Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bitch Session VI

Again, this was sent to me which I copied, pasted and organized for the readers to enjoy. Nothing to do with *me* at all. I just assume the responsibility to share the message -- don't kill the messenger. It is hot and humid, not good way to decompose a body, you know?

The next Bitch Session VII is on July 1. Want to retaliate at anyone and/or anything, email me at with comments, I'll publish it! Guaranteed with confidentiality -- all information will never be revealed. Never-r-r-r-r!



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You're full of it. Take my 35 cents, get yourself a hearing boyfriend and have him call you a psychiatrist for an appointment. Get over it and deal with it.

Gene Mirus was just interviewed for a position with MJ Bienvenu's Department of ASL and at Gally. I found this appalling as he always spoke evil about Gally and looked down his nose on those who graduated from there. I hope he doesn't get the job however he's a con, gay ...... smooth talker .... but a good liar.

Tanya Hoyt and Amy White, you think you are all that now that you both are roommates? Think again, Too many people living in tiny trailer?!

Did you hear about David and Gloria Nathanson? They finally admitted, after 2 years, that their daughter was hearing after all. It's too bad that her language development is shunted and will likely remain so given the fact that she has David for a father. Such irrational assertions of so-called deaf pride can make one really stupid. Also, David---admit it that you were kicked out of Gallaudet's PhD program...

It's interesting that some of Tom Koch's 'friends' who went to his wedding were backstabbing him during his years at Gallaudet.

Carl Wayne Denney...shame on you!! Beating up Tuesday Eve Apple isn't the answer to your not loving her. Leave her!! I am from Indiana.....I know you cheat on her. You have lied to her!! SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!

I don't like you, Matt Drudge. You drudge your name through mud and don't have much merit to what you say. Your last name suits you.

According to the dictionary, drudge means:
(n) A person who does tedious, menial, or unpleasant work.
(v) To do tedious, unpleasant, or menial work.

Eric the Bald Guy on 8th Street & Florida Avenue in DC – you’re a fucking alky with serious anger issues. You need rehab.

I think you need to go off on Lime Sherbert now. He's a prick.

deaf258 is so fucking goddamn hot i wish i had a cock to appease him.

Craig Radford. You're a nobody! Everyone knows you lie and cheat. Stop lying and causing problems for everyone else. Clean up your messes!

hearing people need to be shipped off to desert islands so deafies can run amok.

Fuck Ridor! I am sick and tired of him talking about gay people and the flag on St. Augustine's Lion Bridge. Fuck him! He is a dick and an asshole!

deaf people are idiots. what makes them think they can survive without hearing people's pacifiers?

Tamara Suiter, what's she doing staying with Luke? He will continue to cheat on her. Move on! There are plenty of guys who would want you.


Where is my Rayni?

McConnell is the poster child of Gallaudet's miseducation.

How, despite all my successes, my hearing peers from way back in elementary school still look at me with a mixture of wonder and awe that I managed to succeed?

I love your blog about Marty. It is so hypsterical! I forwarded your article to a couple of my friends in West Coast. Shall we rest on it?!

Do not confuse empowerment with anger.

Toby, did you decide to subscribe for a year?

Barbara Hathaway, you think you know it all just because you are older -- a sign of delusional mind. So far, you had been doing the lousy job with RAD!

Spillers, DUI! Why did you HAVE to crash your car for 24,169th time and finally got DUI charge??? You are lucky to be alive but guess what? I still love you no matter what! Next time, try to hit a hearing person, not a tree, ok? As always, you're still the hysterical queen in Knoxville.

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