Saturday, April 30, 2005

Now It Makes Sense, Does It?

Your Birthdate: November 9

Your birth on the 9th day of the month adds a tone of idealism and humanitarianism to your nature.

You become one who can work easily with people because you are broadminded, tolerant and generous.

You are ever sensitive to others' needs and feelings, and you are very sympathetic and compassionate.

Your feeling run deep and you often find yourself in dramatically charged situations.

This 9 energy always tends to give more that it gets.

Saw Colin ...

I saw Colin Farrell on a DVD film called, "A Home at The End of the World".

I want to slap Sissy Spacek for hugging Colin. He's fucking mine, bitch! I want to kick Dallas Roberts for groping, kissing and hugging Colin -- he is fucking mine.

Robin Wright Penn shouldn't hump my boy. He is fucking mine.

Oh, god. I stroked my cock each time Colin smiled or moved his eyebrows. He is the type of a guy I wanted to be content with for the rest of my life.

I'm going insane -- soon I'll pop -- asd;lfkjolwerhls;ckvna;sdflkjhd;alkjehj!@#@$#$@


The Toilet Paper

Got this from McFly -- hilarious! Enjoy!


* * *

The Power of Toilet Paper

Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion.

If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between them for a few seconds."

Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts.

"How long will this take?" I asked.

"They will grow larger over a period of years," my husband replies.

I stopped. " Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?"

Without missing a beat he says "Worked for your butt, didn't it?"

He's still alive, and with a great deal of therapy, he may even walk again.

Stupid, stupid man.

Challenger Disaster ... Little Did They Know ... Part II

This is the second essay that talked about sending the teachers in the space, this happened two years before the Challenger Disaster that killed 7 crews including the schoolteacher in Christa McAuliffe.


* * *

Mr. Snyder's Journey Into Space

Last week, Mr. Reagan ordered us to choose one teacher to go to Kennedy Space Center in Florida and ride in the space shuttle for April 10, 1985. The reason for our school to choose the teacher right now was to give the chosen teacher time to practice and prepare himself for the flight.

The school had already formed the committee to comply with President Reagan's order. I was the chairman. We discussed it for a week. We finally made the selection by order of preferences. The choices were: 1) Mrs. Garber; 2) Mrs. Panella; 3) Mr. Deuel; 4) Mr. Snyder; 5) Mr. Marzolf; 6) Mr. Frick; 7) Mr. Kraus; 8) Mr. Drake. We also considered Miss Couch, but she had a slight problem with her left pelvis and she was using a cane, so we decided it would better not to include her. Here were a list of reasons for each teacher to be chosen. Mrs. Garber: I wanted her to have a break from me because she nagged me about using my voice; Mrs. Panella: I love to laugh at her when she panick; Mr. Deuel: He is good at solving problems; Mr. Snyder: He loves science; Mr. Marzolf: He should go because he is the boss of Junior High; Mr. Frick: He loves science and he is a math expert; Mr. Kraus: He is a biology teacher and in space, he may find a way to save animals' lives. Mr. Drake: He is math expert.

We started asking the chosen teachers and only one accepted. We first asked Mrs. Garber and she said, "Fat chance." Then we asked Mrs. Panella, whom we called "Mrs. Pinella" She responded, "No way! I am afraid that the shuttle would crash on the ground before the lift-off and I would be killed!"

The next day we asked Mr. Deuel but he did not agree, so we asked Mr. Snyder and he accepted. We told him to call NASA right away. HASA said for him to go down to Florida by March 1, 1985. Mr. Snyder was looking forward to it.

When the day came, it was a busy day for Mr. Snyder. He had to pack everything according to NASA's requests. He was kind of silly. He brought a box full of tackles, a gun, a box of ammunition, and his pipe.

He left for Florida in his 4-wheel truck. It took him tow days to get to NASA.

When he finally got to Cape Canaveral, Florida -- he had meetings and was outfitted with a space suit. He had to practice everything to get himself ready for the long trip.

On April 10th, Mr. Snyder and other astronauts got in the shuttle, then the countdown began. All the people, espeically in Staunton, Va., where VSDB-Staunton is located, were watching Mr. Snyder ride in the shuttle. The shuttle was supposed to launch the satellite into orbit.

When the lift off began, Mr. Snyder began smoking his pipe. When they got into space, they sent off the satellite into the orbit. It was successful and Mr. Snyder invented a formula from a rock in space that would prodcue a world record largemouth Bass in one day. The shuttle landed in Florida and Mr. Snyder was a hero. He won one million dollars.

As he got back home, he started for Lake Moomaw, he put the formula into the bass's mouth and it grew to 24 pounds. Mr. Sndyer had caught the world's largest largemouth bass. He was awarded another one million dollars.

He used one million dollars for the wrestling team. He bought the best uniforms, the best mat and when the team was at the tournament, he reserved the best motel in town.

He enjoyed the journey into space. It was the first time in history for the teacher to ride in the shuttle and it was the suttle's first landing in Florida. Mrs. Panella lost one million dollars. She was so stupid.
-Darrell Drake

Note: Mr. Snyder was the hearing teacher at VSDB who was bit odd but yet so popular with Deafies, he was also the wrestling coach at VSDB as well. When you entered his office, you could smell the stench of his pipe. This guy is nuts, basically. Except for Mrs. Garber and Mr. Snyder, the rest of teachers are Deaf. Mrs. Panella is one easily spooked woman -- scare her, she goes nuts. She graduated from Gallaudet, was a member of Delta Epsilon -- which is odd because she is kinda inseparable with Miss Couch who is in Phi Kappa Zeta. And it is chilling enough to see Darrell Drake quoting Mrs. Panella's fears which came true when it comes to USS Challenger. Oy vey!

USS Challenger -- Little Did They Know ... !

As many of you knew, the USS Challenger were destroyed on January 28, 1986 when the booster failed to perform correctly about 73 seconds after the takeoff, killing all crews including Christa McAuliffe, the teacher from New Hampshire who was chosen by the NASA to explore the space as a schoolteacher.

Image hosted by
Good bye, Challenger!

I stumbled upon two essays in The Virginia Guide by Mark Fletcher and Darrell Drake, both alumni from VSDB and Gallaudet -- they wrote this essays about two years PRIOR to the Challenger Disaster ... I cannot help but be amused by that. Here is the first essay of two. Enjoy.

* * *
Reagan's Recommendation

One morning the bell had rung and it was time for all the students to hustle to their classrooms. We sat in our desks. Mrs. Garber came in. We were very quiet. She said, "I am giving you a break while I correct your papers." I asked Mrs. Garber, "May I read your newspaper?" She said, "You may read but be quiet." I looked at the front page. The headline said: "Reagan's Recommendation." Reagan's recommendation was to have one of the teachers into space with the astronauts. After I read the article, "That is a good idea", I cried. The teacher said, "Be quiet, please!". I tld my classmates all about it. They said, "Yeah, that's a good idea."

The next morning the bell had rung again. The students hustled to the classrooms as usual. The student brought a big box. Mrs. Garber asked, "What are you doing with that box?" "Oh, we will have a surprise for you!", one of the students said. The students and I ganged upon her. I have her a shot. The shot made her sleep. "What are you doing with me?" The teacher yelled again. The reason why we picked her to go into space was because she always picked on us and teased us.

She was sleeping then, we put her in the box. We sent her to NASA. When she rode in the space shuttle, she was very nervous. Two weeks later, the substitute teacher came into our classroom and she said that Mrs. Garber would come back next month. We were so excited that Mrs. Garber would not be here for one whole month. But something strange happened. The door was slammed against the wall. "All of you are in school suspension," Mrs. Garber said. Mrs. Garber acted very insane. Her hair stood upward and her eyes were real wide open.

We are now in the principal's office for one month. We are feeling very sad.
-Mark Fletcher

Note: Mrs. Garber is hearie. The writer is Deaf. Go figure.

Time To Ponder

14 + 14 + 600 = Sanctity? 14 bridesmaids, 14 groomsmen and 600 guests for a simple wedding makes a woman go nuts as she runs off to Las Vegas then to Albuquerque because she got a cold feet about marrying this guy.

And many religious nuts worked up a lot of crap about the sanctity of marriage. You got Britney Spears marrying for a day or two, you get Michael Jackson marrying Debbie Rowe, and now you get this cold feet.

Their arguments about "preserving" the sanctity of marriage is ludicrious at its best. Keep it coming, Republican conservatives and X-ians, it makes you look much dumber than ever!

Danny Gochenour! In The Virginia Guide, there is a picture of me and Danny when we were 7 or so at VSDB. I was not smiling, just in my natural state with awful taste in clothes, Danny, at 8, was next to me with his head leaning on my left cheek -- he smiled, you could barely see his white teeth in the black/white picture. I wish I could show the picture but no scanner is within my sight.

When I first enrolled at VSDB, Danny was my roommate, we were pretty inseparable even with the fact that he is a grade ahead of me. He was pretty boy, I was ... just me. I vividly recalled the moments when we were in our pajamas and watching the television before hitting the sack during the weekends, Danny has a quirky habit of his hands to comb his hair in a rapid manner -- he likes to have his hair in the same manner with Fonzie, the legendary character on some show in early 80s, I believe.

Danny would sit next to me and is very active with his hands on his hair while I watch the television. But when he is done with his hair, he'll roll on me despite my objections, and sit on my stomach while I try to watch the television, he'd use his hands to comb my hair to make it look like him. He would do it at a fast pace to a point where I squirm and whine about it.

Looking back, he certainly cared for me, though. I enjoyed his company, he does as well. Then he left the school. Years later, I saw him again and was horrified at how he looked. He looked like he emerged from the trailer park somewhere in West Virginia.

C'est la vie.


The Series of Funny Articles

Last night, I was unpacking a box -- and I stumbled upon the old issues of The Virginia Guide, a publication published by my alma mater 5 times per year at VSDB.

It showcased some of my essays when I was a kid -- today, it is funny thing to read. In one, it has a picture of me and Danny Gochenour standing next to each other -- little did I know ... but among the first essay that I'm going to showcase to the readers here when I was 9.

Some of you will snicker and roll your eyes because it ... never mind, just read!


* * *
We are learning a lot about drugs in our health class. Mrs. Marzolf wanted to show us more about drugs. She asked the policeman to come and show us about amphetamines and barbiturates. Amphetamines mean a kind of drugs that make you feel high and exciting. Barbiturates mean a kind of drug that makes you feel low ad depressed. I was excited when the policeman gave me the comic book called "The New Teen Titans." It was about drugs. It made me think about drugs and they are very dangerous. I saw LSD, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other kinds of drugs. We were very interested. We thank the policeman for showing us the drugs and telling us many good stories. I learned a lot.

A Suburb of Philadelphia

I'm currently in Norristown, a suburb of Philadelphia. I ran out of the city for the time being. I needed a timeout from everything else in New York. I can feel that I would head down for a burnout if I remain bit longer in New York.

I love New York because of its entertainment value -- it never ceased to amaze me.

But its connections with Deaf Community, especially with the gays and lesbians are dismal at its best. Philadelphia has a wide variety of Deaf GLBTs to loiter around. I may return to New York in few months (anywhere from 3 to 6 months, give it a shot!).

New York is not a place for people who wanted a boyfriend or a girlfriend -- trust me. It is a town of cheaters. Town of opportunists to play around. I'm cool with it, though. Hell, I played a lot when I was in the city. I fucked 6 or 7 married guys, to say the least! But I'm 31. I wanted to be content with someone else. Fags in New York simply does not have the time for that until they are in 70s, until it is too late. Or until they got the damned HIV thing first. Yes, I'm being stereotypical. So fucking what!

While I'm in Philadelphia, I am going to be content, eat right, work out (?! Yes, now I do have the time!), stabilize my exhausted mind and soul. I won't be that far away from New York -- after all, it takes less than $5 to get to New York by way of SEPTA and NJTRANSIT.

By coming to Philadelphia, I am exploring on finding ways to set up the Bed and Breakfast Inn, perhaps in New Hope or in Center City -- I preferred it to be in Philadelphia area because of its centralized location between the District of Columbia and Boston.

So it is an opportunity for me to figure out the exact things I needed to push before I hit the fortysomething, really.

Which is why you see the new picture logo of Philadelphia, instead of New York.

Since I had been here for the last two days, I slept heavily. I hadn't slept this good in a long time. I needed that, though. However, my friends, one negative thing to the whole thing is ... I do not know of any gay and/or deaf bloggers in Philadelphia! Any hints? Tell me.



The Dark Secret of Trekkies

I'm not a hard-core fan of Star Trek -- but I love Queen Borg -- I can envision myself as her, trying to conquer and assimilate everyone else into my collective! After all, I am always the perfect one and always the right one.

Among the favorite quotes uttered by Queen Borg was:
"Such a cold description for a beautiful gift."
"That is what many worlds and civilizations said to me, and now they are all Borg."
"Small words from someone else trying to attack something they do not understand."

However, this article from The Los Angeles Times was kinda alarming about the dark secret of Trekkies:

On one wall is a "Star Trek" poster with investigators' faces substituted for the Starship Enterprise crew. But even that alludes to a dark fact of their work: All but one of the offenders they have arrested in the last four years was a hard-core Trekkie.

Well, this is about the pedophilia article! Nearly all of Trekkies has a thing for kiddie porn.

And you wonder why people thought Trekkies were bit nutty ... but not me, I ain't a fan of Star Trek but by God, I love Queen Borg!

"Resistance is futile, you shall be assimilated into the collective."



Friday, April 29, 2005

Stop! Stop This ... This Is So ... MAGNIFICENT!

Thanks to Toby, my future hubby for the information -- this is simply magnificent. Read the article and pictures ... and be sure to have some kind of orgasm, okay?


Some 'Tards Did Not Mention ...

Gus and I stopped by some rest area to munch some food before getting back on the New Jersey Turnpike recently today. There was a nice frame by the entrance of the whatmacallit station that talked about Thomas Edison.

It mentioned about his childhood where he grew up not far from this particular rest area station. It mentioned all of his accomplishments. It mentioned about his marriage. It mentioned everything else except for one thing: his deafness.

None of it was mentioned that this guy is fucking Deaf.

I shook my head and flipped my middle finger at this frame in front of people who were reading as well. Gus asked me why, I told him to read it for himself. He did and said, "Thomas is Deaf, right? Why didn't they mention that?"

I responded, "Typical hearie crap, they are ashamed that they did NOT invent the electric bulb while we Deafies did so they clandestinely did not mention it."


For Your Own Thoughts, Women!

Category: Sports

In this era, I appreciated my penis. I really do. But I cannot help but be delighted with the progress of Title IX in the last 30 years. The law clearly forbade anyone that receives the federal fundings to discriminate women from playing sports. This was done in 1972 -- 33 years ago.

I mentioned about my passion with the collegiate women's basketball teams across the nation such as this, that and there on my blogsite when I can. It is a labor of love -- a passion of mine.

Coaches like Sue Gunter, Debbie Ryan and Pat Summitt talked about the days before Title IX -- they had to chip in order to survive with what is on their tables to make their teams successful. Mainly, many schools back then do not care if women's basketball teams win or lose. Only if they play. But to win or lose, who gives a fuck?

Since Title IX was enforced, slowly over three decades, many schools now demanded the coaches for women's basketball to perform better or they'll be fired.

I recalled remembering the times in 1980s where I do not read anything about the coaches being fired and replaced with better coaches.

But in 2000s, even it is aghast enough to see some coaches being fired at schools, they are replaced with better coaches because the schools wanted the national championships.

This year, I already saw the coaching changes at Richmond, Tulsa, Colorado, Miami, Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, California, Yale and so on. These schools (except for Yale) expected the term that is not familiar amongst the women's sports: Performance.

It is nice to see some changes in this country, especially for Women's Basketball ... since Dr. James Naismith invented basketball not for men but for women but fuck, men stole it for 20 years before women reclaimed it.

Again, even I have a nice cock, I acknowledged that men are pigs.

OH, yeah, some of my readers asked me why I started to like women's basketball -- I blame it on Aloha Tackett. This Deaf girl who is who I labelled as a corn-fed chick -- she's big gal. She can maul an opponent if she wanted to. When she fouled someone else, she'd be pissed off and when she had to stand by the line waiting for a hearing player to shoot, she'd shout at the hearing player to distract her from shooting the ball into the basket. Then the referee would warn her, Aloha would shrug it off. Then the hearing player tried again, Aloha shouted. She got a technical. And Coach DeVito would blast Aloha for being irresponsible with that behavior -- Aloha would 005 back and say, "LOOK AT THE SCORE! WE 58, THEM 22. SO WHAT!"

When I saw Aloha silencing the coach, that was the day I liked this sport. Ever since. Aloha Tackett, you rock, bitch. ;-)


iPods or MTA's Fault?

Let's Face This, iPods Suck: The news are being said that the iPods craze are to blame for the surge of subway crimes. AT least, very few Deaf persons owned one -- I mean, it's stupid thing, really. They can, at least, observe and be amused with each other on the subway train instead of being oblivious to their surroundings by listening to the sounds emitted by a machine. You will *never* find me wearing or try the iPods on me. If you do, you'll see the pigs flying in the sky.

Maybe the iPods Aren't To Be Blamed: The blame lies with whom? The MTA Workers, I absolutely *hated* dealing with the MTA fuckers when I came down to the subway station and was not sure where to go from there, I'd ask for a pen and paper to communicate, the person behind the thick glass refused and kept on screaming, ignoring or slamming the windows trying to get rid of me when I try to persist for some genuine information.

Sometimes, I want to blast the thick windows and murder them savagely -- one organ at a time. That is the least thing they deserved for behaving like this. I'm sure there are Deaf New Yorkers who wanted to murder them savagely. Perhaps, their incompetence caused the increase in subway crimes. Because what they do in that glass box is nothing but dozing off, insulting, berating and/or ignoring others who sought for information or help.

Hell, there are many posters on the trains that encouraged the commuters, tourists and riders to report the strange stuff that is being "left" on the trains -- it is worthless effort, honey. These guys in the glass boxes won't respond, listen or cared -- even if you banged on the glass boxes, they will NOT listen. They will just yell or make obscenities at you for trying to communicate with them. If I saw a bag under some seats, I won't report it to the MTA workers behind the glass boxes, fuck them. I rather to let it bomb. Let them learn the lesson for not doing their job. I may sound very cold -- but sometimes, shit happens. Deal with it.

Not Surprising ... Denny's Restaurant Got Sued Again: This time it happened in a red state ... in Jeb Bush's homestate ... Florida! Seven Arabs filed $28 million lawsuit against Denny's Restaurant because they refused to serve "Bin Ladens" in the restaurant. It is Arab discrimination, but what do you expect from Florida, really?

Upon reading the article, when the Arabs asked the Police Officer to file a compliant about the manager's behavior -- it was reported like this:
The lawsuit said a police officer who was a patron in the restaurant shouted at the plaintiffs to "Get out! Get out" and threatened to arrest them when they asked her to make out a police report about the restaurant manager's behavior.

This is very common among the Deaf people who got discriminated by hearing people -- when they asked the Police Officer to get involved, they would respond like this. Which is why many Deaf persons hesitated in dealing with the Police Officers -- why? Because they are hearing first, they are not Police first. They are hearing persons, first. They will side with THEM before rationalizing with the others.

IN this case, my instincts indicated that the Arabs are telling the truth while the cops and Denny's (also headquartered in South Carolina, famously for racists) manager claimed that the story was not entirely true.

Fuck hearies once again!


Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Sign On New Jersey Turnpike

Recently in the evening on New Jersey Turnpike, Gus and I drove down the highway. We saw the red neon flashing light warning the drivers, it reads:


Gus and I quickly looked at each other and broke out in heavy snickers.



Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Tyrone Giordano

I am sorry, Ty. I kinda forgot to mention the special friend of mine whose I knew from college days. Ty and I seemed to have a good relationship throughout our college years -- there is no reason for me to be annoyed by his presence. He was charming, smart, funny and easy to talk with about anything else.

For many, Tyrone seemed to be "hot". I knew many people drooled after him, I thought he was charming but not my type. I guess he probably felt relieved by that! However, when we graduated from Gallaudet, he was talking about what to do with his life -- I vividly remembered telling him that I read an advertisement about a role to perform in DeafWest Theatre. He said he heard about it -- I told him that he'd fit in easier than committing a sin.

Image hosted by
Big River

Little did I know that his performance in Big River eventually brought him to Broadway in New York and since then, his acting career went up and up and up ... I am extremely proud of him and happy for him. I occasionally saw him in New York when he was in town, he looked good as ever.

He mentioned that he is involved with two films. Wow. I'm so happy for him. Tyrone deserved all of this successes.

He can be seen in movie theaters where Ashton Kutchner played, "A Lot Like Love" -- Tyrone played as the deaf brother of Ashton's character. Heard from friends that it was good! That it did not look down on Deafies' tendencies. One said that he was stunned that Tyrone not played small but pretty large role throughout the film.

He will be in another film with Diane Keaton called "The Family Stone" which I do not know when it will release.

Image hosted by
Ty the Charismatic Dude

Ty, you rock. You're going where not many Deaf men did -- for that, we thank you for being a role model. Love you lots, Ty.


Gallaudet & Manor House

Gallaudet Football: A certain reader informed me by AIM recently that Gallaudet Athletic Department has shifted some budget changes that permitted itself to hire a full-time Head Coach for Gallaudet Football team which is not affilitated with any divisions in the NCAA -- only club-status. Why?

Because many deaf schools are tight with the budgets trimmed by their states, their athletic departments, unlike the public schools, abandoned the use of weightlifting programs, abandoned from sending the athletic kids to summer camps to polish their skills -- when they graduated from high school, many of them went to Gallaudet and ended up being pretty much disadvantage when it comes to compete against the hearing peers.

Which is why you see the years of losing seasons at Gallaudet football teams. I personally believed that it is all right to dismantle the football team. Gallaudet will be fine without it. Look at George Washington University, it is doing just fine without having the football team.

Here is the another rumor to the whole football thing at Gallaudet, they are offering SIX FIGURE SALARY for Andy Bonheyo to coach the football team. I was told by someone else that at Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Maryland -- the school absolved three positions to make an offer that lured Andy to Frederick from Austin, Texas. I do not know if it is true.

I think Andy would do well at Gallaudet but in the long run, Gallaudet football team will still crash and burn no matter what.

Manor House on PBS: I watched the Manor House on PBS today. It is a reality show about the servants that lived during the Edwardian Era (1900s) that was very common in the United Kingdom. I found it to be very fascinating -- they hired persons with the knowledge that they will work for long hours, live in the House and deal with the issues within the 1900s laws which is pretty nonexistant for the high and low servants. I thought it was one of the best reality-based shows so far.

If you can, check it out!


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Future Advertisements?

Surdus made this and I was amused -- what do you guys think of this?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by



Remember This?

Remember the dude who ran CNN and said that he thinks the journalists were targeted by the military sometimes in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan? There was outcry that prompted this guy, I think his name is James Eaton or something, to resign from his job at CNN.

Then few weeks later, the Italian journalist was rescued by Italians and was attacked by the US Military. The US Military claimed that it was a mistake because of bad communication. One Italian was killed, the journalist was injured. The journalist also mentioned that the people who held her told her that she will be killed by the US Military "anyway when she is free". She couldn't believe it when it actually happened right after she was rescued.

Now there is an article that the US troops were cleared in Italian agent's death. Is it me or that it is frequent that the US troops are being cleared of many wrongdoings?


Monday, April 25, 2005

Happiest & Depressed Cities In USA

This is bit odd. I just saw this on MSN's Health & Fitness:

The Happiest Cities in the USA are:

1. Laredo, TX
2. El Paso, TX
3. Jersey City, NJ
4. Corpus Christi, TX
5. Baton Rouge, LA
6. Honolulu, HI
7. Fresno, CA
8. San Jose, CA
9. Lincoln, NE
10. Bakersfield, CA
11. Buffalo, NY
12. Anchorage, AK
13. Stockton, CA
14. Shreveport, LA
15. (3-way tie) Madison, WI
Montgomery, AL
and Des Moines, IA
18. Wichita, KS
19. (tie) Sacramento, CA and
Omaha, NE

The Most Depressed Cities are:

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Detroit, MI
3. St. Petersburg, FL
4. St. Louis, MO
5. Tampa, FL
6. Indianapolis, IN
7. (3-way tie) Mesa, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
and Scottsdale, AZ
10. Cleveland, OH
11. New York, NY
12. Salt Lake City, UT
13. Atlanta, GA
14. (3-way tie) Yonkers, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
and Kansas City, MO
17. (3-way tie) Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Nashville, TN
20. Portland, OR

My opinion? Some of 'em are bullshit.


The Horror Stories of Dorian Yanke

As you may know, I absolutely lacked an iota of respect for Dorian Yanke since the first time I met him when he was a freshman at Gallaudet. He was (and probably still is, since I do not see him these days) abrasive, mean, rude, crude, condescending, offensive, callous, arrogant, jerk, anal retentive, asshole and many more.

As I learned last week, he was going to be the Director of Multicultural Diversity, I was horrified and appalled at the notion ... not because he is going to be the one, but at the notion that Gallaudet would HIRE someone like Dorian!

Then someone else emailed me to bitch at Dorian. Apparently, that person has a beef on him for what he did to the person. I cannot blame him.

Several emailed me, expressed the shock and anger that Dorian would do such a thing like this.

I think it is fitting that I write this entry to express my experiences in dealing with the hooligan trash. Then people who had horrible experiences with this fucker can express theirs in comment box.


* * *

I was in the RA office, talking with Nanc when I first met Dorian. I never heard of him, he told me that his name is ... Yanke. I told him that I knew of his sister, but not of him. He seemed to be offended that I did not know who he is. He picked up the Hostess Twinkies that he purchased from the vending machine and tossed it at me, "You probably needed it more than I do."

I told him that I don't like this stuff. From that point, he relentlessly called me "Twinkie boy" for years.

* * *

One time, the doorbell flashed at 3 AM, I opened only to have the full water in the trash can flip into my bedroom and drenched the carpet. Dorian did it. Everyone said he took the huge trash can into the shower room and filled it with hot water to make it smell bad and leaned it on my door.

It took weeks to make my bedroom smell better. He totally fucked up my roommate and my routine system.

* * *

He made fun of gays. He nearly attacked Erik in front of me, throwing tons of offensive slurs at Erik in the cafeteria and in the dorm lobby. He wrote offensive comments about me on VAX's Notes Conference where he imagined what it is like to have a guy to fuck me. It was demeaning and offensive.

* * *

There was a fair that was sponsored by Campus Life in the Hanson Plaza -- there was a moonwalk where everyone can enter and jump for fun. I joined with my friends and had a good time. Then I saw Dorian seeing me in that thing, his eyes implied that he wanted to do something on me. I panicked and tried to get out but a friend accidentally knocked me down farther in the corner -- by time, Dorian got in the Moonwalk and pounced me repeatedly to a point where I thought I was going to be injured. I reported it to the Judicial Affairs. Nothing was being done at that time. Dorian apologized later but he did it just because he was worried that he'd be thrown out of school or punished.

* * *

I was waiting for an elevator with Jake, we were talking about the disney film called "Pocahontas" when the elevator opened in Carlin Hall. DOSS Officer was not far from me on the first floor. I did not see who was in the elevator -- suddenly, I was violently pushed so hard that I actually flew across the lobby. I was shocked then saw Dorian arguing with his ex, Cara who was crying hysterically in the elevator. He was not even charged in the Judicial Affairs even with the report submitted by the DOSS at that time. Jake could not believe that I actually flew.

Later, Cara said Dorian did not want to hit Cara so when the elevator opened, he saw me, the opportunity to do this was so great that he decided to push me so hard ... what if I hit that brick wall head-on?

* * *

These stories you just heard is what happened to me when I had to weather the terror of Dorian Yanke during my college years.

All in all, Dorian is one nasty bastard that does not deserve to be forgiven by any means.

I do not have a grudge on him. What do I feel about him? Pity. He does not deserve a chance to do something positive after the way he treated many people. He did it with pride. He enjoyed inflicting pain on people, he enjoyed terrorizing on people, he enjoyed bashing on people. He enjoyed everything that is possible as long as he can run away with it.

I do not hate him. But I will never be friends nor acknowledge his existence. Even if he changed some, I do not think I have the stomach to tolerate his presence. What he did to me was beyond anything else that I can think of.

And when someone said about his dead infant, I cannot help but grin. That's how bad it was for me when I had to endure being terrorized by this pompous fuck.

By all means, feel free to share your experiences about dealing with Dorian in the comment box.


Few Comments

I was reading NY Blade recently and it mentioned that The Cock Bar will move out of 12 Street & Avenue A to ... The Hole. The Hole will cease to exist, but The Cock Bar will take over its place. Not bad, not bad.

Also, Larry Kramer, the gay rights activist who gave his blistering opinions on different things including gay people who are irresponsible in barebacking -- calling them murderers. He also issued another interesting comments about Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Do you think the answer is outing gay people?

Kramer: Oh god yes. Out them all. To show you how out of touch HRC is with the realities of life, they don’t subscribe to that theory.

Blade: What can be done to fix HRC?

Nothing. They should close up shop. They don’t do us any good.

And I'm not member of HRC, go figure.


A Birthday Party for John Cameron Mitchell

Last night, I strolled down to Lower East Side and hits the Happy End Lounge on Broome Street. Little did I know that the night would end up as one of the most interesting evenings of my time in Manhattan.

It was a birthday bash for John Cameron Mitchell, a man of many hats (actor, writer, director, producer et al). Perhaps some of you knew that John Cameron Mitchell is famous for directing and acting in the independent film called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch".

Yes, I met John Cameron Mitchell -- he's shorter than I am but extremely cute. Very nice. Beth is so going to kill me. Beth is bona-fide fan of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". The folks that went to the Birthday Bash is surreal. Some dressed outrageously, some dressed marvelous. I was the one on the left side in the "dress shitty" category.

Some stuff are not meant to be said in public. I also met a photographer who also do the photo-blog of his own. I was bit annoyed when he kept on flashing around the bar, its flash is extremely powerful. After seeing his photoblogging, I understand why he frequently flashed it all over the bar. Do not expect to find a picture of me in it because I probably did not look attractive last night. The photographer is also tall and sported a familiar facial features that tends to intrigue me and I found out that ... he is Serbian. I know, McFly, I have a thing for Serbs. Don't ask me why. I just never visited the Balkan States but I do have a thing for them. Call it a fetish if you must, McFly! Nikola, your stuff are great! I'm gonna add you to my list.

The photographer does some stuff for as well. You can see the picture of John Cameron Mitchell being groped by these 3 nuts which I *vee-vee'ed* all night long. LIke I said, some stuff are not meant to be said in public.

Jessica the Bartender was simply great and charming -- I cannot believe how much she has to put up with gay men last night.

One funniest moment occured when I was waiting in a line for the bathroom (things always fucked up in the bathroom, don't they?), a guy shoved me. I was annoyed. Then he awkwardly leaned in on me which made my drink spill over a little. I turned to look at him and fingerspelled, "YOU ANAL RETENTIVE!"

The dumb hearing guy smiled and slowly mouthed the words, "I don't know what you said, but thanks for trying to talk with me." He leaned in on for a hug.

I nearly choked on my ice.

OH, yeah, Alan Cummings was there. He was literally all over the place. One time, he bumped on my back when he was dancing -- you guys know me, I hate being pushed, shoved or knocked around -- I turned to see him dancing. "Oh, that is him?" was my first thought when I first saw him. No excitement there. Not my thing. He's not hot but being famous helps him to make out with ... stop, stop, RT, stop!

Surdus, Jasper and Dax plainly vanished few hours later while I hung around and flirted different guys. It was fun. When I got home, I realized that I got 3 or 4 email addresses. Not bad, not bad.

Confidential to Chad: Staying in the bathroom with a guy for a long time does not make you attractive.


Bitch Session IV

Here it is! Remember, anything you send it to me -- I copy and paste -- but I remove the names & email addresses, it is all forgotten. Nobody knew. Nobody will never know who said this, that and there. Yes, some people asked me who said it, and I declined to identify because I wanted to make this 100% confidentiality.


* * *

Jessica vonGarrel! Get over Franco Korpics. Don't be obsessed and possessive about him. He doesn't love you! MOVE ON! He is in love with someone else! I know for sure!! GET A LIFE!!

Why can't you come up with better names while trying to launch veiled attacks online? You guys are scooping ridiculously low. "A Friend" "Anonymous" "Kurzetards" You're all weaklings. Have fun finishing your shriveling down into the dirt while feebling blurting out weak words and dispersing into thin air. Have more class, will you?

Cynthia & Tanya, from day one, people snickered at you both because you're losers. And you still are. Why do you think you guys went home alone last Friday night?

When are you going to get a clue that I do not have any attraction for you? Pick up your drool bucket and move on to the next person.

Desmond, you will never be cute -- you're just vain dude who thinks you're all that. You only had to buy clothes in order to keep up with the trends -- but otherwise, you're truly fucked. IN fact, you cannot compete with anyone else outside of your circle -- that's why you are imprisoned in your own world -- A sign of delusional mind, really. Not only that, fucking your roommate is not exactly the "gay" thing to do!

To the family (cohabiting with college students) where the gal is all over the country doing recruiting for a certain college, and where the guy is doing god-knows-what, do you think the 3-year old daughter is doing well, psychologically and emotionally?

When will we achieve First Contact with Vulcans so we can wipe out the materialism shit?

Jessica vonGarrel ... go back to the man who wants u so badly, Jon Kovacs!

Get a fucking clue that I do not want to see or talk with you at all. No means no. Need help finding a long thick needle to pop that overinflated balloon head of yours?

Fuck you, you cab drivers who think that beautiful deaf women with big boobs would be interested in marrying, let alone dating, you! Get a grip. I'm not helping you get your green card.

Asking me to fill out a lottery ticket (with numbers) for you does not mean that I'll marry you if you win the lottery. See the cop and business woman behind you laughing? That should indicate how silly you sounded when asking me to marry you if you won. Keep the money yourself and enjoy your new rich life if you win. If not, happy drinking that beer you bought alongside your lottery ticket.

I wonder if the dead infant probably makes Dorian Yanke see things in a different light? I hope so. That fucker probably deserved it.

Scott, if I ever see you again, the first thing you'll ever see is my fist.

Lenny, one word that can describe you the best -- retard.

You don't think I smell foreign tuna on your cock? Stop cheating. Or I'll bite.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Furball 2: My Experiences

When I got off from the 14 Street Subway Station, it was raining hard. It poured like Hell. Not a good idea for me, to walk in the GLBT Center where everyone else will see me for the first time -- in very wetty situation.

But I went ahead. I ran like crazy, saw guys that were going to Furball 2 hiding under the covers by the buildings. Then I arrived at the GLBT Center which is a block away on 13 Street -- it was packed. Yes, I was one of few guys who were drenched by the rain.

The first impression of Furball 2 is the ... stench. I'm telling you guys, gay men breathed bad. I gagged a lot. When they saw me and said "Woof" -- their breath hits me, not so attractive. I flinched a little. I am man enough to handle the stench. Basically, the party is great. People are friendly. I kept on getting groped from behind -- kinda pissed me off because I cannot know who did it. Some guys are gorgeous, some guys are bizarre. C'est la vie in the world of Gay Community.

Some leathermen thinks Furball is for them. They came in not-so-subtle clothes that would give few churchgoers heart attacks. Saw a guy who is about 6'0 and 350 lbs, he wore nothing but boxers. I will never be like that. I won't. I will not permit myself -- if so, somebody push me off the Empire State Building!

One charming fellow with a beard -- you could tell that he is kinda Irish. He targeted me, and so do I. He made a move -- we talked and blah. One thing I do not like about gays is that when they like someone, they talk, then they try to kiss before exchanging email addresses. I happen to think the kisses are intimate!

But at this Furball 2, do what the Romans did. I kissed. We exchanged. But again, I'm wary and cautious of hearing men. They are like dogs, you have to be responsible for them, you do not trust them around food. You do not trust them around certain things ... but you cannot live without 'em.

Few deafies were there. Ryan, Surdus, me and about 5 more. Some are dumb enough that I simply refused to acknowledge their names. I just do not care nor have the time to deal with the introductions.

By 1 AM, I had enough of these men at the GLBT Center -- I wanted to pep myself up with some normal guys that I never managed to attain, it is off to GYM SPORTSBAR!

Surdus brought his toy along to meet me at GYM SportsBar, the newest gay sports bar in New York. I noticed something better -- more gays are being normal. They dressed much better as according to the norms of the sports bar. I do not see any Martini drinks which is good news, to say the least. As time progressed, I get heavily buzzed. Surdus and his toy went home as I was greeted by two guys that I met at The Park. In fact, I almost forgot who they were -- they greeted me and had to remind me who they were. Oh, sorry, that is my cliche towards hearing men these days. Meet them, forget them later.

Later before the bar closed, I was approached by the manager who told me that he saw me here before ... twice. And he wondered if I liked the bar. I told him the truth -- I told him that the first time, I thought it was ew! The second time was alright. Now this time, it is much better and resonating with the norms of a typical sports bar. He smiled hard and said he's Kevin the Manager -- very hot one.

It was fun all right, tonight -- the dilemma -- watching Desperate Housewives or going to the well-known actor's birthday party which Surdus was invited and he extends that to me. This or that? I'll go to the party -- it happens only once. Desperate Housewives, well, there is always reruns.

Be patient for the Bitch Session IV is coming up next -- after the Birthday Bash tonight!


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Maria's Birthday Bash and Furball 2

Last night, I went to Nowhere Bar in East Village to celebrate Maria's birthday bash. It was unexpected to see a large crowd of more than 30 Deafies and deaf-wannabes. This, that and there -- the typical birthday party you'll get at any bar, really.

It was good to see some old faces. Including Robert Arnold, the guy who also graduated from my alma mater. We cracked jokes about almost everything in ASL. If you heard some series of howls on 14 Street, it was me and Robert, really.

We also went to Beauty Bar afterwards because of better lightning.

Tonight, I'm heading down to the GLBT Center for "Furball 2" event. I believe it is a dance hall for guys who likes big, hairy and buff guys. Dunno if I'll fit in the whole drama. If there is few funny drama, I will be more than happy to blog about it.

Oh, bitchin' notes is coming nicely. Some are fiercely funny, some are fiercely awful. But either way, you'll laugh out of your mind. Send me some more if you dare. I"ll probably upload it much later in the night or tomorrow.



Friday, April 22, 2005

Little Rock's Fabled Houston Nutt Senior

Category: Deaf Sports

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Houston Nutt Sr., the father of four college coaches and the only person to play for basketball coaching greats Adolph Rupp at Kentucky and Henry Iba at Oklahoma A&M, died Wednesday at a hospital after a stroke. He was 74.

Nutt was the father of Arkansas football coach Houston Nutt Jr. and Arkansas State basketball coach Dickey Nutt. Another son, Dennis, is the basketball coach at Texas State and son Danny is an assistant football coach at Arkansas.

Nutt Sr. was coach and director of athletics and student life at the Arkansas School for the Deaf. He had a lifetime of hearing problems and spent 32 years in various roles at the Little Rock school before retiring in 1987.

In 1957, Nutt was a member of the American Association for the Deaf team that won a gold medal in international competition in Milan, Italy. He was inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2001 and also is a member of the Deaf Hall of Fame.

* * *

Houston Nutt Sr is the revered figure in the state of Arkansas. Even beyond that Nolan Richardson. I heard a lot of great stuff about the father and his legacy on his blood children and his impact on the kids at Arkansas School for the Deaf.

Care to share your comments, Chlms?


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Something To Ponder

Nearing 50,000! The blog is approaching 50,000 visits with already over 80,000 views. Nice, nice. Thanks, guys. Obviously, I did something right. Poor little McWeenie has no life -- picking up only 2,000 visits. Hey, YOU get a life. I already did.

Guess Who Is The Director? This is joke. I just learned this today. Why did Gallaudet choose him as the Director of Multicultural Diversity is beyond me! This guy terrorized every minority possible -- especially women and gays! Guess who is now the Director of MD -- Dorian Yanke! Let's see how sensitive Dorian will be when a closeted gay person comes to him -- I'm willing to bet that this particular sensitive guy will jump off the building right after seeing Dorian.

Disgruntled New Yorker: Read this -- it is hilarious. Sometimes I feel like that. So New York!

What Animals are Gays Similar To? Today, Surdus and I loitered about what kind of animal that gays can be compared with? He said it has to be roaches! When he explained the reasons, I agreed with him completely. Roaches eats anything. So does gays. When roaches are big, people scream. When gay men has big dicks, gay men scream as well. They fucked too much, are dirty and disgusting at times. IMpossible to get rid of. And last, they are fittingly called Cockroaches!

The Incredibles! Saw it today. Great movie for all ages, for all groups. Maybe except for folks in The South since it does not cover incest and biblical stories, really, eh?


Another Reason Why The South Is Dumb

This happened in Northwest Alabama, the same state that banned gays from marrying, banned anyone from owning the sexual toys. The same state where the State Senator advocated to bury the books that talked about gays.

The same state that created this particular Fucktard -- the same gal who lived in Iowa then moved to Florida.

Enjoy the article, thanks to PikeSpeak!

Certainly not my thing to do. Ugh.


Reminder for Bitch Session IV

Bitch Session IV:Deadline is this weekend -- so fire me away with your Bitch Sessions. I'm SO ready for this.

Here Is The Proof: The little gnat, McCock claimed that he did not copy my ideas for his blogsite. If you looked at articles, he often reads my blog entries then talk about it. He thinks he's that smart. Bleech. He challenged me to prove it. I chose not to. Well, I talked about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Then he brought it up a day later, I quickly pointed that out. He denied as always. Then I made fun of him. Suddenly, he decided to ban me from commenting anything -- which is fine with me -- he claimed that I repeatedly insulted him -- in fact, I only commented *twice*. First, to point the entry out that he copied my idea -- second, to make fun of his dead, mangled cousin who is rotting six feet under the cold ground. That's it. Waaah, fucktard!

I Guess I Will Die Of Pancreatic Cancer! Some of you guys knew that I love Hot Dogs. Yesterday, before entering Columbia University, I ate two Hot Dogs from the corner stand. Mmmmm! Hot Dogs rock!

Confidential to Adamo: Anyday, honey, anyday!


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Best and Worst Times of Queen in DC

A couple of pictures from a dear friend of mine in the District -- whom I took the liberty of adding words to the pictures.

Merritt was chosen as the one of the Top Quirky Dressers by a sorority at Gallaudet -- which does not faze me at all -- he has billions of clothes to choose from for any kind of events that you might have in mind, he'll simply shock everyone else in the process.

That's Merritt. Congratulations, Merritt.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by



Guess Who's Visiting Gallaudet?

I was informed by a close friend of mine that Princess Mathilde of Belgium has chosen Gallaudet as one of three places she wanted to visit when she is in Washington, DC on Thursday, April 21, 2005.

Image hosted by
Princess Mathilde of Belgium

That is nice. Until I found the reason why she chose Gallaudet University -- according to this website, she studied Speech Therapy at the Institute of Marie-Haps, teaching people how to bark with their voices.

Too bad, she'll hear lots of gibberish shouts at Gallaudet tomorrow. That's OK -- entirely a culture shock for her. Good for her.

You know, she is not the only royal ever to visit Gallaudet. After all, Gallaudet has its own hordes of Queens from day one. Look at moi, Merritt, Witch, Litch, Manny, Kitch, Vess, Rayni and many more. Of course, I sit on the top of all, I am The Empress! I have yet to let go of my royal title to the appropriate one. Perhaps I will because I have to, in a short time. And the rest are just ... Queen Bees that I allowed to fight amongst each other.

But it is always cordial to welcome anyone else on the campus -- then let them know that it is us who ruled Gallaudet. ;-)


More Xian Nuts To Report, Don't I?

Chicago, IL -- Xian Nuts are on the loose and they claimed that they saw the image of Virgin Mary by the highway's underpass! This is hilarious, the End is coming! Be like Lummings and hop off the cliff!

This reminded me of Xian nuts going amok in Clearwater, Florida few years ago after seeing this image on some office window after some cleaners mixed wrong chemicals!

More on the Nazi Pope: South Africa's Anglician Bishop Desmond Tutu said that the new Pope is out of touch with the world's progress. In other words, he was saying that he's old fart. Same thing came from the new Pope's older brother who said he's old fart. Sort of.

Update! I got an email from the guy I liked. We are ... let's say ... talking. I think.

Went to Columbia University today to observe the class where Ratie, Jody and Perlis are attending for their graduate studies. Had a lengthy conversation with different people -- bumped into Maria, the wild girl of New York -- she reminded me to come down to Nowhere Bar on 14 Street on Friday night for her birthday bash party.

Gee, when will it ever end?


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What A Surprise!

I got an email from Jen, the CODA gal whom I worked for at PBS Online when I was at Gallaudet. She said that she googled her name and it got to my blog. Whee. And what's odd ... I tried to google her name as well. I could not find where she found the blogsite.

But that's OK. She's doing great. Still at PBS, bought a home on some Wisteria Lane in some Pleasantville. More power to her, but not for me. Unless I'm married. Or taken. Or whatever.

Ahh, she better try to keep in touch with me from now on. Same with her sistah, Wendy!

Basically, what happened last night is bit bizarre. A guy I bumped into at The Cock Bar, he accused me that I am not Deaf. I tried to convince him that I'm Deaf, he doubted. It took a well-known DJ who knew ASL to intervene and made it clear in a firm voice (or yell?) to that guy that I am indeed Deaf. It was weird to see a DJ defending a deaf person against the hearing guy who insisted that I faked my deafness.

Then shortly, I met another guy ... who knew ASL. He was on my butt all night long. He wanted to interpret for me despite the fact that I told him not to and to leave me alone! I told him that I do not need his help -- so when one guy and I flirted each other, by God, this ASL-wannabe interrupted frequently to a point where one of them suggested that we ... go home together.

Yes, we went home together because this guy I liked insisted that I go with him, but it did not work out well because I don't want this ASL wannabe in on with me and this guy -- it was too awkward to deal with. Somehow, this ASL-wannabe was badmouthing about this guy to me (I suspected he did it so I freak out then he can have him), the other guy cussed at this wannabe -- I still do not know what exactly happened. So ... tempers flared. Later, the wannabe told me that he told the other guy, "You're pompous."

You see, I like this guy. I do not like for anyone who just learned ASL to interfere and want to help me around -- to top it all, I do NOT like for him to follow me around! I do not like for him to make these awkward propositions for us all. I just want two -- me and this guy. I tried to discourage him to get lost -- he was adamant to be with us. Even this guy, initially, was willing to let him join -- I gave the hints that I only wanted two of us.

It was getting brighter and brighter in the morning -- I told 'em that I am leaving, they were still arguing about the insults, I believe.

So basically, the night was ruined, I think. I liked this guy, I knew he does. I can see the excitement in his eyes, but gee, thanks to that fucker ASL-wannabe, I do not think I'll ever hear from him again (he swears that he will email). It is kinda bizarre -- It was my first time to deal with a hearing guy who INSISTED to be around with me all night long because he liked both of us. I do not ... find him attractive, I just wanted him to go away. Even few friends of mine tried to tell him to fuck off, he kept on telling that he knew ASL. I told him to keep his two feet away from me -- he kept on shovhing and rubbing on me or this guy. I had to push him gently to tell him that it's not nice.

God. What a 'tard. I think it was the first time that I could not get rid of someone else in a short time. He literally won the prize in the end, I think. I gave it away to him. I can't handle this, certainly not two guys on my hands. Ugh.

Happy, Michelley?


One More Picture From DEEP! Club

Thanks to Yingst who snapped this cool picture. I seemed to be in daze, thanks to few cups of Cape Cod. Guys, I know you rolled your eyes! Nothing new with me, always Cape Cod.

IN this picture, CK and I posed up a little -- CK is gorgeous! I'm so inferior when it comes to appearances! As you can see, I seemed to dabble in ... the concept of heterosexuality for few hours for old times' sake. Uh, no -- of course not.

Image hosted by
Ridor and CK Having Good Time!


10 Years Ago

It was 11 AM EST, I was sitting in the cafeteria yakking with the friends from Arkansas -- which is why many people sometimes asked me if I attended Arkansas School for the Deaf. Such an absurd logic, really.

I wanted to get the second serving of whatmacallit food in the cafeteria, so I stood up -- I saw the TV SPECIAL REPORT interrupting the wildly popular show, "Jerry Springer Show". It was the live broadcast of destroyed skyscraper, with debris all over the place. The captions were not on, apparently they seemed to scramble to get the captioners on a while later after the first broadcast. So many Deaf students were left to guess what is going on with the image of destroyed skyscraper with heavy, black smoke billowing rising into the sky and seeing people running around.

Image hosted by

I smiled, "Not another Tel Aviv shit."

When I got the second serving on the plate, I went back to the table and was stunned when it mentioned: Oklahoma City. What the fuck?

The reports immediately cried that the Muslim terrorists had to be the one. People were pleading to calm and not to jump the gun. The media went nuts when the Christians claimed that it was Muslims.

Turned out it was us who produced our own American Terrorist who bombed Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in response to the way they handled the Xian fanatics in Waco, Texas which ended in a huge bonfire for these dumbfucks, good for 'em.

Guys, guys -- Tim McVeigh was not Arab. He was not Muslim. He ws white trash. He was Xian. He was the classic American conservative who believed that the government should not interfere in our lives. He was the conservatives' true Terrorist!

Remember that.

Image hosted by
A Time To Examine Ourselves

Oh, yeah, later in the summer of 1995, I drove through Oklahoma City on the way to Los Angeles, Richall and I stopped by and visited the bombing site. We were chatting and hanging out at the clean-up site -- of course, we were bit morbid and cynical about it. The folks at the dry cleaning store right across the street saw us and the owner came to ask me and Richall to join her for lunch in the store and talk about it. We did.

It was nice.

That's how nice Oklahoma City can be, if they wanted to be. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise -- be nice to everyone else or you'll be ka-boomed.

Thanks to the lady for her generosity in Oklahoma City. Never knew her name, though. But will never forget the lunch appointment.


Pope & Pearl Harbor

Pope Benedict XVI: He looks creepy to me. His eyes seems to glee about something else. The way he acknowledged the audience is corny. Never mind the fact that he was enrolled in Nazi Youth Movement, he is extreme homophobe. This is Cardinal John Ratzinger, he ran the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was responsible for the Spanish Inquisitions.

The new Pope is simply not the God's Right Man. He is a prick who hated gays, advocated out-of-control births (evidence, look at Latin America!) -- basically, this man is not willing to work towards the good solution of all issues. He could be the one that many Xians screamed as "The False Prophet".

It is no secret that many people will be impacted by this fool's decisions, even with many Nuns saying that they loathed him because he does not care enough about people who are in poverty.

The sex-abuse scandals were largely ignored by Cardinal John Ratzinger and will continue to do so. Did you know that he was subponaed to appear in the Court in Texas related to sex abuse? Now being the Pope, he does not have to show up at all. He never will have to address the sex abuse scandals that continues to shake the foundations of the Church.

Plus, the shortage of priests indicated that the Church is crawling to its tomb, which is good thing, I think. Perhaps, that was the way The Fates wanted it to be -- have the worst Pope to seal the death of the Catholic Church.

It is eerie to watch him walking around the Vatican, in the same house that was enriched by pillaging and raping millions of families' estates in the past. And it is eerie to see fools cheering and dancing for this fool.

Oh, well.

It will be a long time before the Catholic Church will atone its sins against the humanity. I thought Pope John Paul II was decent, but this one is bad. Very bad.

It appeared that Pope Benedict XVI was separated at birth from his twin brother, check for the evidence, thanks to Towleroad.

PBS' American Experience: The Massie Affair I stumbled upon a documentary on PBS last night about The Massie Affair which took place in Hawai'i. It talked about how the whites stole Hawai'i from its Hawai'ian natives. Hawai'i was never ceded to the United States legally, it was stolen. IN fact, Queen Lilo'uokalani was forced to surrender her throne at gunpoint by the Provisional Government who were consisted of haoles. Haoles means white folks in Hawai'i. In fact, the Hawai'ians invited and tolerated the Haoles and they still don't feel it is enough so they had to steal it for their own.

It is interesting to note that there was racial harmony in Hawai'i amongst the natives, Chinese, Japanese and Haoles ... until the government of Hawai'i ceded Pearl Harbor to the United States Navy in order to get duty-free sugar trade. Suddenly, the influx of Navy hooligans arrived in Honolulu. Most hooligans are white trash from The South who advocated the segregation -- they were appalled and disgusted at the sight of different colors mixing and socializing with each other.

They nearly caused the racial conflicts at every level of communities in Honolulu, the Navy brass in Pearl Harbor consisted of white trash hooligans which they refused to do businesses with the Natives or other ethnic groups, only Haoles which reinforced the bitter resentment of the Natives on Haoles. Then Thalia Massie came in the picture, such drama to be ensued to a point where the US Navy brass decided to take things into matter and nearly caused the Racial War in Honolulu.

It is interesting to note that Thalia's mother, Grace Fortescue, is the granddaughter of Alexander Graham Bell, the notorious inventor of telephone who wanted to eradicate Deaf people's American Sign Language. Grace, not surprising for a person who is into status quo, killed a Hawai'ian with no remorse. Basically, what happened in Hawai'i by the white trash southerners is travesty.

Perhaps, that is why The Fates approved the destruction of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Image hosted by
Good Riddance, Pearl Harbor!


Can't Sleep -- So I Am Sharing Some Thoughts

Ann Coulter Is Dumb Bitch: Today, on the subway train en route to my home after the "fiasco" in East/West Village which will be clarified sooner or later, I was reading the NY POST -- Ann Coulter complained that this picture does not depicit her good enough to a point where her mother said she barely recognized who the lady is.

Of course, is Ann supposed to be Mann Coulter that hir mother knew in the first place?

Matthew McCounaughey Is Smart Dude: In NY POST, he was quoted, "New York has this stigma. People in Texas or California are like, 'No one is that nice in New York.' I'm like "Bullshit, man!" The difference is, people in New York are going somewhere."


It is 8:26 AM

Got in at 8:10 AM. Long story. What a fucking bizarre night. Dunno if I should share -- some are too ... unbelievable to prove. Just that ... I'm kinda speechless by what has transpired in the last 10 hours. Nothing bad, but God -- sigh. Bedtime for few hours before going to Columbia University.


Monday, April 18, 2005

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

Yes, you got it right. 99 years ago, the earthquake struck the town of San Francisco and from there, San Francisco did not fold. It simply altered the way it deals with designs, transportation system and so on.

There is an article about the reunion of survivors from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, enjoy the article!

What truly impressed me is this gentleman, Herbert Hamrol, who is 102 years old -- he was 3 when it happened -- he vividly remembered the happenstance but not enough to understand the whole she-bang drama. But why impressed me? He is currently working at a grocery store as shelf-stocker in San Francisco.

Impressive for 102 years old guy!

Since I'm on the subject of San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, I'd like to remind people about Douglas Tilden. He was the sculptor who went to California School for the Deaf and his work on "The Mechanics Monument" which can be found in Downtown San Francisco in the intersection of Market, Bush and Battery Streets.

That monument and "Admission Day Monument" were the only monuments that stood unaffected by the Earthquake of 1906 while everything was destroyed. Coincidence? You decide.

It is kinda annoying that hearing people walk by unaware that this massive monuments were crafted by Deaf person! And for a long time, they claimed that we cannot function in the hearing world. Go figure.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Snapshot

Here is the snapshot of three bloggers. Kevin and kaybee looks good, don't they? I look like a hunchback or something -- my eyes seemed to be melancholy like Mordru up on the top corner of my blog, eh? Damn. I need to practice to smile better. One gal, years ago, told me that when I smiled, I scared her. When she said that, it reminded me of The Addams Family's Wednesday who were imprisoned in a cabin, forcing to watch the Disney movies. Then she came out to face the counselors and campers, then she smiled. One camper asked the counselor, "Make her stop to smile, she's scaring me!"

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Three Bloggers




Gabe Leung mentioned that Ahmed works for SEE HEAR, a TV program. That was incorrect information. Ahmed corrected me that he is a presenter for VEE-TV (Y E S !! There is a television program called VEE!!)and Lydia works as a researcher for the VEE-TV production.

I checked the VEE-TV website -- I absolutely liked it!

You can see Ahmed's background in this profile. Great picture! Charming man, I can see why Melly goes flip over him.

You can see Lydia's profile as well -- too bad, the picture does not tell you that she is tall, about a foot taller than I am. Lydia is so riot. So funny.

After viewing the VEE-TV's website -- its style of format in production is similar to MTV's style. I like it.

I liked the AARRGH video clip, when Aysin made it clear that he does not have to be patient with this hearing person -- it reminded me of me! (Realplayer video only)

And this video clip was portrayed by Lydia as well. You can see how tall she is. And last Thursday night, Lydia signed a cool sign that caught my eye and I asked her what it is -- she explained that it is a new fad sign among the Deaf UK. It means, "C'mon!" I used it last night when Lydia cracked a joke and I said, "C'mon" in that sign. Lydia nearly choked on her drink. Oh, well -- at least, I tried!

I think I am going to try this with VEE-TV in London in matter of months.


Oh! Party at DEEP

Well, so many things to say. So many persons to say "hi", so many to loiter. So many are heterosexuals. So expensive drinks!

You know, when I entered the club, I paid $4 for the damned coatcheck, the 5'10 caucasian with thick brown hair and goatee stared at me and smiled his shiny teeth. When he took my coat, he winked at me. I thought that was ... so cute.

I met Kevin McCaul. Here is the shocker, he is a foot tall than I am. God, I feel like this couple. Har har. Kevin is nice fella.

As much as I enjoyed the camaraderie, I'm not the fan of SO MANY PEOPLE -- mainly because it is difficult to maintain the conversation under the limited times with different persons. It became too distracting and stressful for me. Soon, I shall have some kind of one-on-one conversation with some faces that I met.

Regan and Kaybee looks da bomb! Same with Yingst, CMK and CK! The Deaf UKs arrived -- Melly got drunk so bad that she lagged on to tell me to inform Veronica that she loves her and wants me to mwah her as well.

I was turned off by three Deaf guys who walked up to Lydia, one of Deaf UK women who stood at 6'0 or so, and told her to kiss this guy. He did not ask, he TOLD her to. Thank God Lydia gave him the ugly look and said, "No thanks" in ASL while I say, "NO NO NO NO" in BSL.

Lydia and Ahmed talked about their production team in London -- I am mesmerized by that -- it may change my career in the making in a short future. Ahmed and Lydia urged me to come over in London -- Sarah, also of UK, signed clearly in BSL that she knew many gay bars/clubs and will lead me around ... with a wicked grin and wink. That is incredibly tempting.

Who knows, you may see Ridor leaving this continent for Europe, much to Berna and Rico's delight!

OH, yeah, Sarah, Tate's wife, looks glamarous as ever! That lady has something to tell me last night and I was pretty enamored by her stern comments about my blogsite, Tate looked good as ever. In fact, he's a hottie like before, probably marriage life suits him very well at this point! We all promised that we'd have a dinner together in a short time.

Oh, yeah, there were pictures taken -- in a short time, I'll get it from others and demonstrate it to the world how straight I can be -- not! But the odd thing is ... one hearing guy walked to me and one guy from Staten Island -- snapped a picture then walked away. We had NO idea who nor why he did that! At least, we look good to him, eh?

Oh, yeah, I was relieved to hear from some folks who said they read my blog and it brought them to smile often. That is the whole purpose of this blog, to make it entertaining for others to laugh, smile and roll their eyes at times. Or even a quick sign "FINISH" at your computer monitor is a great statement upon itself.

One odd statement by Ridloff, when I was ready to leave the club, he asked me whether if I enjoyed myself at the club -- I told him that I did. He said, "You lost some pounds, I noticed that -- try to do more, will you? I want to see you walking around when you are 90."

Well, I do not want to live that long. I rather to die by 75 if my body is starting to whine ... I mean, I do not want to live in a nursing home where someone has to wipe my bottoms and me drooling after 6th stroke. Or even with some disease like Alzheimers. If I am normal at 90, fine. Sure. But if I'm having problems by 75, forget it. I will whine like my Drandpa who kept on saying he wanted to die now, now, now for years until he was 92.
Basically, I had a good time at DEEP! Club last night. It was so nice that I finally left the club at 3 AM and went to G Lounge to refresh myself with gay men -- just to feel back to normal.

Oh, yeah, when I left the club, I picked up the coat from the same guy -- that guy did it again. He smiled and winked -- and not only that, when I grabbed my coat, he quickly touched my left hand and rubbed it so fast before letting me go. I was taken back by that.

Oh, gawd. Why the cute guy in wrong place?


This Reminded Me ...

After reading this, I do not feel safe driving in Seoul, South Korea. At least, I do not live there. Not my problem.

But this reminded me of Korian "Koko" Thomas who is legally blind, he flashed his driver's license which he got it in his homestate, Texas. I was horrified because this guy really has very, I mean, very limited eyesight. He always bumped into guys (Is it because they are guys?) in the dorms and cafeteria. Even he was let go from Gallaudet football team because of his deteriorating eyesight.

I am always amused by Koko's theatrics at times but when he flashed his driver's license -- what was the state of Texas thinking about?! If he hits a pedestrian without seeing the pedestrian at all, and the cop pulled him over and asked him if he was "aware" that he hits a pedestrian -- Koko will say that he is NOT aware because he did not see him at *all*. Legally, he would be have to prosecuted with something if he knew or saw.

IN a way, he can get away with a murder on his hands. O-boy!


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hearing People Wants To Be Deaf

When I was 10, my sister, Hedy, had a best friend who is hearing. I'll never forget her name. Her name is Sharon. Sharon learned ASL in matter of weeks, I'm not kidding. Sharon was totally into it. True biz, in 3 months, she could pass as Deaf person. Her facial expression was on the same par with Deaf children's rapid use of facial expression.

Sharon was upset that Hedy had to go to deaf school and stay in the dormitory for weeks, just like me. Sharon asked her parents if she could transfer to VSDB from the public school. Her parents said, "Only if you are deaf."

Hedy panicked and told me that Sharon had been trying to make herself deaf by trying to do stuff to her ears for days. Hedy just found out about it.

At that time, I was bewildered and thought it was crazy. An isolated incident, perhaps. But Sharon told me in ASL that she really wanted to be Deaf, she does not want to be hearing. She wants to be Deaf, honest! Mom thought she was nuts. I found it amusing. So does my Drandma.

Years later, the Internet came. We are able to exchange lots of information about practically everything, really. I stumbled upon a yahoogroup called "Deaf Wannabe" -- I was intrigued and joined the list. I became a lurker, I did not attack. It is not my position to do so -- but there are some Deaf persons that comes in and attack, they got banned so fast.

On that group, there are lots of information exchanging with each other on how to get hearing aids, on how to act like Deaf, on how to destroy your sounds ... but what really made me set back is that the majority of correspondents are from the United Kingdom!

I wonder why. I'm so glad that the BBC's See Hear is tackling this topic this week. I wish we have See Hear here in the United States.

Since the United Kingdom is not capitalistic society, it has a huge advantage -- it requires the equal broadcast for everyone else -- including Deaf people in the United Kingdom. So they set up the newsmagazine program every week called "See Hear", it is an equivalent to NBC's Dateline.

See Hear was not the original program by the BBC, in fact, it evolved from the first one that was broadcasted in 1950s. This, there and that -- See Hear became the permanent weekly newsmagazine on BBC since 1981. That is 24 years in the making. The majority of BBC's See Hear production team consists of Deaf persons. I know because I was there. Will ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX follow that pattern? Never in a million years.

For more information on See Hear, you may go to this website. You might learn how to fingerspell in British Sign Language for "SEE HEAR". Enjoy.


Eric Berndt II

Thanks to Dolphin's website for broadcasting Eric Berndt's letter to NYU students.

Eric was the one who asked Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia if he sodomized his wife?

What Eric wrote made me a lifelong fan of his daring to challenge the impotent homophobe's antics.

Read the letter:

Fellow Classmates,

As the student who asked Justice Scalia about his sexual conduct, I am responding to your posts to explain why I believe I had a right to confront Justice Scalia in the manner I did Tuesday, why any gay or sympathetic person has that same right. It should be clear that I intended to be offensive, obnoxious, and inflammatory. There is a time to discuss and there are times when acts and opposition are necessary. Debate is useless when one participant denies the full dignity of the other. How am I to docilely engage a man who sarcastically rants about the "beauty of homosexual relationships" (at the Q&A) and believes that gay school teachers will try to convert children to a homosexual lifestyle (at oral argument for Lawrence)?

Although I my question was legally relevant, as I explain below, an independent motivation for my speech-act was to simply subject a homophobic government official to the same indignity to which he would subject millions of gay Americans. It was partially a naked act of resistance and a refusal to be silenced. I wanted to make him and everyone in the room aware of the dehumanizing effect of trivializing such an important relationship. Justice Scalia has no pity for the millions of gay Americans on whom sodomy laws and official homophobia have such an effect, so it is difficult to sympathize with his brief moment of "humiliation," as some have called it. The fact that I am a law student and Scalia is a Supreme Court Justice does not require me to circumscribe my justified opposition and outrage within the bounds of jurisprudential discourse.

Law school and the law profession do not negate my identity as a member of an oppressed minority confronting injustice. Even so, I did have a legal point: Justice Kennedy's majority opinion in Lawrence asked whether criminalizing homosexual conduct advanced a state interest "which could justify the intrusion into the personal and private life of the individual." Scalia did not answer this question in his dissent because he believed the state need only assert a legitimate interest to defeat non-fundamental liberties. I basically asked him this question again - it is now the law of the land. He said he did not know whether the interest was significant enough. I then asked him if he sodomizes his wife to subject his intimate relations to the scrutiny he cavalierly would allow others - by force, if necessary. Everyone knew at that moment how significant the interest is. Beyond exerting official power against homosexuals, Scalia is an outspoken and high-profile homophobe. After the aforementioned sarcastic remarks about gay people's relationships, can anyone doubt how little respect he has for LGBT Americans? Even if no case touching gay rights ever came before him, his comments from the bench (that employment non-discrimination is some kind of "homosexual agenda," etc.) and within our very walls are unacceptable to any self-respecting gay person or principled opponent of discrimination. The idea that I should have treated a man with such repugnant views with deference because he is a high government official evinces either a dangerously un-American acceptance of authority or insensitivity to the gay community's grievances. Friends have forwarded me emails complaining of the "liberal" student who asked "the question." That some of my classmates are shallow and insensitive enough to conceptualize my complaint as mere partisan politics is disheartening. Though I should not have to, I will share with everyone that I am neither a Democrat nor Republican and do not consider myself a "liberal" except in the classical sense. I hope that we can separate a simple demand for equality under the law and outrage over being denied it from so much dogmatic ideological baggage. LGBT Americans are still a persecuted minority and our struggle for equal rights is still vital. 4 out of 5 LGBT kids are harassed in school - tell them to debate their harassers. Suicide rates for them are much higher than for others. We still cannot serve in the military, have little protection from employment and other forms of discrimination, and are denied the 1000+ benefits that accrue from official recognition of marriage. I know some who support gay rights oppose my question and our protest. Do not presume to tell me when and with how much urgency to stand up for our rights.

I am 17 months out of a lifelong closet and have lost too much time to heterosexist hegemony to tolerate those who say, as Dr. King put it, "just wait." If you cannot stomach a breach of decorum when justified outrage erupts then your support is nearly worthless anyway. At least do not allow yourselves to become complicit in discrimination by demanding obedience from its victims. Many of our classmates chose NYU over higher-ranked schools because of our reputation as a "private university in the public service" and our commitment to certain values. We were the first law school to require that employers pledge not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Of Scalia's law schools that have "signed on to the homosexual agenda," our signature stands out like John Hancock's. We won a federal injunction in the FAIR litigation as an "expressive association" that counts acceptance of sexual orientation as a core value. Those who worry about our school's prestige should remember how we got here and consider whether flattering those who mock what we believe and are otherwise willing to fight for appears prestigious or pathetic. We protestors did not embarrass NYU, Scalia embarrassed NYU. We stood up to a bigot for the values that make NYU more than a great place to learn the law. I repeat my willingess to discuss this issue calmly with anyone who respects my identity as a gay man. I have had many productive talks with classmates since Tuesday and I hope that will continue.

Eric Berndt

For Who Is Wondering About The State of Mind I Am In

My state of mind is akin to the lady in this picture.

I am free. I am me, take it or leave it.

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Amethyst In Its Final Glory

Of course, I'm not going to die. Just that I'm free.

Tonight, I'm on a date with kaybee to that party hosted by Ridloff on 24 Street and 5 Avenue. Should be interesting to VEE-VEE at folks including the potential first-timer in meeting a blogger, Key Lime Pie Lover, and to practice on my BSL skills with these great folks from the United Kingdom.

God Save The Queen!


For Trekkies ... !

A certain blogger that I enjoyed reading from time to time, John Aravosis of AMERICAblog met an actor of Star Trek: Enterprise -- he said that the cancelleation of Start Trek: Enterprise was not because of its "popularity", it is politics. After all, it was 2nd rated show on UPN.

Check the picture of John fawning over Dominic.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Mission Accomplished -- American Dollar Plummets

With the wars going on in different parts of the world, Bush's incessant promotion of global war on terrorism and in the process, alienated many countries as well.

The economy has gone pretty steady downhill. Even in New York, we try to keep the economy going and going. But sometimes, it is silly. The inflation is low, but it could jerk itself -- I'm not good with economics, though.

With the news reports coming out about Wall Street, it is certainly not surprising.

Drilling in Alaska will not solve the oil prices. The oil prices will continue to rise as predicted. Not even you or me can stop it. GW Bush and his administration does not care about it at all. Because the common people does not matter to him.

I will not preach more about the woes of American economy, but I will provide a good example of what Melly told me yesterday at the bar, she squealed with excitement and said, "I love America! Its Dollar keeps going down against the Pound! I can bring 500 Pounds into New York and convert into roughly $950 and shop these clothes down in Soho -- America can be so dumb!"

I smiled and nodded, "I agreed -- but New Yorkers did not do this -- the idiots in Midwest and in the South did."

Melly laughed and nodded -- Melly's boyfriend, Ahmed asked her to translate what we talked about. Ahmed shoved on my left arm and said, "Yes! Easy to buy here! Me rich here!"

So much for our American Dollar. It plainly sucked, my American idiots. If you travel to Europe or the United Kingdom, you'll be broke in a short time.

Go figure.


Married Men Do Cheat

After the DIRC Meeting, I thought of getting a drink at PIECES Bar which is neighborhood bar in Greenwich Village. The bartender and I occasionally chatted, mainly because he is cool. He can sign a little. Anyway, he told me that he cannot understand why some younger men are into older men. I did not understand why he mentioned it, he pointed to the couple behind me -- I turned to see a younger hispanic guy making out with a guy in his 60s.

I smiled sheepishly and said, "Amazing, is it?"

The bartender nodded and said in ASL, "Old man married, look at his ring."

I turned to see his gold ring. And grinned ... and asked him how did he know if he's married or not?

The bartender laughed and said, "They are regular here. I know 'em. They told me."


Prior to the visit at the PIECES Bar, I was at DIRC with Sarah, kaybee and few familiar faces. It was interesting and fun. I did not realize that a certain person who had an interest in me for a long time was pretty upset or disappointed that I did not make an effort in reaching out to him in order to ... whatever it means.

The way he expressed his frustrations with me about my lack of efforts to do stuff with him indicated that he has/had a genuine thing for me. I'm not sure whether if I'm ready to do this. With him. Or with anyone else.


Few Thoughts

Few things to say before I head off to the DIRC thing with Sarah.

Amityville Horror: When I was a kid, I was terrified of that white house. And now there is a remake of the film about it. I'd like to see it. I am sucker for these ghost stuff. In my opinion, when I was a child, I thought its Amityville Horror's poster advertisement was the best for horror films.

A-Rod Saves A Kid: This is cool. Multimillionaire baseball star in Alex Rodriguez, often the subject of Boston Red Sox's taunts, saved the boy's life in Boston when the truck sped by and Alex plucked the boy aside. Apparently, this particular boy was stunned that it was none other than his favorite player in the whole wide world. Very cute.

And I'm sick of hearing people like Eva Young for behaving like they are much better than the rest. Shame on him. I expected him to be better than that. Guess I was wrong this time around. Dan of FagPatriotWest is stupid prick. Know why? He muted about Arthur Finkelstein's antics, but cried about Clinton's remarks on Finkelstein's self-loathing Roehmosexual. Perhaps, Dan is Roehmosexual as well. Same with ND30 and Eva Young.

I'm off to the DIRC thing where I can enjoy VEE-VEE'ing at the folks who shared their CODAs experiences. Something that McCock and ThePC cannot relate to. Speaking of that nut, McCock, he still denied that he copied my topics for his blogsite. That boy knew how to lie -- but remember this, married men knew how to lie a lot.


Lesbian Fired Just For Being Lesbian -- Only In Texas!

There is an article in The New York Times about a successful coach who led the high school in a small town to the area, district and regional championships and barely missed the state championship game by one game.

It was evident that Coach Stephens is an excellent in what she does but it does not matter to a town named Bloomburg. She is a lesbian, period. The abandoned town of Bloomburg did not demonstrate their appreciation for Coach Stephens who worked hard to bring the local high school girls basketball team out of its obscurity.

All because it goes against their morals and their Christian beliefs despite the fact that this same town celebrated the County Fair to commerate the townsfolk's murder of an infamous outlaw which they poisoned the whiskey, shot him dead and dragged him across the town. Apparently, they think barbarism is to be celebrated, and to fire a coach for being lesbian is good for the town of Bloomburg!

Only in Texas, folks.

Deaf World Too Small

Sarah warned that she did not cook very well which she blatantly lied. It was delicious, enough to knock me, her and kaybee out for an hour of nap at their place! Whee! Thanks for the din-din!

Then we went to McAller's Pub by 80 Street to meet the Deaf folks from the United Kingdom. When we entered the pub, I saw few familiar faces -- greeted some. But somehow, I was introduced to one of eight Deaf Britons -- Oliver.

Oliver is fucking sexy as Hell! But he is straight as things goes. It was quite difficult to talk in British Sign Language -- I knew very little but tried my best to communicate using both the BSL and ASL. I knew some BSL signs mainly because I went to London and had few friends from London, though. Then Oliver introduced me to the birthday boy, Ahmed.

Apparently, turning 30, Ahmed's friends decided to take a trek to New York to celebrate his birthday. Which is very cool. Ahmed, then introduced me to his girlfriend, Melly. As she asked me for my name, I responded with full name and sign name.

She said, "You are RT?!"

I nodded, got puzzled a little.

"I heard a lot about you! From Veronica!"

I chuckled. Veronica is one of my close friends from the college days, we used to live right next to each other in that shitty apartment. So much memories! So much drama! So much ...

"I stayed with Veronica in Los Angeles for three months -- you know Brezinski?" She asked.

I nodded.


I nodded and said, "You knew everything about me and I do not know you!"

Melly laughed and said, "Deaf World Too Small!" Ahmed nodded in agreement. I asked Melly where she originally came from? She said, "Melbourne, Australia."

I asked her if she knew Drew? She flashed his sign name, I exclaimed with a vigorous "Y-E-S !!"

Melly laughed and said, "He and I am good friends!"

Melly asked me why I brought his name up, I smiled and explained about my impressions of Drew. Drew was travelling around the United States a year before the 9/11 occurred. In fact, when he arrived at Gallaudet, there was a murder on the campus -- he was not permitted to stay in the dormitories. I was the Resident Advisor, I sneaked him in my bedroom. He was straight but very open-minded and sweet guy. Very god-damned flirtatious.

One time in the cafeteria, the group of us were yakking about things related to the murders and how sick we were to hear about it on a daily basis. Drew decided to change the subject and asked me, "Ever kissed an Australian?"

I shook my head and said, "Not yet, I never did -- but someday, I hope I do!"

Drew leaned and landed a sweet kiss right on the lips, stunned me and others on the table -- he went back to the chair and said, "Now I'm your first Aussie!"

I grinned and was flabbergasted. I was mighty impressed with his carefree attitude and easygoing, laid-back attitude.

Melly smiled and said, "That is so Drew. That is his character, always enjoy life -- he is in school not far from Melbourne -- still volunteers for a firefighter in that town."

The whole night was absolutely wonderful -- I was able to converse and learn some BSL signs. Oliver and Ahmed conversed in BSL with grace. I got lost so fast when I attempted to read what they said. Later, they said they were talking about the KKK and Jew images on the cigarette pack of Marlboro. Then they showed it to me why it has the images -- it was absurd -- I'm not going to explain to the readers unless one begged me to.

Overall, it was good to see Veronica's friend, Melly and to know that Drew is still doing great in Australia.

One funny moment occurred when nearly all Americans left except for me and Gabe, one hearing person approached one Briton and tried to fingerspell in ASL to her. She turned to look at me because she could not understand ASL, I chuckled and stayed out of it. Gabe was able to let the person know that they are Deaf but they converse in different form of fingerspelling.

Happy birthday, Ahmed. Thanks, Gabe, for extending the invitation for me to meet these great folks. Melly, you rock!

And the rest, enjoy your stay in New York.