When Reggie preached in his community about gay people being deviants, he made many men do the DL than ever. It equals to the spread of HIV. Is it his fault? Of course it is. He could show the compassionate but no, he fiercely attacked the gays repeatedly and did not apologize until the media (which the dirty conservatives bashed for being too liberal) criticized Reggie of his aggressive attacks on the Gay Community.

Please be serious -- 65 players with 32 teams = more than 2,000 players. And not even *one* active player is gay? Of course, they are hiding in the closet. Why? Because of people like Reggie White who made the locker room very hostile and inhospitable for gay men.

When I was a teenager, I did not get horny in the locker room. I was totally terrified of being ridiculed, humiliated and all that. I often went to the shower and do it very, very, very fast and zoom out of the shower room while everyone else stays in for 30 to 45 minutes. Why? Because I did not want to arouse an suspicion. Looking back, it is silly, though. But it's how bad it was for me as a high school student.

I knew of an acquaintenance who claimed he buttfucked a former quarterback of San Francisco 49ers. I knew of someone who was in a relationship with a guard from Chicago Bears. I heard the rumors about Troy Aikman, to name few.

It's full of crap.

So good riddance that the Wicked is dead.


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Few Funny Things About Mom

Last June, I chatted with Mom about the ordinary stuff in New York City that Mom and I never had witnessed in The South.

I said, "Mom, you know ... you can take your dirty clothes, towels or sheets to the local laundromat -- they will wash it for you, dry it for you, and fold it for you. Then they will pound it and charge you for the service."

Mom was surprised. She could not believe it and asked why? I retorted that we were too busy shooting people in New York so we had to throw the stuff at someone to clean it up for us.

Then I laughed. Mom was not amused. She rolled her eyes as well. Ahh.

One more thing about Mom, she wrote me an email today -- you know, English is not her first language but she tried, that s what it mattered the most -- anyway, it reads:

Happy Merry Christmas.

That is my Mom.


Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Before I talk about The Day, just want to rant some stuff.

Remember Roy and Silo? The gay penguins in Brooklyn Aquarium which I really wanted to see and meet. Well, there is an interesting article about the gay penguins but it has nothing to do with Roy and Silo. You know, my dear dirty conservatives and wacky Republicans, God is sending the message that being gay is very normal. If you guys truly believe in signs, this is it.

I withdraw my comments about Arnie Schwarzenegger. I mentioned that he may be sensible Republican after it was reported that he hoped that his party will stray away from the Right and stop picking on gays. The German papers reported that the translation was incorrect and that he never said anything like that. Shoot. So I withdraw.

I have two roommates -- but I have my own bedroom (likewise with their bedrooms). I live with Perlis and Lenny. Some of you guys knew who Perlis is from the college days. She's doing well and is studying hard at Columbia. Very smart gal. Lenny is cool fella that I met few weeks ago and was very impressed with his laid-back attitude and sense of humor. He is hearing dude. When he decided to bring me on to be part of 3-bedroom apartment, he mentioned with an evil grin: "Now I can talk loud, hear the music loud and watch the TV loud -- this is so cool!"

Normally, I'm not exactly crazy about hearing persons. Especially with straight men. But Lenny and I discovered that we have something in common -- our love for ... SouthPark! That show rocks! Lenny is very smart fella as well. Went to Duke and spent some years in United Kingdom, I believe.

This afternoon, when I was blogging to wish the readers Merry Christmas while Carrie was taking a shower, Perlis and I was startled to hear (Yes, I can hear a little but this one really boomed enough for me to feel it!) Lenny shouting something so funny.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

I thought it was a nice gesture. Apparently, Perlis said he did it throughout the day.

Carrie and I went to Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, West Village and Chelsea. We had many lengthy conversations about a lot of things. I hope she enjoyed her stay immensely.

That was my Christmas -- travelling around Manhattan. Apparently, lots of people did that today. Lots of stores were open. Lots of restaurants (from fast food to luxury) were open. Of course, gay bars were open.

Why of course? I told Carrie that many gay folks were rejected by their families so their families are more likely to be at bars, unfortunately.

When I got to my apartment, I was also startled by Lenny's shout: Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

Such a life in this apartment. I think I'll enjoy this for a while. Surdus remarked that I looked very relaxed and happier in this place than the one I used to live in East Village. Nice, nice.

I may be talkative but I am also a heavy observant. Carrie truly looked empowered. Wonderful. When I first met her, she was pretty, petite girl with glasses that could make her look like a geek. But extremely smart woman. She was the one who I told her that it's OK to hear a little and speak well and calls herself Deaf. She was bit apprehensive about going home for the holidays in '96 or so because her parents didn't make her home accessible such as the captions and TTY. I told her to sic on her parents and make a threat. She did.

Today, she doesn't need the glasses, and she is gorgeous woman with a sense of pride and I can see that she is a warrior. Hell, she told a guy to sign "I am ugly" at XL Bar today after he annoyed me with his behavior. She has the guts. I hope I made a good influence on her but sometimes, I cringed and covered my eyes when she lambasted a guy for staring at us too much in the subway. So funny.

It was such a long day but I enjoyed her presence. Thanks for coming to the town, Carrie to spend the Christmas with me. I truly appreciated it very much.



Merry X-Mas

To some X-ians, Merry X-Mas.

To some secular X-ians, Merry X-Mas.

To nutty X-ians, conservatives and Republicans: You think I'd wish something nice on you? Go away.

Anyway, last night, I went to Sarah for Christmas Eve with Perlis and Carrie. We were pretty much lethargic and in daze. But the dinner was great. It was fun, nice and relaxing. Met some Deaf Italians who were in town for few days and hopped with a friend of Sarah's who brought 'em to the Dinnery Party. Carlo is such a hottie!

Why were Carrie, Perlis and I such lethargic to start with?

Because we went to The Hole last Thursday night for Big Gulp: $10 All You Can Drink.

When we arrived in the area, the guy who worked as the bouncer saw me and did not allow me to pay as two gals had to pay. I'm so VIP.

Suffice to say, we had too much drinks to a point where Carrie and I kept on teaching hearing people how to say "I am oaf." It was utterly hilarious.

Carrie was very assertive aggressive when she's drunk.

Let's say, some things are better left unsaid. Like Las Vegas, some things shall remain in The Hole.

First, Benis. Second, Merritt, Manny and Mark. Now Carrie and Perlis -- all pretty had too much fun at The Hole. Is there something in the air in that little sleazy bar?

Now time to get out of the building and take Carrie to Downtown to sightseeing a little. Then she will depart for San Jose, California tomorrow.



Thursday, December 23, 2004

Sorry, Donna, Somebody Has To Do This!

Two days ago, Donna and I leisurely chatted about the presents that she is preparing for her three sons (2 young adults, 1 teenager). It was nice conversation. Until she mentioned that her sons wanted sweatpants and that she had to hunt for it.

I smiled, then grimaced ... and snickered.

"What's so funny?" Donna asked.

I chortled, "Do you know why they asked for the sweatpants? It is because of an easy access."

"What? What do you mean by easy access?"

"Easy to whip their cocks out and bam! Then pull their sweatpants up in a whim."

She looked at me with disbelief, I went ahead: "I am a man. I went to a deaf school. There are many guys wearing sweatpants ... I even asked one guy. One guy snapped that I should know better. It is as if there is an unspeakable rule between the men that the sweatpants are not only for workouts, it is because it is easy to have the accessibility."

Donna then sighed, "I'll never look at the sweatpants in the same light again. Oh, God."

Sorry, Donna, somebody has to do it. And guess I selected myself to do the job.

Now, buy the sweatpants for your boys, they are adults -- they'll do it anyway, like it or not.



Oh, Lord -- Not Him!!

Lordy, Lordy -- now I shall have to endure listening to him bragging that he was one of "them" -- Lee, congratulations. When will you sneak to NYC to visit me as you always promised?

Lee is featured as a guy to cruise in DC's Metro Weekly magazine, the DC's weekly gay & lesbian entertainment guide.

I just commanded a friend of mine to pick up an issue so that I can see what Lee makes a fool of himself.

Lee is a good friend of mine who loves to party. But ... he's crazy. Sweet but crazy. Cute but crazy.

Way to go, Lee!

Lots of smacks,


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rudy Guliani has Post-Traumatic Disorder Syndrome?

Ever since the 9/11 tragedy, the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Guliani seemed to be obsessed with the 9/11 tragedy. I hadn't seen him talking about anything without mentioning about "terrorism", "9/11 tragedy" and "that terrible day".

Get over with it, get a therapist and pop some Xanax pills, Rudy. You obviously needed it.

Actually, it is possible that he has what many therapists termed it as: Post-traumatic Disorder Syndrome or something. It is possible that Rudy is capitalizing on this 9/11 Mess in order to bid himself for 2008 Presidential Election. Only time will tell.

Rudy created a lot of controversies here in NYC during his tenure but it was wiped out when he was able to carry the city in its difficult hour. It is as if his antics are forgotten. Lately, Rudy does not want to touch the issues that he caused the city to groan at times -- so he only talked about 9/11 all the time.

But with the Bernie Kirk scandal coming out, Rudy's shots for 2008 Presidential campaign may be futile because it was reported that Rudy did not do the "criminal background check" on Kirk's past. Bad, bad, bad. I had to pay $150 at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School and Kirk did not pay?

It is amazing to mention that Bush selected Bernie Kirk to head the Homeland Security (or whatever it is!), considering the fact that Bernie is a high school dropout!

You guys have to look at this picture. So gay.

I got two emails from different people who gave me thumbs up for my potty mouth-filled blog.

One requested that their names not be mentioned, here it is:

I just wanted you to know that your blog is much, much more interesting than McCock's blog! Many of us are on your side.

No names, please, just sign me as

"A respectful reader".

Oh, why, thank you! Appreciated the emails.



Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Make Me Understand This

My dear dirty conservatives, filthy Christians and wacky Republicans -- can you do the noble duty to serve your country by educating me about something?

We had to liberate Iraq because Saddam was evil, bad and sadistic man, right? He was torturing people from the left to the right, right? It is extremely important to liberate the country -- or you mean, to enslave the country for our benefits, right? More of latter, right?

If we are doing a noble duty, why is that the FBI complaining for the last 3 years that the Bush Administration issued an executive order (Which the FBI claimed, which the Bush Administration denied) to permit the military to interrogate the "terrorists" in Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan, that the military interrogators are overstepping its line? The FBI repeatedly complained to their superiors that what they saw in the military violated the American and international laws!

Many people claimed to be compassionate conservatives and decent Christians -- but to turn your cheeks when it comes to torture others -- betrayed your beliefs. Conservative Christians encouraged our retarded military officers to squash the cigarettes in a detainee's ears. Why?

When I heard that Bush approved the military to interrogate the detainees, I cringed in horror. Why? Because I used to live near an army base when I grew up in Virginia. Lots of folks in the Armed Forces are not educated -- in fact, they are borderline retards and sadists to start with. Good example? Look at WILD4SURFING. These people loved to kill people, torture people, high school dropouts in 9th grade or less and always claimed that God is on their side all the time. That they are right, always right and that everyone else is wrong!

They think that people should NOT torture us, but we HAVE the right to torture them in the name of "freedom".


What baffled me the most is that people started to defend "freedom" from the "terrorists" -- that the "terrorism" is so new -- it is NOT new. It has been there for a long time, except that it's much closer to home. We like to demonize "them" with bad names, but when THEY feel it is their "freedom" they are fighting for.

These stuff at times made me snicker. Today, 24 soldiers are dead. More cheap caskets are coming home. More letters to be signed by Rumsfeld's signature machine (he claimed that he won't do it, but let's be realistic, he hasn't throw the machine out ... as of yet -- I do not trust anyone else in the Bush Administration) and sent to the wailing families that their sons/daughters are now a thing of past.

But don't worry, for God is on your side! In 50 years, there will be a new monument somewhere in The Mall in Washington, DC to honor the courage of our soldiers who were blown to smithereens, much to our delight.

After reading an article where the FBI complained about the torture techniques which the Bush Administration approved and denied -- rest assured, more soldiers will be dead, like it or not.

And I'm lucky to be Deaf, I cannot enlist or be drafted -- I can only snicker.


Migrating To Down Under

One by one, several friends of mine are migrating to Melbourne, Australia starting next week for a month-long of parties, festivities and activities.

IN fact, the citizens of Melbourne will be swamped with thousands of Deaf people from all over the world in time to be part of 20th Deaflympics Summer Games starting on January 5 to 16. Suffice to say, I'm completely jealous of people going to Melbourne.

I will be denied of seeing Drew Welshe once again. A charming Aussie whom is straight but got the honor of being the first straight man ever to kiss me. Long story but Drew said, "I want to be your first heterosexual guy that you ever kissed." I laughed and he leaned onto me and smooched.

Such a sweet Aussie.

Here is my salute to Australians for hosting the 20th Deaflympics Summer Games. May the best Deaf athletes win! And party on! Overwhelm the hearing population in that town with lots of hands flying around! Have a blast time! Be humble when it comes to the competition, be proud of who and what you are, Show Australia that Deaf people are better than the rest of humanity.

Anyone who wishes to congratulate the Aussies and Deaf Athletes can do that in comment forum -- I'll copy and paste and send it to a sweet friend of mine, Donalda Ammons, the CISS Executive Secretary.

NOTE: Deaflympics is the world's second oldest international competition right after the Olympics. Who cares about Special Olympics or Paralympics?



Star Wars

As a kid, my oldest brother who is hearing showed me the advertisement in Richmond Times-Dispatch of a movie called "Star Wars". My hearing brother is fluent in ASL and he animatedly described the battles in the space with Death Star looming in background. Then he talked about the fierce lightsaber fight between Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi. I was enthralled and persisted my parents to take us to see the movie.

Suffice to say, it was my hearing brother who hooked me up with the mystical fantasy of Star Wars folklore. Later, we saw the fake lightsabers -- Gary, Billy Jr and I persisted Mom to buy three for us all. We ended up staying in our bedroom -- turning the lights off. And turn the lightsaber on -- suffice to say, we all destroyed our bedroom, along with some bruises on our heads, shoulders, arms, hands -- and yeah, by the end of the night, the lightsabers were worn out, you could see the long stick bend in half.

Star Wars IV, V and VI were fun for me as a child and a teenager. Never mind that Luke is the son of Darth Vader -- it is the battles that counted the most. The explosions, the attacks, the fights -- that s what makes the movies so fun back then since there was no subtitles or captions in a movie theater. Sometimes, my hearing brother would say, "Luke's father who? THERE!!" He would point at Darth Vader who seemed to breathe hard and loud enough for me to feel it on the armchair. I said, "Liar, you crazy, you stupid hearie bro!"

My hearie bro would grab my jaw and say, "TRUE! NOT LIE! TRUE!" I'd gurgle with his hand on my jaw and say, "Yeah, yeah."

Last night, I saw the advertisement on the tube about the complete DVD collection of Star Wars IV, V and VI. IN that, Darth Vader was hanging out with this fan of Star Wars and watching the DVD. When the Death Star exploded, the fan cheered -- Darth Vader turned to stare at the fan who went quiet so fast. So hilarious. Then when the fan tried to use the mind to get the remote control, Darth Vader looked at him then at the remote control -- then sighed. Darth Vader gave up and grabbed the remote control and gave it to the fan in exasperation. So funny!

Thanks, Billy Jr, but you still dumbfuck hearie bro to me.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Time's Man Of The Year

The Unsomnambulist made a good point -- GW Bush was selected as Time Magazine's Man Of The Year.

But again, so was Yasser Arafat and Adolf Hitler.

The Mother Nature will take care with the disgusting family which was connected to the Nazi regime in the past.


We Are Everywhere!

Conservative Republicans are slamming the gay author C.A. Tripp for writing a book that discussed the evidence that clearly pointed out that the founder of GOP Party is a faggot. Yes, our beloved Abraham Lincoln likes to take it up his ass. Or between his thighs. Either way, conservative Republicans need to *shut* up and see the evidence. It is so obvious. Hello! He never had a child of his own. Only stepchildren. He always had a huge affection for a guy named Joshua Speed.

Accept that. He's a fag. Just like me.

Now, let's stroll over to Iraq where the US Soldier murdered a gay Iraqi teen after they had a consensual sex at a watchtower. The US Soldier is married and has a child but yet, buttfucked a gay Iraqi teen. When he cummed, he was distraught and decided to shoot the gay kid to death.

So much for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy which President Clinton was forced to have a compromise with Pentagon officials and conservative Republicans. Initially, when President Clinton assumed the office, he issued an executive order to stop Pentagon from discriminating gay men and women in the Armed Forces. It was the Republicans who wailed. Today, it was appalling that Gay Republicans accused President Clinton of setting up the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy without mentioning that it was their party who wailed in the first place.

ACLU is here to stay. ACLU has noble intentions to safeguard the people's rights even if it is not popular. It makes sure that the Constitution is for everyone else as well. This is why the conservatives, Republicans and Christians groaned. They wanted the open-end avenue to destroy not-so-popular people should it arise to present a problem onto 'em.

Rush Limbaugh, a staunch conservative Republican drug junkie, hated the ACLU so much that he would love to see it to be destroyed. But the ironic thing is that Rush sought the ACLU to defend his medical history when the government targeted him for his prescription addictions. The ACLU defended him, imagine that.

The ACLU Board just chose Anthony Romero to be the Executive Director. Now the conservative Republicans are plotting to use Romero's sexual orientation to bash the ACLU. Get a life, conservative Republicans -- now beat off.

Arnie Schwarzenegger may be a sensible Republican I ever seen in a long time -- he told the GOP to loosen up on gays -- stop picking on 'em. Smart guy. I'll concede to that.

Conservative Republicans remind me of a scene in a movie called Footloose. John Lithgow acted as Rev. Shaw Moore who banned the dancing in a small town somewhere in the Midwest. Rev. Shaw Moore lobbied to pass the law to ban the dance in a small town right after his daughter was killed in an automobile accident right after leaving the dance club.

Suffice to say, there was a struggle between the pro-dance folks and anti-dance folks. During the town hall meeting, Rev. Shaw Moore talked about the positive effects of banning dance then he saw his son-in-law applauding in loud agreement. At *that* moment, Rev. Shaw Moore flinched, was turned off by that notion of his son-in-law's behavior. That's how I feel about many people out there.

It was rumored that during the Republican convention, the demands for prostitutes were enormous that many people had to haul the prostitutes out of Jersey to accomodate the demands in Manhattan. Says a lot about conservatives, Christians and Republicans.

For the love of God, practice what you fuckin' preach. But you cannot.


Sunday, December 19, 2004

Carrie Arrives, Snow Deploys and Who Cares About Malls?

Carrie waited for me more than an hour. It was such a long ride from Uptown to JFK Airport by subway and AirTrain. AirTrain is ridiculously expensive but nice ride. I was apprehensive to use JFK because of its spotty transportation and distance. But with AirTrain running every 13 minutes, I'm set to visit Phoenix to abuse Chlms.


Carrie looks good as ever. No more glasses. Longer hair.

Meanwhile, it is snowing as of now. The first snow of the wintry season. Yay. Perlis is tickled pink and hopped around. Just wait until Perlis started to walk around in the next few days, she'll condemn snow because it is very messy, especially at the corners of the intersections. I'll hear her complaining that she stepped in a deep puddle which will flood all of her shoe. Ew. :-)

And I just read that bimbo Kurz's entry about malls. Who cares about it? Who cares about what store one has in her hometown? IN New York, we have everything to a point where we do not have to mention it. We are that advanced, honey.

As for sex shops, it was reported in the papers that there were a huge increase numbers of sex shops in red states, mainly in rural areas. Says a lot, hon. And guess what? Florida is red state.

Go figure.


Saturday, December 18, 2004

JMU Wins, I Fuck and Cock-Out Colin

Two things has to be said today.

I am using the gold fonts as to congratulate James Madison University Dukes for winning the Division I-AA National Championship. It was an outstanding run for the Dukes and a huge milestone in JMU's short but robust history.

My elementary/high school is not far from James Madison University -- as Staunton is about 30 minutes away from Harrisonburg, the hometown of JMU. Occassionally, JMU sent its students to intern/volunteer/work at VSDB. I once met an intern's boyfriend who happened to be the star on Men's Basketball team. That guy is Steve Hood. He went to Maryland before transferred to JMU back then.

Traditionally, JMU is filled with great support for its women's athletics than men's. Especially with field hockey, soccer and basketball teams. I remembered the tragic day where JMU Women's Basketball team pulled the nation's greatest upset in collegiate women's basketball sport by upsetting 1st-seeded Virginia Cavaliers, 71-62 in Charlottesville. Then five or six years later, they did it again by upsetting No. 1-ranked Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania.

As for JMU's Men's sports, none excelled until this year's football team, they won the Division I-AA National Championship by beating Montana, 31-21 and finished the season at 13-2.

Two huge jeers goes to Kerry Mullan. Kerry socked in the face of JMU Quarterback few seconds after the Quarterback completed the throw. That was bad conduct. Good thing, he got the penalty on Montana. Kerry knew he was hitting the quarterback right into his helmet. Shame on you, Kerry.

Second thing, I played with someone via over the weekend. Among few comments that was being said to me were: Too big, nice cock, great fucker.

Too much information? Either way, one guy has a great butt. Played too much hockey back in his hey days, thus shaped his butt very well. Which is nice. I'd like to do it again with him.

Speaking of cock -- I just read GQ Magazine about the interview with Colin Farrell. He seems to enjoy flashing his cock during the production set of Oliver Stone's Alexander to a point where female workers would nickname him, "Cock-Out Colin".

The magazine asked him if it's well-hung, Colin cockteased, "People said it's hung, people said it's a peanut." Well ... I hate cockteasers ... and love 'em. They're amusing to deal with.

Sarah, yes, he has a sister -- Claudia. I read that among his favorite hangout at an Irish pub is in Williamsburg, Virginia -- which is about 35 miles east of my parents' home. I need to check it out eventually.



Friday, December 17, 2004

In 1953, John Steinbeck Got It Right

Am still reading the nonfiction book called "Only In New York" which Sarah gave it to me for my birthday.

On page 145, someone asked whether if the author John Steinbeck once worked in construction in New York. The New York Times answered that it is true and it also quoted what John Steinbeck said in 1953 which made me smile. After McConnell mentioned that he preferred New Mexico because of open space, majestic mountains, clean air and down to earth.

Nothing can beat New York.

Here is what he said in 1953: "New York is an ugly city, a dirty city. Its climate is a scandal, its politics are used to frighten children, its traffic is madness, its competition is murderous. But there is one thing about it -- once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough. All of everything is concentrated here, population, theater, art, writing, publishing, importing, business, murder, mugging, luxury, poverty. It is all of everything. It goes all right. It is tireless and its air is charged with energy."

Bingo! He got it right.

Benis and I discussed that we felt very much safe here in New York than in the District because if I got mugged, someone is bound to witness this.

In a rural area, good luck.


Prelude To The Big Week

I saw a good quote in Beauty Bar, I think it reminds me of Amy Kurz:

"You look terrific!! Who's your embalmer??"

Some people wondered why I was vicious towards conservatives, Christians and Republicans. And they wondered why I decided to group them altogether. Well, to quote what one villain once told Professor Charles Xavier in one of X-Men books:

"Because I can!"

The manipulative groups in conservatives, Christians and Republicans waged a devastating battle that opened a huge rift between the peoples of all lives. Christians clamored about morals but always lied behind their backs. Republicans exploited fear in gullible people that gays will try to ban bibles. Conservatives concerned about themselves and themselves and themselves.

All these three groups played dirty, vicious and arrogant. And you expect moi, the one and only Ridor, to respect your opinion? Of course not, m'dear. I may be liberal, I may be Deist, but I'm very much fair person in terms of respect and dignity. When one tried to portray liberals as wimp, traitor or anti-American, the respect for you from me is gone.

9/11 happened ... for a reason. It is not about "them" attacking our "freedom". It is about them trying to get their own freedom by stopping us from supporting the tyrannical government. But no, people like Dale, Eve and McCock wants to keep driving SUVs. To them, it is the most important "freedom" of all.

So when someone asked me via e-mail to tone down with my rhetoric bashings on conservatives, Christians and Republicans. To coin a famous phrase from Larry, "Too fucking bad."

GOP had a debauchery of its own, Christians acted like it never happened. Many men who are Conservatives tend to cheat on their wives. Republicans are like that. I used to live in a small town in Virginia, went to the adult bookstore only to find few familiar figures wanking off in the booths, trying to solicit for sex with other men. Later, I saw them at the malls with their wives, preaching at the church, teaching at the school, work for the city to lobby against the gay rights ... but went back to the adult bookstore to fuck other guys. You can do that ... because you are Conservative, Christian and Republican. To me, I find it disgusting. I rather to lead an open life with a honest outlook -- and if that makes me a Liberal, then so be it.

But will I stop bashing 'em? NO, not until they stop first.

A long time ago, lots of Deaf people can hear a little but they preferred to call themselves Deaf. Even George Veditz can hear a little and speak well, but he called himself Deaf. I always rolled my eyes when people said, "No, I'm not Deaf, I'm hard of hearing."

"No, I'm late deafened."

"No, I'm not Deaf, just deaf."

"No, I'm hearing-impaired."

"No, I'm not gay but my boyfriend is."

You get the point here -- all of this is bullshit. It is to divide, not to unify. If you can hear a little, you are STILL fucking deaf.

According to the, deaf means: Partially or completely lacking in the sense of hearing.

See? Partially or completely lacking. Little or not, you are still deaf. Period. Case closed. Stop bullshitting around.


Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's Over! It's Over!

It is over. No more dealing with schizophrenic fella in that apartment. It was such a long day yesterday as Sarah pitched in to help with me to move my stuff to a new place. By the end of day, I swear that I was going to end up like Christopher Reeve with my back split in half. Sleeping in my apartment the first night was somber and painful, considering the fact that I could feel my back throbbing all night long.

But at least, no more dealings with that schizophrenic gal.

Since my move is truly finished, I can focus on unpacking everything else ... in time for Carrie's arrival on Saturday the 18th. Yep, the same gal who often said OXOXOXOX in all of her responses on my comments forum and many others, will arrive on Saturday with me and Kaybee alternately hosting her around the city.

Carrie, be prepared to undergo the transformation of your lifetime! Here is an advice, Carrie, please don't be too "friendly" with panhandlers or beggars. They'll eat you up for a breakfast (or dinner, depending on the day).

I'm going to take few days off from work in order to haul Carrie around the island. Taking her to 5th Avenue to be overwhelmed, Times Square (overrated but still), Central Park, downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge and of course, that place which I do not like to go -- Ground Zero. Of course, many bars for her to VEE VEE such as The Cock and XL, to name few. Perhaps ... The Hole just to freak her out.

So many possibilities to overwhelm her senses.

Don't worry, kaybee and I will make sure that you'll be focused on what you do in New York, Carrie.

Sarah was fun to hang out all day yesterday. We had tons of laughs. Her car has a new name ... it is Mia!

Thanks for the help, Sarah. None of this will ever happen without your willingness to help me out. For that, I appreciate and am grateful of your generosity!

Now I need someone to use the baseball bat to whack my lower back, anyone volunteer?


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Colin Farrell, Will You Be Mine?

Which one is Colin Farrell?

I told Mikey Murvin that if Colin Farrell was few feet away from me and was attempting to ask me a question, "Hey, can I ... "

I'd be already on the floor with my pants already off my legs and ready for him and say, "Yes, you can!!"

All of this could happen before he could complete his question, "... get a drink from you?"

Either way, chances are that I'd embarrass myself before the hunky, perfect god in Colin Farrell. Mikey snickered uncontrollably and said, "It'd be hilarious to see you on the floor like that! And I'd faint at the sight of you!"

Then I saw a guy who looks like Colin Farrell at a particular bar last Sunday evening. Since I saw a Colin Farrell lookalike-type, why don't I tease this guy out of fun? I wrote on a napkin, "Hi Colin Farrell, will you be mine?"

Slipped it to him. He picked it up and read it. He smiled so hard and jerked his head upwards and had a good ole laugh. He wrote back, "Thanks for making my day. I'm not Colin but he's hot!"

He then kissed me on my cheek. He laughed and walked out with his two friends. Cute, though.

Today, I read NY POST that Colin Farrell was in town the past few days with Lindsey Lohan. They were rummaging the area near where I went to the bar with Murvin. Perhaps that was Colin, perhaps not ... nobody will know. Oh, well.


Yes! Me!! He wants me so bad!!

No, It Was Not Alicia!

It was reported that the deceased Prince in The Netherlands fathered two illegitimate children in France and in the United States. His inheritance of $260 million will be split equally to Queen Beatrix and two illegitimate children. It identified Alicia, 37 years old landscaper in the United States. They got it wrong. It was me. Now give me that $86.7 million. C'mon, Daddy, please?

I'm looking forward to live in a place where the cats are not being fed with uncooked pasta and dried oatmeal. 'nuff said.

Daniel Pelosi and Scott Peterson are guilty as charged. Up next is Michael Jackson. Pelosi is bit more intrigued than Peterson because it was found that Generosa Ammon's husband once jogged around the neighborhood and saw a hot dude and had a quick hump in the woods before coming home to Generosa. Typical straight, suburban husband, eh? If Peterson was ugly and Laci black woman, the media will not descend and make it an American tale.

I just read the article that 11 evangelists were charged with criminal conspiracy, rioting and ethnic intimidation in Philadelphia after they heckled at the Outfest Block Party last October. Michael Marcavage, the director of Repent America, is familiar. Another very cool picture is here. I probably saw him at some gay bars in East Village or Lower East Side at some point in the past. I mean, look at his hair, clothes, eyes and all that -- he has to be gay, duh! he reminded me of many ministers, priests and preachers who thumped on the book during the Sunday mornings but the night before, he prowled at some parks for quickies with men. Ugh.

Tomorrow, it is time to move in and settle down in a new place. Sarah and I will christen her car with a new name. My old cars (1982 Ford Escort XL and 1997 Ford Escort SE) were named as Amy after my favorite comic book character named Amy Winston who later found out her true identity as Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Yeah, corny, but for a kid at the age of 8, I cannot help it but loved Amethyst.

Amy has nothing to do with the lowlife girl known as Amy Kurz, now rummaging somewhere in Florida, waiting to be eaten by a local alligator.



Monday, December 13, 2004

Only 219 Days To Go!

Time goes fast.

The last time I attended Rainbow Association of the Deaf Conference was in Summer, 2001 in Seattle, Washington. I enjoyed my time immensely, I VEE VEE at everyone else all day long.

I still remembered Philip Wolfe stripping naked in front of some Japanese tourists in a hotel pool because he did not have the time to go to his hotel room to change the clothes before going to the Mr. & Ms International Deaf Leather contest, I screamed at Philip that he's freaking the tourists out as they stared at him. Philip turned to look at the tourists and he then shook his body which caused his penis to flip-flop in front of stunned tourists -- Philip gave the true definition of the word.

I still remembered Koko stealing the show at Miss RAD Pageant where his wig blocked the spotlight that was supposed to focus on the stage. Lots of camera flashes were probably taken on Koko more than that cheap slut Miss Finisha, the winner of Ms. RAD '01. I still remembered Miss Ivana Dix's reaction when she was chosen as 2nd-runner up, not as Miss RAD. I still remembered that pretty guy (who killed himself few years ago) who stared in disbelief at Miss Finisha when Bill Terrell announced the first runner-up before Miss RAD, thus spoiled the surprise.

What's worse, I cringed in horror when Miss Finisha wailed and jumped with joy, while Bill stood in front of audience, saying: "We shall find out who will win Miss RAD '01!" I'm like, "You dumbfuck, you just already announced the 2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up and there is only one contestant left -- hello!"

Then to make things wrose, Bill Terrell said, "I can't wait to find out who will win the Miss RAD!" By then, Miss Finisha was already exhausted with her celebrations. It was all ruined.

I still remembered the scene where Miss Ivana Dix knocked down the coffee mugs that was built as a pyramid with her butt (she claimed it was her purse), she did not realize that she caused it to tumble down as someone screamed to get her attention -- when she turned to see what's going on. Everyone said, "YOU did it!" She's like, "And?" She then walked away. Needless to say, we left the mess for hotel attendants to clean up.

Little tidbits that happened during the week in Seattle was priceless.

Of course, I was disappointed that I could not make it to Orlando two years ago because at that time, I moved to New York. But this time, this coming summer, July 19-23 -- I'm off to Washington, DC for the 2005 RAD Conference just to cause some drama all week long. Hear See me roar! I might explore a way to blog each day to report what's happening at RAD Conference.

RAD, be afraid for I shall return!

*evil laughter*


New York, New York

The Slide Bar was abruptly closed two Thursdays ago for three days by the Department of Health. Thursday? It was the infamous Tigerbeat Underwear Party. The bar was busted for ... lewd conduct.

People should know by now that anything to do with Daniel Nardicio has to be lewd conduct at all times. The rumors has that The Slide will continue to operate as long as the Tigerbeat Underwear Party is disbanded, so the Tigerbeat Underwear Party will go underground ... to another bar, which I will not disclose for the time being.

I suspect that a big guy or unattractive guy was the culprit who called the Department of Health in retaliation. I mean, that particular party is notorious for vanity. It is all about looks -- you have to work out 2.5 hours everyday, 1.5 hours in shower area to play around everyday then go to the Tigerbeat Underwear Party to strip down to your underwear all night (put your monies in your socks or shoes), and show off your body then play in the dark area. Not my thing. I freak out at that stuff. I go from Ridor to Impotence when I go in the dark area.

Speaking of sex, I walked to Karma, an odd but heterosexual bar last night to meet a friend of mine. Before I entered the bar, I was handed a flyer by not-so-bad looking guy, I looked at the flyer and rolled my eyes.

TRIPLE XXX AT THE HOLE ON DEC. 17TH -- It Is The Season to Give, but Better to Receive.

I have had enough of that place. Too much for me.

Read the HX Magazine where one jewish comedian cracked that"Season Greetings" can be an indirect message to the Jews, "You Murdered Jesus!" Ouch.

Speaking of Christmas, I cannot stand seeing the butchered trees. Stop cutting the real trees and use the fake trees. December is a genocide month for pine trees, for god's sake! So many deforestations all over the world, why must we chop these trees?

Ty Pennington, at 40, is still hot.

I want to see "The Incredibles". There is captioned film on December 26. What? A day after X-Mas?! *groan* I hate the fact that many movie theaters tend to allocate the subtitled films to the not-so-popular days like Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. What about Friday or Saturday at 7 PM? God, hearing people has billions of choices at millions of movie theaters and all I want is one Friday night, not Monday afternoon!

This town is the utopia for dogs. Serious case. I saw the documentary on PBS or MNN recently where they explained that there are few cities in the world that brings dogs together. Most folks in smaller cities, suburban areas and rural areas tend to keep their dogs at their homes. Their dogs rarely saw another dog. But in this town, the dogs socialized with each other at dog runs, at parks, sidewalks et al. I must admit that it was always enjoyable to sit and observe the dogs playing at a dog run in Tompkins Square Park. You could see that the dogs are totally pumped up and really happy to socialize and play with different kinds of dogs. It is always amusing to see a beagle dog playing with rotweiler dog. Arf! Woof! But I cannot own a dog. I am allergic to it. The cats rulz, dogs droolz.

Speaking of cats rulz, dogs droolz -- I saw the advertisement on television about "The Fockers" -- the siamese cat baited a chihuahua dog in the bathroom. The siamese cat sat on the toilet seat, waiting for the chihuahua dog to make the first move. When the dog jumped towards the cat, the cat slithered onto the tank, allowing the dog to crash into the toilet. Suddenly, the Fockers members pleaded the siamese cat not to do it as the cat's paw touched the button -- to flush the dog down. And the cat touched the button. Mission accomplished. See? Cats rulz, dogs droolz.

One amusing quote by James at Nowhere Bar: You do not eat where you shit!

Very true.


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Dale Patterson, Guess What? Hate Crime Exists!

Deaf Gay Man Beaten, Body Dumped in Trash Bin


The Deaf Queer Resource Center was distressed to learn of the murder of openly Deaf Gay Daniel "Dano" Fetty of Waverly, Ohio. Fetty, who was 39 years old, was found severely beaten and naked in a trash bin on October 2. He died about 12 hours later at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Three men have been accused with his murder. They are Martin E. Baxter, 28, and Matthew W. Ferman, 22, and James V. Trent, 19. All are hearing.

Investigators believe that the murder was a hate crime.

Unlike the murder of Matthew Sheppard, Fetty's murder has drawn very little media attention. In most media accounts, Fetty has been described simply as a "gay homeless man". Does the fact that he was homeless make him any less important???

According to friends of Fetty, he had been living in his car due to an apartment fire that left him homeless. He had been saving for a new place at the time of his murder.

Additional news coverage and articles will be available at the Deaf Queer Resource Center's website at:

It didn't surprise me at all, my friends.


Ridor Before Lower Manhattan

Here is the proof that I reside in Manhattan. Not in the District. AS much as I love Gallaudet, I am sick of people putting Gallaudet down. It is a good school, it is not a school for hearie-wannabes. If they aspire to bark with their voices and/or yearn to hear weird sounds, go to a hearing school away from Gallaudet.

Gallaudet has been doing fine without your kind for the last 140 years and it certainly do not need your voices, cellphones or sounds. SKSK

The Twin Towers used to stand right above my head


Saturday, December 11, 2004

One Smart Here, There Is Always Five More Fools

Please read "Sunnygt" from a particular forum who commented:

Well, well, well....what can I say? That's stoopid. Oh for cryin' out loud! Why would anyone demand such a thing? This guy and others like him better shape up because the world as he pointed out is the hearing world and believe me they ain't gonna just drop everything and learn ASL. Get with the program or the program will get you! Psst....somebody oughta tell him that if he is polite to hearing and show them a few signs they might take a shine and be interested.

Don't be so naive. When they shined and became interested, studied ASL and decided to charge you to interpret, please tell me that you are pleased with their progress. I rather to teach them wrong signs for words so that they can walk around like little fools. I personally think it is waste of my time to make an effort to reach out to hearies -- I was not born to educate or help them. If they are interested, go to the ASL classes. I have several hearing friends, but that is it. I don't want to be a dog like you, sunnygt, to pant and brownnose for their attention. If you want to pant for some attention, be my guest.

I just learned that is a forum full of anti-ASL, anti-Deaf Culture and anti-Deaf Pride. Its forum was set up to counter another forum that deals with pro-ASL and pro-Deaf Culture. McCock is part of -- if they are anti-Deaf stuff, why bother to add "Deaf" on it -- just assimilate and be a hearie wannabe for all I care. Make us laugh, please.

Jason gave me the link to the most despicable and stereotypical article ever written by hearing person on Deaf people. Of course, there are always bad apples (Look at McCock and the Kurzs, for good example) in the barrel. But not all of us are like that. This lowlife bitch probably met wrong people and did not have a chance to meet sophisticated Deaf people. But again, not our loss, it is her loss.

Yes, the average Deaf students completed high school at 4th grade level in reading and writing. But again, look at the bright side, the average hearing students graduated high school at 12th grade level 5th grade level in reading and writing. One big fucking grade difference? What a fucking accomplishment!! My god, hearies are really THAT smart -- go and apply at Harvard for all I care.

Again, again and again, all persons (hearing or Deaf) has to earn my respect in order to be treated with courtesy and dignity. But history already proved again, again and again that hearing people always fucked it up in almost everything from the individual rights to education to employment. They have to do it a little more to prove themselves in the process if they wanted to be treated with respect and dignity. I do not condemn them but I am always cautious. Wary. Tough luck but that is my right to do so. I care less if you condemn me for doing this. Save yourself the effort from commenting on that subject -- nothing you will change my mind on that.

I am not going to brownose my way around them like a dog. If they wanted my opinion, I'll dish it out as it is. But do not expect me to brownose or pant like a dog. Because it will never happen. Never will.

My problem? No. Their problem. If you want to make it your problem, be my guest.

Another pet peeve of mine came from people who believed that being gay is a lifestyle choice. It is not a choice, you dumbfuck. If it was a choice, do you truly think I wanted to be gay, considering the risks that I have to endure the homophobic behavior perpetuated by idiotic, ignorant bigots?

But I came to accept to be like that, and I look at it as a blessing because it excluded me from being one of "them". Looking at "them" made me chuckle at times. I'm constantly amazed at their ignorance. Their persistence in believing that it is a choice is ... hilarious.

On light note:

Last night, I think I chatted with John Cusack or someone who looked like him at O.W. Bar in Midtown. He's nice fellow, though. We chatted on a wide range of subjects which was very nice. But he kept on steering back to the film subject repeatedly that made me suspect it could be John.

And don't you guys think this picture is cute? It makes me want to wipe the peanut butter off of his cheek, does it makes you want to? I know Alex is going to murder me.


Friday, December 10, 2004

Abstinence Do Not Work

This just takes the cake.

I was checking my sitemeter and was annoyed that this fucker, mcconnell, has been talking to others about my entries at times on a forum reserved for "Republicans and conservatives".

Freedom is only good when each person respects others' liberties. But no, they cry "freedom" and trample people's rights to protect THEIR rights and interests. People who cried "freedom" made me guffaw so hard.

Abstinence do not work for millions of people. It does not. The logic is that one can abstain and wank off in the bathroom, it can be done. But will it happen *all* the time? No. People, especially teenagers, eventually will find a way to fuck.

But this mcconnell wrote the most retarded commentary of his lifetime. I look forward to read more of his retarded comments in the future because it makes me laugh so hard.

Here is what he wrote:

Abstinence does work for everyone. Period. What doesn't work is for them not to adhere to it. And for those practicing with multiple partners are simply begging for it. Pure and simple.

Nobody going to die abstaining. Doing otherwise is risking your life and comfort.

Reckless lifestyles do not deserve my sympathy. If they knew the risk and they get it, they get it. They die just like the rest of them. Don't like it? Tough. C'est la vie.
That is the whole point -- mcconnell feels that if one did not abstain, they deserved to be infected. I think abstinence does not work. It is better to provide an accurate information on how to protect yourself from getting the sexually transmitted infections. Obviously, mcconnell does not care about that. He rathers for them to be infected if they did not abstain. I don't care if they abstain or not, I rather for them to use protections at all costs. That is the difference between me and mcconnell.

Maybe mcconnell is one of these dudes who never had a chance to hump when he was in high school and finally opened his pants before some woman who wandered into his life. That poor woman who married him might find that he has less than an inch of penis. Maybe that is why he resented people who had sex before marriage, and that they had better tools to use.

Either way, his penis size is his own. Not mine, but I certainly hope that he'll see the light at the end of tunnel when his three daughters are sexually active and disregard the concept of abstinence.

I'm sick of people like that who thinks abstinence do works. Ugh.



Last night, I picked up the keys to The Palace of 152nd Street and Broadway. I walked down the street in light rain -- I always complained that rainy in New York is very messy. I was busy typing on my blackberry with a friend of mine, suddenly ... one deaf African-American woman tapped on my left arm to tell me that she likes my blackberry pager. I smiled and thanked her for her compliments.

"Do you have 75 cents?"

That was her second comment. I ignored her and walked away into the subway station. I hate people like that, trying to use a compliment in order to get one's attention to solicit. So wrong.

I forgot to mention that I went to The Phoenix to confront Troy, the manager about Jim the Bartender. Suffice to say, Troy apologized profusely about Jim's behavior and will have a serious talk with Jim. If Jim does it again, I'll be sure to call the Consumers Affairs to shut down the business. Jim, don't ever fuck with me!

Last night at MONSTERS, Mikey mentioned that he's not visiting, he's moving back to Manhattan. Apparently, he gave up on Los Angeles. Mikey bellowed, "That town has no culture, motherfucker! All you can see is Mexicans everywhere else! It is so fucking boring! I prefer Manhattan!"

One guy told Mikey's friend that he thought someone was cute. Mikey flinched. That someone was me. I was bit taken back by what he said and grinned before Mikey slapped my back and said, "SAY SOMETHING!"

"Thanks," That is all I can say at that moment and thought of. But who cares about that?

Ahh, time to enjoy some choppin' moment. Enjoy!


Thursday, December 09, 2004

Few Tidbits

MURVIN RETURNS: Mikey paged me today that he's back in town. I was jolted by the message. Tonight, we shall meet to loiter and catch up with the news. He said he's in town 'til 14th. That means ... partyin' time!

RIDOR IS MOVING ... AGAIN: Yes, you got it right. I got a nice place to live on 152nd Street and Broadway, between Washington Heights and Harlem. Few blocks away, I can see the massive Yankee Stadium right across the East River in The Bronx. Such a spectacular view. Perlis is going to be my roommate along with Lenny. Which is very nice because I will be able to see my friends nearby on the West Side from 55 Street to 179 Street all on one line of subway train. Now I will not have to switch to another line on several occasions just to see someone else. Only one. Very nice.

PETER & ME WILL SEE BEARCUB: Peter and I will take a timeout from hanging out at bars and see the film probably on Monday or Tuesday evening. Peter is cute. I heard a lot of positive things about the film so I'm looking forwarded to see Bear Cub. It should be fun, though.

VIRGINIA VS. OLD DOMINION: One of the nation's oldest intrastate rivals in women's collegiate basketball is Virginia-Old Dominion. Started a month after I was born in 1973, Old Dominion led the series 16-10, but since 1985, Virginia has won 7 out of 10 games. Tomorrow night, Virginia will play Old Dominion for 27th time in 31 years. Go Cavs!

VSDB TO BE CONSOLIDATED: The state, of course, ran by hearies decided that spending $70 million to renovate on my alma mater was too expensive than spending $230 million on renovating the State Capital in Richmond. So they voted and supported the plan to consolidate two schools for the deaf in Hampton and Staunton and relocate to a new campus somewhere in the state by 2007. Yes, the Republican-dominated state felt that Deaf students should mix with multi-handicapped students in one place. They feel that it is better to teach a deaf student in the same classroom with a student that has severe case of cerebal palsy or mental retardation. Says a lot about their logic. It is always weary just to educate and fight the ignorants that their idea of putting deaf students with multihandicapped students only pulled the Deaf students' potentials down. It is utterly tragic that a school in Staunton since 1839 will be abandoned and forgotten, just because the state feels it would save the money.

HEDOR IS ONE OF 'EM: According to the Staunton News Leader, they compiled a list of Area's Top All-Time Girls' Scorers. Someone nominated my sister on the list along with well-known players like Kelly Hoover, Marsha Houff, Heather Claytor, Erin Wall, Vicki Harris, Andrea Woodson, Holly Rilinger, Lisa Diefenthaler, Heidi Diefenthaler, Angela Gorsica, and Stephanie Wine. My sister played on VSDB team and one time, she scored 27 points in a game. And one time, with 2 seconds left, Maryland School f/t Deaf inbounded the ball only to be stolen by my sister who took one dribble and shot the ball towards the basket. Swish to win the game at the buzzer.

WHERE IS GREG: Back in high school days, I had a close friend named Greg Thompson. He is somewhere lost in Columbia, South Carolina. One time, we were in an automobile accident which another deaf student were blamed for speeding. As much as we tried to plead him to slow down, he refused. And suddenly, another car came in the horizons ... let's say, there it is. The heap of two cars lying apart on the road. So much drama ensued. Greg and I was transported to the hospital along with the deaf driver. As much as I was dealing with the painful injury, I was laughing so hard because Greg was incensed at the deaf driver. He 0-0-5ed at the deaf driver with everything. "You dumbfuck! I told you to fucking slow! You dumbfuck!" The EMTs tried to calm Greg down but Greg was having none of it as he held his bandage on his head which was bleeding but at the same time, Greg bellowed at the deaf driver, hurled so many insults. I was bruised and shaken but snickered all the way to the hospital as Greg bashed and bashed and bashed on the deaf driver ... I wonder whatever happened to him as of today?