Friday, April 15, 2005

Lesbian Fired Just For Being Lesbian -- Only In Texas!

There is an article in The New York Times about a successful coach who led the high school in a small town to the area, district and regional championships and barely missed the state championship game by one game.

It was evident that Coach Stephens is an excellent in what she does but it does not matter to a town named Bloomburg. She is a lesbian, period. The abandoned town of Bloomburg did not demonstrate their appreciation for Coach Stephens who worked hard to bring the local high school girls basketball team out of its obscurity.

All because it goes against their morals and their Christian beliefs despite the fact that this same town celebrated the County Fair to commerate the townsfolk's murder of an infamous outlaw which they poisoned the whiskey, shot him dead and dragged him across the town. Apparently, they think barbarism is to be celebrated, and to fire a coach for being lesbian is good for the town of Bloomburg!

Only in Texas, folks.

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