Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Rain Soothed My Mind

I was pretty much irritated by people like SoapSucker and others by their vicious comments. At work, I was able to finish some errands before heading off to see a consumer. But it was raining lightly. I did not have the umbrella with me. I stood outside under the cover, watching the rains hitting the concrete floor -- saw an elderly Deaf woman walking into the building. She did not use the umbrella. She was pretty drenched. But that did not bother her.

I smiled and asked her why, she smiled and said, "It is spring rain, it is always nice to walk in that rain and get wet. Very nice."

Then she walked into the building. I thought about it, "OH, fuck it -- I'll get wet and enjoy it." I walked in the light rain, getting drenched calmly to a building where I see a consumer then went to my apartment to get changed and get the umbrella.

I'm glad I did get wet. Sometimes, we need to get wet, really to let it go.

Get wet, then, pals.


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