Thursday, May 27, 2004

Yassine Asked Boy George to Lit Her Cigarette

Last night, Yassine and I roamed the island. Went to Dicks Bar, Chipotle then to GLBT Center to meet few friends and stroll up to XL to meet Web.

I did not expect a large group of Deaf people and ASL-Wannabes. It was fun.

Guess who was in town with Mikey Murvin. It is that "Forbit" dude. Yes, you saw this. Lee Wittig.

We had a nice time observing XL's Wednesdays: Faggot Feud. Soon, me, Mikey, Little Joe and Benis will have to play that game in June or July. Guess who dropped in the bar? Boy George.

The gang saw him. We did not go crazy. We just VEE-VEE at him (my third time to see him), he gained a lot. Web turned to look at me, "My god, for the first time, you did not exaggerate!"

Shortly, Boy George sat next to a deaf group, but we did not give him the "star" treatment like others did. These guys who did that are idiots.

It was nice to be acknowledged by a couple of well-known DJs who stopped by to say HI to me. It indicated that they have the respect for me as a person first and foremost of all. That, I am certainly impressed. Thanks, JonJon and Sammy Jo.

Let's say ... that evening was the series of bizarre occurences that Web and others can confirm.

But the best part is when we left the bar, it was raining outside. We took a shelter under a construction bridge next to XL where some XL patrons were smoking cigs, including Boy George. Yassine wanted to do something fun, Yassine pulled her cigarette out and asked Boy George to lit the match for her. He did.

That was the funniest part of all.


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