Friday, June 10, 2005

An Update About Mark Creasy

I got a nice email from Rose who stumbled upon the entry on my blog regarding Mark Creasy who was murdered in Alexandria on the bike trail near Reagan National Airport. Rose will pass the information to Bettie & Olin's daughter, Mark's sister about what I said regarding my former houseparent, Bettie and her beau, Olin.

And she also mentioned that the cops caught the person who is responsible for killing Mark Creasy. This person, Andre Suggs attacked Mark Creasy, bit him and strangled him. And attempted to chase another cyclist who overheard the screams and saw Andre on Mark -- then it apparently got out of hand to a point where he stripped himself naked and ran over the George Washington Bridge naked before was apprehended by the Park Police. It was also said that he bit a police officer then screamed, "AIDS! AIDS! I got AIDS!"

Sounds like the typical DC maniac?

Here are two links to the updated articles regarding the attack on Mark Creasy.

Police Weigh Multiple Tips In Slaying of Virginia Bicyclist

Man Charged In Slaying of Bicyclist

Rose, thank you for the email. It was nice to hear from you and I knew that someone would pick this up and carry the message to the Creasy family. I appreciated this very much.


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