Saturday, June 29, 2019

Gay Liberation Monument Was Defaced In 1991 by Deaf Wisconsinites

These statues can be found at Christopher Park by Christopher Street in Greenwich Village between two legendary bars: Stonewall Inn and Monster Bar.
I believe I already mentioned this before but since it is WorldPride Weekend, I feel it is necessary to remind you all about this once again.
The statues called the Gay Liberation Monument was installed at Orton Park in Madison, Wisconsin where it stays for five years until it was defaced by a group led by Deaf person named Darrell Roby. Darrell and his homophobic friends from Wisconsin School for the Deaf threw the paints at the statues. 
Because of that, the statues were moved to Christopher Park in New York where it remains as a fixture on Christopher Street for the last 28 years.
Don't forget this - don't dismiss the fact that a Deaf individual did lead a Deaf group from that deaf school to vandalize this statues sometimes in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1991.
The information about the incident was verified by the court records, newspaper records and Deaf grapevines. 
Today, I hadn't seen any Deaf person, school or organization calling out on Darrell Roby and his WSD minions accountable for what they did do to the statues. 
And you want to speak of Community Accountability? Do this ... first. Why don't Deaf people in Wisconsin come forward to apologize, come forward to condemn these participants? Why didn't WSD say something about this? Even WSD Alumni buried their heads in the sandbox for decades - they KNEW about it but chose not to address this.
My sources from Wisconsin said Darrell Roby was the ringleader. His minions were Chris Rawlings and Jacob Temby among the few others.  Truth be told, a long time ago before Jacob's death, he admitted to me that he was involved.
Until then, this is why I don't believe in Community Accountability in Deaf Community. 
This picture was of me and Travis Imel standing next to the Gay Liberation Monument at Christopher Park when he visited me in New York City back in 2004.