Friday, May 14, 2004

The Trip to Wildwood

I absolutely love The Worm Within by Vincent Eaton. I kept on grinning throughout the story. It is so disgusting and cute!

Had a nice conversation with Jayson Littman via emails, he is nice. I thought it was interesting that he clued on my signature in emails and blogs, I am obviously in need of a hug. Maybe it is true. I tend to be on guard of my feelings. Maybe insecurity. Which is why I tend to permit close friends to get closer to me, but not ordinary friends. Maybe ... I do not know.

My co-worker mistook Web's mother as Web's sister. I was the VEE at Frank when he realized that she is Web's mother. Come to think of this, is this supposed to be a compliment for Web's mother ... or an insult for Web?

Either way, both said that Web's graduation at NYU went very well. Currently, Web is in Wildwood, NJ to celebrate her graduation with friends. I will join with her tonight after I get off at 4:30 PM. It'd be the first time that I get out of NYC since last October when I travelled to the District.

I needed that, though. I have the plans that I will go to Richmond, Virginia on June 4. And between now and last weekend of June, I'll try to sneak to Vermont to rest up in the mountains at some gay bed and breakfast inn. I need the mountains to freshen myself up, not beach. Beaches are for twinks, fools. *spitting*

I have the link to that beheading video. I did not see it. I am contemplating whether to see it or not. Many people who saw it wished they did not see it. Decisions must be made.

Last night was bit weird -- I fell asleep 9:45 PM. The damned pager kept on ringing all night long. I was startled by that -- I even dreamed that Cynthia was talking to me -- I was the VEE ... she asked me about something -- she is currently in Wildwood! Then this morning, I read the message, she was ASKING me to bring some things! I was perplexed. Then walked to Cyn's bedroom, the bedroom is empty.

Too fuckin' bizarre.


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