Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What A Surprise!

I got an email from Jen, the CODA gal whom I worked for at PBS Online when I was at Gallaudet. She said that she googled her name and it got to my blog. Whee. And what's odd ... I tried to google her name as well. I could not find where she found the blogsite.

But that's OK. She's doing great. Still at PBS, bought a home on some Wisteria Lane in some Pleasantville. More power to her, but not for me. Unless I'm married. Or taken. Or whatever.

Ahh, she better try to keep in touch with me from now on. Same with her sistah, Wendy!

Basically, what happened last night is bit bizarre. A guy I bumped into at The Cock Bar, he accused me that I am not Deaf. I tried to convince him that I'm Deaf, he doubted. It took a well-known DJ who knew ASL to intervene and made it clear in a firm voice (or yell?) to that guy that I am indeed Deaf. It was weird to see a DJ defending a deaf person against the hearing guy who insisted that I faked my deafness.

Then shortly, I met another guy ... who knew ASL. He was on my butt all night long. He wanted to interpret for me despite the fact that I told him not to and to leave me alone! I told him that I do not need his help -- so when one guy and I flirted each other, by God, this ASL-wannabe interrupted frequently to a point where one of them suggested that we ... go home together.

Yes, we went home together because this guy I liked insisted that I go with him, but it did not work out well because I don't want this ASL wannabe in on with me and this guy -- it was too awkward to deal with. Somehow, this ASL-wannabe was badmouthing about this guy to me (I suspected he did it so I freak out then he can have him), the other guy cussed at this wannabe -- I still do not know what exactly happened. So ... tempers flared. Later, the wannabe told me that he told the other guy, "You're pompous."

You see, I like this guy. I do not like for anyone who just learned ASL to interfere and want to help me around -- to top it all, I do NOT like for him to follow me around! I do not like for him to make these awkward propositions for us all. I just want two -- me and this guy. I tried to discourage him to get lost -- he was adamant to be with us. Even this guy, initially, was willing to let him join -- I gave the hints that I only wanted two of us.

It was getting brighter and brighter in the morning -- I told 'em that I am leaving, they were still arguing about the insults, I believe.

So basically, the night was ruined, I think. I liked this guy, I knew he does. I can see the excitement in his eyes, but gee, thanks to that fucker ASL-wannabe, I do not think I'll ever hear from him again (he swears that he will email). It is kinda bizarre -- It was my first time to deal with a hearing guy who INSISTED to be around with me all night long because he liked both of us. I do not ... find him attractive, I just wanted him to go away. Even few friends of mine tried to tell him to fuck off, he kept on telling that he knew ASL. I told him to keep his two feet away from me -- he kept on shovhing and rubbing on me or this guy. I had to push him gently to tell him that it's not nice.

God. What a 'tard. I think it was the first time that I could not get rid of someone else in a short time. He literally won the prize in the end, I think. I gave it away to him. I can't handle this, certainly not two guys on my hands. Ugh.

Happy, Michelley?


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