Friday, April 15, 2005

Mission Accomplished -- American Dollar Plummets

With the wars going on in different parts of the world, Bush's incessant promotion of global war on terrorism and in the process, alienated many countries as well.

The economy has gone pretty steady downhill. Even in New York, we try to keep the economy going and going. But sometimes, it is silly. The inflation is low, but it could jerk itself -- I'm not good with economics, though.

With the news reports coming out about Wall Street, it is certainly not surprising.

Drilling in Alaska will not solve the oil prices. The oil prices will continue to rise as predicted. Not even you or me can stop it. GW Bush and his administration does not care about it at all. Because the common people does not matter to him.

I will not preach more about the woes of American economy, but I will provide a good example of what Melly told me yesterday at the bar, she squealed with excitement and said, "I love America! Its Dollar keeps going down against the Pound! I can bring 500 Pounds into New York and convert into roughly $950 and shop these clothes down in Soho -- America can be so dumb!"

I smiled and nodded, "I agreed -- but New Yorkers did not do this -- the idiots in Midwest and in the South did."

Melly laughed and nodded -- Melly's boyfriend, Ahmed asked her to translate what we talked about. Ahmed shoved on my left arm and said, "Yes! Easy to buy here! Me rich here!"

So much for our American Dollar. It plainly sucked, my American idiots. If you travel to Europe or the United Kingdom, you'll be broke in a short time.

Go figure.


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