Sunday, April 10, 2005

Weekend of Thoughts

Why is that gay bloggers so obsessed with dogs? There are bloggers that devoted to talk about their best friends on the blog. I can tolerate dogs but big, hairy dogs made me allergic. Killing my eyes which is the heartbeat of my life, is not good way to be in love with these pets. I preferred the cats.

Never mind McCock's planned rebuttals on his blogsite to argue my intentions. Better that Tsunami than Yellowstone, though. But as always, you can see McCock continues to read my blogsie, like Dale does. I'm flattered. One guy told me that he is not fond of me but cannot stop reading my blogsite because he is "afraid" of what I might say the next time around. So that's why he sticks around in order to know what I plan to utter.

Tom, Perlis' cat, is staring at me right now. He's annoyed that I refused to pet him. He wanted the full attention -- I try to give it 25%, this way he will always come back and beg for more. Very cute guy.

I saw Jeff Gannon and Mike Rogers on C-SPAN yesterday morning. Damn the captions, it fizzled out when Jeff Gannon and Ann Marie Cox of had some shouting matches. I'm not sure what had transpired. I asked around -- nobody wanted to share. Typical hearie pigs. Then I saw Mike Rogers shouting or berating Jeff. That was not good move on Rogers' part. Even I would not do that.

One funny moment about Jeff Gannon, he is full of himself. On his blogsite, he wrote:
Unfortunately, at the conclusion of the event, an activist created such a spectacle that I left the room immediately with security.

That was a lie. I saw him walking out by HIMSELF on the C-SPAN. He did not walk out of the room with security. He must have some kind of imaginary friends provided by White House's Secret Service. Once a liar, always a liar, Jeff Gannon.

There is an article in Des Moines Registrar that discussed about the conspiracy theory amongst the bloggers regarding Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, a kidnapped boy from Des Moines, Iowa who were indoctrinated as a part of child pedophilia organized by the CIA to target the high-profile politicians. Weird, though. But one high profile confidante of the government said that it won't be surprising to see things like that in Washington.

Tonight is Desperate Housewives and Supervolcano! Time to mellow down my irritations created by many people across the world.

I have a newspaper clipping of Virginia Women's Basketball team in '91-'92, there was a great picture of the team walking onto the court after a timeout, the first person that on the left side was Tammi Reiss, trying to tell her teammates what to do, the 2nd person standing behind Tammi was Melanee Wagener, she was cheerful and optimistic. In the center of the picture was Dawn Staley, my favorite player who tends to be very stoic on the court but incredibly talented. Behind Dawn Staley was Tonya Cardoza who patted on Dawn's back as to tell her to move along. And last, right behind Tonya was Heather Burge, who was tucking her jersey shirt into her shorts. When I get to scan the picture -- you'll see why I am like Dawn Staley at times. I am surrounded by crazies but yet, I try to maintain some kind of stoicism in my life. And I like it.

Confidential to Rico of The Netherlands: Enjoy your new gift from New York by Silas, eh? No, we did not lube it -- it is brand-new, just reserved for you. Enjoy it when you are home alone. But don't let your Momma see it. She may take it for herself.


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