Thursday, June 02, 2005

San Francisco 49ers

My sister, Hedy loves San Francisco 49ers. I do not care about the professional football team. Mom, Dad and Gary are avid fans of Washington Redskins. My oldest brother is a fan of Dallas Cowboys. So it was common that on lazy Sundays, you get three TV rolling in my parents' house with these idiotic football games.

Of all professional football teams across the nation, San Francisco is the fagville, right?

But that does not stop the professional football team from doing the homophobic remarks from time to time.

There is an uproar in San Francisco about Kirk Reynolds, the Director of Public Relations who produced a video to "train" the football players to respect and deal with diversity, especially in the city of San Francisco where there are many ethnic groups as well as gays living in the town. Consider it as a sensitivity training or something. But Kirk Reynolds did not really train, he took swipes to mock at lesbians, Chinese, San Francisco heartthrob Mayor Gavin Newsom and gays.

Suffice to say, Kirk Reynolds were fired by the San Francisco 49ers management and its owners, John and Denise York claimed that it does not reflect the San Francisco 49ers. They are lying, of course. OH, one more thing, Kirk claimed that the video that he produced does not reflect his values. Is he trying to be funny this time?

It is not the first time that the 49ers management engaged in different approach of homophobia.

It was San Francisco 49ers Running Back Garrison Hearst who said "I don't want faggots as teammates". The Coach, Steve Mariucci, initially did not say anything about it. It took the uproar of the Bay Area to forced the Yorks to sic at the coach and player.

It was San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Jeff Garcia who had to address the media that "he is not gay", after the rumors circulated by other players that he is. Why did he bothers to *address* the media that he is not gay? Jeff, shut up, you're gay -- just like Mike Piazza. I knew of few ones who fucked Mike. He is one big bottom queen.

It was San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Steve Young who were subjected to the gossips of being gay (I personally knew of a friend in Chicago who showed me the picture of Steve and his boyfriend in my friend's bedroom ... the morning after. Very cute, though), Steve had to marry some woman to preserve the lineage of his homophobic, barbaric great-great grandfather, Brigham Young.

It was San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Terrell Owens (now with Philadlephia Eagles, I believe) who spewed several homophobic comments to different people.

It was San Francisco 49ers that was the first professional team in the nation to provide the domestic partnership benefits to its employees but none of the employees would bring their partners to the dinners, parties et al because they knew how bad it was in the management towards the gays. There was a trainer who took care of the players for a long time ... Lindsy McLean worked with the 49ers management for 24 years. Lindsy is also gay. He described his experiences as "rewarding" but at times, it was horrible.

IN fact, it was common knowledge that there was a situation where the 350-lb lineman, Ted Washington now with New England Patriots, once chased Lindsy in front of wives, sponsors, coaches, players and others and grabbed him against the wall, then stimulated the gay sex and boomed his voice, "I know what you want!"

Ted Washington's asgent said that Ted did it but he was not the only one, "He's pointing Ted out so he can sell more books. It's an NFL locker room. It is what it is. It's the last bastion of male dominance. He probably was the target of harassment. He's trying to single out Ted Washington. Call everybody out. Charles Haley, Larry Roberts, Kevin Fagan. Don't single one guy out. There were a lot worse stories to tell about that team in the '80s than he cares to talk about. I'm not saying it was right or wrong, but in a locker room scene, what do you expect? Whatever. Everybody harassed him."

You expect it to happen in San Diego, Dallas, Houston or Nashville but ... no, it happened in San Francisco. The Yorks are not interested in working with gays or any groups. They only try to fix its tarnished media by repeatedly apologizing each time an incidient comes up out of 49ers management.

In fact, has live poll which consisted of more than 17,000 that indicated that 75 percent of readers were not even surprised with the 49ers management's latest antic with the training video.

So when I heard about Kirk Reynolds' video, I was not surprised that the 49ers management has been very lax about it for months before San Francisco Chronicles published the article about the training video. Now the owners, John and Denise York , got their PR team to bury the embarrassing quickly as can be. Just another day in the office, really.


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