Sunday, June 19, 2005

Extremely COOL!

Toby asked me for the picture of me from head to toe via the e-mail, I hunted and realized that I only have ONE picture of me from head to toe -- that was the picture of me with Imel when he visited New York last year. I was not exactly smiling, I was bit arrogant -- if you could search the picture in 2004's June or July, you probably will find me there with Imel -- I was trying to masturbate the statue in some park in Greenwich Village but too bad, the picture completely did not catch my left hand.

So I gave Toby the picture. Shortly, he fired me back with this picture -- I was delighted. Toby rocks.

Image hosted by

What happened is that during the Memorial Day Weekend, I talked with Toby about this particular poster that I really liked and kept it on my disk until someone stole my disks. Then I hunted for this particular picture. Could not find it. Toby swears that he saw it recently -- I dismissed him. And he proved me wrong.

And I'm glad he did.

Thanks, Toby!!


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