Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Adrian's Words & The Speeding Ticket

Adrian's Comments: Adrian wrote this up for me. He's cool dude. I must add something -- Adrian's twin brother made a scrapbook of Roger & Adrian growing up. Adrian showed it to me and I looked through ... I noticed the pattern, Adrian's smile seems to be very natural after the birth to the age of 14 or 15, his smiles, after the age of 15ish, seemed to be doctored. I asked Adrian, "Did you practice to smile before the mirror when you were a teenager?" Adrian turned beet red and nodded in shock. He asked me how I knew. I told him that I can tell the differences in smiles. Still, today, he still has that doctored smile -- gorgeous one, though.

* * *

It was an absolute treat having Ridor around Toronto for Pride weekend. The empress has a strong presence and a fabulous entourage of a court jester, queen, soldier, artist, and scholar. They took Toronto by storm. Friday night there was a spectacle everybody 'missed'.. A deaf guy barking at another deaf guy, very LOUDLY before running off. I wished Ridor wasn't away for the moment because he had been positioned in front of me most of time and mosrt certainly would have seen the dog-fag fight behind me. Torontoians enjoyed Ridor's endless stream of sensational stories, the stories were well-verified and witnessed by others in tow.

I applaud Ridor. On Saturday night, we saw a deaf guy refused entry to a bar because he had cut in-line. Ridor surmised that a hearing person must have narked, tattled, ratted, told on him.. Then next night, same line up, Ridor seemed opportunisitic as 2 hearies cut in front of us. He gestured clearly to the cut-inners to get BACK of line up. No agreement. He told the bouncer. True-biz! the cut-inners got kicked out of line.


* * *

29 degrees Down: In the mini-van which we all rented en route to Toronto and back to the District, Merritt and I whined that it was 102f degrees (39c degrees) in Niagara Falls. We turned the air conditioning on while he drove all the way on the interstate highway in New York while I sat in the back reading the non-fiction book, "Tweakers" -- more on this later -- Merritt and I joked about things that comes to our minds while Manny and Phil slept. Suddenly, there was a storm looming -- we looked at our digital temperature in our mini-van, it went from 102f (39c) to 73f (33c) in span of 15 minutes -- absolutely amazing.

Then shortly, he zoomed past the cop hiding behind some damned bush at 92 mph. Needless to say, we were pulled off by the county police officer with the purple bow on his hat. I grimaced, grinned and snickered as Merritt gave his infamous look as the cop asked him for his stuff. I told Merritt that I cannot stop grimace because there is something about challenging the authority figures that sets me off. But this guy was so cute. No gold ring. Nice. Oh, he's wearing that "livestrong" bracelet. A turn-off. I smiled as I turned back to see the cop's car. I saw the camcorder with the red light being turn on. I turned to Merritt and said, "Want me to fling a bird sign?"

Merritt widened his eyes and spoke to me through the rearview window, "Don't you dare!" I smiled. I did not do it. He got the citation. But no price on how much it is -- he has to send it in then find out the exact amount for going 92 on 65. Before Merritt could ask any question, the cop fled the scene, perhaps to avoid dealing with Deaf persons. Fuck 'em.


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