Thursday, June 30, 2005

RAD 2005 Conference?

I was told by an inside source that the RAD Executive Board was the one that truly fucked everything up for RAD 2005 Conference. I'm still going, though. But not to participate in these RAD crap except for Miss RAD pageant and IDL contest.

I hope to get in touch with a friend of mine about using his iBook to live-blog the events.

On the first night of RAD 2005 Conference, there will be a "party" that the committee boasted that the night never to be forgotten -- I'll ditch the party to attend this event at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium.

I figured going to watch the Washington Nationals to perform is more exciting because they are first in the division and they are promoting the "Night OUT with the Washington Nationals". It costs $7.50, it is much better than paying $75.00 for that crappy Flamingo Ball!

Of course I'll be in DC but certainly not to support the RAD 2005 Conference.

I had been discussing with some friends -- perhaps it is time to build a brand-new organization that covers the political/social arena of Deaf GLBTIQ since the old fools in RAD simply do not listen to the larger numbers of Deaf GLBITQ who are frustrated with its hierarchy, corruptions and bullshit. It is time for us to stop taking the crap from these fools and set up our own organization.

Any opinions?


Radical Xians & Jews Are Nuts

In Jerusalem, Israel: According to the Haaretz newspaper, nearly 2,000 participants marched throughout the streets of Jerusalem for its annual gay pride. Many religious zealots lined up (the press conflicts with the numbers whereas the said 1,000 but the Haaretz in Israel said only 200) the streets and threw the urine and feces at the marchers.

Three marchers were stabbed by radical Jewish guy who were arrested immediately.

Urine and feces? Barbaric. You see, they claim to be compassionate but took the time to collect the urine and feces so that they can throw on others. Wow.

Says a lot about the compassion of so-called faithful fools.


Remember River Phoenix?

Remember this hearthrob actor, River Phoenix?

He died of a drug overdose after partying hard at The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. When I heard of this, I'm like, "What a loss. I guess I'll never fuck River."

But that is not important nor the subject of my insatiable lust for men like River, right? Right now, he's dead for years.

I was digging up the pictures and found this. I knew you guys will say, "That is so RT!"

What happened is that I ordered my friend to imitate River's last breath in Los Angeles in the summer of 1994 and he did. It was hilarious and bit awkward because people were staring at us with contempt. But we care less. At least, we make our own memories.


Many Said He Is Insolent

Since I am gay, I thought I should be bit narcissistic of what I looked like once in a while. I digged this out of my high school yearbook as a senior. I did not realize that at my age, I was ... hot. I'd fuck myself. Now I understood why I was with Todd (not Newman) for 2 years and half back in 1990-92.

Here is the picture. Time changed. I aged. I became sort of an ugly thing to deal with. It is OK. I'm not complaining. Actually, I should complain. I had been trying so hard. Perhaps I'll find a solution in matter of months.

OH, yeah, I knew of 5 people asking me about my ex back in high school - freshman year at Gallaudet. They wondered what he looked like. Since Todd abandoned me for his "heterosexual life" in order to appease his parents' wishes, thus hurting me in the process. I thought that posting his pictures are justified. So here it is. This is Todd, ain't he cute? Too bad he lacked the spine to stand up against his parents.

I remembered our first fuck -- it was hot, sweaty and 5 hours of slow-moving actions. We had butterfly in our stomaches. WE were shaking badly. The kisses were very slow, wet and intimate. The next morning, I was so fucking tired and we were forced to attend his damned church. Todd was in the Choir. I stared at him, he was lethargic and we matched our stares on each other -- then Todd's mother used her hand to cut our staring ties which startled me back to reality -- that moment, I knew she began to suspect. I mean, Todd was staring at me all morning ... and I was, too. Love sucks. I saw one quote that reads: "Love is for Losers". Made me smile, though.

Well, in the next few entries is very politically explosive -- McFly and I had been reading an article, written by a former Republican Conservative who pretty much attacked the ideals of Republicans and Conservative pricks. Stay tuned.


My Aunt & Uncle: Helen & Billy

Today, according to my cousin Mary, there was an article in Richmond Times-Dispatch about the Silent Lunch on Wednesdays from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Shops at Willow Lawn's food court. My parents and relatives are somewhat devoted attendees of Silent Lunch. I rarely go. I just could not care less, really.

Watching hearing people trying to fingerspell a word in very slow manner makes me bored. Like Rosey Goodman did before when someone tried to fingerspell so slow, she turned her head away in the midst of his attempt to fingerspell to demonstrate that she is not interested nor had the time to put up with the shit. Suffice to say, the guy were stumped.

But certainly not my parents and my relatives, they can be so ... insanely patient. They can go 4 hours of enduring a person fingerspelling a whole 9-word sentence! Of course, I'm exaggerating.

It took 15 years for Richmond Times-Dispatch to realize that there is Silent Lunch at The Shops at Willow Lawn. Pretty impressive, is it? Silent Lunch gatherings rarely cancelled its events on Wednesdays. Very rarely. But it is nice to see that my uncle and aunt was mentioned in the article as well. You can see my aunt sitting in blue shirt. I am certain that my sister is the one wearing black shirt next to Peggy Norwood.

Aunt Helen is quite a character. She is feisty woman whom I am proud to have as Aunt. She was stricken with Polio disease a long time ago but she did not let it stop her from doing whatever she wanted to do what is on her mind. I vividly remembered going to the Richmond Club of the Deaf in Downtown Richmond. The clubhouse is situated on 2nd floor (really, if you look at the building itself, it is third floor by the modern's standards due to the fact that the building has the high ceiling on the first floor.

Due to the lack of laws, Helen had to abandon her wheelchair on the bottom of the long stairway and drag herself on the top of the floor -- without picking up a dirt on her dress. She was simply professional in what she does. And by the way, she does it so fast. She can zoom all the way to the top as it did not drain her energies -- imagine this -- using her arms to move up the stairs by the rails is not easy thing to do.

It is as if nobody can deny her the right to be in that place, not even the stairs would deny her! AT the top of the floor, there was crutches for her to get around. But when it is time to go home, she zoomed down the stairs without falling by using her arms to control herself with the rails. Some people would be worried about her going up and down the stairs, but not me. I know she'll manage just fine. After all, she had been doing it for the rest of her life.

That is my Aunt Helen.



Regarding The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is meaningless and dangerous by any means. Ask this bum.


6.28.05 Tidbits

What Noble Agenda! Our brave soldiers detained children from Afghanistan and Iraq for many months without pressing a charge. And in the process tortured children as well. What a noble act of American soldiers.

ABC Is Coward! There was supposed to be a reality show called "The Neighborhood" where the producers went to Austin to follow three families, who are white and conservatives, who gets to pick a family to move in their neighborhood -- they had to choose not another white, conservative family -- they had to choose families that are African Americans, Hispanci and Asian, two gay white men who adopted a black child, a couple covered in tattoos and piercings, a couple who met at the woman's initiation as a witch and last, a poor white trailer trash family. This was a way to expose the real feelings of racism and prejudice amongst the conservative families. Family Research Council cried because they knew that this program will rip their concept of racist foundations apart to a point where the ABC decided to pull it off.

This would prove that I was right all along -- that Conservatives are racists, Xenophobic and homophobic by all means.

ABC News Reported That Fake Applause Occurred: During the Bush's Address, ABC News' Terry Moran reported that the fake applause occurred when his White House advance team started to clap on their own in an attempt to bait the US soldiers to applaud when Bush paused. It just confirmed what I believed all along. White House is filled with phony people trying to manipulate the mass that they are doing good job. They are not.

Get this? The picture on your left is merely the concept of what I do to people that disparaged me, my friends and innocent persons. When people made an indirect or direct threat on me and my sanity, I shall regroup and figure out a way ... then in the end, I shall do this to you, figuratively speaking if you do not get the drift.

It is amusing that there are people out there who are devoted to smear me of my integrity and reputation (like I have some!) in person or online. Do they have their own life? I guess not. I do not sugarcoat things. I say as it is. If you do not like it at all, click on the "X" on the top of your right corner. Simply put.

Why worry about me? Dale Patterson claimed on another thread, "I'll be in your neck of the woods for a few days in December. I know where you live and what you look like." (Woods? Can a fatso tubbo weave through the heavy forest? I digress.)

My response: Hey Dale, I'm talking to you -- you fatso tubbo -- your threats are cheap, fatso. I can feel the yellow line up my spine, being scared of your threats. Not! May I make a suggestion? Get off the internet, get a job to support your so-called trailer trash family of yours (last time I heard, you stayed at home while your wife has to work to support your fat ass!) instead of making threats on me -- I heard that you called the Homeland Security on me -- oooh, I'm so scared.

Off To The District! Tomorrow, I'll stray off to the District to visit few people -- Imel, the Newmans and Merritt's Housewarming Party. Yep, I'm going up to Frederick, MD to hang out with Todd all day long. It is past overdue. Cannot wait to see him, Dyan, Tayla and the Mighty Thor. Not to mention that I will get to see Todd's sister for the first time in years.

Travelling Too Much? It was not charted nor planned this way. I got to travel to DC, Las Vegas, New York, Toronto, then DC twice in July. Then I might head up to Gibson, Penn for Hillside Campground -- then to Rehoboth Beach in the first weekend of August. I might head to Fire Island in August if I am up to it. I will return to New York for the weekend.

I am working on a plan to visit Roz & Chrysty in Austin in September. At the same time, it'd be cool to meet the infamous Netrox. I also wanted to fly westward to Phoenix to check on Zoe, Jon and Chlms as well as seeing VeeVee and Deaf258 ... perhaps in October or November.

And Chris just asked me if I'm in mood to go with him to ... Montreal, Quebec maybe in August? Of course, I'm interested! And one more thing ... I want to head down to New Orleans for Southern Decadence -- I heard the horror stories about it and want to verify this for myself for once and for all.

The Summer of 2005 may be the busiest one ever for me.



Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ridor's Childhood Revealed!

This is it.

Little bits of my childhood revealed -- this picture on your right is none other than me and my little brother -- I vividly remembered Mom telling us to put our pants on, I retaliated and refused. I challenged her authority as she went on a belligerent rantings for a while.

The pop quiz is: Which one am I?

On another hand, this picture on the left occurred at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta, sometimes I wonder why my brother landed his fucking face on my right arm?!

You know the thing that you get to ride on an object that floated down the rapids -- back then, I guess I tried to be vain and did not want to get wet -- so Mom shot this using un-waterproof camera in high-risk maner as Gary somehow laughed and crashed his nose on my right arm.

Now with this last picture -- here is the family picture that occured right after I graduated from high school in VSDB ... 14 years ago.

You may go ahead and make fun of us as well. And yes, Jeff, this is my Mom. As Jason in Detroit might say, "I is the WEE-WEE!"



Favorite Pictures

Category: Women's Basketball

I selected the favorite pictures of women's basketball in action. Basically, the pictures tells thousands of words. Some pictures made me mad. Some pictures made me feel great. Some pictures made me feel I want to heckle at the opposing teams. Enjoy!

This one on your left is none other than Dawn Staley. I love the posture she brought on the court. Like me, she is only 5'6, but she terrified many players on the court with her court awareness. Like it or not, she can burn you down so fast.

The next picture is none other than Daphne Hawkins and Donna Holt who quickly made me fall in love with Virginia Cavaliers when I first saw them on the court in '86.

This one on the right is none other than Donna Holt and Daphne Hawkins, they were known as the "Blitz Sisters of Women's Basketball" in mid-80s. Donna and Daphne tends to destroy their opponents in the first 15 minutes of the game in order to coast to a huge margins. They were quick, agile and smooth to a point where I was impressed.

My first game was North Carolina State, Virginia tipped the ball to Kirsten Andersen who gave it to Donna Holt for the length of the court towards the basket but dished it out to Daphne Hawkins who banked in with a layup to start the game. But with 16 minutes left to go in the first half, the socre reads: UVA 27 NCSU 3. That's how blitz it was for Holt & Hawkins.

This picture on your left is awesome. Clemson's Cheron Wells attempted to go against the formidable defense of Virginia Cavaliers' Twin Towers, Cheron is 5'4, the Twin Towers is 6'5 with its long arms -- there is no way that Cheron can do something about it.

Actually, Cheron Wells is insane. She seemed not to perform well against different teams but she seemed to excelled against Virginia -- perhaps because of its reputation and name that invigorated her to play well. IN this game, Cheron played so well that they nearly upset Virginia but lost by 4, 85-81.

This is the second picture of Heather Burge, a 6'5 post player who went down on Stanford's Julie Zeilstra in an attempt to catch the erratic rebound. I liked this picture because I cannot stand Julie Zeilstra -- it is fun seeing her crashing down on Zeilstra!

Julie Zeilistra was one of starting five for Stanford who propelled Stanford to the national championship in 1990. She was sophomore. Then a year later, she had a ruptured disc in her back. After that, she totally vanished. Never heard of her ... again.

This picture on the left is something I liked -- Mimi McKinney heckled at UNC players after the 105-100 triple overtime win. Virginia's Mimi McKinney had a school-record 48 points.

I sometimes feel like Mimi when it comes to adversity -- and I have friends on my side as well. I'm so Mimi McKinney sometimes.

This is the first of two pictures that I have of Ohio State's Katie Smith who cajoled and roughened on players, especially against Virginia, in the NCAA Tournament '93. As of now, you can find Katie Smith playing for Minnesota Lynx.

This bitch knocked down my favorite girl, Dena Evans. Dena is talented Texan guard who also was the Rhodes Scholar at Virginia. Smart one. Gutsy, fast and hard-working point guard for Virginia. At 5'5, it is easy to see Dena getting trashed by 6'0 Katie Smith.

On your left is the second picture of two containing Katie Smith -- she broke out in heavy guffaw when Virginia Cavaliers' Charleata Beale got called for a foul.

Interesting tidbit about Charleata Beale, she is the Head Coach of Women's Basketball and Volleyball at Goucher College, a school that played against Gallaudet in the same conference.

This is the last picture. Whew. This is probably one of fewest pictures that I can relate to. Look at Wendy Palmer on your right as she tried to position herself to set up for a quick basket. Look at her smile, she is up to something. Always up to something else.

Just like me.

In this particular NCAA Tournament game versus Louisiana Tech in Storrs, Connecticut -- Virginia fell behind as many as 12 and was down by 10 at the half. Then in the second half, Palmer dominated the paint as the Cavaliers came back to upset Louisiana Tech by one, 62-61.

Hope you guys enjoyed these assortments of pics. Up next is the narcissitic me in my childhood era.



A Reminder for Bitch Session VII

Friday is the deadline of ... Bitch Session VII! After collecting the information, it shall be posted on July 1st or 2nd. E-mail me at if you want to bitch at someone else.

Once again, no names and email addresses would be revealed. I already got some threats from people via the emails to reveal the source, it is hilarious! The purpose of Bitch Session is to antagonize others with funny remarks. That's it.



Guess Who She Was?

I'm heading out to take a dip in the swimming pool. It is going to be 7 days straight that I get to swim in someone's pool. Exhilarating and I needed that!

Here is the picture that I scanned and wanted to share -- perhaps, my subconscious wanted to prove that I once dated a woman. Hereby, this picture is the proof. We dated and went to a restaurant that has a photo booth -- she insisted that I go with her into that -- and that she gets to sit on my lap. It was awkward experience for me as a guy who were not sure about his sexuality.

She was sweet, graceful, smart and enjoyable person to hang out. She was the last girl I ever had a date. Oh, yeah, I'm using the past tense on her because she is dead for a long time.

Can you guess who she is?


P.S. I just discovered that this fax machine has the scanner programmed -- which means ... fun stuff to check the tidbits in my childhood! Stay tuned.


Murderball: I saw this in Toronto everywhere and I mentally reminded myself to check this out and I did. Zupan is so hot. I hope this film is going to be captioned! Or I'll be so mad for weeks.

Is MTA Stupid? In New York, they are contemplating about setting up the rules to ban the walking through the subway cars, c'mon! Let's be serious -- do you think the MTA will enforce this? It is the New York style. Leave it alone. When the trains shake violently while people tried to step between the cars and fell out, shit happens. Life moves on.

Austin's Real World I: Once again, the legion of stupid 7 twinks/pretty girls are getting tiresome. IN the last decade, not even a Deaf, blind or disabled person gets to be on the show! Danny is pathetic. He is worried about his looks more than the ramifications of his left eye socket which is damaged badly in a fight. He deserved to be knocked down or two for his antics.

Mel is so fucking whore. At first, I liked her. But only after 2nd show, I cannot stand her. I'm like, "Get gonorrhea already!"

Austin's Real World II: I hate this building! It is so ... obese.

Average Joe II: Amazing show! It has an interesting twist -- pretty redhead girl eliminated 6 average joes and the producers secretly pulled one of six rejects for a complete makeover with everything needed -- meanwhile, the remaining 12 Average Joes had to deal with the sudden participants -- the muscular men who wanted to trample the average Joes for Anna, the pretty redhead girl. Somehow, the rejected one who is going through the complete makeover will show up in the process -- let's see if Anna will ... choose the average Joe. The last time, the stupid slut chose the muscular guy who in turned his back on the bitch by taking a million dollars for himself.

Go figure.

Tweakers by Frank Sanello: Manny told me about this book by Frank Sanello that it is terrifying thing to read. I read it and gobbled the whole book in two days. It was terrifying -- Meth is much worse than any drugs and there is no treatment plan for it! In other words, do it, you're finished. Try it, my enemies.

One particular part that shocked me is that one nurse who is hooked on meth claimed that many nurses and doctors are on it in order to continue doing the work at the hospitals! Actually, there are many parts that surprised and did not surprise me about this, that and there in the book. It is recommended for anyone who is curious about the meth and its impact on Gay America.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Adrian's Words & The Speeding Ticket

Adrian's Comments: Adrian wrote this up for me. He's cool dude. I must add something -- Adrian's twin brother made a scrapbook of Roger & Adrian growing up. Adrian showed it to me and I looked through ... I noticed the pattern, Adrian's smile seems to be very natural after the birth to the age of 14 or 15, his smiles, after the age of 15ish, seemed to be doctored. I asked Adrian, "Did you practice to smile before the mirror when you were a teenager?" Adrian turned beet red and nodded in shock. He asked me how I knew. I told him that I can tell the differences in smiles. Still, today, he still has that doctored smile -- gorgeous one, though.

* * *

It was an absolute treat having Ridor around Toronto for Pride weekend. The empress has a strong presence and a fabulous entourage of a court jester, queen, soldier, artist, and scholar. They took Toronto by storm. Friday night there was a spectacle everybody 'missed'.. A deaf guy barking at another deaf guy, very LOUDLY before running off. I wished Ridor wasn't away for the moment because he had been positioned in front of me most of time and mosrt certainly would have seen the dog-fag fight behind me. Torontoians enjoyed Ridor's endless stream of sensational stories, the stories were well-verified and witnessed by others in tow.

I applaud Ridor. On Saturday night, we saw a deaf guy refused entry to a bar because he had cut in-line. Ridor surmised that a hearing person must have narked, tattled, ratted, told on him.. Then next night, same line up, Ridor seemed opportunisitic as 2 hearies cut in front of us. He gestured clearly to the cut-inners to get BACK of line up. No agreement. He told the bouncer. True-biz! the cut-inners got kicked out of line.


* * *

29 degrees Down: In the mini-van which we all rented en route to Toronto and back to the District, Merritt and I whined that it was 102f degrees (39c degrees) in Niagara Falls. We turned the air conditioning on while he drove all the way on the interstate highway in New York while I sat in the back reading the non-fiction book, "Tweakers" -- more on this later -- Merritt and I joked about things that comes to our minds while Manny and Phil slept. Suddenly, there was a storm looming -- we looked at our digital temperature in our mini-van, it went from 102f (39c) to 73f (33c) in span of 15 minutes -- absolutely amazing.

Then shortly, he zoomed past the cop hiding behind some damned bush at 92 mph. Needless to say, we were pulled off by the county police officer with the purple bow on his hat. I grimaced, grinned and snickered as Merritt gave his infamous look as the cop asked him for his stuff. I told Merritt that I cannot stop grimace because there is something about challenging the authority figures that sets me off. But this guy was so cute. No gold ring. Nice. Oh, he's wearing that "livestrong" bracelet. A turn-off. I smiled as I turned back to see the cop's car. I saw the camcorder with the red light being turn on. I turned to Merritt and said, "Want me to fling a bird sign?"

Merritt widened his eyes and spoke to me through the rearview window, "Don't you dare!" I smiled. I did not do it. He got the citation. But no price on how much it is -- he has to send it in then find out the exact amount for going 92 on 65. Before Merritt could ask any question, the cop fled the scene, perhaps to avoid dealing with Deaf persons. Fuck 'em.


Yes! Canada Is Now Civilized

Canada is now civilized, way ahead of the United States. It is now the world's 3rd country to legalize the same-sex marriage after the House of Commons sailed with 158-133 margin.

Thanks, now I know who to marry if I want to.


Few Politics To Backstab

Sen. David Dreier (R-Calif) At It Again! This Congressman has a thing for little boys. He is staunchy Republican conservative who manipulated his voters by having the complete support of local newspaper who refused to publish the possible conflict of interests about David's activities. David hired his boyfriend to be the Chief of Staff in his office and is reportedly one of the highest paid members of Congress. Together, they travelled to more than 30 countries in 5 years.

It was well known secret that David employed twinky interns in his office for him to oogle and hit on. Just like Clinton with Lewinsky. Where is the outrage? David Dreier hired another twink as an intern at the Capitol Hill.

What Is Freedom? In Toronto. Delta Chelsea Hotel. After Paul finished reading Toronto's premier newspaper, The Globe and Mail, I took it to read it leisurely like my father frequently did -- in bathroom. Yes, I read while I shit. I saw the article which Simon Houpt wrote about the condemnation of International Freedom Center [Registration required]. You can see LimeShit, another Roehmosexual blogger who is actively trying to derail the decisions of New Yorkers to set up the IFC to explore the issues that led to the destruction of World Trade Center.

Simon wrote, "So in this place dedicated to freedom, where the principal new building will rise a symbolic 1,776-feet (the date of the Declaration of Independence) and he called the Freedom Tower, you will have the freedom to say anything you want, as long as they approve." Emphasis mine.

And the best part is that he concluded, "You can write a play, draw a drawing and dance a dance about that. You're just not free to say it in the International Freedom Center."

LimeShit, along with many filthy Republicans, dirty Conservatives and disgusting Xians are impudent for trying to restrict what can be used and said in the International Freedom Center. You simply cannot name it "freedom" if you restrict the parts of lively forums. That simply trashed the true purpose of freedom, insolent freaks.

Ten Commandments In Texas: So it is allowed to be set up in the statehouse. All right. Ask a Republican, Conservative or Xian to list the Ten Commandments. Bet you few dollars that they can go as far as 4 or 6. What is the whole point, though?

Saw This In Local Newspaper In Norristown: Someone wrote a letter to the editor of Times-Herald, it reads: "Remember this country is based not on Democracy, it is based on Republic."

Roehmosexuals Strike Back: Bruce Carroll, the owner of hapless decided to ban another blog-reader (he claimed that I'm the first one -- but I can still comment on his blogsite if I want to) from commenting on his blogsite. I never liked Bruce Carroll. He should fuck his PatriotPooch to show Rick Santorum that he is right about Man-Dog thing ... I think DemenseLord is interesting character, though. People needs to read Sullywatch to see what kind of person Bruce Carroll is all about.

Also, like I mentioned earlier -- I was in Toronto Gay Pride -- I was disheartened to see so many HIV positive men with the faces that you can see being wasted by the side effects of HIV medications. Their bodies bloated. And they still stare at others in lusty manner. I'm like, "Go to the hospice, already!" Yes, that is hostile remark for me to say. With the Meth Abuse going at an all-time high, the exposure to the virus is getting out of control once again. Something has to be said. Even if it is ugly approach. Shock value is needed to jolt the people back to reality.

Andrew Sullivan is HIV positive who als barebacked -- he is also conservative Republican (despite the fact that he is British citizen!) -- he wrote a stupid article about how sorry he is to be still alive and not sick. Well, we should not try to demonize people who got HIV/AIDS but let's face this -- it is not cool being sick. Andrew wrote this:
"I’m sorry. At the tender age of 41—a year longer than I once thought I would live—I have never felt better. HIV transformed my life, made me a better and braver writer, prompted me to write the first big book pushing marriage rights, got me to take better care of my health, improved my sex life, and deepened my spirituality.

Deepened his spirituality by barebacking more? By going to leather events more? Is it fun to fuck a guy's ass whose had not shit a concrete turd in years? Andrew, tell me if it's fun fucking a guy with diarrhea.


Monday, June 27, 2005

The Weekend In Toronto!

Ahh, just got home from the long road trip from Toronto. Few things to say about things in Canada.

Famous Last Words: Many Canadians whined to me at Gallaudet during my college years that things are "better" in Canada than the United States. Famous last words. How come I saw more bums in Toronto than in New York? And my, they are so aggressive at that! When I tried to pry my way out of being asked for the money by indicating that I'm Deaf and for them to get lost, they went a step ahead to make gestures in order to communicate with me ... SEVERAL TIMES! Even when I attempted to walk around 'em, they move to block me. That was too freaky.

Is Alcoholic Beverages Better In Canada? No. In fact, nearly all bars that I went has some kind of equipment that measured the volume of Alcohol -- they limited it to 1 oz per cup which is totally bullshit, to say the least, it was awful drinks -- you'd have to buy 20 drinks in order to get drunk! So fuck it -- I went to the LCBO store where I saw a long line of folks trying to buy Alcoholic beverages so taht they can smuggle it into the bars without paying anything at the bar. It was travesty, really. NYC is still the place to drink. If you smile, say something nice to the bartender, the bartender in New York would give you 75% of Alcohol vs. 25% of juice -- enough to knock you out for few hours. Better than 1 fucking ounce, very disappointing considering the fact that many Canadians whined to me that Alcohol is "better" in Canada. It is urban legend, my friends.

CN Tower Looks Like ... The CN Tower is so overrated. $24.95 just to get up to the observation deck? Yeah, like I would pay for it! If you observe at the CN Tower, you'll notice that it looks like the blood clot in some nervous system.

Studmuffin Adrian! But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my stay in Toronto. It was good to see Adrian and meet new faces and old faces. It was good to see some familiar faces in the town as well. I had plenty of laughs with folks over there. And it was absolutely nice to spend some quality time with Adrian, especially with the last night.

What To Do With Muslims? You know, what made me smile about Toronto's liberal attitude towards gays are that they are compassionate when they wanted to. So much hatred is being generated upon the Muslims by the conservative pricks and lunatic Xians (Need a good example? One needs to look no further than McWeenie and Kurzetard's entries where they ranted against Islam) in this country, it was refreshing to see a gay group setting up a booth in Toronto Gay Pride Festival trying to educate people how to WORK WITH and EDUCATE the Islamic governments to change their laws on gays and women's rights, instead of alienating and berating them. The keyword: WORK WITH THEM TO CHANGE THE LAWS. The group at Toronto Gay Pride nailed it right. Bomb or condemn their beliefs do not work, work within to change their beliefs in order to correct the laws! They distributed the information how to work with Iran and try to educate the Iranians to resist the government's demands.

Say Yes, Canada! I also saw one girl walking with a t-shirt that reads: "The Fruits of Labour Party Is Being Harvested" -- it referred to the Labour Party's push to legalize the same-sex marriage in Canada this coming week, making it one of fewest countries in the world to permit the gay marriages. Way to go, Maple Leafs. AT the press time, the Conservatives in Canada acknowledged that it will be impossible to prevent the passage of Same-Sex Marriage because the polls has acknowledged that Canadians (Or should I say ... Her Subjects?) embraced the same sex marriage.

New Rainbow Rubber Band AS you can see the picture above, Merritt and I stood next to each other in Niagara Falls to show the colorful rubber band. One of these rubber bands fads ... everyone seems to have it in Toronto, I had to get one for myself. And it was so nice to get one, just to follow the trends of others. As usual, when nobody is wearing, I'll toss it in some souvenir boxes.

Was That Arquette? At Woody's Bar, I was certain that the brother of David Arquette was hanging out in the bar few feet away from us. I just need to find the pictures to make sure that it was him. He was all over a girl in a gay bar. Jesus Christ.

Me So Powerful! LOL LOL! During the long line to get in Woody's, a popular gay bar on Church Street, I was annoyed when two fucking hearies cut in the line right before me and my friends. They attempted to "befriend" someone else and joined them. I was furious because the line itself was more than 30 minutes of wait. I made it clear that they have to get out, or at least let me and my friends get in the bar first before them. They shrugged off at me and laughed when I attempted to communicate with them. Laugh at me? Try that, honey. I notified the bouncer about them cutting in. The bouncer was displeased with these two and banned them from getting in the bar. Two guys were stunned and angrily looked at me as I smirked all the way into the bar. This is what people will get when they offend or annoy the Empress!

This One Was Champ! On the last night of Gay Pride Week, I was cruising the Church Street from Woody's patio where the Queer As Folk productions often took place. I saw an instance that I could not believe it at all. In fact, I was stunned when this guy did that! One not-so-great looking guy stopped a gay couple who is more of "preppy, twink bois" and asked them if they could pose for him to take the picture. This one not-so-great looking guy then took the picture in gestures then walked away. Get this? There was no camera at all. This guy was pretending to take picture of this gay couple with *no* camera! The gay couple was bewildered and confused, I could not believe it at all. It was hysterical.

Norm & Adrian's Patio: They lived on 20th floor and contains the best view of Toronto Skyline. When I arrived at their home for a mini-party, I was impressed with the spectacular view -- as soon as the pics gets in my inbox, I shall deliver the impressive views of Toronto skyline from Norm's pad -- thanks for inviting me on a short notice, Norm! Sure enough, David, Danny, Larry, Norm, Jason, Adrian and I had plenty of laughs all night long talking about our experiences in dealing with hearing people in delicate situations at different places. It was great. I was heavily buzzed.

ORAD Did Very Well: ORAD sold lots of stuff -- made lots of profits. A friend quickly told me that the CMRA would not caught dead in selling anything else to make profits, I agreed. If you're curious about ORAD, you can check this at Ontario Rainbow Association for the Deaf. Adrian, Jock and few others did great job. I was impressed with the whole thing.

Cannibalism? I was hungry and there was KFC across the street. I thought, why not? So I went over there to purchase something to eat. When I was eating the leg of chicken to the bone, I tossed it on the floor, curious to see what happened next. The pigeons landed to eat it as well. One wonder whether if it is an act of cannibalism?

How Much Did The Strippers Make? Yes, there is a strip joint for men in Toronto named Remington's. It is conveniently located right across the street from the hotel where I stayed on Yonge Street. Jason and I observed the whole premise and Jason was quicker to observe something interesting -- he tapped me and said, "Notice that when the folks tipped the strippers with bills, they were paying him $5 or above!" You see, there is no $1 bills in Canada.

Drama? Not Really It was quite an experience to hang out with Merritt, Manny, Phil, Paul and Jason in a hotel room for 4 nights (Jason stayed for two nights, Paul 3, though!) the whole weekend -- I enjoyed my time in Toronto. The Yonge Street is a place to hang out, friends. I think it is one of coolest neighborhoods to venture out at 4 or at 6 AM.

Furries! In Toronto Eagle, Jason and I was mesmerized to observe two guys who acted out as a feline! He has this massive furry tail and gloves -- his "Master" ordered him to sniff people's groins. Each time, his "Master" talked to him, this guy has to respond by "meowing", "yowling" or something. VEE-VEE! Jason and I had a good time laughing our heads off, not because we mocked at them, because it was intriguing and funniest thing to observe! These furries stayed on the floor next to their "Master" when they were still in the "feline mode". He cannot step out of his "feline mode" until his "Master" communicated something of a code to him or him to the other.

Is Toronto Diverse? Jason, Adrian and I talked about the diversity in Toronto -- Adrian said that under normal circumstances, the neighborhood (Yonge & Church Street districts) are diverse but with the Gay Pride hitting the town, it was pretty easy to see more caucasians than any groups. But Jason observed something interesting at the local restaurant, Golden Griddle on Carlton Street between Church Street and Yonge Street, he mentioned that if we look at our waiter and everyone who works in that restaurant where we dined, we can see the diversity at its works -- I quickly turned to look at everyone who works there, one caucasian, one Indian, one Native, one Hispanic, one African-American, one Arab ... serving the large clientele of drunken gays for breakfast ... now, that is diversity, folks.

Next Gay Pride? After seeing the Gay Prides in New York, DC and Toronto -- I see the same thing: bois, twinks and clones. I think I'm done with the Gay Pride stuff for a long time. Perhaps in time, I shall write much farther on this subject whether if I want to go back to another Gay Pride ... again.

Get HIV! It Is COOL! I hate to admit this but it is rather sad and disappointing for me to keep seeing so many gay men whose faces or bodies are fucked up because of the side effects associated with the medications for ... HIV/AIDS. I mean, seeing guys having really bony cheekbones indicated that he is wasting. Many guys also has their bloated chest which indicated that they have Crix Belly -- not a pretty sight to see but it is gettin common these days. And frankly, I'm tired of gay men trying to clamor it as a "lifestyle choice".

Confidential to Perverts In The Sauna On 27th Floor of Delta Chelsea Hotel: GET A FUCKING ROOM! Who wants to watch you wank your thing, you fucking old geezers!!


Read This and Weep, Bitches!

Image hosted by

See that? Guess where I am? Ha! I am in Toronto, one of the most interesting places in Canada, home to a science museum that takes many seven-layer cakes. Please do not fear for my life; the pea soup fog is not lethal. Rather, the homo activities I see all around me at my hotel are! Disgusting fags! I'm on the 27th floor at Delta Chelsea Hotel where they, I say they because they are not my species, swim in the pool, pretend to work out when instead they are cruising each other to fuck in the sauna. Well, at least it's interesting. Sayonara! I'm having more fun than you.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

In Few Minutes

In few minutes, I am expected to meet Merritt and Manny outside of the palace in Norristown to hop on the road trip to Toronto.

So as you can see, once again, I'll be limited to the usage of the blogsite. But if luck remains with me, I might blog from friends' pagers. Along with some raucous pictures in Toronto if possible.

Otherwise, here is what happened to people who challenged me relentlessly -- they will wither into nothingness ... just like her!

Image hosted by
"I'm through with you, fools. You are finished."



Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Bar on 12 Street & Avenue A, Thanks For Everything!

Adieu to 12 & A: To folks who runs The Cock Bar on 12th Street & Avenue A, you rock, babe. Corey Tut, Kev, JonJon, Richie Rich, Amanda LePore, Henry, Nita, and that taller, massive bouncer with long, thick black hair along with many others -- if not for you guys, I probably would resent New York hearies. Each time I visited The Cock Bar, there was always something to see, talk and hang out. From everything between A to Z and more, I certainly learned how to appreciate and respect the differences of others. And each time I visited, I always had a blast time. The drama in the backrooms, the drama in the bathroom, the drama in the dark corner, the drama in everywhere else.

But again, see you soon at the new place -- in a place formerly known as The Hole. Yes, friends, The Cock is moving into the place that was operated by The Hole. The Hole is owned by the same owners who owned The Cock. But when The Cock is up and running, it gives the new meaning to the idea: The Cock in The Hole!

That Fucker from Six Flags: Remember the guy I hated on the tube, that Elmer Fudd or something who danced and do the shit for Six Flags -- makes me want to kill him on the spot. Someone over at has the strangest observation that I must admit is very brilliant -- check this out! If you do not know who the guy on right side is ... his name is Edgar Ray Killen, the ex-Klansman who was found guilty of killing African-American man 41 years ago.

And just to annoy the haters of my blogsite before I head out to Toronto:

Image hosted by



Tidbits for Wednesday the 22nd

Xians Lied As Usual: In Colorado Springs, the Air Force Academy has been proselytizing the message of Christianity and professed its hostility towards the students who are not Xians. Even it was said that one officer wrote an email urging the students to convert. Stuff like that has no place in the Air Force Academy. Even several organizations complained about this, the investigation by the school found no "overt religious discrimination" in the Academy just like they did when they said that there are no sexual harassments/rapes in the Academy few years ago.

I'll Burn The Flag: Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif said, "Ask the men and women who stood on top of the (World) Trade Center,Ask them and they will tell you: pass this amendment." when it comes to ban burning the flag.

Cunningham, these people who stood on the top of WTC did not think about passing the amendement, they were thinking that they were going to DIE. They care less if a flag was descerated or not!

I'm not a fan of burning the flag, but it is an expression under the Freedom of Speech. Once again, the wacky Republicans attempt to control what we can do with anything else. They claim to be all for less government, but this is governmental interference. They whined that Muslims went crazy about descerating the Koran, but they are going crazy about burning the flags. Absurdity is the word that I can describe for Republicans.

Car Stolen! Many cars got stolen. And nobody cared. You'd be lucky to find your car in good shape. Sometimes it is all gone -- down to bits. You whined, your friends listened. But in the District, DC Metropolitan Police Department Chief Charles Ramsey's unmarked car was stolen! The District went out on alert to hunt the car down. They actively distributed the flyers out. You'd think they'd do that for anyone who lost the cars? Or even kids? Or even dead cats? Sigh. When will the absurdity end?

Best Quote From ... : This quote was uttered to me from someone on the RAD 2005 Committee who requested not to be identified after we discussed about the RAD & CMRA's lack of efforts to improve its consistency and interests in attracting the folks to attend the conference in July. I told the person that the goal of the expose the RAD Board and the CMRA of its cheap-assed efforts and to make them accountable for what they did to the peers, my friend shot back:
That's like making Bush admit his mistakes -- Good luck

Truer words were never spoken, m'dear!

Another Quote: I got this email from a dear friend of mine, she thought I should blog it as well, I agreed:
"Before we work on artifical intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?" -Steve Polyak

So true, Steve!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNetrox Is Cute: I chatted with Netrox last night and we were trading pictures, no big deal and he surprised me with something that I did not know existed -- it is a picture of me with Mark when I was working as Computer Lab Assistant in the basement of Benson Hall's Computer Lab -- now closed. The picture is like ... 5 years old! For some reasons, Mark and I laughed at something else in the picture -- he always made me laugh. Mark is one of LW3, don't mess with us. Just kidding. And is it scary that a stranger kept a picture of me for that amount of time ... without my knowledge?

Either way, it is refreshing to find out that there is a person like Netrox out there -- perhaps there is a light at the end of tunnel for me someday. He's smart, charming, funny and yeah, cute. *daydreaming mode on*



Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bet You A Dollar

That the Xians will say that God played a role in this. As always, the Xians always try to claim the credits of saving stuff in God's name.

FYI: God has nothing to do with this.


Darlene & Toronto!

Tomorrow afternoon, Darlene will arrive with her friend to visit me and Gus at our palace for a night of backstabbings. Hanging out with Darlene is always fun. It is impossible to be "bored" with her. Which means, I need to take care of stuff around the palace before I can say "Hey Dar!"

She is gonna be here for a night before heading off to Martha's Vineyard on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile by Thursday afternoon, Merritt & Manny will pull in Norristown for me to hop in with them en route to ... Toronto!

I expect to arrive by midnight in Toronto. And all of us will wreck the city in time for its Gay Pride Festival -- I surely look forward to see Adrian once again and have him lead me around so that I can VEE-VEE at people all weekend long.



Dockers Khakis Slacks Ads

Perhaps one of the favorite television commercials so far is Dockers' Khaki pants where the camera focused on people who jumped on the bed, in the park, over the water puddle, startled by a waiter who opened the champagne ... did you guys see it? I loved the serene moments of the movement, everyone smiled and enjoyed the moments -- when it is on, I stop talking and watch it. It is beautiful. Carpe Diem.


Philadelphia Protesters

There is a convention in Downtown Philadelphia where lots of freaks including Bruce Carroll convened to promote biotechnology. Biotechnology is used for many things including pesticides, to genetically engineer the food and as well as to improve or decrease the living standards. Many protested the corporate greed on unfortunate people and animals which is legitimate to protest.

One Philadelphia Police Officer is dead after an apparent heart attack, after engaging the shoving-pushing matches between the protesters and the biotechnology conventioneers.

I thought people should know that Bruce Carroll, the FagPatriot, is not a good person to start with. He is animal to start with. Probably fucked his beloved dog which he "affectionately" called as PatriotPooch as well. On second thought, throw that blind dog into the machinations of biotechnology!


Tidbits for Tuesday the 21st

The Death of Gaydar?: Thanks to Spork, I was directed to this article. I kinda agreed with it. Only in New York, I could not identify which one is gay. But it is easy to identify which one is straight or gay in a small town like Nashville or Richmond. Very interesting stuff. This often made me wonder -- why in the world would the heterosexuals try to copy our styles? It is because we attracted women, not them. They wanted to learn how to do it, so that they can prey on women. Pathetic? And you wonder why the McCock married a cafeteria worker.

Terri Schiavo's Grave Marker: Am I the only one that feels this is silly? Terri's parents were upset that Michael added, "I Kept My Promise" and mentioned that she died twice, kinda.

Finally, Someone Did! Normally, many people vandalized something that they do not like or conform. It is the nature of human response. I was practically raised in Richmond where the city glorified the confederate soldiers, generals and all that crap, especially on Monument Avenue. I told Dad that Monument Avenue is not good for Americans. Dad said I'm too young to respect these folks. I rolled my eyes. Seeing Lee, Stuart, Jackson and Davis Monuments on this particular avenue is pretty sickening.

Dad said they made Richmond as it is today. I smiled with my own thoughts, "Of course it is. A town that never changed since the Civil War -- just like what Bob Daniels said to me."

Then in 1993, someone proposed to set up the monument of Richmond's native, Arthur Ashe, the first African American to win the Wimbledon competition -- hell broke loose. There were many people who lobbied against the idea of Arthur Ashe "descerating" the Monument Avenue. I'm like, "Shut the fuck up!"

Arthur Ashe Monument is there, much to many's chagrin. But not as big as all these so-called noble racists' monuments.

For years, I was waiting for someone to deface the Confdederate statues like the one I saw in Union Station in DC every year on Columbus Day -- someone threw the red paint on the statue every year in October. Absolutely funniest thing to see.

I'm still waiting for someone to do the same on Monument Avenue, but at least someone did in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Raise Your Hand If You Want B.C. Pills? According to this article, we may have birth control pills for ... men! Men, drop your comments whether if you will use the pills? Be honest. As for me, it is not viable option for me.

Until then,


Monday, June 20, 2005

Formula One at US Grand Prix

I ranted a while ago that I despised the NASCAR events. I clamored that it is not a sport. That it wasted the gas. That we should mind ourselves with the environment and economy. Blah, blah.

NASCAR is very popular in the South where it reigns amongst the white trash circles.

As for Formula One, it is racing sport that is very popular in Western Europe and trying to attract new fans in the United States by taking the competition in US Grand Prix in Indianapolis.

Then something happened. 14 cars pulled out of 20-cars before it started -- due to the safety reasons related to Michelin tires that was too fast and dangerous for the cars to operate on the track in US Grand Prix.

Suddenly, the fans were outraged that they had to pay the tickets only to see 14 cars pulling out of 20 cars line-up, leaving them to watch only six cars racing around the tracks. They jeered, booed and hurled obscenities at the FormulaOne folks, Michelin folks and Indianapolis' US Grand Prix folks. Sounds like the true white trash, eh?

Now this picture is priceless -- why did the Associated Press blur her hand but not the one on the window?

Image hosted by
Fook Yi!


Interesting Stuff To Talk about

Where Does He Bleeds? I cannot claim to understand how this guy is going through ... but where is he bleeding out? Out of its glans?

Of course I'm curious about this guy!

Reparative Treatment: This constituted as child abuse by Xians on people who are coming to terms with their sexual identity. But sadly, the modern society that Xians are perpetuating is supportive of this.

Goes on to tell you a lot about Xians in general.

Rape In Red State: Only in red state, you will find people who does stuff like this. That does not surprise me at all.

Arrogance Amongst the CMRA & RAD: I got the distributed email about the Flamingo Ball, an event that not many people are going on the first day of RAD 2005 Conference. Aaron Fudenske, the Chairman of Flamingo Ball Committee wrote the message in response to the people who are not interested in Flamingo Ball,
I guarantee this event will bring out plenty of “oh, my,” “boy, am I glad to be here!,” “it is so much fun,” etc. And it will be the much-talked-about event, including plenty of “you should have been there” to those who missed it.

I was alarmed to learn that only 86 people registered as of May, 2005. I do not know if it is true or not. If that is the case, the RAD 2005 Conference is slated to be one of the worst conferences ever. Oh, by the way, I got two persons emailing me that they are not going at all. I suspected that the numbers will be less than 200, I'm sure that the CMRA Committees & the RAD Board will declare it as "successful!", just like that guy who still has the horse's teeth, David Eberwein who proclaimed some SBG event to be successful despite the fact that it attracted less than 50 spectators when I was sophomore at Gallaudet. Stay tuned!


Memorial Sites For Dead People

Let it be known that I deplored the memorial sites.

When someone died at the intersection in an automobile accident, people tried to stick damned wetty, stinky dolls, disgusting rotting flowers and idiotic messages to the dead people (do the dead people read?!) as well as some silly pictures posted on the lampost, electricity pole or whatever that can hold it up.

This created an eyesore for the neighbors who had to put up with these ridiculous sites. I know of a particular street in Washington, DC where it still has the doll maimed to the tree for YEARS -- you probably could count the shades of fucked-up stinky teddy bear doll on the tree.

It is OK to set up the temporary memorial site for few weeks to deal with the grief -- but for months or even, years to a point where the neighbors who had NOTHING to do with this dead person who got killed on this street by random events that did not pander to the neighbors' interests -- do they have to put it up with it?

I knew of a couple in the District who tried to clean it up, the couple was sued by the parents and friends of a kid who died to preserve the memorial site that already disparaged the looks of neighborhood corner for years. But lucky for the couple, the case was dismissed and they took it down. But the family and friends made them feel like they were evil for doing it.

Now, I knew of a good friend whose her parents owned a home in The Poconos in Pennsylvania -- one idiotic teenager got killed using the 4-wheeler ATV, the same type that injured Ozzy Osbourne. This kid got killed on the spot where my friend's parents' entrance to the cabin is. So when they decided to go to the Poconos for a break, they were alarmed to see massive junks on that tree along with pictures, flowers, messages and all that shit.

The parents were not sure what to do with it since it is ON their property. They wonder when will it be the right time to take it off because it is eyesore and hideous thing to remind the owners that there was dead person on their property. Few weeks later, they shaped up and told the folks of dead boy to ... take it off. Since then, I am not sure if they had took it down.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comUpdate: My friend paged me that her parents' still has this memorial site by their entrance ... and this Thursday will be one year anniversary of his life being snuffed out. She enclosed the picture of this absurd memorial site. This is her parents' vacation home away from they urban lifestyle and they had to contend with these stuff on their property each time they ran off to the countryside. Enjoy the latest picture.

But the point is that they are hesistant of hurting others' feelings. But they have their own lives to live. They do not need to adhere to anyone's feelings because the owners are the ones who had to endure this everyday while others just came and go.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comApparently, last week, I went to Las Vegas, there was a motorcycle chase that resulted in fatal accident that snuffed the life out of 24 years old, Justin Wellers right across the street from my place next to the local church. The friends and family relatives just put the memorial site on the property of a pentecostal church. Of course, I'm piqued with curiosity -- how will the Church handle this in the long run?

AS you can see the picture, it appears that the guy who was trying to fix the electricity post seemed to hump it on the photograph. Oh, well. But the memorial site can be seen on the left side next to the guy with black polo shirt and blue jeans.

Only time will tell if it becomes an eyesore.


As Always, Things To Touch From A to Z

About RAD Conference: My sources confirmed that several people already requested the information from Ricky Drake and Bill Terrell, the Co-Chairpersons of RAD 2005 Conference in DC -- last year! It got so bad that they turned to the RAD Board for further information -- but as always, the retarded Barbara Hathaway referred them back to the Chairs in Ricky Drake and Bill Terrell who stonewalled the information that the registrants would like to know.

Irvine?! I was stunned to learn that from a friend that Irvine Stewart is going to be the keynote speaker (I'm not sure which one) for 2005 RAD Conference. What did he do to deserve the position? Or is the RAD that desperate and not well-planned to a point where they will just beg anyone else to come in and speak few words? In that case, invite Dorian Fletcher to join with Irvine on the stage. I guaranteed that the audience will erupt in heavy guffaws that hearing hoteliers will think that we are nuts.

Not to put Irvine down, I like Irvine. But he just received the Masters from Gallaudet few years ago and has been working at MSSD as a social worker for a short time -- it is not that much to gain the experiences enough to be considered for the keynote speaker? I guess, being a member of Wild Zappers helped, eh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBettie Creasy: Remember this and that? The links that I talked about the CODA, Mark Creasy who was murdered by a thug by the bike trail in Alexandria, Vrginia -- Mark's mother was Bettie Creasy whom I dearly loved for many years at VSDB.

I found the picture and I thought it is nice to put the name on someone's face -- I even noticed that I wrote the poem about her (which I swear I'll never share) when I was a senior about Bettie, I mentioned that I will not never forget her. For 15 years, I still hadn't forget Bettie Creasy. She had been good and fair to me.

Bruce Carroll Is Back! It is sickening that this prick is back to FagPatriot's blog. This person is completely coward from the start. He is gay conservative Roehmosexual who once accused me of stalking in person (!) which I have *no* clue where he lives or worked. He enjoyed berating people without disclosing who he is -- until Michael Rogers of exposed him and ratted him to his bosses which he abdicated his blogsite for the time being. Now he comes back, crowing as if nothing happened. Please. Someone get me the whiffle bat so that I can whack him down. But thanks to SullyWatch, he already wrote several entries that kinda explained what kind of person Bruce Carroll is. He lacked the credibility in whatever he says. Fuck you, Bruce -- you're still the FagPatriot!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFavorite Picture I: This picture is a favorite of mine for many years ... since '93 -- that is 12 years ago. I never shared this with anyone else about it. Until now.

Why do I like this picture? Because the picture, of course, contained Virginia Women's Basketball team whose killed Georgia Tech by 35 points. In fact, Virginia led by 40 points at the half.

As you can see Virginia's Heather Burge standing tall at 6'5 with her long arms in front berating the Georgia Tech player in the middle as Virginia's Amy Lofstedt sealing the defense from behind.

Basically, this picture is parallel to what I do in life -- I shall berate (and has been doing that for years!) people with a circle of friends backing me up on the opponents ... mostly jerks, idiots and pricks.

It is all about relativism, really. Think about it.

One Funny Moment: Many years ago, I went to DC Eagle with Keith and Mark. DC Eagle is the gay leather bar in the District. It has the notorious backroom where some guys would attempt to suck and hump in a discrete manner, especially during the weekends that has festivals or conventions. If the Gay Pride occurs on that weekend, you can be sure that the backroom is going to be active.

There was a bizarre couple at Gallaudet -- I cannot remember the names of the bizarre couple but some of you might knew her as the midget who walked like E.T. "I TTYed Home!" with long arms who also controlled his taller odd-looking boyfriend. There was always an odd feeling about this particular boyfriend's behavior.

Years later ... until the fateful moment at DC Eagle, I told Mark and Keith that I am going to cruise in the backroom to see what's up since nothing is happening on this particular weekend -- when I entered the backroom, I noticed a group of men huddling in the corner -- which means someone in the center was kneeling giving someone a blowjob. I smiled at the thought that no manager is coming out to bust them. I was curious to see who was sucking these guys -- then this guy looked at me, I did not recognize him in the dark but he did -- he stood quickly and pulled his pants and zoomed out of the backroom and out of the establishment. I was flabbergasted. It was this odd-looking boyfriend!

Favorite Picture II: Many entries ago which I cannot find as of now, I mentioned that this picture is parallel to what I do with how I operate my life. I am always surrounded good friends who has their own minds. I like people who has common sense, sees things more than the rule of law.

In this picture you'll see Virginia women's basketball team stepping on the court after a timeout, five women getting ready to play. The left to right are: Tammi Reiss, Melanee Wagener, Dawn Staley, Heather Burge and Tonya Cardoza.

Sometimes I feel the life is like this -- I like to be alone and at the same time be surrounded by friends. When I see the pic, I immediately thought of Tammi as Merritt, Tonya as Manny, Melanee as Mikey, Heather as Toby and Dawn as me. I can be stoic if I want to but I always knew I could rely on these friends to back me up if needed.

Image hosted by
Use Your Imagination: Merritt, Mikey, Ridor, Toby and Manny



Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sexton, Zoll & Jamika

Category: Sports

Thanks to Chris Rix: The so-called Quarterback of Florida State Seminoles, Chris Rix proclaimed to be the faithful Xian but he neglected to admit that he has the handicapped parking tag which he used for his car to park anywhere else on the campus. Some students were annoyed with hypocritical message about himself, his beliefs and his attitude towards the general students at Florida State. He was busted.

However, it was reported that last week, Chris Sexton was "detained" by the police officers and brought to the general hospital in Tallahassee, Florida. Why? Because the police officers got the calls that there was a person lying in the middle of the road, proclaimed himself to be the God. (Didn't he know that I am the God?!) It was evident that he went nuts, plain as simple.

Chris Sexton is the next Quarterback to replace Chris Rix's abysmal failures at Florida State. I wonder if Chris Rix influenced Sexton of his hocus pocus beliefs? Only time will tell. Maybe he was under influence of drugs -- Florida is infamous for 'Shrooms. Who knows? Or is he gay, feeling the undue pressures of everything caving on him with their expectations for Sexton? Of course, the name is so ... gay and hot.

But it does not stop me from staring at Chris Sexton's picture -- especially with his partial visible bellybutton.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSharnee Zoll Is The Next ... ? As a die-hard fan of Virginia Cavaliers Women's Basketball team for the last 19 years including the Golden Era (1990 - 1995), I had been somewhat frustrated and disappointed with Coach Ryan's teams in the last 8 years. Coach Ryan received some of my blistering comments which she told the local papers that it "hurts" her. Well, she earned more than $100,000 a year -- which means, she has to win games and championships.

When Sharnee Zoll signed with Virginia Cavaliers two years ago, Coach Ryan bluntly told me that Sharnee will bring the team back to the national prominence the way Dawn Staley did for the Cavaliers in '89 through '92. I rolled my eyes.

Sharnee Zoll's first year already broke the freshman record of assists with 159, trampled the old record of 144 held by whom? Dawn Staley

And Sharnee Zoll was the first Cavalier to make it on the USA U19 World Championships Qualifying Team since whom? Dawn Staley

Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel with sophomore Sharnee Zoll leading the way for the Cavaliers.

Jamika Made Its First Run: Remember Merritt's little teacup chihuahua that everyone thought is very adorable rat? No, I'm just kidding. It is not a rat. It is adorable dog. But by the Warlords of Oka'ara, Merritt lavished Jamika with everything. From there, Jamika decided that she is the Queen, like it or not.

Anyway, Merritt took Jamika everywhere except for the United Kingdom -- they do not permit Elizabeth Taylor to bring her dogs, so I expect the same for Merritt, though. Sometimes I rolled my eyes because when Merritt and I hung out, people would stop us in our tracks and go "Awww!" on Jamika. I'm like, "So fucking what? It is just a dog that the Bald Eagle will pick it up in Alaska!"

But I lived with Jamika for a while. I like Jamika. She is classy and easy to take care of.

So it was not surprising to find out that she won the two First Places in Best Mirror Image (Merritt and Jamika dressed the same stuff) and Terrific Pet Tricks Performance categories and finished Third in Grand Finalist during the Pride of Pets in DC's DuPont Circle last weekend. The close-up snapshot of Merritt with Jamika is soon to be released.

Congratulations, Merritt and Jamika!


LW3 Confidant Delivered The Punch

You Suck, Rob! Mark, one of my LW3* confidant, paged me last night with an one-liner that left me stumped for hours while he slept in peace. He said, "I have sad news for you, Ricky."

Anyone who knew me very well ... I do not like the sudden one-liners or secrets that left me stumped for minutes, let alone hours! Later in the morning, Mark told me that Rob's ex husband died.

I was baffled. Ex?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYou see, when I lived in the District, I met a cute, charming and smart fella named Rob. Turns out that he was 32 years old charismatic pig who enjoyed cheating on his naive husband who is also ... very old. You see, Rob likes big men and ... old geezers. He once told me that if I told his husband the truth that he has many conquests behind his back, he'll cut me off so fast that my head will not have the time to spin.

But by then, I moved to New York. Did not care nor ache for this shit-eating pig, I had enough of his antics so I ratted him out to his ex. Suffice to say that his "husband" broke up with Rob after I dispatched the lethal email. Ever since, Rob hated me for that, considering the sources that my friends bumped into Rob at times in DC. I care less.

Mike Harris, the ex husband of Rob, was old ... but nice. He did not deserve a pig who cheated on him all the times. Rob was charming, trust me. Very cute. He was extremely proud that he fucked his Dad's best friend. I'm like, "What?"

Anyway, Mark told me that Mike is dead, since last September 23, 2004. I felt sorry for Mike, but certainly not for his ex, Rob. Good riddance, Rob. Oh, by the way, when it comes to things like this, I always win!

Why Is That? My eyes *always* rolled when gay couples said, "My children" -- it turned out to be mere dogs or cats, not human beings. It is ridiculous. They wrote the blogs and said, "I have to tend to my children." Then you see the pictures of dogs. Maybe Rick Santorum (R-PA) was right about the "man on dog" comments.

Marb(t)y Bonales Is Desperate: I was amused to learn that Marb(t)y has been paging several friends of mine and in the process, harassed them about me. Marby, Marty, Marb(t)y -- grow up and eat some feces. Bet you a dollar or two that he does not know what "feces" means.

* LW3 = Lethal Weapon 3 which applies to Mark, Keith and me during our last few years in college


Extremely COOL!

Toby asked me for the picture of me from head to toe via the e-mail, I hunted and realized that I only have ONE picture of me from head to toe -- that was the picture of me with Imel when he visited New York last year. I was not exactly smiling, I was bit arrogant -- if you could search the picture in 2004's June or July, you probably will find me there with Imel -- I was trying to masturbate the statue in some park in Greenwich Village but too bad, the picture completely did not catch my left hand.

So I gave Toby the picture. Shortly, he fired me back with this picture -- I was delighted. Toby rocks.

Image hosted by

What happened is that during the Memorial Day Weekend, I talked with Toby about this particular poster that I really liked and kept it on my disk until someone stole my disks. Then I hunted for this particular picture. Could not find it. Toby swears that he saw it recently -- I dismissed him. And he proved me wrong.

And I'm glad he did.

Thanks, Toby!!


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Senator Rick Santorum Is Sick

Last night on New Jersey Transit, I read the New York Times Magazine about Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) and his persistent beliefs that gay marriage is a threat to HIS marriage. Like we wanted him to be gay.

Jesus Christ!

Upon reading the article, it is baffling to know that there is a person who claimed that he is Christian but he never read the Bible! He said, "I've never read the Bible cover to cover; maybe I should -- I'm a Catholic, so I'm not a biblical scholar. I'm not someone who has verses he can pop out. That's not how I interact with the faith."

It was him who converted Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas to Catholicism -- how can he convert someone into catholicism if he does not know a thing about the religion itself?

By itself, it proved that Rick is one big stupid ass.

Rick Santorum once compared gays to "man on dog" acts -- in other words, beastiality. Which is ridiculous to start with. But if you look at what Rick and his wife did with their dead infant, it is much worse than being gay, I think!

What happened after the death is a kind of snapshot of cultural divide. Some would find it discomforting, strange, even ghoulish -- others brave and deeply spiritual. Rick and Karen Santorum would not let the morgue take the corpse of their newborn; they slept that night in the hospital with their lifeless baby between them. The next day, they took him home. "Your siblings could not have been more excited about you!" Karen writes in the book, which takes the form of letters to Gabrile, mostly while he is in utero. "Elizabeth and Johnny held you with so much and tenderness. Elizabeth proudly announced to everyone as she cuddled you, "This is my baby brother, Gabriel; he is an angel.'"

And I find it gross.


Top 20 Sweatiest Cities

It is interesting list.

1. Phoenix
2. Las Vegas
3. Tucson
4. Miami
5. Corpus Christi
6. West Palm Beach
7. Houston
8. Tampa
9. Orlando
10. Fort Myers
11. San Antonio
12. Honolulu
13. Dallas
14. Montgomery
15. New Orleans
16. Mobile
17. Baton Rouge
18. Waco
19. Jacksonville
20. El Paso

Among the Top 100 that interested me is:

29. Little Rock
34. Raleigh
35. Norfolk
37. Richmond
40. Washington, DC
46. Virginia Beach
52. Philadelphia
53. Roanoke
59. New York
61. Cincinnati
67. Sioux Falls
100. San Francisco

Curious about the sweatiest cities?

Tidbits About Las Vegas

Older Flight Attendants? I flew to Los Angeles, then changed the plane to Las Vegas. Then I flew back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas en route to Nashville before arriving back in New York at LaGuardia International Airport. I observed that the flight attendants are older in their 40s to 50s. I had not seen ONE young person between 20s to 40s working as flight attendant. I thought that the younger flight attendants were largely laid off due to the seniority just right after the 9/11 drama.

Where Are They? In Las Vegas, I noticed something else. I told Chris about it. Chris grinned and said, "You're strange for thinking like that." I told him that during the whole time I stayed in Las Vegas, I hadn't seen a fucking squirrel running amok anywhere else.

Too Many Fatties! AS an experienced person who struggled with his weight for years, I was amused and alarmed with the fact that I saw more fat people in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world. I even noticed that many persons that used the motor wheelchair are not elders but truly the fattest ones. I VEE-VEEed the couple while I was wearing the sunglasses -- this gave me the opportunity to stare at one couple at the swimming pool. The guy is HOT. Perfect. V-shaped body holding his girlfriend who is ... obese. He was holding her massive hips. When he was bored, he lightly tapped on her hips, it jiggles each time he lightly slapped on it. I was fascinated with their interactions with each other -- it appeared to me that he was enjoying the meaty section of her body. But it is evident that there is obesity epidemic in this country after visiting Las Vegas.

You know when I was a kid, I wished that everyone was fat so that they can learn a lesson or two after treating me shitty. It appears that tha karma is doing its job. Everyone is getting fatter while I'm losing it! Of course, I'm smirking like Hell.

Hot, Hot and Hot! It is no secret that Las Vegas is in the valley of some shitty desert. You expected it to be hot during the day, cool during the night. But it was frankly hot. Even Lucifer Morningstar would run away from Las Vegas under its scorching heat. I noticed that the pigeons sat under the bridges, monorail, cars, parking lots, chairs ... even the pigeons knew not to sit or walk around the ground that is exposed to the sun. Or their talons would stick to the sidewalk! But one postcard was correct, "The weather is HOT but the climate is great in Vegas!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com40 oz. of Cape Cod In Downtown Las Vegas, I took Chris to see the Fremont Street Experience -- where they had a great light show on the ceiling. It is great stuff, happens every hour all night long until midnight or so. I noticed that some people were drinking alcoholic drinks on the streets -- especially in these plastic 40 oz. Of course, I raced down to a casino and purchased 40 oz of Cape Cod (cranberry juice with vodka) -- I was bewildered that vodka consisted of 25 oz of the plastic cup for only $13. Chris said it is expensive. I said, "For 40 oz? Please, it is worth the price!"

Sure enough, I was drunk afterwards. Just one drink of 40 oz for $13 to knock me out. Chris made fun of my red face all night long. I even brought the plastic cup in the cab to Gipsy, a gay nightclub before I lost the coolest fatso cup. 40 oz of alcoholic drink for only $13! That was cool!

No Storm Drain? Once in a while, I would hear about the flash floods in Las Vegas during the winter times. I wondered why. Now I know. There is *no* storm drain in Las Vegas. I do not see it at all. The town basically built on the ground above, not below. They lacked the storm sewage to filter the monsoons away out of Las Vegas as needed. I wonder why? Is it because they are tired of dealing with homeless trying to sleep in the tunnels? Inquiring mind(s) would like to know.

White pen does not morph into black pen! The bartender at Gipsy took my white pen -- in midst of my drunken conversation with Chris -- I suddenly noticed the black pen. I insisted that he gives the white pen back, the bartender refused -- I wrote on a note that the black pen is not a fucking caterpillar so give it back! Initially, Chris did not understand me. But I showed the pen! He got the drift and tried to get it back but the bartender insisted that it was his. Fuck him.

Later in the cab, I was fuming at the miscommunication -- which occasionally happened between me and hearing people. It is tiresome and sickening at times. Arguing onver insignificant things. Chris wrote a note and left it on my lap as I stared out of the cab in the darkness. It reads, "Knowing you more in the last few days, you are perhaps the most misunderstood person I ever had met -- people plainly misunderstood you all the time." True words were never spoken, Chris.



The KA

Last night, the internet connection at home was spotty at its best. I could not blog anything else. But today, the connection is running smoothly. Hopefully, I could go on and ramble about many things that I observed but chose not to interfere the whole week in Las Vegas.

But let's focus on The KA since it did not impress Chris (it was his third Cirque Du Soleil experience after "La Nuba" and "Zumanity") and certainly impressed me (since it was my first Cirque Du Soleil experience) from the start to the finish.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI learned that we had the seats up front by 2nd row for $150 each on Tuesday evening. So after dining at a luxury restaurant which practically killed my budget, I was bit desperate for an excitement. Chris said that the Cirque Du Soleil should do the trick. We got to walk around MGM Grand Hotel, it is the city unto itself in one massive building. It has hotel, attractions, casinos, restaurants, stores, plays and nightclubs to name few.

When it was time for us to attend to our seats, the ushers were bit odd to observe. It appeared that they are playing the roles of some characters. Where I sat, our usher reminded us that we are NOT allowed to touch the stage, stand or lean over the stage. Then I saw the explosions from under the stage. Under the stage? I stood a little to peek at the stage. Sure enough, the stage itself is bottomless.

After all, it is Cirque Du Soleil where stranger things do happen. Shortly, one extremely attractive man with smooth but long blue hair to his waist gracefully walked around the stage -- it appears that he was trying to say something but someone flashed the camera at him. He smiled calmly then pointed to the spectator in the audience to come forward. The spectator did. He took his camera and tossed it over the stage into the bottomless where it exploded. Then the spectator's cellphone rang, the actor slowly pointed at his cellphone. The spectator hesitated before passing the cellphone to the actor. The actor tossed it into the bottomless pit where it also exploded. I immediately knew that the spectator is merely the actor as well! Soon enough, he tried to light his cigarette -- suffice to say, the taller actor with smooth, but long blue hair toseed him into the bottomless pit where it exploded wildly -- the message was: "No camera, cellphone and smoking allowed."

None of this was done with the voice. They demonstrated by acting. The whole play itself was fantastic -- lots of acrobatic moves that stunned and delighted me ... its out of world moves as well as interchanged with the machines that moved around the stage is quite unbelievable but worth the price to see -- I sat in the center of 2nd row -- sometimes they flew off the stage right above my head. It was fantastic.

It is a tale about two rival clans in some Asian country where they struggled to battle each other to save someone else but ended up saving each clans in the progress.

Needless to say that I had a mini-crush on this lean, tall actor with long, smooth blue hair -- he was quite vicious and hot! As I say, there are some sounds effects, especially when it comes to songs but throughout the plays, no words were uttered. They expressed the story by acting out the gestures -- it is obvious and easy to follow through. I grinned, smiled and stared in awe as Chris kept on staring with dead eyes.

Since it's his third one and he said that it's not the best one he ever had seen.

To me, I was pretty blown away. I really enjoyed it very much. Despite the fact that it is quite expensive, it is worth the price to see it with my own eyes.

Thanks, Chris.


Friday, June 17, 2005

A Snapshot Of Chris & Ridor In Las Vegas Hilton's $18.6 Million Swimming Pool

Image hosted by
Gorgeous Chris and Cute RT?

I was not kidding that the complete renovation of the swimming pool totaled $18.6 million, it says so on the information sheet at the hotel. And I looked around and thought, "So it is worth $18.6 million?" Not to me, though. Weird.

I'll blog about many little things as well as the Cirque du Soleil's The KA. It is mind-blowing experience, considering the fact that I sat two rows away from the stage -- for $150.



Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ridor In Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (RPI) -- I am at the Internet Cafe for an hour. Chris and I got to scourge The Strip. The flight to Los Angeles was smooth, but the flight to Las Vegas was choppy -- I swear something was going to happen. But nothing happened.

When we were waiting for the taxi outside of the airport, I was shocked to see the massive long line of folks waiting for taxis. It has the same path that you used to see it at the amusement parks waiting to get on the ride -- the same idea applies to the wait for the cabs, I'm telling you -- it is the longest path I ever had seen, maybe up to .5 mile long, just to hail a fucking cab.

Las Vegas Hilton is the place where I am staying. I am amazed at the size of the hotel. I have the best view of Las Vegas Strip. It is stunning! Dylan Westbury would probably drop his pants on the floor and wank his dick walking around the Star Trek area -- Las Vegas Hilton does not conform to Star Trek stuff only. Star Trek dominated on one wing, has lots of interesting stuff that Dylan probably will drool, cum and repeat the process. Maybe 6 or 10 times until his dick becomes red and bloody.

In the last two days, we had been to a lot of places -- Fremont Street Experience, Monorail, MGM Grand Hotel, Tropicana, Excalibur, New York New York, Luxor, Wynn to name few. Monorail may be the best thing that happened to Las Vegas in years. It is so convenient and nice! But they needed to extend the line to Downtown where the original Strip is. It is bit travesty that they do not include Downtown.

Next time, Chris and I agreed that we will stay at Wynn Hotel. If it is cheap. In fact, Wynn is the most classiest hotel of all. The entrance of The Wynn is overwhelming, intoxicating and sinful. Guaranteed to make you step back and say whoa at the sight of these massive flowers that embraced the trees. Very difficult to describe the area.

Chris gambled a lot. Won thousands of dollars, I'm completely jealous of him. He is teaching me how to play Blackjacks. He's good at it. He's a great company, man. Yes, he is hearing. Much to your chagrin, I'm enjoying this so much! I won like $75 two days ago but yesterday, I lost like $25. Fuck it. I'm not good with it.

Tonight, Chris and I am going to dine at a fancy restaurant then head out to see KA, the newest play of Cirque Du Soleil at MGM Grand. Upon seeing the reviews, it is stunning and lots of acrobatic moves. Looking forward to it.

I am in awe of Chris' skills and luck with gambling. He is obviously a genius.

Did you know that I wore Dartmouth t-shirt, nobody said hi. But when I wore the Gallaudet t-shirt, people came to me. One said that his mother graduated from Gallaudet. One came to me and said that she graduated from Gallaudet, a hearing gal who studied in Interpreting at Gallaudet. Her signs are ... bad, to say the least. But I was nice and polite. I just put on a fake smile.

I taught Chris some signs to retaliate people who annoys us to no end. Last night, we went to Gipsy, a local gay club. It is a major letdown in comparison with New York and Philadelphia. One stupid guy told Chris, "You are stupid but I want you."

I snapped that he graduated from Ivy League and what about him? The guy in his late 40s said, "My Daddy died and left me rich. I don't care if he goes to a school in Ivy, he is still stupid and I still want him."

Chris and I got annoyed so bad that we made fun of him eventually all night long ... in a discrete manner which we snickered behind his back.

It was interesting evening at Gipsy -- I'm down to 5 minutes left. Time to hit the pool and SPA before the showtime tonight! Yay.

Oh, I got a nasty email from Michael Demmons who said that I will not enjoy Las Vegas because it is for hearing people only. I told him that Las Vegas was designed for visual attractions, not sound attractions -- if it was designed for sound attractions, there won't be lights at all, right?! Idiotic, is he? Any thoughts on the subject?