Monday, May 17, 2004

You Know ...

Hearing people always said that Deaf people's ability to read is 4th grade. Ain't that awful? Well, for hearing people, their national average is 5th grade. These things made me roll my eyes, again and again and again.

I bought a new sunglasses in Wildwood, NJ. It is a matter of time before I lose them.

Soon, I'll see two flicks this week -- Miracle and Bulgarian Lover -- should be interesting film (for hearies who thinks we are stupid for watching the films while cannot hearing a sound, they have subtitles, thank you very much SKSKSK!!) to check out.

Benis Is Coming!

What did I do in Wildwood, NJ? It is a town of rednecks, basically but very nice -- Web reserved a nice place that is few hundred feets from the Boardwalk. I had a good time chatting with everyone else. Many deafies, but there were four hearing pals joining as well. It was great.

The ride back to New York was simply torture. Initially, the bus from Wildwood to Atlantic City -- one guy who really smells so bad, I mean -- it made me sick ... at first, he sat two rows behind me, then moved to the row next to me where I cannot stand the stench. I moved back. Then he moved again. That freaked me out but lucky, I got two powerful girls in Web and KB to protect me. LOL.

Then the bus trip to New York from Atlantic City ... I felt sorry for this particular girl ... she wore high heel shoes and she had to stand all the way to NYC. The seats were full. Even where I sat was not exactly comfortable, to throw my sunburn in. It makes things just worse.

I hadn't been to the beach in two years and even summer hasn't started, I already got a fuckin' case of sunburn! Oh, well.

Know what, guys? I am fuckin' amused by Captain-Obvious' postings -- the postings are full of misinformation. Must be teenagers or something.

To coin a phrase from Mark and Keith: SYL!


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