Saturday, April 23, 2005

Maria's Birthday Bash and Furball 2

Last night, I went to Nowhere Bar in East Village to celebrate Maria's birthday bash. It was unexpected to see a large crowd of more than 30 Deafies and deaf-wannabes. This, that and there -- the typical birthday party you'll get at any bar, really.

It was good to see some old faces. Including Robert Arnold, the guy who also graduated from my alma mater. We cracked jokes about almost everything in ASL. If you heard some series of howls on 14 Street, it was me and Robert, really.

We also went to Beauty Bar afterwards because of better lightning.

Tonight, I'm heading down to the GLBT Center for "Furball 2" event. I believe it is a dance hall for guys who likes big, hairy and buff guys. Dunno if I'll fit in the whole drama. If there is few funny drama, I will be more than happy to blog about it.

Oh, bitchin' notes is coming nicely. Some are fiercely funny, some are fiercely awful. But either way, you'll laugh out of your mind. Send me some more if you dare. I"ll probably upload it much later in the night or tomorrow.



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