Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mark and Me

I will never forget the fiasco that propelled me on the stage before the sellout crowd at Lincoln Theater with Mark, a deaf friend of mine.

It was sold out. Mark, Tabitha, Erin, Jim and I wanted to see a subtitled gay film. Mark insisted that we pretend to be volunteers and Mark gave the volunteer coordinators hard time before they bring three of us, Tabitha, Mark and me, to the back of the stage to wait for something.

Then the coordinator pushed me on the stage to give few words ... apparently, he thought we were the donors for some gay film festival. Mark said, "Hello, hello. My name is Mark. I hope you will enjoy the film tonight." Then he raised his hands to wave as in deaf applause. The crowd erupted into thousands of hands waving. I could not stop laughing. I said, "Me, too. Enjoy the movie!"

Bet you a dollar or two that the audience saw nothing but gibberish signs but it was bit a chic to wave your hands for few seconds. Then the lights went off. In the darkness, Mark fell off the stage. That was it for me. I had to run off to the bathroom to piss and cry so hard because I was laughing insanely.

Meanwhile, Erin told me that she was in the upper floor where she noticed that Jim (who is hearing) flinched at the sounds of something ... then Jim turned to see Mark and me on the stage. Jim was horrified. Jim heard my stifled laughter. Erin then paged me when I was on stage, I could feel my pager vibrating. But I refused to answer it. Later, it reads: Why are you on the stage???

Such a priceless moment by Mark and I.

Long Live the LW3!! (Lethal Weapon 3 in Keith, Mark and I)


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