Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Series of Funny Articles

Last night, I was unpacking a box -- and I stumbled upon the old issues of The Virginia Guide, a publication published by my alma mater 5 times per year at VSDB.

It showcased some of my essays when I was a kid -- today, it is funny thing to read. In one, it has a picture of me and Danny Gochenour standing next to each other -- little did I know ... but among the first essay that I'm going to showcase to the readers here when I was 9.

Some of you will snicker and roll your eyes because it ... never mind, just read!


* * *
We are learning a lot about drugs in our health class. Mrs. Marzolf wanted to show us more about drugs. She asked the policeman to come and show us about amphetamines and barbiturates. Amphetamines mean a kind of drugs that make you feel high and exciting. Barbiturates mean a kind of drug that makes you feel low ad depressed. I was excited when the policeman gave me the comic book called "The New Teen Titans." It was about drugs. It made me think about drugs and they are very dangerous. I saw LSD, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other kinds of drugs. We were very interested. We thank the policeman for showing us the drugs and telling us many good stories. I learned a lot.

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