Saturday, April 09, 2005

Windsor Castle

Today, two-timer Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles in Windsor, United Kingdom. Never mind that they can marry twice or fifteen times, I cannot marry in this country -- go figure.

However, when they mentioned that the couple got married in Town Hall not far from Windsor Castle, it brought a memory of my trip to Windsor. I was riding in the car with a group heading to Windsor Castle. I heard about the castle as a place where Queen Elizabeth used to stay for weekends or summer retreats once before when there was a fire that consumed one wing that billed more than 4 billion of pounds. Correct me if I'm wrong but I cannot remember the exact amount but I know it is absurd expensive.

The driver of the van pointed to the Windsor Castle which sits off the highway right outside of London. I was stunned by its massive size. It is the largest occupied castle in the world. It sits on a hill, sprawling itself like a city. When I got to Windsor, I was in awe. Windsor has 1,400 rooms. The fire that damaged was confined to very small part of the castle -- even with how small it was, it still costs billions of pounds to fix it!

The van dropped us off at the bottom of the hill, you'd have to walk up the hill AROUND the Castle, it will take you through the town of Windsor where Town Hall sits ... at the top of the hill, you'll enter the Castle.

Windsor Castle is absolutely stunning, much more than Buckingham Palace.

If you're in London, take the time out and head out to Windsor. You won't be surprised like I was with Buckingham Palace. For more information on Windsor Castle, check this out.


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