Sunday, September 08, 2019

All About Virginia

It is time for you to show some respect for Virginia and its Native Virginians, you little ungrateful piece of shit.



Sunday, September 01, 2019

St. Augustine Is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the Nation

Why do I think St Augustine is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the nation?
  • Chrissy Stein, 'nuff said. Lots of cringeworthy vlogs to check upon.
  • Matt Silvay, 'nuff said. If I talk about him, I give you a long list of his atrocities
  • Marija Todorovic, she stole the husband from her own sorority sister. Not only that, Marija was ex of Matt, too.
  • Joseph Kolb, that should say enough, right?
  • Eric LeFors, the so-called Head Coach of several sports was infamous for committing adultery behind his wife and proclaimed that he had been "faithful" after attending their Church's so-called marriage counseling. Yeah right. And at FSDB and in St Augustine, Eric is adored as fuck.
  • Many Deaf folks heavily professed themselves as Christians but when nobody is watching, dozens of them committed adultery with each other.
  • In their bizarre attempts to save their marriages, they frequently seek the church for marriage counseling - most, if not all, churches' so-called marriage counseling is unlicensed and very bad idea. They basically claimed that putting your energy and love into Jesus Christ will make their marriage strong and blissful. Yay, menage a trois!
  • Many are anti-gay homophobes while claimed to be all good Christians. In fact, many are frenzied born-again Christians like the Abenchuchans and shit. They would be very loud and critical of gays.
  • Joner brothers participated in gay porn activities, has girlfriends and one of them did ejaculate on the other brother's leg.  
  • How do I know about the Joner brothers? A heavy fucking Christian dude out of that town alerted me about them - ask yourself, how the fuck did he know if he's so-called Christian?
  • FSDB has a large enrollment of Deaf students in the nation roughly 1K students and PIPers and yet, not many Deaf students go to postsecondary institutions
  • More and more Deaf Snowbirds are coming into the town. A friend of a well known Deaf family from Maryland, the Lewises, was caught on hidden camera for stealing properties from the owner's house as well as talking shit about the owner.
  • Instead of going after the thief, the Lewises went after the owner for having a hidden camera which was set up to monitor the water hose due to the fact that the neighbor has been stealing water from their property.

Needless to say, there are plenty of more to come. And that is only out of St Augustine, Florida. 
Folks, I will add more whenever people contact me to add if needed. So come back and understand why I said St Augustine is the most dysfunctional Deaf Community in the nation!

Monday, August 26, 2019

You Did It All

We are responsible for what happened to the great devastation and shambles of our community closely associated with Mavrick Martin and Grant Whitaker.  The truth is that we failed to do our responsibility.  This is what happened to us all.  We must be accountable for our sins.  The blame must be ours to bear and know this:  We must hold people such as Kirk Winkler, Scotty Jackson, Chad Nystorm and Barry Sewell accountable for their wanton destruction of others' lives.

Shame on us all.



Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Comprehensive History of The 18 Years War

You can use this blog's search engine to research and read the posts that I had about Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf on this blog.  Plenty of evidence is right there.  Plenty.  This vlog is 1.5 hour long.  Make yourself comfortable and watch.  What RAD has done to me and others are something that must not be swept aside.



Sunday, July 21, 2019

July 21, 2019 Tidbits

Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf held its conference in Austin, Texas and my sources has indicated that only 65 individuals registered for the conference.  One of the worst outputs in the history of RAD.  The RAD has a long, terrible history of failing to satisfy the Deaf LGBTIQA+ on many things.  Hopefully with a new President Paul Kiel, they may go in the different direction.  Or not.  Only time will tell.

As far as I am concerned, RAD is on its death rattle.



Friday, July 19, 2019

He's Gonna Fool Ya

Tate Tullier is narcissist, racist, elitist and shameless but severe closet-case. And many of you were delusional for not seeing few red flags nor question on why Tate kept on taking the pictures of nude Deaf men in tubs in his so-called "Tub Time with Tate".
It should serve as an obvious hint enough for you to figure out on why he made it an "art" when he has a massive ulterior motive in the first place. 
The answer always has been there from day one. Because he's married to a woman, the nude men in tubs is one of several methods for him to indulge in his pleasures. Because he's with her, these photography lessons are his "window" to look at men out of lust. He is doing what Milton said to his son on The Devil's Advocate, "Look but not touch."
Using his heterosexual marriage as a crutch to protect his reputation, it was open secret at Gallaudet that few guys caught him in bed with ... whatever. I'll leave it at that.
It won't surprise me that one day when his wife is out of his picture (like death or divorce), he will blaze in as a screaming queen.
And I know some of you will copy and paste this post and run to your so-called favorite photographer about what I said. I really don't care. Him being one of us is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN. 
And no, I will never hire nor employ an oppressive photographer like him, thank you very much.

Saturday, July 13, 2019