Monday, June 20, 2005

Interesting Stuff To Talk about

Where Does He Bleeds? I cannot claim to understand how this guy is going through ... but where is he bleeding out? Out of its glans?

Of course I'm curious about this guy!

Reparative Treatment: This constituted as child abuse by Xians on people who are coming to terms with their sexual identity. But sadly, the modern society that Xians are perpetuating is supportive of this.

Goes on to tell you a lot about Xians in general.

Rape In Red State: Only in red state, you will find people who does stuff like this. That does not surprise me at all.

Arrogance Amongst the CMRA & RAD: I got the distributed email about the Flamingo Ball, an event that not many people are going on the first day of RAD 2005 Conference. Aaron Fudenske, the Chairman of Flamingo Ball Committee wrote the message in response to the people who are not interested in Flamingo Ball,
I guarantee this event will bring out plenty of “oh, my,” “boy, am I glad to be here!,” “it is so much fun,” etc. And it will be the much-talked-about event, including plenty of “you should have been there” to those who missed it.

I was alarmed to learn that only 86 people registered as of May, 2005. I do not know if it is true or not. If that is the case, the RAD 2005 Conference is slated to be one of the worst conferences ever. Oh, by the way, I got two persons emailing me that they are not going at all. I suspected that the numbers will be less than 200, I'm sure that the CMRA Committees & the RAD Board will declare it as "successful!", just like that guy who still has the horse's teeth, David Eberwein who proclaimed some SBG event to be successful despite the fact that it attracted less than 50 spectators when I was sophomore at Gallaudet. Stay tuned!


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