Thursday, May 13, 2021

Corey Welch of Frederick Off To Prison At Least 4 Years For Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Another mess out of Frederick, Maryland.
Lori Lynn Welch and Colin Welch, both Deaf, are the parents of Corey Welch who was found guilty of anti-gay hate crime attack on one gay man in New Market will spend at least 4 years in the prison.
Corey is CODA.
If you check Corey's profile on Facebook, his appearance screamed at me that he is in very deep closet. My sources also mentioned that Corey also is a drug addict.
If you review Lori Lynn and Colin's profiles, you would know that they are pro-Trump supporters as well.
Makes sense that they were unfit Deaf parents who raised the violent and awful CODA.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

April 13 2021 tidbits

Amazing News!

 Last Saturday night at Blackfoot Movie Mill, I was concerned that I may have less than 15 people coming in for the open captions film.  I was wrong.  

45 people showed up.  

The manager of Blackfoot Movie Mill texted me that he was surprised.  I was surprised, too.  It was huge number if you consider the eastern Idaho. 

Up next is May 28th for .... A QUIET PLACE: PART II!



She Crossed The Line

 Patrisse Cullors is one of BLM founders and she just purchased over $3.5M houses. That is not acceptable. That was not what I wanted this to be. Shame on her.