Friday, April 29, 2005

Some 'Tards Did Not Mention ...

Gus and I stopped by some rest area to munch some food before getting back on the New Jersey Turnpike recently today. There was a nice frame by the entrance of the whatmacallit station that talked about Thomas Edison.

It mentioned about his childhood where he grew up not far from this particular rest area station. It mentioned all of his accomplishments. It mentioned about his marriage. It mentioned everything else except for one thing: his deafness.

None of it was mentioned that this guy is fucking Deaf.

I shook my head and flipped my middle finger at this frame in front of people who were reading as well. Gus asked me why, I told him to read it for himself. He did and said, "Thomas is Deaf, right? Why didn't they mention that?"

I responded, "Typical hearie crap, they are ashamed that they did NOT invent the electric bulb while we Deafies did so they clandestinely did not mention it."


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