Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Is Manhattan Ready for Perlis and Bianca?

My congratulations to Bianca and Perlis in being accepted at Columbia University to work and earn the Masters Degree in Teaching American Sign Language As A Foreign Language.

That means what? Two more deaf female friends. Now I'm desperate. I need male friends. But Benis is coming and Keith is working on a plan to resettle from Anchorage, Alaska to Manhattan -- then we will take over Manhattan as destined to do so! *evil maniacal laughter*

I should mention that Bianca is married to a hearing dude who is absolutely charming fellow. He completely worshipped Bianca since the high school days. That is so romantic.

Anyway, I was paged by KB last night at a dinner party hosted by Roberts for Bianca. Bianca told the group at the dinnery party, "I need drama! I need RT here! I am tired of my life so drama-free! Someone get him for me!"

So her request is absolutely answered as I am slated to meet her at Union Square today at 5:30ish.

Bianca already witnessed many funniest moments when she interned with me at Deaf Arts Council when I insulted that fakey actress, "We worked 500 percent more than you do, and you still complain!" Needless to say, I was fired on the spot. But few weeks later, the Deaf Arts Council closed its doors right after they lost its major funding from the US Department of Labor because they busted the DAC for improper funds being managed. Can you wonder who told them? *evil grin*

I also remembered Bianca and me sipping some lattes on Santa Monica Boulevard at The Abbey in West Hollywood, enjoying the California summer and VEE at these clones walking by. Suddenly, there were a gay couple (one deaf, one hearing) greeted us and asked if we were deaf. I was on my guard (always do) but Bianca was so sweet and she said, "Yes, we are Deaf."

One hearing dude was standing quiet as his Deaf boyfriend chattered for about 20 minutes without letting Bianca or me saying a word. Then he said, "I have to get going now. We are late to meet someone else. It was nice meeting you both." Then he left. I slowly smiled and looked at Bianca. Bianca said, "What are their names?" I said, "They never said it, nor did we."

Guess that dude was starved to talk about something else.

Anyway, my blog was approved to be part of nycbloggers.com -- the issue is ... how do I put the icon on my blog? Sigh. Feedback?


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