Thursday, May 27, 2004

You Asked For It

To the hearing dude who said that Deaf people did not do enough for the civilization. He went on to point that Jesus is hearing person!

Well, you just committed a fatal mistake. You are going to be flabbergasted.

What did Jesus really do? All he did was to preach and divide the groups. The result is that the groups battled against each other, killing each other in the process. Look at the Crusaders, Holocaust and so on. What did Jesus really do? All he did was to talk and people fell for it.

As for Deaf people, we *created* the world as it is today. You may think "impossible".

Think of music (UGH!!!), Beethoven is deaf.

Think of light bulbs? Thomas Edison is deaf, if not for him, you'd have to use candles, fools. He also founded the General Electric Company.

Think of cell phone? You gotta thank Alexander Graham Bell, who is hearing but grew up in a deaf household. His mother is deaf, he was trying to invent a device that could make his mother hear sounds, boom! He invented a telephone by accident. So when you walk down the road with that cell phone, think of Deaf persons. If not for us, you would have to deal with morse code.

Psst, you are reading a blog, right? On the Internet? Who is the "Father of the Internet"? It is Vincent Cerf, he is Deaf.

If you like the American football, notice that they huddled with each other before going for a play? It was invented by a deaf person at Gallaudet in early 1900s.

Basically, we invented a lot of things that you took for granted.

What did you, hearies, invent? Guns? Tanks? Atomic Bombs? Whoopee.


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