Friday, May 28, 2004

Rico Bedevils Manhattan

Rico bypassed everything else in order to be here and he did it last night, much to my delight. Rico, a dear friend of mine for many years from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, was on an adventure over the last 36 hours. The details are better left unsaid because the Patriot Act would kill us on the spot. LOL.

It appears that I am being forced to go to Triple XXX Party because Rico, Yassine, Travis, Benis are interested to check it out.

Last night was fun. Which is why I am exhausted today. I'm going to sleep for a long, long time.

And fuck, I lost the apartment key in the apartment -- now I have to hunt it down with Rico and Yassine.


Thursday, May 27, 2004

Quarles' Kick

In women's basketball game versus Tennessee, Virginia guard Talisha Quarles attempted to retrieve the loose ball before it rolls out of bounds -- but a Tennessee player slapped the ball back in to hit another Virginia player's leg before it ricocheted out of bounds. Talisha groaned but saw the ball rolling by, she used her foot to stop it from rolling.

But as soon as she heard the referee saying that the possession of the ball goes to Tennessee, Talisha quietly kicked the ball out of bounds so fast and so far away, it forced the Tennessee player to walk over, pick it up, come back and start playing.

Call it an unsportsmanshiplike conduct if you must. But honestly, who cares? Anyway, the whole thing I just talked is merely an analogy of what I do with people's struggles at times because I want to.


Well, well, well!

I have to add something.

Hearing people produced world's worst people. Take a look at the list:

Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Jeffrey Dahmer
Nancy Reagan
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson
Martha Stewart

Of course, I must add something:

GW Bush, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Donald Rumsfeld and Michael Bloomberg.

It is done deal. Hearies suck. :-)


Yassine Asked Boy George to Lit Her Cigarette

Last night, Yassine and I roamed the island. Went to Dicks Bar, Chipotle then to GLBT Center to meet few friends and stroll up to XL to meet Web.

I did not expect a large group of Deaf people and ASL-Wannabes. It was fun.

Guess who was in town with Mikey Murvin. It is that "Forbit" dude. Yes, you saw this. Lee Wittig.

We had a nice time observing XL's Wednesdays: Faggot Feud. Soon, me, Mikey, Little Joe and Benis will have to play that game in June or July. Guess who dropped in the bar? Boy George.

The gang saw him. We did not go crazy. We just VEE-VEE at him (my third time to see him), he gained a lot. Web turned to look at me, "My god, for the first time, you did not exaggerate!"

Shortly, Boy George sat next to a deaf group, but we did not give him the "star" treatment like others did. These guys who did that are idiots.

It was nice to be acknowledged by a couple of well-known DJs who stopped by to say HI to me. It indicated that they have the respect for me as a person first and foremost of all. That, I am certainly impressed. Thanks, JonJon and Sammy Jo.

Let's say ... that evening was the series of bizarre occurences that Web and others can confirm.

But the best part is when we left the bar, it was raining outside. We took a shelter under a construction bridge next to XL where some XL patrons were smoking cigs, including Boy George. Yassine wanted to do something fun, Yassine pulled her cigarette out and asked Boy George to lit the match for her. He did.

That was the funniest part of all.


You Asked For It

To the hearing dude who said that Deaf people did not do enough for the civilization. He went on to point that Jesus is hearing person!

Well, you just committed a fatal mistake. You are going to be flabbergasted.

What did Jesus really do? All he did was to preach and divide the groups. The result is that the groups battled against each other, killing each other in the process. Look at the Crusaders, Holocaust and so on. What did Jesus really do? All he did was to talk and people fell for it.

As for Deaf people, we *created* the world as it is today. You may think "impossible".

Think of music (UGH!!!), Beethoven is deaf.

Think of light bulbs? Thomas Edison is deaf, if not for him, you'd have to use candles, fools. He also founded the General Electric Company.

Think of cell phone? You gotta thank Alexander Graham Bell, who is hearing but grew up in a deaf household. His mother is deaf, he was trying to invent a device that could make his mother hear sounds, boom! He invented a telephone by accident. So when you walk down the road with that cell phone, think of Deaf persons. If not for us, you would have to deal with morse code.

Psst, you are reading a blog, right? On the Internet? Who is the "Father of the Internet"? It is Vincent Cerf, he is Deaf.

If you like the American football, notice that they huddled with each other before going for a play? It was invented by a deaf person at Gallaudet in early 1900s.

Basically, we invented a lot of things that you took for granted.

What did you, hearies, invent? Guns? Tanks? Atomic Bombs? Whoopee.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

His IP Address is

This person wrote a vicious comments about Deaf people to a point where I decided to delete it entirely and banned him from commenting at all.

He wrote that Deaf people should drop dead. That everyone else who are Deaf are stupid. He went on to rant that Jesus himself is hearing!

What the fuck?

Another case of dumbfuck hearie.

No sane hearing person is willing to address my questions -- they only attack because they do not know how to respond appropriately.

You know, I am glad that more and more hearies are being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, less hearies to deal with in this world. What's next? We'll wait until you are exterminated, then we take over.

To that person who commented, your comments are so hilarious and stupid to a point where it does not have a dignity to sit in my domain. Go home and suck your mama's tits. Oh, I forgot -- she ran out of milk. Go and suck Tom's diseased dick.


I'm So Touched!

Shamelessly stolen from KT's Yahoo Photo Album.

I smiled at this picture because this is good one ...

Here are four persons that I always hang out in DC when I am free -- Missy Take, Miss Ivana Dix, Mark Helmuth and David Anderson as "the boy in a dress".

See Mark saying, "I'm so touched."

See Missy Take and Ivana Dix imitating some kind of mannequins ... for some reasons.

Crazy people do crazy things, guys.


Don't Point That At Me, Cynthia.

Two nights ago, Cynthia and I was sitting on the floor and watched Disney's Tarzan. We giggled when we saw Rosie O'Donnell's ape character. The resemblance is very strong between the animated character and Rosie.

Then Cyn said that she has Champagne that someone gave her for her birthday. She struggled to pop the cork, I kept on telling her to stick that thing out of my face. She kept on rolling to my face, I pushed the champagne and said, "There, not my face!" She then struggled and the champagne went back to my face -- I pushed it -- BOOM, the cork popped out -- it was pretty loud and funny. The cork landed about 10 feet away from where we were. Cynthia's response was: "Oh."

Told her, "TOLD YOU SO! Don't point that at me or anyone else's face!!"

About the ancient pictures, I always enjoyed them. I guess I got it from my father's passion. It is just that the way they posed themselves before the camera is graceful and powerful.

Cliff, look at the female students and the intstructor. Notice that their hair did not reach their clothes, their hairdos were held. Patti Raswant (I miss her very much, where is she?) said that a long time ago in deaf schools, students were encouraged not to shower daily, that they may shower 2 or 3 times per week. To prevent their hair from becoming oily, many female students learned to tie their hair without getting dirty from their clothes.

Not only that, if you look at the female instructor, I'm not certain if she is deaf or hearing (probably hearing), but it is easy to identify that she is a discplinarian. Look at the paper she held and the space between her and the female students. Her body language indicated that she is a strict disciplinarian.

As you can see, Cliff, the picture like this tells more than just pose in silence.

Last night, I met a charming fellow at Nowhere Bar, he was all over me. His name is Walter. No, it is not Lozada. Just another hearing guy. At first, I was ordering Prabst beer, he stood behind me and he touched my back, I was startled. But did not turn my head to see who it is. I was busy with the money exchange. He then rubbed my back. It was sweet and nice. I turned, I was impressed. He is cute, has intense eyes and all that. Bit older than I am but still cute. We talked. He said he observed me from distance. He made his move and I enjoyed his company. Asked me if I want to go to Vermont with him for these Radical Faeries thing. I told him that I promised myself that I have to work on my stuff before the Audit occurs on 16th to 18th of June.

This happened at Nowhere Bar, the site of Big Lug every Tuesdays. I saw one muscular guy rubbing himself on 400-lb guy. I do not understand. But like someone said, maybe that muscular guy likes to poke his dick into bigger guy's oversized belly button? I noticed that certain guys go in the back and pull the drapes to close the room for few minutes . . .

Guess what? Triple XXX is returning again at The Hole. It is not the last time as Nardicio proclaimed to be -- this Sunday, May 30, 2004 from 9 PM to 4 AM.

I do not think I will attend unless a certain person(s) are in town ...


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The Vee-Vee of "B"

What I'd like for you to do is to look at the picture -- this is classic picture. One of my favorite pictures of all times. I am intrigued by the female student who fingerspelled "B", primarily because of her left-handed (I am lefty).

NOTE FOR HEARIES: The female students were fingerspelling "Alabama", one letter per person.

Not only that, I want you to look at this particular girl who did the "B". Notice her pinkie finger? Even she signed "B", but her pinkie finger seems to split apart a little from the other three fingers.

Now, I noticed with Deaf people who used ASL as its primary communication on a daily basis, they also signed "B" with their pinkie finger split apart a little. I noticed that I have the same formation that this particular female student had with the "B" sign. If I look at my hand, I am able to force my pinkie finger to stick together with the other three fingers. But if I do not think about it and just pull "B", the pinkie finger just is still apart from the other fingers.

For a while, I wonder why. But I think I know why. Our pinkie finger is perhaps the most used in fingerspelling if you look at F, I, J and Y. We used the pinkie finger to fingerspell these four letters. We often stretched the pinkie finger to identify the letter clearly.

In other words, we abused our pinkie finger all right to an extent. I thought it was absolutely cool that in 1900s, Deaf people has that, and today in 2004, we still have that as well.


What Would Hare Krishna Do To Me?

Last night, I got beeped by Chris and Shane, two hearing friends whom I befriended a long time ago when I was newbie in New York. Let's leave that as it is.

They beeped me that they are going to be at Phoenix. Off I went right after work around 8 PM. Had a good time with them. Then they left about an hour later, I met a couple of interesting people.

One cute, young guy told me he reads my blogs. Silence. Is this good or bad, considering the fact that I was vicious towards one person? He then said, "That guy you bashed on, he probably deserved it. He has no right to mock at you for being Deaf, fuck him." He introduced himself and we talked a little, he said he is HIV Positive but he agreed with me to "fuck him off".

We had a nice time talking. Then he asked me for the email address, I said why? "So we can go out and maybe, talk and eat?" I smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, why not?"

After that, I went home.

This morning, I put on my "cool" sunglasses and stroll to the office. Oh, Hare Krishna is walking towards me with a bag. I tried to act normal and just walk straight. He stopped me. He spoke to me. I pointed to my ears to indicate that I'm deaf. He then said, "OK..." in his voice then signed, "...I know signs! Do you want to buy a book about spirituality?"

I smirked a little and said, "Thanks, but no. I'm going to work. Have a good day." He then stopped someone else. Ahh.

Where do you get to see Hare Krishna trying to solicit Deaf persons in ASL? New York, my dear children, New York.


Monday, May 24, 2004

June 4 - 8

These dates left me some mixed feelings. I will depart for Richmond, Virginia. I wonder if I am able to adapt to the concept that everything closes at 12 AM or 2 AM in this town after enduring the weeks of 4 AM closings in this magnificent city.

I am going to VEE at Deaf people in Paramount Kings Dominion where I shall mingle all day long with Benis and Oswaks. Let's pray for less sun, more clouds so I dont have to deal with sunburn, motherfucka!!

Maybe some of us could have a lunch together in Doswell, Virginia.

I am going to VEE at my parents' luncheon on Sunday the 6th for their awards. I know I am going to snicker and page friends what I think of this.

Then my sister asked me if she could drive me and Benis back to NYC on 7th or 8th. I said, "Sure, but I gotta drive first, sistah!"

No way in Heavens or Hell that I'd permit my lesbo sistah to drive in Manhattan.

Only Deaf gay men can drive better than anyone else.

So these particular dates are going to be interesting weekend for me to analyze myself and the ... world!


Sometimes I Want To Do This

Sometimes, the stress is getting to you. You became so frustrated, you became so pissed off, you became so annoyed.

That's what is happening to me today.


Now I feel better.


Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Question for Hearing Person, Please

I have a question for a hearing person to explain.

I was born Deaf. I never had the ability to hear a sound, nor whine over the loss of sounds. Absolutely nothing. I can feel the vibrations, sometimes it is nice. Sometimes it is fuckin' annoying to a point where I will just slay a drag queen just to shut it up. Blah, blah and blah.

Why is that hearing persons so obsessed with music? Why is that they revolve around sounds that emits out of these machines? Why is that they always feel "bad" for Deaf people that we were devoid of a chance to hear a bird squawking?

Honestly, I think hearing sounds are simply overrated.

But I think it is SAFE to say that Deaf friends and I would like to hear a hearing person come up and defend themselves in my comment forum.

Thank you, hearies.


Last Night ...

Yassine convinced me to do something that I rarely did. We went to Webster Hall.

I is the VEE VEE and VEE. Webster Hall used to be some kind of broadway theater but it was converted into a ... dance club. Apparently, some Deaf guy named Todd decided to promote the night as Deaf Nite at that place. Yassine wanted to check it out.

So off we went. Saw the classic friends as usual. Yvonne and I cruised the physical fight between a drunk patron and five or six bouncers. I swear if these five or six bouncers overextends themselves, this poor drunken fool would snap his fuckin' neck!

No, the drunken fool is not deaf. So no need to spread the rumors, honey.

The prices to drink from Webster Hall is ludicrous. To a point where the city should shut it down. $9 for a fuckin' rail drink! That's all? No, a fuckin' pint-sized one!!

At this point, if college students made Webster Hall their focal point, I am willing to bet that lots of them will be broke before they could pick up their SSI checks ...

One thing that turned me off about hearing guys who worked as bouncers at Webster Hall, they tend to break Deaf patrons who huddled in a circle to chat with each other. Apparently, these idiotic bouncers assumed that we were dealing drugs. The truth is that we need to huddle with each other in order to be able to see what one has to say in sign language. I repeatedly saw three or four bouncers breaking deaf groups up. Totally tasteless, you hearie dumbfucks!

I think I might date this cute bartender from the local bar in a short time. And guess what? He is hearie! Yassine liked him. That sounds a good deal, eh?

I notice something interesting -- there are plentiful of guys who are dumb on this planet -- and often, their names tend to coincide with Aaron! No, Oswaks, even you have the first name -- Aaron but you are not what I am thinking of.

Today, the sun arose over Manhattan. Yassine was thrilled. Yassine dropped the MOAB on me (Mother of All Bombs) that she is off to Boston for two days (Praise the Lord!). I was like, "Sure, go away! I need the space to myself. I am tired of sleeping with a woman next to me!" Yassine smiled so hard. We went to Penn Station but after some confusing moments, we went to Park Avenue and 39th Street to meet friends and bid her farewell. It was enjoyable day. We get to VEE, VEE and VEE people around us in Midtown.

Now I need a drink or two at some local fag pub.

I have a long day tomorrow.



Saturday, May 22, 2004

Yassine and I, Plus Some Comments

Yassine is turning out to be a NYC Girl after all. This girl can find her way around. She found a way to reach my place without my help. When she stood at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 14th Street, I saw her standing there and she said, "Man, I am ready to strip now!"

We chit-chatted for several hours before we strolled down to Ryan's Irish Pub on 2nd Avenue for Deaf Professional Happy Hour, it was fun and relaxing. Good to see some friends.

I ditched the GBNY this time around. I don't think I want to deal with hearing men for the time being. Just take a look at Tom Tricoli, SoapSucker and Captain-Obvious and by itself, it was enough to make me repel hearing guys.

Yassine pulled an antic on a hearing guy that I nearly pissed in my pants. A hearing guy hits on Yassine, and Yassine was quick to tell him that she's with me. Me? This hearing guy was obviously disappointed but stared at me as if I was so lucky to have her. I grimaced and pointed my finger at her for lying. She grabbed my finger and twisted it. I yelped like a kid in front of that hearing dude. That hearing dude is so hot but he was cool enough to give me a handshake and wished me the best.

Then we went to Urge. Web, me and Yassine had a good time, chatting about everything from A to Z. These gals charmed their ways around with a stripper or two. Apparently, someone else was so impressed with our having a good time and decided to buy us a round of drinks. I was delighted. About time someone who is hearing person is also NICE. I also saw a familiar gay blogger from NYC at Urge, he was hitting on an old geezer. More power to him -- but honey, don't do it in the bathroom, please. Do it in your bedroom, or that old geezer's bedroom.

Yassine is currently painting the town red with her boyfriend while I do some work at the office and home. I'm being pressured to meet friends and hang out at Webster Hall tonight but I dont know if I am in mood for that. In ASL, I say "SEE SEE".

Rosey, I had a discussion with a group of friends about your infamous Rosey antic. They absolutely loved and adored your antic but will they do it? Nah. Not me, but someday I might when I get annoyed, I will do it in an instant.

Tom Tricoli is at it again. Our emails has been bouncing off each other like a dodgeball. He always threw such hateful comments about deafness, appearances, intelligence and so on. I threw it back with his flaws. He has flaws such as too old, too ugly, too bitter, consummated with HIV thing, et al.

You know the rules, what you sow, you reap. He has been vicious so I had to defend who I am by throwing it back onto him. It is silly since he is much older than I am. Yet, he is still a bitter queen. Maybe that is why he has the virus to shake himself up and wake up.

It is getting old. To top it all, I'm sick of some hearing gay men in NYC for taking sides or kept silent when Tom Tricolithrew these uncalled comments on me, but slammed on me for throwing it back. It is getting silly and stupid. It is pretty childish, petty and immature.

And it is certainly cool to be Deaf and to be a cocksucker. Let alone combine two -- proud of it, honey. At least, I'm clean. Which I cannot say the same thing for you, Tom Tricoli! So to me, being the Deaf Cocksucker is no big deal to me, ye trollop dumbfuck.

Good thing, my life does not revolve on this blogging business. I have things to do but when I have the time, I shall blog. Some people like Tom does not. Tom, you apparently forgot to take extra anxiety pills again. Pop it up some today!


Friday, May 21, 2004

Sonia Wuttunee is here!

Oh, sweet heavens. Manhattan is NOT ready for this gal!


"But, Officer Smith, it is not my fault if she looks like a garbage can!"

Had a haircut, looks nice. I look like Toby now. Jen, my administrative assistant, said that I looked like much younger (But Jen, I'm only 30!) man and looked so professional (But Jen, I already am a professional!).

Either way, I like it. Maybe I can score a certain guy like Shane, Randy, Matt or Evil Robot? Jayson, maybe? Who knows?


Was reading the NY DAILY NEWS today. I smiled a little. GBNY is going to be at Barrage on West 47th Street. A guy was assassinated in a broad daylight just 3 blocks east on the same street at Diamond District by 47th Street and 6 Avenue.


Now back to the headline, there is an article that makes me wonder what was in this gentleman's mind when it happened? How can one mistook someone for a garbage can?

My co-worker told me last night that he never had sex with guys over 300 lbs but after doing it with this particular guy (who is also his current boyfriend), his attitude with bigger men completely changed overnight. He prefers big or bigger men. I just stared at him. I do not know what to say nor think.

Ahh. I still remembered the day a guy rejected me because I was not fat enough. That was a nice change from guys who said I was not thin enough.

I need a guy like Jayson. Benis. Oswaks. Evil Robot, Matt or even a male mannequin will do just fine.

But no Tim Tricoli please. Ugh.


Don't You Love These Last Minute Events?

Before I entered, I groaned. I saw the movie advertisement of "Garfield The Movie". This time, it is not a cartoon. It is a real cat. It appears that this coming summer, we will have lots of fun films.

Yassine just emailed me with a sense of urgency that she needs a place to stay for a night before she goes back to The Netherlands. Needless to say, I said "sure". I never said "no" to any friends of mine even with the last minute thing. How awful am I, Evil Robot???

Actually, I felt sorry for Yassine because when she gets here, we will go straight to Barrage to check out the GBNY scene (depends on who's going) ... then onto Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH) in East Village, hosted by our Mistress Breen. That might be too much for Yassine, all in a night. Should I take her to The Cock, just to give her the sense of climax? Only time will tell.

Last night at America's Restaurant. Web never knew what hits her as everyone surprised her for her graduation party. Surdus gave her a cool t-shirt that reads: "Abso-fucking-lutely". For the fans of Sex and The City, one has to know the comment, though.

I drank two The Amerita, big mistake. It was pretty strong. And suffice to say, I fell asleep right after I got home from the restaurant. Good thing, I live only 3 or 4 blocks away from that restaurant.

This morning, I walked to the office, all I see is different types of men. I just love NYC men, nobody looks like the other. Except for Chelsea shit.


Thursday, May 20, 2004


I did not comment on this until Web left the office. Then the whole staff is gonna sneak up on her and have a surprise dinner at America's Restaurant near Union Square to celebrate Web's graduation with Masters degree.

Poor Web, she's gonna be stunned with everything else.

I'm off for the night.

You guys behave! Including you, SoapSucker.


The Practice

Living in New York can drive you insane. You probably need something to stay on the ground all the time and be in control. It is OK to be out of control for days but not for weeks.

How do I keep myself stay on the grounds? Sometimes it's friends, sometimes it's activities outside of bars & clubs, sometimes it's computer and last, sometimes it's TV shows.

When I was in the District, I never cared much for "The Practice" until I moved to NYC. I realized that I have to stop going out all the time -- so I chose certain days not to go out (Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays). The Practice falls on Sunday evening.

I saw the series finale of The Practice recently. It talked about someone defending the CEO in the courts because he had a fetish for disabled persons. In the CEO's words, "I do not like the term: disability. They are special -- they are special abled persons."

So in other words, he had a hard-on for persons who uses wheelchairs. This reminds me of some fetishes. Some persons had a thing for amputees. Some persons has a thing for mascots. And yes, I already met some hearing persons whose specialty is ... Deaf persons. I even had a conversation with some of them about it, they said that Deaf persons excited them more than hearing persons do.

Ahh, in that TV series finale, the CEO won the case then saw a lady with a neck brace who walked by him, he stared at her, loosened his tie -- looked around to see nobody looking at him as he went after her ...

Such a world, is it?


Spring Cleaning

Last night, I got to my place and cleaned up the place as much as can be. It looks nice. Needs to tune up the place as soon as can be. Benis, don't forget the primer!!

At the same time, it is always fun to clean up because there are stuff that you thought you did not have but find it in the midst of everything. Very nice, really. I found the picture of Beth, the architect of HearingPeopleSuck blogsite, when she was a kid with her cute brothers. Perhaps one day, I'll scan it and share it all with the world to see how adorable Beth and her brothers are.

I also watched the series finale of "Angel". It went off on a triumphant note, not on a whimpering note. That was great. I wish I could marry Daniel now in Massachusetts. Oh, well.

This morning, I decided to use my brand-new sunglasses from Wildwood on way to work. It is interesting to observe that women never looked at me, but men ... their eyes always darted at me then back and forth. They were either curious or insecure -- or vulnerable that someone is wearing sunglasses and sees their reactions? I dont know. But it was interesting, though.

My friend emailed me that the reason the Iraqi prisoners were having a naked pyramid -- they were playing a game of Twisters. Ahh, that was good one.

The Iraqi occupation is turning out to be a mess as expected. All in the name of oil. Now the US Armed Forces just raided Chalabi's residence, that is alarming because Chalabi has been pro-American spokesman for a long time.

Is Bush the Mabus that Nostradamus once said in his prophecies?

Does not matter, though.

Tomorrow is going to be Hell. To see a movie, "Bulgarian Lover" with a friend ... now I found out that Gay Bloggers of NY is going to be held at Barrage at 6 PM tomorrow night. Plus, Breen is going to host the DPHH nite in East Village. Oh, man. What should I do?

Only time will tell, go with the flow.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Rain Soothed My Mind

I was pretty much irritated by people like SoapSucker and others by their vicious comments. At work, I was able to finish some errands before heading off to see a consumer. But it was raining lightly. I did not have the umbrella with me. I stood outside under the cover, watching the rains hitting the concrete floor -- saw an elderly Deaf woman walking into the building. She did not use the umbrella. She was pretty drenched. But that did not bother her.

I smiled and asked her why, she smiled and said, "It is spring rain, it is always nice to walk in that rain and get wet. Very nice."

Then she walked into the building. I thought about it, "OH, fuck it -- I'll get wet and enjoy it." I walked in the light rain, getting drenched calmly to a building where I see a consumer then went to my apartment to get changed and get the umbrella.

I'm glad I did get wet. Sometimes, we need to get wet, really to let it go.

Get wet, then, pals.


SoapSucker Is Still An Idiot

Guess what? S/he is only 20, according to his profile. Not only that, s/he is homophobic. S/he called me a fag wench. What a world. Still has a long way to grow up, ladies and gentlemen.

Again, what do you expect from a hearie?


SoapSucker Really Needs To Get A Lobotomy!

SoapSucker, you continue to fail to understand what I am trying to convey from day one -- I do not believe in spamming nor has the desire to spam others like your "friends" do on others out of anger or immature behavior. It is indeed pitiful that you would associate with some kind of barbarians who treated Deaf people like retards on these postings that I find it appalling.

The emails were between *me* and *Captain Obvious*. That person has no class nor dignity. It was a private email from me to him, trying to explain things the best way I can -- instead, he ridiculed me then posted my emails on his message boards without my knowledge. What does it tells you about his character? And your character in continuing the conversations with him from that point on?

These behaviors by these arrogant twerps are not appropriate by any standards. Your association with them through the message boards are not acceptable in the Deaf Community. Maybe you live in a small town or far away from where I grew up in, it is much easier to meet a deaf person and subjugate them over. But certainly not in D.C., Boston, Philadelphia or New York. If one found out, you are going to be alone for a long time.

The world does not operate on English's grammatical rules. I try to improve the best way I can, if you or your friends continue to ridicule me like that, then why don't you ridicule the foreigners who struggled in English? There is more to life than English. I do not understand why people are so obsessed with English rules -- get a fuckin' life!!

I would like to warn you something, if you attempt to correct or criticize a deaf person's grammar, especially in cities like four above, you should expect a backlash because it smacked off from your condescending attitudes. You are NOT here to help us, you are only studying to be an interpreter so your future occupation is to interpret, nothing else ... so in other words, fuck off!

I am not going to cower from any hearing person like my grandparents who always said, "They will learn how to behave or respect us someday." Well, my grandparents are dead. They never had the respect or being treated as a normal citizen, they had been treated like second class citizens for a long time -- why do you think they segregate themselves from hearing people? It is because of your kind's boorish actions that shunned the most of us away. Seeing my grandparents being patient all their lives, I cannot be part of this -- I chose the path that will make sure that I have the dignity and respect if it should take me to defend my actions, then so be it.

Your attempts to criticize me because I defended myself, my friends and my deaf community from Captain-Obvious' audistic rantings are appalling, considering the fact that you are studying to be an interpreter. All in all, you are one fucked-up person. You need to apologize for what you did to me, my friends and others.


Lime with Vodka!

Last night after work, I met Bianca for a dinner and a stroll around Chelsea. We caught up on everything else, her marriage life, my life in New York. Blah, blah. And blah.

The bitch still looks so gorgeous!

Breen dumped her in my laps while she fled to a DWU meeting (Deaf Women United) ... Breen, don't you know by now that I am dangerous when it comes to babysitting someone else?

We went to XL because Bianca likes the Martini drinks, and I knew that bar has 2-4-1 Happy Hours from 4 PM to 9 PM. Or at Urge from 5 PM to 10 PM. So we were much closer to XL than Urge, so it is XL.

My boy, Corey, is not there. He's still in Japan.

Cameron took his place and Bianca has a weakness for men in black. And Cameron is all that, except that he's such a fag. Tough luck, Bianca. Keep your hands in your pockets, remember you're married woman!

Then one drunk guy who is a lawyer tried to communicate with me and Bianca. As usual, Bianca was so nice. I was trying to pull an infamous Rosey antic. The Rosey antic occurs when a guy tried to talk to her in ASL but in the midst of his signs, she turned away from him and ignored him because to her, he's boring.

Bianca was having none of that, she was so nice. She asked him for his name. He said, "Gary". It turned out that he's from Great Britain, now living in New York. Bianca asked him why he knew signs. He kept on saying that he has a deaf sister. Whoopee. Then Bianca asked him what his deaf sister's name is? He said, "Lime with Vodka". I snickered. Bianca said, "No, no. What is your deaf sister's name?" He kept on saying, "Lime with Vodka". I smiled and grimaced. Trying to suppress a laughter. He turned to tell me to "Stop it".

What an idiot.

Oh, I should mention that this drunk guy also knocked Bianca's martini down and break the martini in the process? Such a drama.

Then Gary bought another drink for her, this time with a full martini of vodka. Gary left with his boyfriend, then Cameron came back with Gary's drinks and was fumed that they left without paying for that drink.

I told Bianca that sometimes we have to be tough to make sure that nobody tramples over our dignity. Gary was simply condescending, told me to stop it when I grimaced as if I was a kid. Under normal circumstances, I would give him the look. But last night was Bianca's night. So Gary was lucky to get away with it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Did You Know?

Our favorite Homeland Security Department gave $38.31 per person to the state of Wyoming while New York receives $5.41 per capita.

Honestly, who wants to bomb Wyoming?

Who wants to fly an airplane into Grand Teton or Devils Tower? Or even Laramie where Matt Sherpard died?

Please, somebody kicks GW Bush's balls for me.


This Is Crazy But Yet So Cool

Was surfing a little and found this amusing. Even you can order it for someone else along with a message. Ain't this cool??? Should I send this to Captain Obvious if I ever comes across his *home* address? Please comment.


Is Manhattan Ready for Perlis and Bianca?

My congratulations to Bianca and Perlis in being accepted at Columbia University to work and earn the Masters Degree in Teaching American Sign Language As A Foreign Language.

That means what? Two more deaf female friends. Now I'm desperate. I need male friends. But Benis is coming and Keith is working on a plan to resettle from Anchorage, Alaska to Manhattan -- then we will take over Manhattan as destined to do so! *evil maniacal laughter*

I should mention that Bianca is married to a hearing dude who is absolutely charming fellow. He completely worshipped Bianca since the high school days. That is so romantic.

Anyway, I was paged by KB last night at a dinner party hosted by Roberts for Bianca. Bianca told the group at the dinnery party, "I need drama! I need RT here! I am tired of my life so drama-free! Someone get him for me!"

So her request is absolutely answered as I am slated to meet her at Union Square today at 5:30ish.

Bianca already witnessed many funniest moments when she interned with me at Deaf Arts Council when I insulted that fakey actress, "We worked 500 percent more than you do, and you still complain!" Needless to say, I was fired on the spot. But few weeks later, the Deaf Arts Council closed its doors right after they lost its major funding from the US Department of Labor because they busted the DAC for improper funds being managed. Can you wonder who told them? *evil grin*

I also remembered Bianca and me sipping some lattes on Santa Monica Boulevard at The Abbey in West Hollywood, enjoying the California summer and VEE at these clones walking by. Suddenly, there were a gay couple (one deaf, one hearing) greeted us and asked if we were deaf. I was on my guard (always do) but Bianca was so sweet and she said, "Yes, we are Deaf."

One hearing dude was standing quiet as his Deaf boyfriend chattered for about 20 minutes without letting Bianca or me saying a word. Then he said, "I have to get going now. We are late to meet someone else. It was nice meeting you both." Then he left. I slowly smiled and looked at Bianca. Bianca said, "What are their names?" I said, "They never said it, nor did we."

Guess that dude was starved to talk about something else.

Anyway, my blog was approved to be part of -- the issue is ... how do I put the icon on my blog? Sigh. Feedback?


Monday, May 17, 2004

SoapSucker Wants To Be ASL Interpreter!

Run for your lives! That guy/gal is studying to be ASL Interpreter.

Most of my comments on my blogs are sarcastic at times. If SoapSucker fail to detect and brand me as "not the brightest one in the crayon box", then that person is stupid. S/he obviously did not detect the deaf comments.

But again, what do you expect from hearies who wants to patronize us from day one?


You Know ...

Hearing people always said that Deaf people's ability to read is 4th grade. Ain't that awful? Well, for hearing people, their national average is 5th grade. These things made me roll my eyes, again and again and again.

I bought a new sunglasses in Wildwood, NJ. It is a matter of time before I lose them.

Soon, I'll see two flicks this week -- Miracle and Bulgarian Lover -- should be interesting film (for hearies who thinks we are stupid for watching the films while cannot hearing a sound, they have subtitles, thank you very much SKSKSK!!) to check out.

Benis Is Coming!

What did I do in Wildwood, NJ? It is a town of rednecks, basically but very nice -- Web reserved a nice place that is few hundred feets from the Boardwalk. I had a good time chatting with everyone else. Many deafies, but there were four hearing pals joining as well. It was great.

The ride back to New York was simply torture. Initially, the bus from Wildwood to Atlantic City -- one guy who really smells so bad, I mean -- it made me sick ... at first, he sat two rows behind me, then moved to the row next to me where I cannot stand the stench. I moved back. Then he moved again. That freaked me out but lucky, I got two powerful girls in Web and KB to protect me. LOL.

Then the bus trip to New York from Atlantic City ... I felt sorry for this particular girl ... she wore high heel shoes and she had to stand all the way to NYC. The seats were full. Even where I sat was not exactly comfortable, to throw my sunburn in. It makes things just worse.

I hadn't been to the beach in two years and even summer hasn't started, I already got a fuckin' case of sunburn! Oh, well.

Know what, guys? I am fuckin' amused by Captain-Obvious' postings -- the postings are full of misinformation. Must be teenagers or something.

To coin a phrase from Mark and Keith: SYL!


Captain Obvious is fuckin' ignorant hearie!

Read what his postings mentioned:

Captain Obvious wrote:
>>i think i wanna sign up for being a hugger at the deaflympics. like they have at the special olympics. that would be cool. and also, better because i dont think deaf people drool as much as tards. i wonder if they shit their pants as much.<<

That's stupid. Deaf people are more likely to mock at YOU for being the hugger. They will ridicule you so bad that you will cry like a fuckin' baby.

Here is another one -- but classic one:
>>Where's the link to this deaf supremecist's blog?

Also, deaf people aren't allowed to drive, are they? Such superior people...forced to take public transportation.<<

Oh, lord. Are they living in 1900s? Don't they realize that Deaf people drives *better* than hearies?

Now this one --
>>I'm willing to bet deaf blowjobs are the worse, because even with a mouth full of cock they're still able to bitch at you.<<

Now this is very interesting debate -- in the District, it is well known that hearing gay men chased after deaf gay men because we fuck very well.

It is something that dofus bag like Captain Obvious cannot accept -- says a lot about themselves, though.

It is amazing. But again, what do you expect from hearies?


Few Tidbits from Last Week

I neglect to mention that The Worm Within was shared by Tobes at Thanks, Tobes!

I also want to mention that at NYU Grad Alley Party, Web showed me something that I nearly flipped out. There is a nutrition label on fuckin' cotton candy!! Needless to say, everything is zero except for sugar which comes in at whoopin' 30 grams.

I'm suffering from the sunburn -- will talk more later, right now is not good time. Argh. I did not attempt to get tan or anything at all. I hate tanning, I hate getting sunburn, I hate the beaches and yet, I got the fuckin' sunburn.



Friday, May 14, 2004

Few Pics To Smile or Roll Your Eyes!

This is too cute. I hope someday I'll have that ... Jayson, mind yourself! LOL!

Now Daniel is a hottie on Warner Bros TV program called Angel, too bad the show is gonna be cancelled. I always thought he was such a softie.

Now this comic shows my favorite character who is lunging at someone he hated the most, trying to kick the butt who wore the shiny gold helmet -- so you might roll your eyes that I often used this antic to challenge people.

I'm done for the weekend, have fun in wherever you go. :-)


The Trip to Wildwood

I absolutely love The Worm Within by Vincent Eaton. I kept on grinning throughout the story. It is so disgusting and cute!

Had a nice conversation with Jayson Littman via emails, he is nice. I thought it was interesting that he clued on my signature in emails and blogs, I am obviously in need of a hug. Maybe it is true. I tend to be on guard of my feelings. Maybe insecurity. Which is why I tend to permit close friends to get closer to me, but not ordinary friends. Maybe ... I do not know.

My co-worker mistook Web's mother as Web's sister. I was the VEE at Frank when he realized that she is Web's mother. Come to think of this, is this supposed to be a compliment for Web's mother ... or an insult for Web?

Either way, both said that Web's graduation at NYU went very well. Currently, Web is in Wildwood, NJ to celebrate her graduation with friends. I will join with her tonight after I get off at 4:30 PM. It'd be the first time that I get out of NYC since last October when I travelled to the District.

I needed that, though. I have the plans that I will go to Richmond, Virginia on June 4. And between now and last weekend of June, I'll try to sneak to Vermont to rest up in the mountains at some gay bed and breakfast inn. I need the mountains to freshen myself up, not beach. Beaches are for twinks, fools. *spitting*

I have the link to that beheading video. I did not see it. I am contemplating whether to see it or not. Many people who saw it wished they did not see it. Decisions must be made.

Last night was bit weird -- I fell asleep 9:45 PM. The damned pager kept on ringing all night long. I was startled by that -- I even dreamed that Cynthia was talking to me -- I was the VEE ... she asked me about something -- she is currently in Wildwood! Then this morning, I read the message, she was ASKING me to bring some things! I was perplexed. Then walked to Cyn's bedroom, the bedroom is empty.

Too fuckin' bizarre.


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mark and Me

I will never forget the fiasco that propelled me on the stage before the sellout crowd at Lincoln Theater with Mark, a deaf friend of mine.

It was sold out. Mark, Tabitha, Erin, Jim and I wanted to see a subtitled gay film. Mark insisted that we pretend to be volunteers and Mark gave the volunteer coordinators hard time before they bring three of us, Tabitha, Mark and me, to the back of the stage to wait for something.

Then the coordinator pushed me on the stage to give few words ... apparently, he thought we were the donors for some gay film festival. Mark said, "Hello, hello. My name is Mark. I hope you will enjoy the film tonight." Then he raised his hands to wave as in deaf applause. The crowd erupted into thousands of hands waving. I could not stop laughing. I said, "Me, too. Enjoy the movie!"

Bet you a dollar or two that the audience saw nothing but gibberish signs but it was bit a chic to wave your hands for few seconds. Then the lights went off. In the darkness, Mark fell off the stage. That was it for me. I had to run off to the bathroom to piss and cry so hard because I was laughing insanely.

Meanwhile, Erin told me that she was in the upper floor where she noticed that Jim (who is hearing) flinched at the sounds of something ... then Jim turned to see Mark and me on the stage. Jim was horrified. Jim heard my stifled laughter. Erin then paged me when I was on stage, I could feel my pager vibrating. But I refused to answer it. Later, it reads: Why are you on the stage???

Such a priceless moment by Mark and I.

Long Live the LW3!! (Lethal Weapon 3 in Keith, Mark and I)


My Horoscope

Shamelessly plucked from to analyze myself a little so you can be amused.

NOVEMBER: Has a lot of ideas. Difficult to fathom. Thinks forward. Unique and brilliant. Extraordinary ideas. Sharp thinking. Fine and strong clairvoyance. Can become good doctors. Dynamic in personality. Secretive. Inquisitive. Knows how to dig secrets. Always thinking. Less talkative but amiable. Brave and generous. Patient. Stubborn and hard-hearted. If there is a will, there is a way. Determined. Never give up. Hardly becomes angry unless provoked. Loves to be alone. Thinks differently from others. Sharp-minded. Motivates oneself. Does not appreciates praises. High-spirited. Well-built and tough. Deep love and emotions. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. Homely. Hardworking. High abilities. Trustworthy. Honest and keeps secrets. Not able to control emotions. Unpredictable.

Nearly all of them reflects who I am. Good one, Tobes.


Few Things to Vent Out

Yesterday, I checked and saw that Tricoli calling me lots of things. He also said that I am "pure evil". Whatever. Later, I saw the NY POST's headline, it reads: PURE EVIL. A-ha! That guy also has no creativity. Plucking a headline from a local tabloid to call me that. How interesting.

Speaking of creativity, Tricoli should call himself "HIV Boy" because in his last 20 entries, 65% of his rantings are all about HIV. Such a bore. Waiter! Check, please!

Now on that Monceaux guy, he took an opportunity to criticize the US Army in his blog about the prison abuses but he also fell silent about the barbaric beheading of Nick Berg.

These things made me roll my eyes from time to time.

Yesterday, I went to NYU's Grad Alley Party with Web. Before we arrived, we walked through the East Village, we saw a guy carrying the clothes from the dry cleaning store. Among his stuff was a plastic cover over the faded blue jeans. Jeans? Web and I slowly stared at it then looked at each other and said, "Jeans?" at the same time. Perhaps next time, we shall see a plastic cover over the jockstrap. Irrationality rules in this town.

Anyway, the NYU Grad Alley Party is interesting and nice. Very mellow. We saw the fireworks, it is small, we did not realize that we were standing right below the fireworks. We actually had to look at the whole thing right above us. Some bits of Fireworks get in my eyes. Ugh. Should I pretend that I was injured and in the process, sue them?

Went to the NYCASLCLUB, I think Emerson is charming. Perhaps sometimes we might go out and see how it goes -- I asked him, he said to make some plans with him by e-mail. Anyway, at the GLBT Center, I chatted with Ryan and felt bad for Ryan when he pointed at a certain guy, "He kiss very good, I like him." I turned to see him, and groaned. But I did not say anything about the guy over there to Ryan because it is always awkward for me to talk about guys who used to be gals. So I say SYL to the whole drama.

Emerson and I had a nice chat at the corner of 14 Street and 8 Avenue, too bad we did not make out (but again, I would not permit it, anyway) before we parted for the night.

Just saw the NEXT Magazine, looked through it -- was amused by one advertisement. Since there is no advertisement on its website, I'm writing it down. It is about Mother's Day.

* * * * *
"Dear Mom,

I love New York City. I've made a lot of great friends. We like to party with Crystal Meth, and I've even become addicted.

Happy Mother's Day. You mean the world to me.

It's not so bad. The suicidal thoughts, depression, paranoia and guilt about missed work go away with one little bump. So does my fear of HIV.

Happy Mother's Day

Love, Ricky"
* * * * *

Me? Me snorting meth? Please. The last time I snorted meth was in Seattle back in 2001 and I did not like it at all -- will never do it again. But that was funny advertisement.

Someone talked about John F. Kennedy Jr today to me and I quickly thought about what I told Carl Denney a long time ago and he broke into a wide grin. As you might know, JFK Junior was killed along with his coke-snorting wife and sister-in-law in a plane crash en route to Martha's Vineyard.

I told Carl, "At least, this is the first time I heard of luggages that arrived BEFORE the plane did anywhere else in the world." I was talking about the dead victims' luggages found on the coast of the island not far from the plane crash.

Sick joke, yeah. That is me.

If I die, Merritt, Kekua, Manny are required to dress up in drag to weep and be like Tammy Faye Messner's make-up. That would be a sight to behold! And party hard -- be like my great aunt who is 4'11 and once stood on a chair, flicked the lights to get everyone's attention and stomped her left hand on the coffin of my great grandmother twice and bluntly in ASL, "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" -- she pointed at a certain person in the audience. All hell broke loose. This happened in 1970s, my mother told me about it. All it took is a 4'11 woman to get everyone's attention to start a drama.

But my funeral should be fun, dramatic and plenty of laughs. I still remember Larry's drunken moments as Drag Queen where he never realized that his wig was fucked up all night long. That was so funny.



Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Here Is Psychococa!!

I kept on forgetting to include Psychococa on my Friends Blog. She is from Chesapeake -- I knew her through Benis. Now she's part of the family.


Homeless Dude

During the lunch break, I walked to Subway Restaurant to order and munch a 6-inch (That Tricoli fool must be so happy!!) submarine. Before I walk into the shop, I saw one young guy sitting next to the Subway with a cardboard that reads: "Jobless, Homeless, Please Spare A Change. God Bless."

I quickly scoped this young man. This man has a tattoo all over his face. It's everywhere on his face -- forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck.

I was thinking, "Did he thinks of consequences when he gets his face tattooed?"

Oy vey.


A Correction To Make and To VEE!!

I made an error in typing that Chris Lambert had two HUGE dogs. Actually, he had one HUGE grey dog and a tiny beagle dog, which made me watch with curiosity at how both dogs interacted with each other.

Had a brief conversation with Keith last night regarding Morganton, himself and his sister. Blah, blah, blah. Realized that I do miss his company. I look forward to the day he gets here.

Another thing to VEE: Web told me that she has a graduation party sponsored by NYU tonight. We talked a little about it and she mentioned, "And yeah, there will be fireworks at 8 PM. Look at this." She pointed at the invitation card. Fireworks for NYU's graduation party? Gallaudet is so cheapskate. Too bad, the fireworks are not for that Tricoli fool.

Guess what? There was not even a big outcry about the beheading of American in the Arab World -- it was largely muted by the Arab Media. See? I rest my fuckin' case. Let's do what Count Dracul did to make his own terror -- why do you think he is known as the Dracula? It is because he beheaded thousands of Islamic fighters and sticked their heads in the wood poles by the roads in Romania and the result is that these fighters are *still* afraid of Romanian folklore.

On another subject, I is the VEE big time when I check the comments and guess who commented on my "Free Hugs?" entry. Jayson Littman! THAT dude who does these things at Washington Square Park every Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM. Very nice comments. Read what he said:

Hi R-
This is Jayson Littman - the hugger in Washington Square Park. Dont observe from afar, come on over and get a hug. I know you need one.

spread the love,

I'll consider his offer.

To smile and laugh, I found this on some deaf blogsite and took it ... so enjoy. I always loved this one. Gary Larsen is genius! He found a way to make Deaf people laugh at themselves without degrading Deaf people's language and culture.



Tuesday, May 11, 2004

HOw Do I Feel Today?

(Thanks to Gus for sending me the picture!!)
That is how I feel today.

Tommy Tricoli annoyed me to no end.

And I found out that a murder took place in Morganton, North Carolina -- the town where my mother, grandmother and uncles attended at North Carolina School for the Deaf. Not only that, my beloved friend, Keith also went to NCSD.

The murderer is none other than Chris Lambert! That dude who has two HUGE dogs at Gallaudet few years ago with a dominant girlfriend who works at Campus Activities. They hadn't identified the deceased female body but I suspect it was that dominant girlfriend, Tallie.

This occured when I said not many deaf people killed the other like hearing people do with each other. Boom, it pops up in my face. AS usual. But my argument still stands, bitches.

C'est la vie!


Hearies, Hearies, Hearies

Two words: LIGHTEN UP!!

This entry is dedicated to hearing persons who mistook me as "angry, self-hating cocksucker" who often lashed out at hearies for something that might happen to me in the past.

Such a silly theory. But that is OK. Maybe my comments are often perceived to be somewhat "anti-hearing", but it is not. It is more of "Oh, fuck, here I go again."

I am not a person who you can come to and say "M..... Y...... N...... A........ M......... E......... I.......S (PAUSE THEN SHRIEK) T........ O......... M......... M........Y!!!"

You get the idea why I say, "Oh, fuck, here I go again with this idiot."

As many of you knew, I am Deaf by birth from a long line of Deaf families in The South. English is not my strongest skill. I try my best all the time to express my thoughts. I always try to improve my writings. But there are people like Tommy Tricoli who took the time to disparage my comments just because I am not good at English.

Come to think of this, the was not designed for perfect English.

Who is Tommy Tricoli? Here are his pictures.

Ain't he pretty? Ugh. Not my type. I may be fat but I can lose weight while you'll be like that for the rest of your life. I can cut my hair, and I like my hair chest. I do not have problems with the way I look, but I try to improve myself anyway for better health & sanity (ha! Maybe to make that ugly freak happy as well).

You know, my former houseparent, Bobbie once told me that people who made fun of others are often the ones who has the problems with himself. Go and pop some extra anxiety pills.

This gentleman wrote a blog and stole my pictures and posted on his blog to make somewhat a threat on me. You know ... I find it offensive and flattering.

Tommy Tricoli also accused me of being the one with "NYCAttitudeLady" whereas it was my friend whom I shared the link to her about the cat being killed in that stupid commercial. She was incensed and threw Tommy few of her words -- Tommy thought it was me. Oh, lord.

All in all, Tommy Tricoli reminded me of Dorian Yanke. This is something I am *so* used to it.

I have two hearing siblings, I have some hearing relatives, I also forged a close friendship with 5 or 6 hearing persons in New York. I had two hearing ex boyfriends. I dated a number of hearing guys. I fucked many hearing guys than deaf guys. Am I anti-hearie? You decide.

Apparently, Tommy Tricoli is one stupid biased guy to start with. All of this tug-of-war continued because I made a comment to a guy that I do not approve the relationships where you play around with other guys. That would defeat the whole purpose of marriage, really.

A certain person attacked my beliefs more than the argument itself. Then hell broke loose. I told him that there are people who deserved to be infected with the virus and die with it. Because they played the russian's roulette and it misfired.

That's when Tommy Tricoli jumped in the fray and attacked me of my appearances, made a threat to push me on the speeding bus that might come up my way in East Village where I work and live. A threat that I find it scary.

So from time to time, I shot back with a comment like, "I'll buy fireworks when you're expired." He said to stuff it up my ass. I told him that I'll stuff it and match it and let it fire into his coffin.

It is stupid and silly that continues to cycle from day one. I'm willing to let it go as long as you do the same. But you continue to be like that.

I may be deaf, but you're hearie. What you said is so atypical. I'm fat, you're ugly. What next? I'm hairy, that's what I was born with. So do you but you had to shave in order to sell yourself. To me, it says a lot. But again, it is your life.


These Are Wicked

I was delighted to learn that the Broadway play, Wicked, was nominated in ten categories including the Best Actress in Idina Menzel. I think she deserved it. I also learned that it was the most expensive production of all in Broadway. Makes sense if you look at these decorations. It was stunning.

Check Beth's blogs about some fuckin' anti-deaf folks out there writing against us. They are indeed scary. They made me want to sic Osama bin Laden on them.

Speaking of these Islamic crazies, I wonder if there will be an outcry about the American being beheaded by these barbaric men that Surdus defended!

Now this beheading is worse than these prison abuses, I say -- fuck 'em. If they want barbaric things, let's give it to them! NUKE the whole place!

The majority of these fools are hearing people. I should say, "More power to them to kill each other, so that Deaf people can bypass them for jobs, promotions, et al."

But again, the planet continues to revolve. It never cared for anyone who died or not. Had been that way for millions of years, and shall be that way for another few billions years.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Few Thoughts About Deaf Men ...

DeafNation's RV Tour made a stop at my workplace. The creator of DeafNation is Jed Barish. All I can say is that Angela Otani is lucky to have Jed. Here is the photo of these natural, laid-back and determined Deaf men.

Overall, they're nice folks. Made sure that each person feels comfortable during the visit. I knew Jed through his brother. I knew Anthony through his sister, I knew Branic through Web. That is the price of living in Deaf World -- where everyone knew everyone else.

Time for me to flee to Park Slope to meet Yvonne once again and haul my stuff to my apartment -- for the LAST time. Then I might be off to The Cock Bar tonite.



P.S. Breen, Happy Birthday!

Free Hugs?

There was an article in The New York Times about Jayson Littman, 26 years old who is financial analyst during the weekdays. On Sundays from 1 PM to 4 PM, he wears a t-shirt that reads: "FREE HUGS" and he erected a sign in Washington Square Park, "FREE HUGS".

With wars and blood flowing freely around the world, Littman figured that everyone needs a hug now and then. No religious, pamphlets and charges at all. It is free hug.

The pictures of Jayson depicted that he's gorgeous guy and ... so gay. One picture showed him trying to bait an elder woman for a hug, but she shrugged him off.

Some people are skeptical of his actions, stood away and stared at him. But ended up being hugged by Jayson.

I think I will check this gentleman out ... when Benis gets back to town so we will observe from afar. Don't want to be infected with these cooties.


Saturday, May 08, 2004

Rest In Peace, Ernie and Edward -- I Salute You.

IN the last two weeks, things just pop up in my face. Not that I complain but that is the way of life -- for me, that is.

Edward Scouten Jr died last week at 89 in Tallahassee, Florida. Naturally, I was sad because he played a pivotal role in my fraternity at Gallaudet. Not only that, I found out through Larry yesterday that Ernie Hoffman also died last night. He was my alumni adviser through the pledge period and brother years with my fraternity. He was kind, funny and crazy. I'll miss him and his outspoken thoughts. Guys, I salute you both.

This week is crazy -- lots of visits and Cynthia's Birthday Week has come to a whirling end last night when we threw her a surprise party at my new place -- yes, I finally cleaned up the place and stench only to have it mess up again.

There was a little shock(ment) from someone else that I never expected but I'll never share it. LOL.

Today, I'm praying to LJC that Yvonne answers my messages so that we can flee to Brooklyn to haul my last stuff. If not, I'm going to be depressed over the weekend.

Ahh, such a life in New York ...

And I miss Benis.


Friday, May 07, 2004

These Two Girls Are Cute


You just cannot argue things with someone who does not listen. It is like talking to a wall. Come to think of this, you are similar to Dubya, Surdus. Stubborn and self-righteous when it comes to things like this.

My point is that ... you have no right to put the good ole USA down with your antics about the soldiers humiliating the prisoners. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THERE. Abu Gahrib is not far from Fallujah, the site of where many Americans were killed in a barbaric fashion. So I am certain that the soldiers felt somewhat pressured or stressed out with the whole thing that happened on a daily basis.

What are we supposed to do with the travesty? We are in the position where we try to help, many countries objected that we were trying to police them ... if we choose not to help, they also objected that we were acting above them. It is no-no win situation.

I am aware of things like WMD but that is ancient. Like it or not, the argument about the WMD is waaaaay past the time. It is moot to argue and dwell on this since we conquered Saddam and is now occupying Iraq. Now what should we do about it? We won the Saddam War, so now what next?

Let's not focus on Dubya, WMDs or anything like that. It is not worth the time and energy. The future is now, the future is ours to reshape things. Now, let's figure out what to do next. There are mistakes that the government and the Armed Forces did, now what?

Comparing us to them, I rather for us to win even with the barbaric treatments because I know in our system, we'd find ways to exact our rights and improve from there. With Saddam, Saud Royal Family, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan and/or Turkey running the show, we'd be executed so fast that you cannot finish your own blog.

Here, we can fight for our rights even if it takes years to get what we wanted -- but not in these places. So hereby, I say: Better us to rule them than to let them rule us.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Trip to Holland by KB

NOTE: This e-mail was sent to me and others about KB's recent vacation -- thought I'd post it up with her permission because it's fun and interesting -- different perspective, though! Enjoy! R-

returned to dreary ol' US of A after a totally relaxing week in the Netherlands. Alas, I did not get to see Amsterdam (Meri - I'm keeping your recommendations for the next time round!) and stayed in Wendy's home in Groningen during the entirety of the trip. i'm at work (shhhh!) and will compose this whilst the details are fresh in my mind..

let's see .. i happily left NYSD for JFK airport - the staff remarked on how big my grin was plastered across my face mere minutes before my departure.. as you can say, i was totally ready to skedaddle.

the flight to Iceland was uneventual and through the plane window I was able to glimpse the geography.. An Icelandic friend had told me that I'd be seeing a lava field from the airport and sho enuff it was.. dark brown with some boulders and ridges about, with some crisscrossing road.. the airport is situated on an island so the shoreline was amazing to look at.

I proceeded to Heathrow airport in London and I made the mistake of speaking to the flight stewardess.. I had the window seat and had passed out for few hours and my anxious bladder had woken me up.. but the passenger blocking my way to the lavatory was out like a light.. i feared that touching a hearing sleeper would cause a ruckus.. eventually a stewardess came to see if i was alright - my speech was numbed from heavy sleep and i couldn't understand her accent.. i was able to use the lavatory.. upon the arrival in london, i found what i feared for, a disability guide waiting for me! i told him i didn't need him since i knew the airport well and hauled a** out of the gate.

as the plane approached the schiphol airport in amsterdam, we were greeted by fields of tulips in striking red, blue, yellow, pink, orange, etc. (didn't take pictures!). the fields were everywhere and manicured farmlands showed itself.. might put the pennsylvania dutch farmers to shame!

Wendy picked me up and we drove for nearly 3 hours to her home in Groningen in northern Holland - 30 minutes from the northern shore as well as the German border.. no tulips fields! Wendy explained that all tulips are cultivated west of Amsterdam.. somethign about the favorable climate, I suppose..

On thursday, the day after my arrival, two other friends arrived to stay at Wendy's home for Queen's Night and Day fesitivies. Every year Queen Beatrix celebrates her mother's birthday and accession to the throne by visiting a chosen city and village each year. As luck would have it, Groningen is the city this year. Princess Juliana (the mother) had died in April but the Queen decided to continue the festitivies since it is very popular. as opposed to the British royalty who rule til death, the dutch royalty retire at age of 65. sensible, huh? the four of us went to Wendy's brother JW's
home to meet the others and warm up before the Queen's night.

Bikes, oh my! When we walked to the city square, the bikes were everywhere.. stacked against buildings and parked.. it's a wonder how an intoxicated biker would find his or her bike out of the mess.

the crowd in the square was crammed and crazy - at one point we were nearly trampled when the crowd moved too quickly from pushing and shoving.. it was a trip though.

On Friday, one of Wendy's friends lent me an orange t-shirt to don in honor of Queen's day and we headed out before noon. We watched the Queen and her grown children visit a village nearby before they proceeded to Groningen.. the town threw out its traditional festivites and activities which included some kind of endurance test where a man lifts himself up by his arms holding a piece of cloth hung from a monkey's bar.. one of the princes who is obviously in a good shape held out the longest and he looked kind of bored.. oh well.

We secured a good spot along the parade route where the queen and her heir apparent and spouses would be transported on horse carriages.. I got a good shot of the queen .. hopefully it comes out great..! we wandered around the city and the shops and bars were open. we secured a table outside and were served beer and colas. very mellow and relaxing afternoon.

on a ramble, the group showed me the original deaf school near the city center (the school moved to outskirts in mid 80's since the kids were continually being hit by cars).. the school is the second oldest in Europe after Abbe's in Paris. Wendy's brother explained that it is the scene where the Nazis rounded up deaf school children and the bullet holes remained in the walls for decades afterwards - as a kid he used to poke his fingers in the holes until he learned of the significance. the city bought the school and removed the bullet holes much to the deaf community's indigination.
they put up a memorial in the park across from the old school.

Saturday - the weather continued to be beautiful so we took the chance to go out to the lake to hang out. One girl and I rolled up our jeans and waded into the water. after some time, we walked around the lake and went though a nudist beach.. there wasn't much to look at since not many people were there and it was mostly old men (need i to say more?? uck) walking around and sunning themselves. Lik the night before, Wendy and I stayed home for the night to watch movies.

Sunday - the other two people left to return to Amsterdam. Wendy decided to show me the north shore and to a good friend of her's home in the countryside. before we left, she showed me the new deaf school where she teaches.. it s not as grand as the original school, all in concrete blocks and affiliated with a blind school. a nice foresty setting though.

the shore was covered with sheep droppings and there was some kind of marshland beyond the shore.. the Dutch do this kind of activitiy where they wear sneakers or shoes (to avoid having one's feet be pinched by crabs) and old clothes to walk into the water, with water up to their chest.. walk around for several hours.. they are to wait until the water level drops later in the spring ... apologies for sparse details since i don't understand it myself!

We visited her friend Daan's house who is a self employed carpenter. He had bought a small falling down brick house and renovated it by himself - he would find old tiles, doors, windows, including Wendy's old kitchen counter what have you that the neighbors tossed out, clean them up and add them to his house. a charming feature is a large round window in the shower room. Daan's mother makes stained glass window and she recreated his house and property. very nice.. I was completely blown away by his house.. I'm a sucker for a genuie do it yourself people :). Took couple pictures outside the house.

We returned to the city and rode the bike... Holland is the 2nd country after China in bike riders.. they have their own lanes and stop lights. family sized bikes even.. a typical parent's bike would consist of a small seat behind the handlebars for a toddler and a larger child's seat behind the rider. I saw one parent with a small child inthe front AND a stroller attached to the rear of the bike (giving you any ideas with aidan, tracy? :)). One of wendy's friends was not at home so we rode back home.

Monday - as usual, we slept in and went shopping.. later, wendy and i went to a friend's house to hang out and later, to a deaf club gathering.. two japanese women were travelling from beligum and i knew a friend of theirs back in japan. deaf world can be so small :).

Tuesday - took me 18 or 19 hours to travel from Wendy's home to my apartment. the plane ride from amsterdam to iceland and iceland to new york were uneventual other than some nasty turbulence. took pictures of iceland (poor ones due to limited visibility).. i stupidly declared two small boxes of breakfast candy. the US Customs had all my bags x-rayed and i was handed a brochure on agricultural products despite my protests that it is NOT a farm product and had bought them from a honest to goodness supermarket. then i was grieved to find that NYC taxi commission had hiked the fares the day before and now, the cab ride to NYC from JFK is 45 buckaroos. I let out some jet-lag laced curses and settled for the subway home..

overall the vacation was great, slept in everyday, and when we were not out, we'd be inside watching TV and reading books. Wendy made some delicious meals, some dutch and some indonesia cusine (former colony of the netherlands). i have yet to develop pictures and when i do (soon!) will post it on


War Funny Nothing!

It is interesting to note that the international community has condemned the American soldiers for humiliating the Iraqi prisoners with various acts. But nobody condemned the crazed Iraqis who dragged the dead American bodies and mutilated it and hung the bodies by a bridge with children and parents cheering and smiling.

This is sickening ... but that is the reality of being in a war business.

Surdus, you are hypocrite at its best. Always ready to attack the US Government when it made a mistake, but vanished when the Americans were being mutilated, abused and bombed by others.

Shane, think about it. Bush sucks, so are the folks in Middle East.


This, there and THAT!

Few thoughts to ponder today.

The Army scandal in Iraqi prison, Abu Gahrib where some soldiers forced or humiliated the Iraqi prisoners to stimulate sexual acts, to molest each other ... it makes the Republicans and Pentagon officials stupid than ever when they refused to permit gays in the military.

But again, I always believed that any Armed Forces in any country are barbaric -- they were trained to be like that. They were and still are barbaric even if they got the medals for whatever they did -- they are still destroying, killing and maiming everyone else in the process.

Again, what happened in Iraq already cemented what the Arabs said -- it is an occupation of some sorts.

Ahh. Manny and Merritt stayed with me for two nights in a row. It was fun. Took them to many places as can be. They just left today. Ask them for details if you dare.

Few pictures to show y'all.

Darlene, my good friend, went to Tokyo, Japan for several months and had this picture that I thought are so cute. Yes, these little girls are Deaf, is it obvious?

I posted two extra pics of myself -- one was taken yesterday when I was eating some lo mein in my boss' office at work. I look so fugly, don't I? And Lee from Wisconsin emailed me an old picture of us partying at Badlands, now known as The Apex.

Enjoy it while you can!


Really, Very Interesting Questions, Though!

Thanks to thatmattdude for letting me take his questions on my blog. R-

1. Who is the last person you've handwritten a letter to?
My former landlord before I moved out last week.

2. What's in your work area that most people might not have?
Many deaf people (Staff and consumers), many crazies and purple walls. Ask Manny, Merritt or Benis.

3. The last time you've teared...
Last December 24, 2003

4. Who do you fear the most?
Condeleeza Rice -- there is something about her ... she is plotting something for her own agenda

5. What was your first paying job and how old were you?
14 with a work permit from the city to work at ... McDonalds where billions and billions of hamburgers were sold.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Introducing the Kuhn Triplets!

Thanks to Larry Gray's comments about my fraternity brothers. Chris, Curt and Craig Kuhn are the identical triplets of Ursa, Illinois -- now Jacksonville, Illinois.

Travis Imel and I once drove to Jacksonville, Illinois. Don't think anyone else from NYC can survive in Jax. It is very boring town -- believe it or not, there are MANY video stores to choose from. That says a lot.

Anyway, the Kuhn triplets also are my pledge brothers. We pledged together in '95 or '96. I'm not sure which one, sorry. But it was hysterical, blast and awesome experience. After the first few days, I could not identify which one is Craig, Curt or Chris but after that ... it's easy. Curt has a scar on his nose, Craig is arrogant dude that any fags in East Village would die for, Chris is laid-back, quiet and calculating. They were pretty inseparable, to say the least.

Seeing the picture in an article made me miss them a little.

To play the game -- can you tell me who's who in this picture and answer it in the comment section? Which one is Chris, Curt and Craig?

Love you, Chris, Craig and Curt!!


Some Gossip from Gallaudet, What Else Is New?

NOTE: I did not search for the information. When I said I shall find out, I already got 4 emails and messages from different people, ready to supply me the information. If you know the Economics 101, it is all about supply and demand.

Well, well. The information is sketchy at its best. There was two freshmen, Laura and Megan, who were guarding the burial between Peet Hall and the library. Apparently, 10 girls and one boy were in a truck. They were drunk and ran over two freshmen who were guarding the burial from vandalism for a night. Both freshmen were injured. It was driven by my best friend's sister. Which, of course, made me roll my eyes.

I'm sure I will gather more information on this later.

On other hand, last night, Benis and I chit-chatted on the bus for two hours without moving at all. We got to Chinatown at 8:48 PM and the bus does not leave until 11 PM. It was cold and raining. So we just sat and chatted. Too bad we did not make out just to aggravate Aaron from Charlottesville. ;-)

Until then,


Monday, May 03, 2004

DJ Aaron Elvis' Triple XXX Party

Benis and I rounded up Web and Lil Joe for some fun and drama at the legendary Triple XXX Party at The Hole. According to the information, the Triple XXX Party will be the last time ever at The Hole.

It was Benis, Web and Lil Joe's first time ever. My fourth time. Suffice to say, we "is the VEE" all the night long!! So many dicks, so many drunks, so many assholes, so many cool dudes.

It was difficult to pin what's happening from the beginning to the end. But there were some negative moments that shocked me a little. It is not cool to pull someone to go downstairs to play when one said no. It is not cool to pull someone to enter the bathroom when one said no. It is not cool!!

The bartenders were charming. Even after an hour of free drinks, I kept on getting free drinks or reduced prices. They did not have to do that but they did. I probably gave them 1,842 dollars in tips. ;-)

The go-go boys were insane. The drunkards everywhere were ... all that. I think Benis, Web and Lil Joe will not be able to think clearly for the next two or three days. There were moments that people became very aggressive in chasing my friend, Benis. That was a big fuckin' NO-NO! Which part did you not understand what Benis said when he said, "NO, no, no!"???

The music was good, knowing myself -- I'm not a fan of music. But feeling the soft vibrations all night long was great. The DJ is none other than Aaron Elvis, the owner of Narcissism 101. Met him, he's charming dude. He's funny, sweet and a gentleman. We had good conversations while Benis, Web and Lil Joe were in search of shock"ment" values.

Shortly, Web left. Benis and I were supposed to leave but he wanted to return for few minutes, only to see some incredible drama that unfolded before our eyes -- it was bizarre to see a familiar person on the bar counter like a dog, beckoning a stripper to fuck him in front of 20 or more guys. Totally uncool.

I was in the midst of a chat with Aaron when I felt a thunderous crash. Then I turned to see a ladder on the floor with a naked guy writhing in pain. Because the floor is wet, the ladder slipped with the naked guy on the top part of the ladder -- probably trying to retrieve his clothes (the coat check is right above, you'd have to use the ladder to retrieve your stuff) -- so literally, you could say that naked men actually flew all over.

Men? It happened three times.

That was a cue to go home. I smacked Aaron with a kiss and ran off home with Benis ... needless to say, I was in bed with Benis (nothing happened, trust me) and he kept on talking about what happened at The Hole. I nodded, nodded and dozed off.

Aaron, it was great to meet you. Thanks!


Insane Weekend

Last Friday night in the midst of moving stuff, I picked Benis in Chinatown who arrived from DC by the service of some Chinese bus service. Benis looked good as ever. He also brought Keith along as well. We went to my new apartment, of course, it was so messy and all that. Benis was quick enough to search for a 2-liter bottle in order to create the gravity bong. I was knocked out. So did they.

Later, we pranced around Chelsea and ate. Came home to crash.

The next Saturday morning/afternoon, I fled to Park Slope to pick up my stuff and Shane was kind enough to let me use his car to haul some of my stuff to my new place. I'm bit miffed that he declined my money for the use of gas and car. But I told Shane that he has to let me treat him and his boyfriend out to a dinner this week or next. He accepted. *sigh* Men! Can't live with or without them!!

I was stunned that my roommate tried the G.B. for the first time about 10 minutes after she woke up from the hibernation. Suffice to say, she returned to bed for the next 5 hours. Benis and Keith were naughty boys, can't leave them unsupervised at times. ;-)

After that, Keith, Benis and I went to the Financial District, Soho and Chelsea. One funny moment occured when we were cramped in a subway en route to Soho, we were surrounded by these naive Mennonites and couple of Latino studs. One latino stud was behind Benis. I was holding him to keep the balance while the train rolls off. Benis was yakking, I saw that Latino stud looking down at my right arm which was around Benis' waist while my left arm was holding the metal pole. Since he looked at my right arm, I quickly cupped and groped Benis' ass. Benis was quick to say, "Why are you groping my ass?" I snickered as I saw the Latino stud reacted with a shock then in revulsion. That was so funny. Later I explained the reason to Benis, he was cool with it.

We went to XL and once again, saw Corey. Told him that he's such a Chelsea slut for being on the NEXT Magazine recently. He said he ain't one. Whatever. Introductions were made between Benis and Corey. As usual, Corey did his jabs at me. After that, we went home to recuperate before the classic New York Saturday night began.

Saturday night was bit odd ... Benis was tired so he did not go at all. Keith and I went to The Flat to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was bit boring but too hot to stay put so I told Keith to enjoy himself while I sneak to a gay bar about a block away. As I walked to the bar, I was using my pager to communicate with someone else. One guy tapped me and said Hi. I was the vee. He's nice fellow. From Portland, Oregon. 37. Marine-looking type. But not. Turns out that he liked big men ... like me. He then took care of my frustrations by kissing, and talking. It was nice. Then I was surprised to see Web, Keith, Joe and Maria coming to join with me at Urge.

It was nice time. Got home, did the G.B. trick to knock me out.

On Sunday, Keith, Benis and I mingled in Midtown and went to Grand Central Terminal (my first time, imagine!) -- and it is not bad, I think Union Station in DC is more grandeur than GCT, though. But it is interesting to see that GCT is located right next/under the MetLife building.

Later in the evening, Benis and I had a ... sinister time. More on this in a bit.