Tuesday, May 25, 2004

What Would Hare Krishna Do To Me?

Last night, I got beeped by Chris and Shane, two hearing friends whom I befriended a long time ago when I was newbie in New York. Let's leave that as it is.

They beeped me that they are going to be at Phoenix. Off I went right after work around 8 PM. Had a good time with them. Then they left about an hour later, I met a couple of interesting people.

One cute, young guy told me he reads my blogs. Silence. Is this good or bad, considering the fact that I was vicious towards one person? He then said, "That guy you bashed on, he probably deserved it. He has no right to mock at you for being Deaf, fuck him." He introduced himself and we talked a little, he said he is HIV Positive but he agreed with me to "fuck him off".

We had a nice time talking. Then he asked me for the email address, I said why? "So we can go out and maybe, talk and eat?" I smiled sheepishly, "Yeah, why not?"

After that, I went home.

This morning, I put on my "cool" sunglasses and stroll to the office. Oh, Hare Krishna is walking towards me with a bag. I tried to act normal and just walk straight. He stopped me. He spoke to me. I pointed to my ears to indicate that I'm deaf. He then said, "OK..." in his voice then signed, "...I know signs! Do you want to buy a book about spirituality?"

I smirked a little and said, "Thanks, but no. I'm going to work. Have a good day." He then stopped someone else. Ahh.

Where do you get to see Hare Krishna trying to solicit Deaf persons in ASL? New York, my dear children, New York.


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