Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Confidential to Kurzetard

Kurzetard, you kept on emailing me asking for information about who is responsible for AntiAmyKurz's blogsite. I repeatedly told you that I am not part of it. I just thought it was funny blogsite and linked to it. You kept on insisting that I am part of it.

Utterly ridiculous. I do not know the authors, I do not know the password to get on the blogsite. Kurzetard, you were keen on pinning this on me, which is fine with me. That is so typical of you.

Yes, you wrote that you got a "mild brain damage" from carbon monoxide poisoning -- since you're now in Tampa area near Pinellas Park, are you sure you are not Terri Schiavo? Sorry, cannot resist that line.

Your attempts to imitate Mike Rogers' antics by getting in touch with the bosses of people whom you hated the most is appalling but again, I laughed at this. Because it does *not* work like that. Which is why I coined the term in the first place: Kurzetard. Because you're definitely a retard to start with.

Quit harassing me via the emails. I care less if you live, die or even maimed by a local alligator!


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