Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Arclight, Madelyne & Commander Desslok

IN The Uncanny X-Men comic books, one villain by the name of Riptide was stunned to see the X-Men attacking his comrades, the Marauders. He said, "Are they supposed to be croaked a while ago?!"

ducked low when a sharp object flew few inches above her head, Arclight shot back at her teammate, Riptide: "Big deal, Riptide -- so do you!"

* * *

Another episode in the same book, Madelyne stood before a gravestone. Her face seared with anger. She said in a low voice, "It is your fault, Jean. Why can't you stay dead the whole time?" Madelyne then used her telekinesis to blow the gravestone apart as an elderly couple came in the picture and said, "Jean, are you alive?"

Madelyne then turned on the elderly couple and said, "Curse ye both! I'm not your precious daughter! As for this --"

Madelyne released a scorching fire to overwhelm the elderly couple's body as their skins dissolved as they screamed in pain and anguish -- "this is what you get for bringing the withc in this world. And this is but a foretaste of what I meant to do to her!"

* * *

This was taken on a cartoon while I was a kid. My sister, Lily, had the tapes of Japanimation films. Commander Desslok was returning home to his world, Gamilon. As his massive armanda approached the green world, he smiled because he missed his homeworld. His people watched with glee and excitement of arriving home after a long voyage in the deep space. Suddenly, Commander Desslok saw the faint light and was puzzled by that and ordered his soldiers to see what it is -- it was filled with many ships, equipments and people of unknown origins, trying to claim Desslok's homeworld.

Desslok was bewildered, horrified and upset by the arrogant invasion of Gamilon, as he ordered his ships to set and get ready on his command. Desslok's ships continued to descend into Gamilon at high speed as the ships simultaneously fired thousands of laser rays on the unknown folks.

The war has began without anyone saying a word -- The people in Commander Desslok's ships were unified with Commander Desslok as they overwhelmed the invaders with fast and brutal attack. Unfortunately, Gamilon has been always a weak planet with ancient surface that is sensitive to the damages as many invaders' ships, equipments and stuff were obliterated and crashed on the surface level incessantly.

Suddenly, the whole planet fell apart and blew up.

I always liked Commander Desslok's attitude -- "It is mine by our birthright -- if I can't have it, nobody will!"


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