Sunday, April 24, 2005

Furball 2: My Experiences

When I got off from the 14 Street Subway Station, it was raining hard. It poured like Hell. Not a good idea for me, to walk in the GLBT Center where everyone else will see me for the first time -- in very wetty situation.

But I went ahead. I ran like crazy, saw guys that were going to Furball 2 hiding under the covers by the buildings. Then I arrived at the GLBT Center which is a block away on 13 Street -- it was packed. Yes, I was one of few guys who were drenched by the rain.

The first impression of Furball 2 is the ... stench. I'm telling you guys, gay men breathed bad. I gagged a lot. When they saw me and said "Woof" -- their breath hits me, not so attractive. I flinched a little. I am man enough to handle the stench. Basically, the party is great. People are friendly. I kept on getting groped from behind -- kinda pissed me off because I cannot know who did it. Some guys are gorgeous, some guys are bizarre. C'est la vie in the world of Gay Community.

Some leathermen thinks Furball is for them. They came in not-so-subtle clothes that would give few churchgoers heart attacks. Saw a guy who is about 6'0 and 350 lbs, he wore nothing but boxers. I will never be like that. I won't. I will not permit myself -- if so, somebody push me off the Empire State Building!

One charming fellow with a beard -- you could tell that he is kinda Irish. He targeted me, and so do I. He made a move -- we talked and blah. One thing I do not like about gays is that when they like someone, they talk, then they try to kiss before exchanging email addresses. I happen to think the kisses are intimate!

But at this Furball 2, do what the Romans did. I kissed. We exchanged. But again, I'm wary and cautious of hearing men. They are like dogs, you have to be responsible for them, you do not trust them around food. You do not trust them around certain things ... but you cannot live without 'em.

Few deafies were there. Ryan, Surdus, me and about 5 more. Some are dumb enough that I simply refused to acknowledge their names. I just do not care nor have the time to deal with the introductions.

By 1 AM, I had enough of these men at the GLBT Center -- I wanted to pep myself up with some normal guys that I never managed to attain, it is off to GYM SPORTSBAR!

Surdus brought his toy along to meet me at GYM SportsBar, the newest gay sports bar in New York. I noticed something better -- more gays are being normal. They dressed much better as according to the norms of the sports bar. I do not see any Martini drinks which is good news, to say the least. As time progressed, I get heavily buzzed. Surdus and his toy went home as I was greeted by two guys that I met at The Park. In fact, I almost forgot who they were -- they greeted me and had to remind me who they were. Oh, sorry, that is my cliche towards hearing men these days. Meet them, forget them later.

Later before the bar closed, I was approached by the manager who told me that he saw me here before ... twice. And he wondered if I liked the bar. I told him the truth -- I told him that the first time, I thought it was ew! The second time was alright. Now this time, it is much better and resonating with the norms of a typical sports bar. He smiled hard and said he's Kevin the Manager -- very hot one.

It was fun all right, tonight -- the dilemma -- watching Desperate Housewives or going to the well-known actor's birthday party which Surdus was invited and he extends that to me. This or that? I'll go to the party -- it happens only once. Desperate Housewives, well, there is always reruns.

Be patient for the Bitch Session IV is coming up next -- after the Birthday Bash tonight!


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