Friday, December 17, 2004

Prelude To The Big Week

I saw a good quote in Beauty Bar, I think it reminds me of Amy Kurz:

"You look terrific!! Who's your embalmer??"

Some people wondered why I was vicious towards conservatives, Christians and Republicans. And they wondered why I decided to group them altogether. Well, to quote what one villain once told Professor Charles Xavier in one of X-Men books:

"Because I can!"

The manipulative groups in conservatives, Christians and Republicans waged a devastating battle that opened a huge rift between the peoples of all lives. Christians clamored about morals but always lied behind their backs. Republicans exploited fear in gullible people that gays will try to ban bibles. Conservatives concerned about themselves and themselves and themselves.

All these three groups played dirty, vicious and arrogant. And you expect moi, the one and only Ridor, to respect your opinion? Of course not, m'dear. I may be liberal, I may be Deist, but I'm very much fair person in terms of respect and dignity. When one tried to portray liberals as wimp, traitor or anti-American, the respect for you from me is gone.

9/11 happened ... for a reason. It is not about "them" attacking our "freedom". It is about them trying to get their own freedom by stopping us from supporting the tyrannical government. But no, people like Dale, Eve and McCock wants to keep driving SUVs. To them, it is the most important "freedom" of all.

So when someone asked me via e-mail to tone down with my rhetoric bashings on conservatives, Christians and Republicans. To coin a famous phrase from Larry, "Too fucking bad."

GOP had a debauchery of its own, Christians acted like it never happened. Many men who are Conservatives tend to cheat on their wives. Republicans are like that. I used to live in a small town in Virginia, went to the adult bookstore only to find few familiar figures wanking off in the booths, trying to solicit for sex with other men. Later, I saw them at the malls with their wives, preaching at the church, teaching at the school, work for the city to lobby against the gay rights ... but went back to the adult bookstore to fuck other guys. You can do that ... because you are Conservative, Christian and Republican. To me, I find it disgusting. I rather to lead an open life with a honest outlook -- and if that makes me a Liberal, then so be it.

But will I stop bashing 'em? NO, not until they stop first.

A long time ago, lots of Deaf people can hear a little but they preferred to call themselves Deaf. Even George Veditz can hear a little and speak well, but he called himself Deaf. I always rolled my eyes when people said, "No, I'm not Deaf, I'm hard of hearing."

"No, I'm late deafened."

"No, I'm not Deaf, just deaf."

"No, I'm hearing-impaired."

"No, I'm not gay but my boyfriend is."

You get the point here -- all of this is bullshit. It is to divide, not to unify. If you can hear a little, you are STILL fucking deaf.

According to the, deaf means: Partially or completely lacking in the sense of hearing.

See? Partially or completely lacking. Little or not, you are still deaf. Period. Case closed. Stop bullshitting around.


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