Friday, June 03, 2005

Stuff To Talk About

Why.I.Hate.DC: This is fun blogsite to read. It is matter of time before James F touched a subject related to Deaf people on his blogsite. But heck, enjoy what you can on this blogsite. Many of them are so TRUE about the District but know what? Very few of us will ever leave the District, physically or spiritually!

Fuck the Cops: A friend of mine requested for the interpreter at the bail hearing, the cops decided to charge him for not being cooperative. See? When a Deaf person asked for the interpreter to ensure that no misunderstandings will occur, the cops decided that s/he is being uncooperative. As soon as he gets his case dismissed, I told my friend to file a lawsuit against the city of Falls Church for denying his repeated requests to have an interpreter during the hearing. This is one of MANY reasons why I despised the cops. I will never honor nor respect a police officer by any means. They do not deserve an iota of compassion or respect from me at all. They will be always viewed with suspicion and contempt on my part. Screw you, cops.

Mom's Alert: After reading why.i.hate.dc's blogsite, I finally got on the videophone and chatted with Mom, she alerted me that Bettie and Olin Creasy's son, Mark Creasy was somewhat "killed" in Alexandria off the bike trail. I quickly checked this entry that was written by James F, sure enough -- it was the same person, Mark Creasy. You see, Mark Creasy was 48 years old CODA of late Bettie and Olin J. Creasy of Staunton, Virginia. Both were Deaf but Mark is CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). In fact, Bettie was my houseparent at VSDB for some years. I regarded her as my surrogate grandmother. She spoiled me along with Kathy Hughes and Kim Akens, all Deaf as well. Making my life at VSDB very easy one.

When Olin died in 1990, Bettie was heartbroken and few weeks later, she died as well. Now her son was found dead last Saturday, because the death itself appeared not to be of natural causes, the autopsy is being pending. This is not the way it should be for the Creasy generations. They do not deserve this.

Now, look at my Mom, she alerted me. She is not the exact Internet Queen but she knew how to access the information across the region of who's who did this, that and there. She beats me to it. If you wondered how I acquired some information, blame it on Mom. She is the professional one. Now I can imagine seeing her sign, "STOP BLAME ME FINISH SICK OF YOU PEOPLE NOW LOOK AT ME ME SO EMBARRASSED NOW FINISH!!" Ahh, that's Mom, for sure.


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