Thursday, May 20, 2004

Spring Cleaning

Last night, I got to my place and cleaned up the place as much as can be. It looks nice. Needs to tune up the place as soon as can be. Benis, don't forget the primer!!

At the same time, it is always fun to clean up because there are stuff that you thought you did not have but find it in the midst of everything. Very nice, really. I found the picture of Beth, the architect of HearingPeopleSuck blogsite, when she was a kid with her cute brothers. Perhaps one day, I'll scan it and share it all with the world to see how adorable Beth and her brothers are.

I also watched the series finale of "Angel". It went off on a triumphant note, not on a whimpering note. That was great. I wish I could marry Daniel now in Massachusetts. Oh, well.

This morning, I decided to use my brand-new sunglasses from Wildwood on way to work. It is interesting to observe that women never looked at me, but men ... their eyes always darted at me then back and forth. They were either curious or insecure -- or vulnerable that someone is wearing sunglasses and sees their reactions? I dont know. But it was interesting, though.

My friend emailed me that the reason the Iraqi prisoners were having a naked pyramid -- they were playing a game of Twisters. Ahh, that was good one.

The Iraqi occupation is turning out to be a mess as expected. All in the name of oil. Now the US Armed Forces just raided Chalabi's residence, that is alarming because Chalabi has been pro-American spokesman for a long time.

Is Bush the Mabus that Nostradamus once said in his prophecies?

Does not matter, though.

Tomorrow is going to be Hell. To see a movie, "Bulgarian Lover" with a friend ... now I found out that Gay Bloggers of NY is going to be held at Barrage at 6 PM tomorrow night. Plus, Breen is going to host the DPHH nite in East Village. Oh, man. What should I do?

Only time will tell, go with the flow.


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