Monday, April 18, 2005

San Francisco Earthquake of 1906

Yes, you got it right. 99 years ago, the earthquake struck the town of San Francisco and from there, San Francisco did not fold. It simply altered the way it deals with designs, transportation system and so on.

There is an article about the reunion of survivors from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, enjoy the article!

What truly impressed me is this gentleman, Herbert Hamrol, who is 102 years old -- he was 3 when it happened -- he vividly remembered the happenstance but not enough to understand the whole she-bang drama. But why impressed me? He is currently working at a grocery store as shelf-stocker in San Francisco.

Impressive for 102 years old guy!

Since I'm on the subject of San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, I'd like to remind people about Douglas Tilden. He was the sculptor who went to California School for the Deaf and his work on "The Mechanics Monument" which can be found in Downtown San Francisco in the intersection of Market, Bush and Battery Streets.

That monument and "Admission Day Monument" were the only monuments that stood unaffected by the Earthquake of 1906 while everything was destroyed. Coincidence? You decide.

It is kinda annoying that hearing people walk by unaware that this massive monuments were crafted by Deaf person! And for a long time, they claimed that we cannot function in the hearing world. Go figure.


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