Monday, February 28, 2005

I Want One, Too

It'd be nice to own this! Each time I put the knives down, I can think of people that I cannot stand. That would be nice, eh?

Thanks to vividblurry for this stuff.

REMINDER! Ridor's Bitch Session II is due on this Friday. I already got about a dozen of comments ... so fire away.


Say Again?

Last Saturday afternoon, I was reading through the NY POST and much to my delight, it mentioned that there was more than 3 minutes of porn with Fred Durst fucking some girl out on the internet. Fred's PR tried to clamp it down but things fell apart as someone decided to post the raucous porn of Fred Durst on the 'net. I always thought Fred Durst is hot ... despite the fact that he is so heterosexual. So it was natural for me not to wait to find it out -- so off I searched throughout the Internet.

Found it. Fred is exact what I always sensed, lusted and hoped for. Fred, if you need a guy to teach you few tricks, I'm here.

At the same time, I was reading NY POST and noticed something odd. "Homicide bomber". Instead of "suicide bomber". NY POST is owned by Murdoch who also owned FOXNEWS. Murdoch is heavily conservative Republican as well. They decided to adopt the Bush Administration's suggested term that the press use "Homicide Bomber" instead of "Suicide Bomber".

Why? Homicide is impossible to attract the empathy from the readers than suicide. In order for the Bush Administration to turn the tide on people that opposed them, it is better to replace the term to give them an edge over the opponents. This way, they can attempt to win the support of everyone else to subjugate the others.

When you heard of a murder, you absolutely have no empathy for the murderer. But when you heard of a suicide, you tend to have a shred of empathy for the suicidal person. It was clever of the administration trying to absolve them of their empathic outlet by changing the terms.

But look at the bright side, it won't stop right there. The violence is all based on a cycle, really. It goes back and forth for years.

But at least, it does not concern me. If you look at the big theater screen, they only killed the majority of hearies.



Who Is Sue Gunter?

Sue Gunter

Category: Sports

Yes, roll your eyes. Another topic in sports, oh, please. Eh? But trust me, my readers, this is the one that will make you feel good. It will make women feel they are capable of doing this on their own.

Sue Gunter was the Head Coach of Louisiana State University Women's Basketball team for more than two decades. Last year, during the mid-season, at 72, she encountered difficulties in breathing and was hospitalized. Then she found out that she had a se vere case of Bronchitis as well as other ailments. Sue realized that she has to let it go, she did not hesitate to turn it over to her assistant in Dana "Pokey" Chatman.

In 35 years of coaching business, Sue amassed more than 700 victories out of nearly 1,000 games -- not only that, out of 35 years, there were 3 seasons that were not counted because the records were simply lost. Sue did not start with everything. She started with cheap stuff that was allocated to her at Stephen F. Austin State University and Middle Tennessee State University. She made sure that there was something for her team at the end. In the days before Title IX, the women sports were largely ignored, hostile and marginalized by men. Sue is one of the pioneers who kept on going and going, even years after the passage of Title IX.

Sue , the Pioneer of Women's Basketball

She could have retire at 65, but she did not want to stop doing stuff that she loved -- coaching, she continued until she was 72. She coached in Southeastern Conference, the nation's most best sport for Women's Basketball. You have to endure dealing with eternal powerhouses in Tennessee, Auburn and Georgia along with frequent upstarts in Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Arkansas. Not only that, Sue had to deal with the neighborhood teams such as Texas, Louisiana Tech and Tulane over the years.

Often she did not amass a great wealth of talent on her team like Pat Summitt does at Tennessee, but Sue always found a way to bring the best out of her players.

She found one in Pokey Chatman when she was a senior at LSU. LSU was unranked going into the 1991 SEC Tournament. Sue bellowed that nobody in the country can stop Pokey. Apparently, she got the message. She was virtually unstoppable as LSU upsets Georgia, Auburn and Tennessee to win the SEC Championship.

Sue Gunter with Pokey Chatman

I love the way Sue Gunter applied her defense pressure on Tennessee. If you look at how it was being done, it was done in such a fashion, frantic pressures that totally rattled and ripped Tennessee apart in matter of few minutes.

Later, Pokey became her loyal assistant coach for more than a decade. Slowly, they built the talents for her program over the years.

Last year was the year that finally peaked for Sue's team as it reached the Top 5 in the country but her ailments had to sidetrack her off the court. Sue did not hesitate but told the LSU Athletic Department that Pokey has to take over her place, effectively.

Pokey, once again, got the message and blitzed through the SEC Tournament and ripped Tennessee apart and rolled into the Final Four for the first time in LSU's history.

Today, Sue continues to relax as her protege is settling in as Head Coach as she led LSU in dominating the nation with No. 1 ranking and a 14-0 unblemished record in the Southeastern Conference including the thrashing of Tennessee, heading into the SEC Tournament. They are also heavily favorite to win the national championship.

Coach Pat Summitt of Tennessee remarked recently, "Pokey is Sue Gunter, Jr."

If Virginia does not win anything in the NCAAs, I'm all for Pokey and Sue to win it all.

There is nobody else who deserved more than Sue Gunter.

The Portrait of Sue Gunter with Her Protege, #10 Pokey Chatman


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oh, Fuck

I want Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal back already. I am sick of the Academy Awards aka the Oscars. 3 hours are too much.

It is not about winning the best in what they do. It is more politics, trying to appease the public than the art itself. You rarely see any obscure film to win anything else. It is bullshit.

The Oscars are so yesterday.

Today, I had to resort on watching the repeated flicks on cable just to avoid the Oscars.

See? Here is the gay fellow who does not give a shit about the Oscars! The horrors!


Last Night Was Interesting

Went out to meet Surdus at Pieces Bar. He was there with Roberts, Alberto (not that Acosta crap) and Victor. It was interesting evening.

After Roberts left, we ended up going to Duplex Bar -- I got hit on by a guy. Very nice, then we saw the bartender wearing Mike Piazza's NY Mets Jersey shirt. This guy who was hitting on me smiled and pointed at the bartender's jersey and pulled his cell numbers.

He showed me the cell number of this player and wrote down on the napkin, "Piazza is lousy lay, you know? I did him three times."

I smiled so hard and said, "Really, you should have invited me over."

He smiled and hugged, then kissed me. I usually do not kiss on first meet. In fact, I hate that. But going through a funky phase, a kiss is better than nothing, really.

Interesting, though. Then two more guys hit on me in another bar. That was bit too much for me. Because I normally do not get hit on by anyone else in particular. Oy vey.

All three guys kept on saying stuff like, "You're beautiful", "Your facial features are hot" and "I like your smile".

Each time, I shot back, "You should see me yesterday when I was mad."

That was a good way to damp the compliments, though.

Getting hit on by these guys does not mean that I like people. I still dislike people, though. I am still leery of hearies, so sue me.

Banjo, McCock, Kurzetard and Grant Laird, Jr: Stop worrying so much about Arnie -- I do not give a fuck if the picture is real or fake. It is funny picture -- my blog is not designed to educate, inform or document everything that is real all the time -- it is designed to entertain people, like it or not. So fuck off, dickwads!!

Besides, Arnie was always a lousy actor to start with.

Don't you think it is silly that Medicaid will not cover your hearing aids but will cover your cochlear implants? I hate hearies' monopoly of commercialism out there.

Somebody kill 'em, please.

Oh, speaking of killing, there was an article in NY POST that talked about someone discovered limbs and legs and later, the torso in the subway tunnels. They identified this guy as 19 years old guy from Brooklyn. NY POST is Murdoch-owned which also owned FOXNEWS which is famous for inaccurate and biased reports. One word: Ugh.

Anyway, last night, I read the NY Blade that this particular deceased 19 years old guy is gay. It is possible gay-to-gay crime or hate crime. The NYPD described it as "cleanly killing" -- probably by a medical expert because the torso, limbs and legs were sawed off in a rather perfect manner. Ugh.

At least, another hearing person is dead. More to come.

There is God out there. *snicker*


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Gee Whiz!

At least, this guy on left of Queen Elizabeth II can boast that he did this RIGHT next to her!!

Thanks to Postcards from Hell's Kitchen.



Let's Mock Some Xians!

You know, last night ... I was flipping the channels. And I saw the show about Benny Hinns. I absolutely hate him. Anyway, Benny was travelling across India, trying to promote Christianity. The captions were on tube, I rolled my eyes when Benny Hines shouted "Hallelujah."

Anyway, his aide was weeping as he brought an Indian girl to the stage. He shouted to Benny that this girl was deaf! But when she arrived to the stage, God restored her hearing loss. They went on to test her hearing by standing behind her and each time, she spoke -- it was obviously staged. It is disgusting and sickening -- made me want to puke the hairball out.

How can they profess to be the "followers of Jesus Christ" if they lied about things like that? Only THEY knew.

Anyway, here is the bad news about the ILY sign. A certain reader emailed me to check it out. I thought it was interesting that he spent the time to do the website on ILY sign associated with ...

Oh My God, Satanists!

Pitiful hearies xians.


Friday, February 25, 2005

See What I Mean?

Today I tried to post an ad on -- in order to verify myself to pose the personal ad, one has to type the five letters to prevent from being spammed.

It popped up five letters that reads like this:

I can't get a break from this.

Oh, well.


The Somerville Gates

You know The Gates, the famous orangish thing that runs around the Central Park?

Well there is another one in Somerville, Massachusetts.

It gets so popular that they had to shut the website down.

Just perfect for my grouchy mode.


Maria Shriver Must Love It!

This is gross.

Hopefully, gay men will think twice before imitating this fool.

(Still in that mode)

... And TGIF?

What the fuck is going on with the live reports about the old geezer in Rome? Like Beth said, drop dead already! Do not interfere with my ordinary yet so boring routine with life so far.

I don't care much for the old geezer and his pessimistic attitudes on gays. I rather to save Toby than to save this Pope John Paul II.

I'm still in that funky mode. It is getting worse. I think you can see it on my blogging performance. Maybe the weather is to be blame? It is still snowing as I speak.

These days, I am bit annoyed reading some of cliquish bloggers who shrieked about things that means nothing to me.

I just learned that Andy Lange, the current President of NAD, got a position within that group, the CSD organization in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He also purchased a home in Sioux Falls as well. It is certainly mind-boggling to know that the NAD's relationship with the CSD has been, at times, strained and each badmouthed the other in the last few years.

And now Andy, himself the President of NAD, works at CSD?

I guess it goes with a cliche that says, "If you cannot beat 'em, hire 'em."

I guess, this is another opportunity for Andy to continue and expand his personal needs which many Deaf people within the NAD and the CSD are aware of.

Ahh, I really felt for these persons who rejected someone' advances. In a certain way, I'm thankful that I'm faggot which I do not have to contend or deal with these crazy notions out there.

I was surfing the CSD's website. It is amusing to see that so many NAD members are working for CSD now. I cannot help but to be curious about the relationship between the Mother Rarus and the Son Rarus?

It is interesting to look at the "people" of CSD, so many of them used to work or serve the NAD before flip-flopping over to the CSD. Not that it is bad to flip-flop but certainly interesting. Curiosity piqued me a little -- I do not see any minority groups except for high profile figure like Dr. Davila. Maybe gays do not want to be caught dead in Sioux Falls. But what about African-Americans? Is there any in Sioux Falls?

I once visited Sioux Falls in '98 and stayed for two days. Visited CSD and SDSD. Even visited the town's only gay bar through the alley! I is the VEE! But guess what? I do not recall seeing an African American walking around the town.

I also learned that YLC (Youth Leadership Camp) is going back to Camp Taloali after the two-year hoppings at South Dakota and Florida. Because of repeated hurricane strikes that devastated Florida last year, the Camp Endeavour cannot provide the location for NAD's YLC. So it was left with no home. So they are strolling back to Oregon. I went to YLC in '90 and it was the first year of NAD's YLC in Oregon, after more than a decade in Minnesota. Tim Rarus was the YLC Camp Director at that time, now Tim Rarus works for the CSD.

Suffice to say, my memories of YLC was mind-blowing one. I am not sure if the readers wanted me to touch the good and bad sides of YLC during my stay at YLC. Do you guys want me to talk about it? Let me know so I can think about sharing some of explosive issues that the NAD probably does not want the world to know.

Anyway, as you can see the moods I am in as of lately, it is no secret that I am easily pissed off at little things around me. So when I learned about the recent developments that has nothing to do with me, I get annoyed anyway!

I must thank some certain friends who has been patient with my grouchy side. Merritt, Manny Swoosh, Toby O., defbef, McFly, Jeff, Alex (Yeah, that Abenchuchan boy), Perlis, Ty the Superstar and Sarah. They managed to make me smile for few minutes before I slip back into grouchy mode.



Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Nickname for New York?

The Big Apple, to many, is so yesterday.

They wanted a new nickname for New York City in time for NYC 2012 Olympics -- they are working to make it "The World's Second Home".

I thought it was a hairball.

I preferred the term suggested by AM New York newspaper:

The City Your Mama Warned You About!


Funky Conspiracy Theories?

Was babbling to Ty about the funky moods and frustrated, along with few IMs with Beth, Sarah and Jason.

Ty in Califunny cracked me up -- here is the dialogue:

Ridor9th: i'm in these funky moods these days
Ridor9th: ugh
XXXXXXXXX: it's in the air
XXXXXXXXX: something's going on
XXXXXXXXX: i feel it too
Ridor9th: making me want to bang my head on the wall or something
Ridor9th: all right
Ridor9th: getting something to eat
Ridor9th: perhaps a cat [My roommate Perlis' cat]
XXXXXXXXX: ricky! eating pussy... you've finally come around... hee hee
Ridor9th: *groan*
Ridor9th: perv
Ridor9th: :-)

Slip Into The Ocean, Please?

I'm still in that funky mode.

You know, when I grew up, I had to hear the incessant remarks of how "awesome" California is all about.

Now, it's raining incessantly and the grounds are too saturated. Any homes can just slip down into the ocean if they wanted to.

Even if the rains are done, they are not out of the woods for weeks.

Should an earthquake occurs, things shall happen so dramatically -- things will go down with lots of rumblings and tumblings.

Much to my chagrin and amusement, I'm all for it. I'm so ready to see the portions of California in the ocean just to see people's reactions on it.

"Oh, California is so overrated."

"Hollywood is now located in Barstow!"

"Oh, California is so yesterday."


It Is True

I'm in a deep funky mood these days.

I just do not like people. I do not like talking to people except for my roommate, Perlis.

I just do not care much for anyone else, anything else and what's up on the 'net.

It reminded me of a childhood dream of mine that I always wanted to vanish and hitchiking across the countryside. Where people do not know who I am, where people will never know who I am right after I slipped out of a town. I am in that mode as of now.

Which is why I care less about blogging these days. I do not care much for family, friends or anything else. I guess, what they said is true about me -- I do have a streak of black, cold and icy heart.

Oh, well.

You know, the Natives' spirit once told The Spectre, "All things I told you came to pass, did they?"

That is my notion as of now. Figure it out, guys and gals. But as always, once in a while, I always snap back to the reality.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Down, Down and Down

Last night, went to The Cock Bar to see Corey and Kev once again. Which was very nice. Hadn't seen 'em in weeks. The best part is that I didn't have to pay that much for more than 10 drinks.

That is nice.

I also met a cute guy as well -- 3rd guy in 4 days. This time, he demanded me to email him in the morning -- but when I got home, the internet connection went dead. Took me all day to figure it out and get it back on.

Naturally, I'm not in mood to harp on things around me. So I'm gonna be miserable all night long. Just my personality.

Remember a while ago that I caused a firestorm on a blog (I cannot remember where) where I mentioned that I stopped donating $ to the AIDS organizations because they do not address the barebacking, crystal meth and complacency issues. If they want to get HIV/AIDS, yay for 'em!

Some said I was so mean, downright horrible -- even, one person called me a militant terrorist for that.

Basically, what I pointed out last year is that ... in the last 20 years, we found more information on how to protect ourselves as well as how to manage the virus in the long term. But more, more and more people alarmed me when they clamored that with everything going on, it is *still* a choice for them to make, which means it is not your decision but theirs.

Translation: It is my choice not to donate a cent to any HIV/AIDS organizations because there are people who attempted to make this a choice to acquire.

And today, with HIV 2.0 possibly running around, many gay people are responding with an attitude that I already demonstrated a long time ago.

About fucking time if you ask me!


Monday, February 21, 2005

Republicans = Fascists?

Last night, it snowed fiercely. We got about 5 inches. Today by 5 PM, I don't see any major slush areas to report. How odd is that?

I was surfing around the websites.

CANNONFIRE is certainly very intriguing. The writer is heterosexual but he coined a new term which I agreed completely. What do you define a group of gay people who advocated the right-wing groups that is bent on eradicating gays? Do we call them gay? Nah, we do not have to. They are ... Roehmosexuals!

Dan Gurley, Ken Mehlman, Roy Cohn, FagPatriot, Jeff Gannon/James Dale Guckert, Scott McLellan, Bobby Eberle ... all fits in the description of self-hating gays who are willing to help others to destroy gays and lesbians.

Why Roehmosexuals? Know who Ernst Roehm? He was a gay confidante of Adolf Hitler who supported Hitler in rounding many groups including gays and in the end, Hitler killed Roehm, anyway! The morale of the story is that it does not pay to be greed.

I agreed with CANNONFIRE with the term and its description. Thanks, Cannonfire!

You know, the Republicans wanted nothing more than to control the whole government through manipulation. They are not interested in allowing the Democrats to have its party or even independents. They wanted to control each state government, the whole branches of federal system. Their goal is to instill the judges with Republican backgrounds, Republicans winning every districts across the nation. They will try to outspend, corrupt, manipulate the voters to get what they wanted. They had, did and will continue to smear Democrats on many things.

The Republicans would love to have the complete control of everything without any intrustion by any party -- what does it means to you? Fascism. Just like wht Adolf Hitler did when they manipulated Germany and won the majority then smeared and ostracized the parties to a point where they are all illegal and only one party remained. That is fascism.

At the pace the Republicans are doing to us all, fascism is looming not far behind not in the Middle East but in our backyard.


* * *

On another note, I was stunned to see my name being mentioned by my cousin who is only 13 on his own blog. Apparently, he reads my blog. Good for him. To see that some people will keep their minds open regardless where they are. Mary, you're doing a good job as a mother.


By X'Hal, What Is Going On?

All day long on Sunday, I was bit in a funky mood. Very difficult to describe the moods I was in. However, my sister quickly IMmed me to tell me to turn on to watch The Simpsons which I was already on it.

The Simpson had a gay theme on it -- this time, it is about gay marriage in Homer's Garage. Guess who is a cuntlicker? Marge's older twin sister. Homer seemed to be cool about it, but Marge had a hard time dealing with it. But in the end, you know how it ends. Always with a good note.

Then it was time for Desperate Housewives. Another gay theme! This time, with a delicious twist that made me feel afraid for these two kids. You see, Gabrielle Solis had a brief fling with a houseboy (whose in real life is gay, how ironic!). Somehow, the houseboy told his best friend about it. His best friend started to bother Gabrielle Solis about having sex. After Gabrielle blasted him to smithereens for pushing the button -- he caved in and said that he needed to try with a woman because he thinks he is gay. And he does not want a girl in his school because everyone will know. Gabrielle had this attitude that says, "Deal with this, wuss."

When Gabrielle made out with this kid then asked him if he feels anything, he shook his head. "Then you are definitely gay." She walked out of the bedroom.

Few hours later, the character by Tori Hatcher saw two persons in the pool which she thought was her daughter with someone else so both persons were holding their breath under the water. Tori refused to leave. Both came out -- this time, it's not her daughter. It is that gay character with Bree's son.

Drama! I got the feeling that it will end with a suicide for one of these boys. Because the suburban wives are either "cold", "tough" and "panicky". Bree's son already had a tumultuous relationship with Bree. I think they made a cute couple.

One can hope.

Then it was time for Boston Legal. You gotta love the idea that William Shatner's character, Denny Crane's son is Donny Crane acted by the irresistible hunk, Freddie Prinze Jr. Both has ego. When Denny demanded his son to utter "Denny Crane". His son said, 'Donny Crane'. Denny has a thing with hearing his own name. It gives him orgasms.

For some reasons, Denny and Donny did not get along very well, I wonder if it's about gay issue? No idea. Perhaps another time.

But last night, there were bit too many shows on gays. What gives?


The Next Target Is ...

You know, I enjoyed watching "Jack & Bobby" TV shows. I normally liked 30-minute shows because I have no patience for an hour of drama. But "Jack & Bobby" is such an intelligent show to a point where I can tolerate for an hour.

Why do I like it? It simply dismantled the conservative notions and family values, thanks to the mother of Jack and Bobby. Grace is absolutely great mother, even not the perfect mother but she intends to be good one for Jack and Bobby. It is a show that should be forced upon the conservative-ladden families across the country.

You know, more and more silly things are popping up across the nation which was propelled by Xians, Conservatives and right-wing groups which took control of the Republicans. When I saw this article, I could not believe this. Is this some kind of a joke? This is national embarrassment!

So what can we do to push the right-wing groups out of the Republican party in order to crush these silly notions that are being imposed upon us all? The first agenda is to get rid of the persons who are slowly "climbing upwards" using the conservative, Xian and right-wing rhetoric -- Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA).

This fool wanted to be the President someday. Remember Eric Heckman? Rick Santorum is Eric Heckman to the Hearing World. Before Rick Santorum became the Senator, he was brownnosing people on the streets in Scranton, PA and standing at the intersections, trying to win the people -- and he succeeded. If you look at the most recent State of the Union Address, who was right next to GW Bush? Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is one of the aspiring Conservative who kept on comparing gays with animals. He kept on bashing a lot of things that can be used for good of this country. I agreed with someone else on some blog (which I forgot already, shit!) that to make a sacrifical lamb to send the message to the right-wing groups that we are back, we must remove Rick Santorum from his senatorship.

So if the moderates of the Republican party wanted to have a balance in its party, they have to depose Rick Santorum. So let's go and do it.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

The War on Drugs Are Over

When you see a dealer selling Meth in a small town of Fredonia (populated at 500), you know the War on Drugs is finished.

When you heard about the arrest of AIDS Worker for selling Meth, it just confirmed that the War on Drugs is finished.

The government lost, the people won.

Let the Anarchy rock. C'est la vie!


Am I OK?

I got a permission to showcase one more picture of Grand Teton, which was photographed by Jim Zuckerman. This is great picture, is it? Jim Zuckerman also has a photography website.

Anyway, went to Web's parents' Wine n Cheese party, very nice. It was good to see Web's brother. He looked much cuter than ever. At first, I did not recognize him because of his massive haircut. I teased about the septic tank thing, it is an inside joke. Sorry, guys.

After that, I thought of going to a gay bar for a drink because I hadn't been out to a gay bar in weeks. Off to Pieces and I ended up having fun moments with Chad.

Then last night, with another guy.

I don't know if I'm normal or not. Two guys in a row in the same weekend -- must be a record for me to be assertive to chat with hearing boys.

Oh, by the way, I did *not* go to their homes, I do not do that stuff, though. And so do they, I think we are better than the most. In the process, they just asked me to call/email as "soon as can be, please" when we parted. Of course, after few kisses.

That should be a good sign. I think.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ridor's Bitch Session I

This was sent to me via e-mails and IMs under the agreement that I will *not* reveal who's who -- basically, ANYONE (even YOU) ELSE can e-mail or IM me to bitch at someone else, I'll simply copy and paste it! Up next is March 4, 2005!

* * *

"Today i woke up and decided to bitch at... RIDOR" just simply cuz you screwed up like always and wasnt able to come this weekend.

Gallaudet you are in, Graduate you will this May, and Golly gee you are...

Raymond Merritt's ass is great, is it? Nearly impossible NOT to look at it!

Little things and big things that go wrong, you assume they are all about you.

Why is that when I tell a hearing person that I'm Deaf, he then yelled at me up close in my face. I repeated the information that I cannot hear. He then moved himself to my ear and shouted again! Honey, please do not spray your germs on my ears.

"Why do this happen to me?" when WTC came down and you had NO relatives or friends working there.

Being narcissitic will not make you popular, Melissa!

"They hate me!" when you found out that a lot of soldiers were sent to Iraq.

"How could that happen to me?" When Pro-war protest marches occured in Washington D.C, and you ARE for the war.

Why did Dana Sipek go back to Bren Stern after what he did to her?

"How could they do that to me?" Everytime friends got fed up with your drama pouting and crying for more than months and years, which ruined several friends' birthday parties, homecomings, dinners out, and even relationships due to your infamous sulking.

Mother in Law from the Hell – Being a spoiled brat will not get you anywhere and watch your mouth – your mouth needs to be cleaned.

You agreed to help many lesbian women to get pregnant by donating semen, but then turned around to say "only by real intercourse."( I changed his quote)

Believing in onself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind. This is for Kurzetard and McCock!

You smiled when there was no birth control used between you and a woman, she got pregnant,and you pouted when she aborted it. "Why couldn't she keep the baby? I could take care of it!" (unemployed, having no place to live, no health insurance, nothing!)

wtf is it with letting scientists restore small animals' hearing? we're next, fuckwads! pay attention!

Vagina! Vagina! Vagina! See? The sky is not falling down if you sign "vagina" in public. C'mon, say it with a smile on your face. If you do not like it, why marry a woman?

We all ask.. WHEN will you GET over that the world is NOT about you and being selfish will lose you friends if not already done! We have been there for you for months and years, giving you support, but we are wising up that you're using us for theatre practice.

A pet peeve is when idiots come up to me and tell me how smart they are and yet they don't really understand much. Not saying I'm smart, just annoys me to see idiots who think they are smarter than everyone else.

Did you notice that Kenton Twidt asked practically almost EVERYONE ELSE except for gays for a blowjob?

Matthew Kohashi comes to mind ... Know him? He was a huge KG asskisser ... You know the type ... I feel llke saying "so u made it on ur 4th try. Congratulations ... You're an inspiration to people to never give up."

I am sick and tired of those fake "friends" who invite you to go out for coffee or want to do something with you and then they never follow through.

Anthony Adamo, we all know why you're at gally- you're a small fish who cant live in a big pond. You're HEARING and yet you cant make it to the hearing world. Tsk, tsk. And we all know what you did to a few deaf girls. Get the fuck out of here.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Second Star On Right And Straight To Jackson Hole!

Today I turned on PBS and guess who came on? Postcards from Buster. Buster was visiting Jackson Hole! O-boy, you do not know how I feel about Jackson Hole. I quickly was tickled pink. I love this place.

My close friends knew that I have a special place in my heart for Jackson Hole, a town right next to the majestic Grand Teton National Park. It was said that during the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Lewis & Clark sent John Cotler on the South Fork of Missouri River which led into Yellowstone where John saw the "devil's fountain" and Tetons mountains.

John eventually returned to meet Lewis & Clark and described the stuff that he saw, Lewis & Clark thought he was crazy. That "devi's fountain" is now known as the geysers of Yellowstone. Later, when they returned to St. Louis, John Cotler got an urge to return to the Teton Mountains. He did and he was never found again.

I drove to Jackson Hole in '98 and when I set my eyes on Grand Teton for the first time, it simply overwhelmed my senses. I had to park the car and sat on the hood of the car to absorb everything. Grand Teton is simply amazing place to stay. I personally thought Yellowstone was overrated but ... maybe it is because I came to the place about 5 years after the fires?

The town of Jackson is pretty much reserved for rich people. It has Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy -- which contradicts many small towns of less than 10,000 that does not have these stores. I stayed in a hostel and met some cool folks. I spent 5 days instead of two days in Jackson Hole.

When I left Jackson Hole, I felt an emptiness. A void. I finally understood what John Cotler meant by that. He had to return or die trying.

When I flew to Seattle with Toby, in '01, we were leaving Denver en route to Seattle -- somehow, I felt a turbulence on the plane. I turned to look outside of the window. I saw Grand Teton standing proudly as ever. It is as if the spirits acknowledged that I was passing by. I quikcly told Toby about it, Toby rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever!"

It is no secret that someday I want to buy a home in Jackson Hole as 2nd home, of course.

Grand Teton Waiting For Me



Thursday, February 17, 2005

Who's Drunk Now?

When I was in DC, I read The Washington Post which it mentioned that on Route 50 between Annapolis and Bowie, Maryland -- a flock of birds feasted on berries which they were drunk and flew too low into the traffic of Route 50.

Many birds were killed or injured as lots of birds collided with trucks and cars during the evening rush hours.

Lots of people were baffled to know why hundreds of birds are dead.

Later, they said it is because they were drunk.

Apparently, it happened again in Columbia, South Carolina.

Gives a new meaning of Eat, Don't Fly, eh?


Chicago, Beware!

My friend in Chicago is busy getting ready to move to Downtown Chicago. He showed me the pics of his apartment which probably has the best view of Chicago skyscrapers. I'm completely in awe of that place.

Have fun in settling down in the apartment and be mesmerized with the best view of Chicago.

Here are two pics of Chicago from their new apartment -- wow!

Chicago, Here I come!

Hey, be sure to prepare me a cot when I come in town, willja?



After Seeing "Deaf Mute", I Stopped Reading The Article

Michelle Malkin wrote an article in NY POST called The UN Rape Club. Malkin is well-known for her conservative beliefs on her blogsite, often ranting and ripping the Liberals or anyone who questioned the government -- I won't be surprised that Malkin would consider anyone else who questioned the government to be terrorists.

Each time, I saw or read her name, I always rolled my eyes and snickered as well. But this article seems to be interesting until I reached 5th paragraph. She said, "... -- including the 15-year-old deaf mute daughter of ..."

That was a major turn-off for me. Especially for Deaf people who fought hard to remove the stigma of "deaf-mute" and "deaf and dumb" within the media. This young woman should know better than to call us "deaf-mute". That word is an insult, tantamount to a n-word for African Americans! How long will it takes for us to finally get through their "media barriers" that these words are inappropriate.

I guess if it is OK for her to call us "deaf-mute", and I think it is OK for me to call her a "gook" as well? You tell me.


The Best Gay Joke

Two gay men decide to have a baby. They mix their sperm, then have a surrogate mother artificially inseminated. When the baby is born,they rush to the hospital. Two dozen babies are in the ward, 23 of which are crying and screaming.

One, over in the corner,is smiling serenely. A nurse comes by, and to the gays' delight, she points out the happy child as theirs.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Brad exclaims. "All these unhappy children, and ours is so happy."

The nurse says, "He's happy now. But just wait until we take the pacifier out of his ass."

* * *



Kappa Gamma & Phi Kappa Zeta

Do you ever get tired of these names sometimes?

I do.

It has nothing to do with me or my fraternity. But after reading this article, I cannot blame Dr. Gallop's annoyances with the mentality wall between two groups and the rest of student body.

Keith and I once sat in the foyer outside of Rathskellars and observed a freshman trying to make a conversation with Luke Ocuto who was very hostile and/or decidedly bored with this freshman BEFORE he even introduced himself to Luke. Keith and I cracked many jokes on that scenario incessantly all night long. But the point of that happenstance was tragic by itself -- that does NOT have to happen like that. But it does all the time at Gallaudet.

Sometimes it bothered me, sometimes it does not.

Not all KG brothers and PKZ sisters are like that, but the reality is that very few ones reached outside of its cliques, that is the truth. Today, I am still friends with one PKZ -- Rayni -- who else?

KG? Very few ones, why? I do not know why. But that does not matter to me, though.

It is evident that Dr. Gallop used the pseudonym name to avoid the wrath of Kappa Gamma and Phi Kappa Zeta -- it is obviously that s/he does not want to be humiliated or blacklisted on their lists. Dr. Gallop has the right to express her/his frustrations with the mentality wall between the two groups and the rest of student body.

With this article, perhaps, people will realize that maybe it is time to disband all fraternities & sororities -- I would not want that, though. Maybe THEY should go back to the secret societies like they used to be before they decided to go for greek? I really do not know.

You know, out of frustrations, we even have the obscene signs for Kappa Gamma and Phi Kappa Zeta. As you can see this -- this bore out of a frustration between these groups and the rest of student body. No, it is not the case of jealousy as many would wanted it to be, though.

At least, I used my real name but this article was well-thought article, well written by Dr. Gallop.

Oh, by the way, on 8th paragraph which it described a tall, a classy dresser with brown curly hair -- that has to be Dina Raevsky with Raylene Lotz.


The Frat, Bizarre Incident(s), Dominic and Brendan Stern

I used to read "The Frat", a publication owned by the National Fraternal Society for the Deaf (NFSD) and I thrive on its chapters' reports. Many of them would start off with: "We report to you ..."

I always thought it was funny way to share the gossips, really. They often identified the names who died, who were sick, who celebrated their 50th year of marriage, who divorced and yes, went on vacation. They often said, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith motored to Orlando for a week-long vacation, please ask them if they enjoy their vacation."

Honest, it is cute but guess what? I do not give a fuck about asking them how they enjoyed their vacation or not!

Speaking of bizarre things to report, yesterday in the afternoon, I turned the lights off in the living room and hung out in my bedroom. Suddenly, I saw the lights turn on in the living room. Apparently, someone else is home. I walked back in the living room. Nobody else is there. The light switch on the wall indicated that someone pushed up. Later in the evening, it happened again. I distinctly turned the light switch down and this time, it is up. Nobody is home except for me. Do we have a company here on this ancient island? Perhaps so.

It appeared that we have a neighbor upstairs who also sported the same brand of coat I owned. We met in the hallway, we laughed. He introduced himself, his name is Dominic. He's cute. If he visits, I'll be sure to drop my pants for him the next time around. Either way, he asked me where I purchased my coat, I told him I bought it in Pentagon City, Virginia. He said he bought it in Albany, New York.

I just read a great article by Brendan Stern. Normally, Brendan Stern does not bother me as a person. He is bit mean for my taste, I guess. I think his sisters, Louise and Shoshana are interesting persons to loiter with. Especially with Shoshana. I had some fun times with Shoshana, she's smart woman with a wicked mouth but yet so funny to watch her deflating a guy's ego in a milisecond.

Anyway, Brendan wrote the article on Buck Naked Bison which I cannot help but grin all 'til the end. It was funny one, especially the ones where a hearing Australian told them that it's rude to sign in public and Bren's response was very classic but yet so appropriate. Thanks, Bren.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First James Buchanan, Second Abraham Lincoln ...

You know, someone mentioned that 1 out of 10 men is gay.

Come to think of this -- we already have 45 presidents so far (correct me with the numbers but I know it's over 40), that means there has to be 4 Presidents that probably liked to have a dick up their asses.

1. James Buchanan, the only President that is bachelor until he died.
2. Abraham Lincoln, there are letters that indicated Lincoln's thighs are the best "femoral intercourse".

Now that leaves two more.

I'd vouch for George Washington to be gay. He married Martha Custis, and had several step-children. Step-children! You know, they say that if you look at GW's life, he always hang out with men. He went to the Revolutionary War with his men. He went on the expeditions with his men. If you look at his portraits, he is always surrounded by men. That raises a red flag, does it? And the way he walked on these portraits, only gay men can walk like that.

That takes care of George Washington. Who's the fourth one?

Someone said that it is GW Bush.

What? Thanks to Toby of Ramblings On The Matter, I was entertained with this article. Enjoy it while you can before someone takes it off in the name of liberty and freedom!

One question: Why did GW Bush makes 8 unscheduled and unannounced trips to Knoxville to visit Victor Ashe, who was the Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee? Victor Ashe is "openly gay" and was a roommate and cheerleader along with GW Bush (!). To quiet the media, GW Bush sent Victor Ashe to be the Ambassador of Poland but that does not stop him from sending Victor candies and flowers to Victor, according to Poland newspapers.



Whatever Happened to CNN's Crossfire?

Sometimes you would see two guys (one young, one older) arguing on CNN's Crossfire. I cannot stand Tucker Carlson most of all. He turned me off with many accusations and always attacked anything that is good with negativity.

When CNN brought Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on the Crossfire, I immediately changed the channel. I do not want to see the captions popping out of Carlson's mouth. Folks, some of you may be shocked that I try to be optimistic on various things. I certainly try to be.

Ok, ok, you guys can stop laugh. I know it is hysterical. I'm waiting until you guys stop laugh.

Are you done with this? Ok, thank you! I know both parties argued over many things, but to attack an individual's integrity just because s/he accomplished something that you did not accomplish, that is pretty cheap shot.

When Tucker said he will eat his shoe if Hillary Clinton managed to sell more than a million non-fiction book. Hillary aced the feat with no problem and even brought a cake that looks like a shoe to Tucker. Hilary was so nice not to bring a real shoe! Whose integrity did it looks good on? Of course, Hilary.

For years, I cannot stand these two fools fighting on that show.

Until Jon Stewart, my idol because he puts the humor in everything else be it politics, life and current events, came on the show and chided Tucker Carlson on their show. Suffice to say, Jon Stewart was right when he said that their show served no purpose but to foster a hostile attitude between different groups, especially with liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats and so on.

In few weeks, Jon Stewart killed CNN's Crossfire, I love Jon Sterwart.

Hallelujah and good riddance to Tucker Carlson.

I was reading an article on by Kurt Andersen which a friend gave me the link to check out. I noted the paragraph which it mentioned about the struggles of liberals and conservatives, maybe one day, we'll find a solution to work together -- like this paragraph.

And it was the same sort of brain-dead back-and-forth that led Jon Stewart to tell Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, live on CNN’s Crossfire last fall, that their entirely predictable pseudo-debates amounted to nothing but useless “partisan hackery.” In that instance, the new president of CNN promptly said he agreed and canceled the show. Is it too much to hope that the end of Crossfire could mark the beginning of the end of the age of Ann Coulter and Michael Moore? Probably.

I certainly hope so.


About Mayor Bloomberg

A New York friend of mine told me that Mayor Bloomberg used to be a Democrat. The main reason why Mayor Bloomberg switched to the Republican party is because this city is overwhelmingly Democrat. There were three Democrats running in Democrat primary, no one for Republican primary.

The easiest path is to bypass the Democrat's primary is to sign up for Republican primary and go head-to-head with Democrats.

Voila! We have Mayor Bloomberg on board. He is only RINO.

As in Republican In Name Only.

Which is why many New Yorkers can tolerate Republican like Mayor Bloomberg. According to many, Rudy Giuliani would be NOTHING if not for 9/11 fiasco. It is likely that Rudy would be remembered for siding with the racists who shoved the broom in Jamaican's ass, shot Hasidic Jew who wields the hammer (which many witnesses said he didn't do but NYPD said) et al. But lucky for Rudy, 9/11 fiasco saved his face and put his name on the world map.

Oh, well.


Blah, blah and blah.

4,500 for Boxer: When Senator Barbara Boxer decided to speak out about the election during the Congressional session, lots of Republicans and conservatives whined, cried and attacked her integrity but she was formidable. She was impervious to the cheap tactics that the Republicans and Conservatives attempted to bash on her.

Last Monday, her office was floored with 4,500 roses from her constituents who thanked her for making a stand on the volatile election. See? I rest my case.

Don't Forget to Bitch! You want to bitch at someone else in the Deaf Community? Or at hearing guy who gave you the ugly look at a bar? Or little things that annoys you? E-mail me and I'll remove your name, email address but comments. Then I'll draft an entry reserved for you guys to bitch at each other without letting each other know who said it all in the first place.

Food For Your Own Thoughts There are few things that I like about Republicans (i.e. less interference by the government and fiscal responsibility, that's all) and there are many things I like about Democrats. Merge into a new party called "Repubocrat"? Perhaps there will be a day ...

Liberate Iraqis, But What About Us? Why do we worry about Iraqis' freedom and liberty if we, gays and lesbians, are being denied of our rights as a citizen of this country? It is mind-boggling to read stupid commentaries from people who claimed that we are truly free. In fact, we are not exactly free in our country. Go figure.

Kurzetard Is Obviously Brain-Damaged Thanks to carbon monoxide poisoning, she seems to be senile in her own right. Which is a blessing in disguise. Her repeated rants and biased of Islam reminded me of one stupid deaf woman in North Carolina who is studying to be a pastor. She wrote in The Bugler that Islam is evil, according to her studies with the Holy Bible. She kept on repeating, "I am telling the truth because the Bible is the truth!"

Well, this stupid woman probably did not realize that the Koran and the Torah probably said the same thing ... that they are telling the truth that others are evil.

These beliefs in hocus pocus are merely delaying the civilization from reaching its full potential to craft our paths, really. Perhaps in time, the old beliefs shall be forgotten and we can move ahead. But it will take a long time -- just take a look at Kurzetard spewing its hate to her two kids -- then her two kids will spew more hate to their offsprings. Perhaps it's time for a castration, really. Umm ... just a thought, really.

Speaking of Kurzetard I got an email asking me to check the blog of AntiAmyKurz, I was amused. I have nothing to do with it but it was so funny. Have fun finding it somewhere on my blog.



C'mon, Stop Injecting Your Opinions Into Agencies

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) told the GLBT Suicide Prevention Conference to remove "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual" and "transgender" from the materials or the SAMHSA will not support the conference.

Someone leaked to The Washington Post and SAMHSA was floored with complaints. One spokesman at SAMHSA said, "It was only a suggestion."

I believe it was supposed to be a belief amongst the Republican party that they do want less interference on organizations/businesses/life from the governments. But yet, the Repubicans (Yes, the Bush Administration appointed the Republicans to many departments) still interfered and "suggested" (actually, they often implicated that by suggesting, it is done with a threat of taking funds if they do not comply) them to alter the materials.

Enough is enough.

UPDATE: The SAMHSA Spokesman implied that it was only a suggestion and that the organizations should consider the funding source. That was a threat.

And not only that, the SAMHSA wanted the conference to add the faith-based crap on the list! It is getting silly each day to hear stuff like this out of these administrations. Do you truly think this faith-based will help "G", "L", "B" and "T" at all? Offering them with Ex-Gay Ministries? Exodus International? Please.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Don't Talk To Me About Traditions

"Rules are made to be broken."

That's how I perceived it unto the traditional marriage. When people, especially with conservative, X-ian and Republican attempted to cover their homophobic attitudes against the same-sex marriage, they often said that they are doing it, not out of homophobic, but to preserve the tradition.


To preserve the tradition.

Let me do the hairball thing first. *spitting the biggest hairball out of my mouth*

That is hogwash excuse.

Originally, the marriage was a way to own the property in the ancient times. Yes, as to own a woman. Which is why when women insisted to have a divorce, men did not like it because it was "unheard of".

I'm sick of straight people who claimed that they "have gay friends and they respect him/her that they are against gay marriages", that is entirely bullshit. I hadn't met a straight person who is MY FRIEND and that he is against the same-sex marriage but is fond of me. Know what? I don't consider them my friends. I consider them as wannabes.

Massachusetts has legalized the marriages for ALL. Look up in the blue sky, nothing is falling apart. Nothing. These doommsayers are phony from the day one. *spitting at them*

Honest to God, it is not about forcing a gay wedding at the First Baptist Church in Americus, Georgia -- who in the rigt frame of gay men's minds would want to have a gay wedding in that building in Americus, really?!

The whole issue is to have the benefits that comes with the marriage license. The whole thing is about the b e n e f i t s that permitted the committed persons to take care of each other financially, in sickness and health. In death and living!

But it will destroy the traditions of marriage meant for a man and a woman? *Phooey!*

Please read Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, and it will tell you that ... throughout the history of civilizations, some traditions has to be altered, destroyed or abandoned because sometimes, it is silly to uphold a tradition that does not serve a goodwill towards all peoples on the planet.

Bless Shirley Jackson because she made me realize that the traditions CAN be removed from the society. It can be done with such a force if necessary.

Deal with it, you nansy-pansies!


Guess Who I Met Today?

Walking on 50 Street by Broadway, I was looking at digital camera by the window -- and suddenly, I felt a jolt -- a petite woman walked into my chest. I turned to look down at her. She has a bright orangish/reddish hair. She attempted to speak but I quickly intervened that I am Deaf. She then gestured that she's sorry and greeted me good bye. She then went on her own with a teenager strolling down the street. She was wearing a fur coat which was odd considering the fact that the climate was very warm today.

Cool, I just bumped into Jeanne-Claude, today. Who is Jeanne-Claude and Christo? They just unveiled The Gates in Central Park. I plan to check The Gates this coming friday. It should be interesting, just right before I go to Web's Mommy & Daddy's Wine & Cheese thing on Friday night.

Should be fun.


An Excellent Family Values!

Did you hear about Alan Keyes? That "genuine conservative who is pro-life activist" who attacked gays as a bunch of hedonists who lost the senate race to Obama Barak (D) of Illinois.

Her daughter, Maya Keyes, was kicked out of home after Alan and his wife found out that Maya is a lesbian.

What a great role model for conservative, pro-life, Republican activist with the stench of their so-called family values.

Alan, hate is a family value, apparently to your groups.


Stefan LeFors Charms KSD Students

Remember the gorgeous athlete whose parents, brother and many more are Deaf? Yep, Louisville's Quarterback Stefan LeFors visited Kenfucky School for the Deaf and charmed the students and everyone else -- converting many of 'em into UL fans, away from Byron Wilson's infatuation with UK.

For some of you, UK is U of Kentucky. UL is U of Louisville. It is college football thing, really.

UL Quarterback Stefan LeFors

Here is the article out of Danville, Kenfucky.

Stefan LeFors is absolutely great person. I'm impressed, 'nuff said.

* * *

From the newsroom of The Advocate-Messenger, Danville, Kentucky, Sunday, February 13, 2005 .....

Louisville's LeFors relates well to KSD students

Sports Editor

Since he's always been part of the deaf community, Stefan LeFors knew a little bit about what to expect when he came to Kentucky School for the Deaf Friday.

LeFors grew up expressing himself without words because his parents, brother, paternal grandparents and three uncles were deaf.

"It was not a big deal that I could hear and they couldn't," said LeFors. "My parents taught me sign language and how to communicate. They taught me everything that was important and treated me the same as everyone else."

Still, LeFors was not just another visitor here Friday. The KSD students knew him as the starting quarterback for No. 6 Louisville and were thrilled that he spent an hour here with them along with teammate Bobby Leffew, a former Boyle County all-state lineman who started in Louisville's defensive line.

LeFors threw for almost 6,000 yards and 38 touchdowns during his collegiate career. More importantly, he led Louisville into elite territory in 2004 when the Cards lost only at Miami.

Many at KSD know his mother

The KSD students and faculty also knew him for another reason - his mother, Susan, is the cheerleading coach at Louisiana School for the Deaf. KSD plays in the Mason-Dixon Tournaments each basketball season and many people, including KSD athletics director Paul Smiley, have known her for years.

LeFors' older brother, Eric, was also a record-setting quarterback at Louisiana School for the Deaf before going to Gallaudet College. His successor as quarterback at Gallaudet was KSD product Chris Harris. Eric LeFors is now a coach and teacher at Florida School for the Deaf and recently played golf with Billy Lange, a teacher at KSD who got to meet the Louisville quarterback Friday.

"It was an honor to come here and talk and meet these kids," LeFors said. "I feel like I have a connection with these guys. All my life I have been around the deaf school in Louisiana and I've always had a good time there. This brings back good memories.

"I feel like they all know me from watching me play, but I don't really know them. The deaf community is not very big. A lot of them share the same interests, especially since deaf schools compete against each other in sports. It seems like they all knew my mom, who has probably coached 20 years. It was fun for me to meet so many people who know her. Actually, my mom and brother are their heroes. I'm just one of the guys."

Based on the way the KSD students asked specific questions about his career and lined up to get his autograph, LeFors underestimated his impact on them.

He signed all his answers

He signed all his remarks to them and had an interpreter speak his words for the hearing audience. His wife, Joy, who met him in high school in Louisiana, also was fluent in sign language and interacted with many students and staff members.

ESPN aired a special on LeFors and his family that many of the KSD students had seen.

"I was proud they did that," LeFors said. "I got a lot of compliments and e-mails from people all over the country who were impressed by the story."

His story reads like a fairy tale. Not only did he have deaf parents, but he played at Christian Life Academy and no major college showed interest in him. His father sent videotapes to numerous colleges but Louisville was the only school to offer him a scholarship.

"I was small and was told I was not big enough to play college football," LeFors, who recently played in the East-West Shrine Bowl.

He was redshirted his first year, then got in five games as a redshirt freshman and completed three passes. In 2002, he played in only three games.

However, he blossomed into a star in 2003 when he threw for 3,145 yards and 17 touchdowns, including 180 yards and one touchdown in a season-opening win over Kentucky. Last season he threw for 2,596 yards and 20 scores, including 139 yards and a touchdown in another win over Kentucky.

"We destroyed UK. What was wrong with UK?" LeFors joked with the KSD students who supported Kentucky.

His story turned many into Louisville fans

LeFors said his story has helped sway many fans to support Louisville.

"I have a lot of people tell me they were UK fans or fans of another school, then they heard my story and became Louisville fans," LeFors said. "That's nice to know and I appreciate the support from all those people."

He's now working out four days a week in preparation for the NFL Combine Feb. 24 in Indianapolis. After that he'll work out for the NFL scouts again in Louisville in early March.

"We've been training really hard. This is a stressful time with the combine coming up and then the (NFL) draft," LeFors said. "I am looking forward to what is ahead, but I'm still kind of anxious to see where I will end up."

That constant anxiety is one reason he's glad he is married.

"For me, she is my life," LeFors said. "I go home and she's there to take my mind off football. She is also my biggest fan. I don't know what I would do without her."

Pay attention to grades and don't get discouraged

LeFors and Leffew both encouraged the students to pay attention to their grades and not get discouraged when things did not go their way. Leffew related a series of injuries he had to overcome to succeed and how then Boyle football coach Chuck Smith made him understand that without good grades, he wouldn't get the chance to use his athletic talent in college.

"Don't listen to negative comments. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do," LeFors said. "You've got to think positive and be confident in yourself."

LeFors is following his own advice. He's convinced he can succeed in the NFL even if he's only 6-feet tall, several inches shorter than most pro scouts like.

"My goal is to get to the NFL," he said. "I will do whatever it takes even if it means going to the CFL (Canadian Football League) or Arena League. I will do what it takes.

"It's been great coming out of nowhere and making it at Louisville, but it's not over yet. I've enjoyed every minute of my athletic career. I'm just glad I could share some of that with these kids today because I can relate to them and if I inspired just one of them to try a little harder or believe in himself a little more, then this has been a great day."

Monday, February 14, 2005

Stand Up and Applaud Her for Her Courage

The CBS-TV once had a mini-series movie called "Alex Haley's Queen", it is based on the author's special memoir, drawn from his author's archives, about the other side of his fabled family -- his slave grandmother and the white planter who fathered her. Alex Haley also wrote "ROOTS" which became one of the most powerful mini-series in television history.

There was a quote in "Alex Haley's Queen" which was advertised by CBS-TV a long time ago, it reads:

Her father denied her his name. Her family denied her love. Her country denied her freedom. But no one could deny her courage.

I could do the same for Melissa Etheridge.

Her country denied her the right to marry. But no one could deny her courage.

The Gorgeous Bald Melissa Etheridge

As a lesbian who also underwent the chemotherapy for breast cancer, she is courageous and seeing the picture with her courage, she does not hide it nor is sorrowful about it. By her presence, she defied the religous doomsayers.

Cheers to Melissa Etheridge,



This is funny, discovered on Craig's List website.

The Perfect Man

A Turd in the Tub

This is true -- it may apply to Women's Personal Ads AND Gay Men's Personal Ads

Aww, This Is Sweet

And last, dogs do not fuck around with women!

Oh, yeah, one more picture?



Bitch Session for Ridor Readers Only

I love New York Blade and Washington Blade's Bitch Sessions -- me and Manny always snickered after reading it.

I have an idea.

If someone wants to bitch at someone else in the Deaf Community (Gay, Straight or whatever) or at Hearing People from Deaf's viewpoints, or at Deaf people from hearing's viewpoints, e-mail me!

E-Mail me. I will paste your comments but I will NOT leave your name and email address on the Weekly Bitch Session on this blog.

The purpose of this is to entertain readers -- I do not care if you want to name names as long as it is funny.

Here are some few examples from New York Blade's Bitch Session:

Before telling us how brilliant you are, ask yourself why we haven't been able to figure it out for ourselves.

You're 27, attractive, and confident but guys don't give you the time of day? Maybe it's that time of day for you to realize you're not as attractive as you think.

I know you'd like me to say, "It's nothing personal," when I say that you stink, but you do, and it is! Do something about it!

To the guy who got pec implants, what size bra do you wear?

These stuff are priceless. So fire away and I'll compile it at the end of week. Be funny, be creative and be hysterical.

Now hit for!


Valentine Crap

It appears that there is a possible valentine link to three persons -- Republicans National Committee Chairperson Ken Mehlman, conservative reporter for White House Press Corps Jeff Gannon and White House Spokesman Scott McClellan.

Menage a trois? not my thing. But have fun, Ken, Scott and Jeff -- you guys are ugly and belonged to each other, though.

I hate Valentine's Day. I'm glad it is raining today.

Happy un-Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Go Ahead, Smirk and Chuckle!

Remember Glenn Lockhart? Remember the infamous e-mail distribution at Gallaudet by Campus Activities (It used to be University Center) which Sharon Hayes was responsible of distributing the emails to all faculty, staff and students related to the campus events? Remember the infamous e-mail manufactured by Glenn Lockhart which pretty much wrote a message for anyone to join the "Gallaudet Pedophile Association" cookout at Hotchkiss Field which Glenn also mentioned not to bring kids as well? And Sharon did not read carefully -- she just pasted it and sent it to everyone else on the campus. That was the best email prank I ever had witnessed out of Gallaudet. I wonder if anyone else actually showed up at Hotchkiss Field on that "appointed hour"?

Alan Shore Pays For It! Watching Boston Legal was a good escape from reality for me tonight. Seeing Alan Shore paying hundreds of dollars just to start the bar brawl was hysterical. I would have done the same thing if I have that amount of cash, really.

Why Is That? When I go to a gay bar, I noticed something interesting. The bars TEND to be so dark and loud, it may present an obstacle for Deaf gay men to deal with hearing men because it is hard to lipread in the dark and so dark to read the notes, it becomes a chore, really. But for hearing on hearing, they tend to shout at each other ... or they often spoke to each other by their ears -- you can see their movements -- when one likes the other, he WILL step in and talk to his ear repeatedly more than 10 times, then he'll "accidentally" kiss his ear, then from there ... it's on the lips.

I find it unfair. I cannot do that with a hearing person. We had to move away from each other in order to sign something. By itself, it is sometimes unattractive, though. These hearing men who do that cheated their way to get some affections -- we had to do the hardest route. Totally unfair. But again, life is not fair.

Storn's Way: You know The Uncanny X-Men's main character called Storm? That gorgeous black woman with a long white hair? There are many comments that was uttered by Storm that I loved. One time, Storm, Psylocke and Colossus was teleported into the prison's cell with few imprisoned Genoshan soldiers. Storm grabbed one of these Genoshan soldiers and said, "We require the information that may aid us in reaching our teammates which your people kidnapped."

The solider uttered, "What makes you think that I will tell you about it, genejoke?"

Storm smiled but her eyes remained dead set on the soldier, "That word -- I do not like it, but who says that I am asking you for the information?"

Psylocke stepped in the frame as she telepathically entered the soldier's mind and snatched the information right out of him.

That was one cool dialogue.

Dawn of the Dead: I saw the parts of the movie that was re-made about the zombies killing and eating brains. The zombies fucking RAN like Hell. It is like seeing hundreds of Carl Lewis running loose. Even if you ran, they still run like Hell. And this movie is insane. Suffice to say, the ending part is not the classic All-American film.



The Stroller In The Subway

Last Friday, I was heading to Chelsea from my palace. Riding the subway is akin to watch a 30-min sitcom at times. However, it was during the rush hour when I headed down to Chelsea to meet someone else.

I learned that it is better not to bring a stroller into the subway during the rush hour (between 8 AM to 10 AM and 430 PM to 7 PM). Why? Here is what happened last Friday, the subway train was packed along with the stroller. Yes, the infant was in it with the mother doing the standard responsibility.

Time is imperative to the subway system, especially with the rush hours. Trains must come and go -- it simply must or the other trains will be late. And the commuters will not be happy if the trains are not coming and going immediately. That is the way it is goes for New York underground dwellers like us.

When the train arrived at 14 Street, I rushed to get out of the train as the crowd rushed to get out as well, some commuters on the platform pushed to get in the train as well. Courtesy is fine but not always necessary. The mother with the stroller apparently realized that she needs to get off at 14 Street, not somewhere else. She rushed to push the stroller out of the train as the doors rolled to shut -- but it slammed on the stroller -- I turned to see the infant laughing as the door kept on slamming on the stroller repeatedly -- but the lady kept on pushing it out.

The doors on the trains will keep "slamming" the doors until it is shut. So in this case, it slammed on the stroller repeatedly then finally it slammed on the mother's arms which she abruptly left the stroller off the train but apparently the conductor saw the stroller right off the train with the arms sticking out by the doors.

The conductor quickly opened the door enough to let the mother out. I then looked at the infant -- The infant was in giddy mood, perhaps the jolt it gets from the doors slamming on the stroller was something different for the stroller.

But it was bit scary for me -- but only in New York, my dear friends, only in New York!


Saturday, February 12, 2005

To Go Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before

Had a talk with my roommate during the Lunner time, we talked about different things. Nice to have that, eh? However, we were talking about TV programs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Xena and Stargate and how entertaining they were before the networks flushed these programs away.

Perlis mentioned about Star Trek: Enterprise, the tale that began right after the film, Star Trek, First Contact. She said that she learned that it will be cancelled and she wrote the email to UPN about it, here is their response:


Thank you for writing to UPN. The STAR TREK legacy has spanned nearly four decades and has spawned five television series. Ten years ago, STAR TREK: VOYAGER was instrumental in helping launch UPN.

The latest incarnation, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, has reached the culmination of its journey. This painstaking decision came after it was recognized that despite having many loyal fans like you, the audience for the show was declining steadily. Therefore, ENTERPRISE is set to decommission and will be given a grand send-off on Friday, May 13th at 8 PM ET/PT on UPN.

This does not mean that STAR TREK is gone forever. Paramount, the studio that produced all five television series and ten feature films, is looking forward to the next chapter of the STAR TREK saga.

We know that this information may not make you feel any better but we want you to know how much we appreciate your input and we sincerely hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with us in the future.

Viewer Services

I'm not a Trekkie fan but I enjoyed watching Enterprise than the others because it is bit realistic. Of course, I'd like to keep it going -- write a letter to the customer service and tell them to keep Star Trek: Enterprise. Told Perlis that I'll blog about it. So fans, can you imagine the TV without Star Trek? I can't. So let's do something about it. Maybe the power of blogosphere can save Star Trek!

Here is the instruction:

1. Click this UPN Website
2. Look for "Special Links" on your right column
3. 6 lines below "Special Links" reads: HAVE YOU SOMETHING TO SAY? Click it
4. Talk about Star Trek: Enterprise and save the program.



What To Do With VSDB?

Main Hall

There has been some intense moments about my alma mater in Staunton which the General ASSembly of Virginia Pricks has been working on what to do with VSDB's future. Close and move to Fishersville which is about 20 min east of Staunton in midst of nothing -- it seems to me that the General ASSembly wanted the deaf students to mingle with developmentally disabled, retards and physically-challenged folks at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) on a daily basis. How nice of them to think of us like that, is it?

Hey, folks, anything that is "different" from able-bodied of white trash that can speak, hear and see is not normal in Virginia -- but if you're deaf, blind, black or even gay, it's off to that location, really.

This is the message the General ASSembly wants to send to the world that Deaf people can function in a place with these 'tards!

There is another option is to consolidate both schools in Virginia and remain in Staunton which many Deaf alumni, students, staff, faculty and community leaders wanted -- where it has been running just fine since 1839, 22 years before the Civil War.

Here are four articles in Staunton News Leader.

VSDB amendments offered

Sic semper politicus
VSDB hopes still alive, Saxman says
A call for unity

All right, Here is a quote by Bill Sanger of Winchester on why VSDB should remain in Staunton, "Life near the school was also very beneficial, like walking to town, going to the movies, eating out, going to the library, and most of all going to the park to feed the animals and fish, these little things were very important to me while I was receiving my education at VSDB. These small things are present at Staunton and not at Fishersville."

He basically nailed on this subject. At 8 years old, I had a houseparent leading us by foot to the local park known as Gypsy Hill Park where we could play and feed the ducks. The houseparent did this because she wanted us to be familiar with the surroundings so that when we get lost, we know the way back to the campus. It was one of the most memorable things as a child to venture outside of the campus without the escort of my mother and father.

Later, when I was 10 or 11 years old, I was allowed to head out to Downtown to dine, read, see movies (no captions, go figure!) and to the park. At first, I go with two friends or so -- but when I gradually hit 12 or 13, I go on my own. I became familiar with the surroundings to a point where I know the city with my eyes closed.

I must admit that the most odd thing about my experiences growing up in Staunton is that I was able to befriend different hearing friends from different schools like Waynesboro, Buffalo Gap, Riverheads and Fort Defiance High Schools but certainly NOT Staunton's own Robert E. Lee High School -- perhaps they felt that they were a notch better than us? They were dumb, though. But Trey Scott was cute, though.

However, I think it played a role in my desire to live in bigger cities like New York.

I'm enclosing the aerial view of Staunton to give you the general idea of what VSDB is in its close proximity with Downtown Staunton.

Okay, the circle is self-explanatory, really. But look inside the circle.

1. That building used to be my first dormitory when I was in elementary and middle schools.
2. My dormitory when I was in junior high school
3. My dormitory when I was in high school -- the best dorm of all because it contains the mythical dramatic moments that I cannot forget.

You can see the red dot right above Mary Baldwin College, a privately-owned college for women -- that is where the Akens family lives. I always sneaked out to visit them from time to time. Miss 'em lots.

See the rectangular? That is Downtown.
See the star? That is Shenandoah Valley Club of the Deaf
See the square? That is Hardee's where I used to munch the char-broiled hot dogs with chili & onions. Ummm.

I have few issues with some administrators that runs the school -- they do it with the attitude that is more of "Let me help you" instead of "I want to educate you". I absolutely find it insulting and demeaning to my dignity. But it seemed to me that the school finally improved its attitude only to be wreck with the General ASSembly's desire to align us with 'tards.

But the cartoonist at Staunton News Leader said it eloquently with this portrait.



Just Saw This On Television

Viagra Question? Why is that there are many commercials during the men's basketball games that featured viagra, levitra and cialis? Did they research that the majority of basketball fans has erectile dysfuction? I want to know why they incessantly showed these commercials repeatedly?!

Who is Andy Osborn? Speaking of basketball, I saw Colorado's Andy Osborn. He's so cute. I quickly checked his photo on -- bad picture.

Wrong City, Wrong College J.J. Redick, a guard at Duke, is absolutely cute yet I *hated* the way he taunted the opposing fans. When he buried a faraway 3-point shot or did the impossible shot inside the paint using the acrobatic jump through the traffic, he would run across the court with his arms in the air as if he's flying. The reality was that he was *mocking* at the opposing fans, telling them that they cannot stop him. They will not be able to, period.

All in all, J.J. acted like 5 years old on the court after making these shots. I absolutely loved it but hated the fact that he played for Duke. I also hated the fact that he came from Roanoke, Virginia -- a town that I think do not deserved to be on any maps.

Is it only me that my gaydar went berserk each time I see him play? He is so pretty boy to be straight. The way he interacted with his teammates are ... questionable at its best.

But here are the pics for you guys to droll. He's gorgeous, is he? But the uniforms has to go, really.

J.J. Redick goes for a layup ... And taunting the world

Rush Limbaugh Saw him on TV doing some charity for golf tournament. He did not hide his cochlear implant. It looks hideous. Maybe he is not really a conservative -- maybe it was a device from something alien or something like Bush to tell the world the way it is from Rush's ramblings, eh?

Either way, I will not catch dead wearing cochlear implants. If you want to implant on your head so you can hear the birds barking and cats doing the hairball thing, more power to you. I'll stick to what I have right now.

Jose Canseco or MLB Players? Which do I believe the most? Jose Canseco who claimed that many MLB (professional baseball) players used steroids or MLB players who denied that it happened -- and that Jose made it up to make money. Who do I believe? I believe Jose.


That Was Not Me, Manny!

Last night, I saw a guy that looked like a guy I used to date -- Art. Yep, that is his name. Remember him, Chlms, Manny and Jason? When I saw him, I chuckled because a funny thing happened in his apartment during the Gay Pride Weekend in DC about 4 years ago.

Manny, Jason, Art and I along with few others partied 'til maybe 5 AM or 6 AM! Anyway, I neglected to inform Manny and others that Art's friends from North Carolina was "expected to arrive and will use that bed" in bedroom which can be seen from the living room.

Manny and others went to sleep. Art told me that we'll sleep on that bed until his friends arrive, then we move on the floor so they can sleep on the bed. I went along with it.

Eventually, I fell asleep. The couple came, woke us up and kicked us off -- I looked at them, the couple is one big guy (just like me) and one thin guy. I went back to sleep on the floor. About an hour later, Art woke me up and said to be quiet and look at the bed which is about 2 or 3 feet away from me. The big guy was on the top of this guy and was fucking him. I grinned then went back to sleep.

Little did I know that Manny who was sleeping in the living room happened to wake up and saw the fuck as well? He was horrified because he thought it was ME doing that to Art.

The next day at the Festival, Manny said, "You know that I saw you having sex with Art last night?"

I categorically denied it. He insisted that I did. I told him it was that couple, not me. I slept on the floor.

Today, he still thinks it was me.

Which is fine with me.


HIV Thing

Crystal Meth, know that stuff?

I tried that before in Seattle four years ago, it blew my mind away. It is not something that I can enjoy.

Don't be shocked about drugs -- I adopted the policy from one person who said that if I want to turn against drugs, I have to experience it for myself. So pretty much, I tried a lot of stuff -- 'shrooms, coke, weed, acid, ecstasy, special k, speed, and tina.

Crystal Meth is known as Tina. Which is why you see some people saying, "I hate that bitch, Tina." It is Crystal Meth, honey. Not a person, a thing, really.

Special K and Tina are the only two stuff that I do not like. It burns your nose, 'nuff said. Tina is too weird. Too paranoid but yet it can make you feel so powerful. And the first time I tried, I cannot sleep for 72 hours! My eyes moved too fast, bothering me from getting some sleep.

After that, I came back to the East Coast and vowed that I will not touch Tina. Today, I still hadn't touched it. I had no need nor desire to snort, slam or smoke Tina.

Tina was originally started in rural areas where the hicks/rednecks are too poor to buy cocaine, so they cook it in their homes using various chemicals that you can purchase from a store. Suddenly, it becomes an epidemic. The epidemic overwhelmed the resources of rural folks -- yes, it is cheap to buy Tina than to buy Coke and it lasted much longer. So like any normal business, the attractive of Tina grew so fast that it spreaded to the cities from red states (I'll blame 'em first! LOL!) and it eventually reached the minority groups such as Gays and African-Americans.

Now many Gays like to use Tina because it makes them forget their struggles, it makes them feel powerful, it makes them not to care about safe sex. I noticed the pattern.

I applauded David Staley who blitzed the advertisiing campaign that says, "HUGE SALE! Buy Crystal, GET HIV FREE!"

With lots of "trimming cuts" from the Bush Administration along with complacency, it may serve a huge blow to safe sex concept and increased the numbers of barebacking. Barebacking does not mean that you ride on a horse, honey. It means to fuck without a condom.

Yes, I met some guys who refused to use a condom. Why? Don't ask me why. They simply do and I insisted, they then kicked me out. I had been to different places where Tina played a role in making them feel better.

Why is that it makes them feel better? Lots of reasons, really. Many cannot handle the oppression -- they were denied of their rights as a person -- some conservatives will claim that their rights are NOT denied as a person but as a gay person -- but fuck you, a person applies to *everyone else*. They got rejected by their families, the government and so on. They felt, "What's the point of fighting and pleading?"

There are many reasons that Tina became a hot comodity in minority groups.

I think, it was last year, that I talked to Ben or Manny, I cannot remember which one -- I told them that I predicted that Tina will make HIV mutate into something odd -- apparently, we are getting reports that one person in his 40s here in New York that used Tina frequently and had multiple sex with men i.e. in barebacking activities -- he got a new strain of HIV that resisted the drugs and can progress from HIV into full-blown AIDS in 2 to 3 months.

All I can say is that I was right. And I am not exonerating gays' responsibility to be safe, but I must congratulate the hicks/rednecks for making Tina so popular and thank conservatives, religious and Republicans for making it possible. They are responsible for causing this particular new strain of HIV.

McCock, I don't use Tina and do not do the bareback sex. Being married, you probably barebacked all the time. I ain't surprised that when the girl is not home, it's off to the local park. Please be sure to wear a condom.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Thursday, February 10, 2005

To Some, What Does My Attitude Looks Like?

Actually, it's nothing. Let's say that I experienced a lot of things that sometimes I just do not care. I continue to get up in the morning and try to put on an attitude that says, "Oh, too bad for you but I'm going THAT way."

Just like this lady in white dress on your right -- as you can see her face, she simply do not care whether if a problem exists in front of her, she'll just smile and play it along until she gets out of it.

Moody Lady, Old Hag, Timid Guy and Just-Smile-And-Play-Along Gal

The sun sets and rises the next day. Life is like that. At least for me.

But not in drag, of course. After experiencing this at Rock Festival, that was quite enough for me to last a lifetime.


This Is Awful

Jason Giambi, New York Yankees player who used steroids, kept on apologizing for something he lied to the fans and the world but someone asked him why he was apologizing, Jason could not utter "steroids". For forty minutes, he apologized about lying, but nothing about steroids.

Fans, if you see Jason Giambi getting up on the field, be sure to throw the syringes (with the caps on, please) on the field to ridicule him.

Did Andrew Sullivan walk into a corner and get this look? It looks like he cracked his forehead -- either way, he is so ugh. I'm sorry but ... *shaking my head violently*.

Here is the fun part, when I read it -- I was completely addicted and laughed out of my mind. Enjoy the postcards!

And last, this dude is definitely a dork.

Oh, yeah, Kaybee and I chatted outside of my apartment. We were about a foot away from each other, we were yapping as she was looking for something in her purse. The sidewalk was big enough for anyone to walk around us and go on their own. But apparently, not to this bitch who shoved me and kaybee off when she walked THROUGH us.

kaybee and I could not believe what she did -- kaybee shouted, "Excuse me!" I turned up the volume as I screamed in gibberish trying to say, "EXAACCUYSE MOOOEEEE, BAATTCHHHHHHHHH!"

Well, sue me for not having the best use of speech skills -- I grew up being forced to rub, feel and touch a speech therapist who has 2.6 millions of wrinkles around her face -- to a child, that was a terrifying thing to touch.


This Is Hysterical

I happened to stumble upon this piece and this was done via e-mail correspondence from the personal ads. How did I get this? Mind your own business, please!

This was done between a single man who wants to play with a big, beautiful woman (BBW).

The logic and desire of straight men intrigued me from time to time.


* * *

Thank you for your deliciously-wonderful imagery.

This is fantastic that we inspire each other to openly and frankly share our desires.

You have motivated me to share more. When I am in the company of a woman who arouses and inspires me, I develop an insatiable appetite, an unquenchable thirst to orally pleasure her, to eat her out, to go down on her. I become addicted to pleasing my companion in this fashion. Please enjoy me in imagining my doing so: my head wedged between your moist, luscious thighs, my face buried in your steaming and quivering crotch, my nose nestled in your sopping forest of pubic hairs, my tongue feverishly darting about your explosive clit until you erupt and convulse with unbridled orgasmic ecstasy not once, not twice, but, thrice. All the while, I glance up to gaze into your eyes and you respond in kind by fixing on mine.

Knowing that you are looking down upon me and observing me eat your scrumptious pussy is for me an indescribable joy (indescribable, and I, please pardon the seeming narcissism, regard myself as having above-standard communicative skills). Once you are spent, I prefer laying in your soppy mound to inhale your distinct aroma. When I withdraw my face for your view, I want you to witness your love juice on my mouth and your pubic hairs trapped between my teeth.

Then we caress and stroke each other, mouth, so that together we may fully experience and share the other.

Thank you for inspiring me to share the foregoing with you. You are a treasure. Some choose to dream. Others, notably us, choose to live. Shall we devise and hatch our plan?

BBWs are exquisite and deserve to be celebrated...the embodiment of feminine sensuality...replete with sex appeal, sass and strength. I'm a SWM who prefers the companionship of a BBW for frolicking, fantastic and fun endeavors. I'm an accomplished gent, resides in Manhattan, knows how to treat a she's extraordinary!

I walk upright and my knuckles don't scrape the floor. Now that you know I'm not monkeying around, please allow me to introduce the gentleman I am. I'm a nimble-minded, able-bodied, goal-oriented, well-established, white-collar professional residing on the UES of Manhattan...Brooks Brothers man by day, superhero by night.

44, single, unattached, no dependents (except for the federal, state, city govt.'s & social security admin.)...Runner, hiker, canoer, swimmer, golfer, dancer, laughter, entrepreneurial optimist, self-starter. Prime of my life. I'm looking forward to our becoming acquainted.

Click on link for pic:
Slurpingly, Doug

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gavin Newsom Rocks

*ASL mode on*

Know Who Gavin Newsom? That San Francisco Mayor! Very hot, me pant and drool too much. Y-E-S! That him! *foot stomping on the floor* Y! E! S!

Me disappoint he straight! Not often Cute Guy Smart Too -- most rare! U know, most cute tends stupid. Good example -- twinks and bois!

Anyway, Gavin became famous why? Because he fucked off the government and told his workers go ahead and permit 4,000 gay couples marry each other last year, remember?? That Gavin who did that.

Many Republicans, conservatives and X-ians see this bad bad. They cry like babies and blame blame blame blame Liberals and Democrats. Blah, blah, blah.

Then now Democrats think maybe better stop talk about gay rights no more. Why? Democrats tired of Republicans always blame all time.

Gavin yesterday give speech at Harvard University in Boston. Gavin kicks Democrats around and say GET A SPINE! Stop let Republicans, conservatives and X-ians push us no more! Finish! Finish no more!

Me likes Gavin me, Gavin smart cute and so right. Yes! Y-E-S! People all over world need learn from Gavin's attitude. Gavin for 2008 or 2012! Or Playgirl Centerfold, please, just me only?? *foot stomping* Y-E-S!

*ASL mode off*

Whew, that was not easy thing to speak American Sign Language in this manner. Did I do well, my friends?