Tuesday, December 14, 2004

No, It Was Not Alicia!

It was reported that the deceased Prince in The Netherlands fathered two illegitimate children in France and in the United States. His inheritance of $260 million will be split equally to Queen Beatrix and two illegitimate children. It identified Alicia, 37 years old landscaper in the United States. They got it wrong. It was me. Now give me that $86.7 million. C'mon, Daddy, please?

I'm looking forward to live in a place where the cats are not being fed with uncooked pasta and dried oatmeal. 'nuff said.

Daniel Pelosi and Scott Peterson are guilty as charged. Up next is Michael Jackson. Pelosi is bit more intrigued than Peterson because it was found that Generosa Ammon's husband once jogged around the neighborhood and saw a hot dude and had a quick hump in the woods before coming home to Generosa. Typical straight, suburban husband, eh? If Peterson was ugly and Laci black woman, the media will not descend and make it an American tale.

I just read the article that 11 evangelists were charged with criminal conspiracy, rioting and ethnic intimidation in Philadelphia after they heckled at the Outfest Block Party last October. Michael Marcavage, the director of Repent America, is familiar. Another very cool picture is here. I probably saw him at some gay bars in East Village or Lower East Side at some point in the past. I mean, look at his hair, clothes, eyes and all that -- he has to be gay, duh! he reminded me of many ministers, priests and preachers who thumped on the book during the Sunday mornings but the night before, he prowled at some parks for quickies with men. Ugh.

Tomorrow, it is time to move in and settle down in a new place. Sarah and I will christen her car with a new name. My old cars (1982 Ford Escort XL and 1997 Ford Escort SE) were named as Amy after my favorite comic book character named Amy Winston who later found out her true identity as Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Yeah, corny, but for a kid at the age of 8, I cannot help it but loved Amethyst.

Amy has nothing to do with the lowlife girl known as Amy Kurz, now rummaging somewhere in Florida, waiting to be eaten by a local alligator.



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