Thursday, May 06, 2004

Really, Very Interesting Questions, Though!

Thanks to thatmattdude for letting me take his questions on my blog. R-

1. Who is the last person you've handwritten a letter to?
My former landlord before I moved out last week.

2. What's in your work area that most people might not have?
Many deaf people (Staff and consumers), many crazies and purple walls. Ask Manny, Merritt or Benis.

3. The last time you've teared...
Last December 24, 2003

4. Who do you fear the most?
Condeleeza Rice -- there is something about her ... she is plotting something for her own agenda

5. What was your first paying job and how old were you?
14 with a work permit from the city to work at ... McDonalds where billions and billions of hamburgers were sold.


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