Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Correction To Make and To VEE!!

I made an error in typing that Chris Lambert had two HUGE dogs. Actually, he had one HUGE grey dog and a tiny beagle dog, which made me watch with curiosity at how both dogs interacted with each other.

Had a brief conversation with Keith last night regarding Morganton, himself and his sister. Blah, blah, blah. Realized that I do miss his company. I look forward to the day he gets here.

Another thing to VEE: Web told me that she has a graduation party sponsored by NYU tonight. We talked a little about it and she mentioned, "And yeah, there will be fireworks at 8 PM. Look at this." She pointed at the invitation card. Fireworks for NYU's graduation party? Gallaudet is so cheapskate. Too bad, the fireworks are not for that Tricoli fool.

Guess what? There was not even a big outcry about the beheading of American in the Arab World -- it was largely muted by the Arab Media. See? I rest my fuckin' case. Let's do what Count Dracul did to make his own terror -- why do you think he is known as the Dracula? It is because he beheaded thousands of Islamic fighters and sticked their heads in the wood poles by the roads in Romania and the result is that these fighters are *still* afraid of Romanian folklore.

On another subject, I is the VEE big time when I check the comments and guess who commented on my "Free Hugs?" entry. Jayson Littman! THAT dude who does these things at Washington Square Park every Sunday from 1 PM to 4 PM. Very nice comments. Read what he said:

Hi R-
This is Jayson Littman - the hugger in Washington Square Park. Dont observe from afar, come on over and get a hug. I know you need one.

spread the love,

I'll consider his offer.

To smile and laugh, I found this on some deaf blogsite and took it ... so enjoy. I always loved this one. Gary Larsen is genius! He found a way to make Deaf people laugh at themselves without degrading Deaf people's language and culture.



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