Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Murderball: I saw this in Toronto everywhere and I mentally reminded myself to check this out and I did. Zupan is so hot. I hope this film is going to be captioned! Or I'll be so mad for weeks.

Is MTA Stupid? In New York, they are contemplating about setting up the rules to ban the walking through the subway cars, c'mon! Let's be serious -- do you think the MTA will enforce this? It is the New York style. Leave it alone. When the trains shake violently while people tried to step between the cars and fell out, shit happens. Life moves on.

Austin's Real World I: Once again, the legion of stupid 7 twinks/pretty girls are getting tiresome. IN the last decade, not even a Deaf, blind or disabled person gets to be on the show! Danny is pathetic. He is worried about his looks more than the ramifications of his left eye socket which is damaged badly in a fight. He deserved to be knocked down or two for his antics.

Mel is so fucking whore. At first, I liked her. But only after 2nd show, I cannot stand her. I'm like, "Get gonorrhea already!"

Austin's Real World II: I hate this building! It is so ... obese.

Average Joe II: Amazing show! It has an interesting twist -- pretty redhead girl eliminated 6 average joes and the producers secretly pulled one of six rejects for a complete makeover with everything needed -- meanwhile, the remaining 12 Average Joes had to deal with the sudden participants -- the muscular men who wanted to trample the average Joes for Anna, the pretty redhead girl. Somehow, the rejected one who is going through the complete makeover will show up in the process -- let's see if Anna will ... choose the average Joe. The last time, the stupid slut chose the muscular guy who in turned his back on the bitch by taking a million dollars for himself.

Go figure.

Tweakers by Frank Sanello: Manny told me about this book by Frank Sanello that it is terrifying thing to read. I read it and gobbled the whole book in two days. It was terrifying -- Meth is much worse than any drugs and there is no treatment plan for it! In other words, do it, you're finished. Try it, my enemies.

One particular part that shocked me is that one nurse who is hooked on meth claimed that many nurses and doctors are on it in order to continue doing the work at the hospitals! Actually, there are many parts that surprised and did not surprise me about this, that and there in the book. It is recommended for anyone who is curious about the meth and its impact on Gay America.


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