Thursday, June 30, 2005

RAD 2005 Conference?

I was told by an inside source that the RAD Executive Board was the one that truly fucked everything up for RAD 2005 Conference. I'm still going, though. But not to participate in these RAD crap except for Miss RAD pageant and IDL contest.

I hope to get in touch with a friend of mine about using his iBook to live-blog the events.

On the first night of RAD 2005 Conference, there will be a "party" that the committee boasted that the night never to be forgotten -- I'll ditch the party to attend this event at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium.

I figured going to watch the Washington Nationals to perform is more exciting because they are first in the division and they are promoting the "Night OUT with the Washington Nationals". It costs $7.50, it is much better than paying $75.00 for that crappy Flamingo Ball!

Of course I'll be in DC but certainly not to support the RAD 2005 Conference.

I had been discussing with some friends -- perhaps it is time to build a brand-new organization that covers the political/social arena of Deaf GLBTIQ since the old fools in RAD simply do not listen to the larger numbers of Deaf GLBITQ who are frustrated with its hierarchy, corruptions and bullshit. It is time for us to stop taking the crap from these fools and set up our own organization.

Any opinions?


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