Friday, April 01, 2005

This Gives A New Meaning To Religious Nuts

First, we endured the drama of Terri Schiavo. Now, she is done killed for. I thought we are at peace. No, we have to endure with the live reports of impotent, un-fuckable being in Pope John Paul II. Just drop dead already. If I walked across the street and a car hits me dead. Would I have the whole world's attention? No, that is not fair. I'm more important than that girl who gurgled "nnnnnnhhhh" all the time.

Now on other subject, eliminating deaf people who are not "deaf enough" is justified at times considering the fact that there are people who do this as well. Remember Heather Whitestone who sprayed on people's face with her speaking skills, "I A M Y O U R F R I E N D !", when she won the crown at Miss America Pageant -- people descended to Gallaudet (I was there) and asked the students what they thought of Heather? People said, "Oh, who is she? She's not deaf enough." Suddenly, all hell broke loose. The media came to Gallaudet. Heather immediately visited Gallaudet. I stood few feet away from Heather who can sign fairly well. I am certain sure she is very nice woman, but I think I'd make a better queen than her, though. Hell, many of my Washingtonian friends joked that I am the Empress, not a cheap queen wannabe.

Anyway enjoy the article -- if they can do this, so can we. We reserve the right to say that s/he/it is not deaf enough. In fact, I did it many times. Because I have the right to decide whether if you are Deaf or not.

Few hours to pick up my Deaf friends. Nice, nice.


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