Thursday, February 16, 2006

About Daphne 'Daffy' Wright

Some asked me to cover about the killing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Some asked me if I knew the killer.

The truth is that I do knew her.  Daphne "Daffy" Wright used to go out with my sister's close friend. Daffy is from a deaf family in Laurel, Maryland and graduated from Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, NC (Conflicting information has indicated that she dropped out, kicked out or graduated at NCSD). She was not well-liked person in the GLBT Community in the DC/Baltimore Area.

I once met Daffy when I was staying at my sister's close friend's apartment for few days, she did not like the idea of a man being in the apartment where her girlfriend lives. I had to assure her that I'm gay and not interested in females. But the anger and vitrol through her body language was a powder keg. Not only that, she's big woman for any ordinary woman. She is taller and bigger than I am. She often used that to intimidate others to her advantage.

It gets to a point where my sister's close friend finally got the restraining order against Daffy for physical assaults in Maryland. Then she left for South Dakota six years ago.

That was the last time I heard of Daffy until the recent developments where she was arrested for the killing of Darlene VanderGiesen.

I got an email telling me that Darlene is not lesbian but merely a heterosexual friend trying to mediate the tense situation between Daffy and her girlfriend, Sallie. How she was killed is unclear at this moment.

According to the local newspaper in Sioux Falls, they are suspending the search at the landfill until Tuesday because of a snowstorm.

My sister described Daffy as a big thug lezzie who was going to explode one way or other.

And she did explode, after all.



Another Proof

Do you really think the audiologists really wanted to help us with our hearing abilities?  Or are they just after money?

Of course, they are not interested in helping you, but to exploit an opportunity to make money.



Brokeback Mountain, Willie Nelson and Search Engine

No Brokeback Mountain for Rockville:  I was informed that a movie theater in Rockville, Maryland dropped the captioned film of Brokeback Mountain, but it was picked up by a neighboring town named Silver Spring at The Majestic 20.  The film will be shown on Sunday, February 19 at 1 PM, Tuesday, February 20 at 7 PM and Wednesday, February 21 at 7 PM

I believe the DC is the first area that will be shown with the captioned film of this gay cowboy film.

Country Singer Willie Nelson:  Speaking of gay cowboys, I was amused to learn about Willie Nelson's song which he had it saved for more than 25 years.  The song is about cowboys who felt for each other.  Very cool.

Fomdi.comThis is a brand-new search engine that focuses on captioned films.  It is nice and convenient.  Check it out.

The Change

It is time for a change. Why do I do this? I am merely moving on to the next level of blogging. Many bloggers has moved on to establish their own websites as the means to launch their careers. It may help me to an extent, who knows?

You cannot fail unless you try it first. This particular blogsite has been a pivotal role in shaping my relationships with many people (enemies, friends, family and acquaintenances). The experience has been very rewarding and I do not mind for it to continue. But I need a new look and a massive upgrade to indicate that I meant the business.

I was fortunate to have a friend in Eric Hamlow for helping me out with the glitches and all that. Thank you, Eric!

The brand-new website is:

More details on the new website. Check it out and do share your feedbacks.

Cheers for the final time on,


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

When My Scrotum Is Loose And Hot ...

I already mentioned a while ago that I noticed that if I feel my scrotum being too hot, loose and uncomfortable, it means one thing: I'm going to be sick with something else. True biz, I was sick on Sunday and Monday. Today, it is Valentine's Day. And Chlms' birthday.

Happy Birthday, Chlms!

Did you hear about Dick Cheney shooting "his friend", Mr. Whittington in his face, despite the fact that he wore a blazed orange jacket in quail hunting? Dick Cheney said that he did not see Mr. Whittington. He did not bother to inform the press for 18 hours and it took a private citizen, not the Office of Vice-President, to notify the press that Dick has shot someone else in the face. And I think it was justified that the White House Press Corps was relentless on Scott McClellan for dogging on press' inquiries.

And it amused me to no end when I read entries on different blogs that they attempted to compare Cheney's shooting with Ted Kennedy's incident 20 years ago. It is so old. The matter was investigated and closed. Case closed. Finish! Done! Why is that the Conservative pigs and dirty Republicans are still on Ted Kennedy's incident, even after 20 years? It proved one thing about conservatives and Republicans -- they are so obsessed and into mudslinging factors. Grow a spine. The press reserved the right to question the 18-hour span between the shooting and the notification, it has nothing to do with left, right, conservative or liberal.

Suppose if it happened to an ordinary citizen, they would be punished immediately. Hypocrisy, is it?

Ahh, I love speedskating events at Turin Olympics. I wish we have that in Deaflympics. I once asked Dwight Benedict why we do not have it, he said that we need to have five or more countries to participate in that contest, otherwise, no event at all. I like speed. It looks beautiful, graceful and perfect. Ahh! Double cheers to Chad Hedrick and Joey Cheeks.

Back to work on my new blogsite!



Sunday, February 12, 2006

And What Is Tim Kettering?

Who is he? That guy, Tim Kettering, is pure anal retentive. When I first knew of him at Gallaudet, he was in the closet. In fact, he vehemently denied that he is pure faggot.

Not that I was interested in him, I never find him attractive at all. He is what I termed: A twink wannabe. Naturally, people are prone to make fun of others' based on appearances, intelligence or social skills. I'm very certain that there are some people that made fun of me at times. So making fun of Tim was easy, though. He's what you'd call: Pizzaface because of his bad acne all over his face.

Basically, he was rude, abrasive and condescending towards anyone else. In other words, he lacked civility and respect for others who disagreed with him. At Gallaudet, he made fun of gays when he was in the closet. Then he left school, and conveniently came out of the closet.

I think he is intelligent and ... bitter. Especially towards people that he did not like nor agree with. And I'm one of these people that he loathed. I thrive on the fact that he despised me just because I said as it is.

When I posted the poll in my last entry regarding the new blogsite, I withheld several names from being mentioned on the poll because I suspected that people like Tim Kettering would go out of his way to purchase the sites to block me from getting it. And my suspicion was correct. Tim Kettering of 1317 R Street, NW in Washington, DC purchased all names that I mentioned on the poll. Good thing he fell for that bait.

I'm so thankful I took out about 4 names off the list because I expected people like you, Tim Kettering, to do the exact thing!

Tim always claimed that I was vicious and all that, but in this situation, who started it all? Tim Kettering. I think I'll leave the readers to judge what kind of person Tim Kettering is. Oh, by the way, this is not the first time that Tim Kettering has done stuff like that to me. I never started anything at all with him. It is always him that started things with a malicious approach. I do not think I even mentioned what kind of person he is on my blog in the last three years, and Tim managed to irritate me at times.

And I have some friends who, unfortunately, are also friends with Tim, they seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Tim is anal retentive at its best. Perhaps, this should serve as a warning to others that Tim could do that to anyone else who disagreed with him.

What kind of person is Tim? A pure coward faggot who could not deal with me upfront but is able to irritate me like a fucking gnat at times. Childish and pitiful character, though.

Oh, by the way, I purchased a new site! In time, I'll be ready to operate a new blogsite. Wish me luck!



Saturday, February 11, 2006

Decisions and Lesbian Story

It is true. The rumors are right. After 3 years of using, I'm ready to move on. To a new website. But since "" is taken by some fool in Las Vegas, I'm open to any suggestion. You have 48 hours to help make me decide with the name of a brand-new website.

No, my current blog's archives will be moved to a new website, simply put. I intend to redirect this to my new website in few days. But I would like to hear your feedbacks in order to make it very accessible for anyone else. Except using the sounds. Who gives a shit about that, really? Of course, a new layout will be crafted in my own image. ;-)

Decisions Has To Be Made, What Name Of Website Should I Name For My Blog?
Anything to Add? Comment In The Box
Free polls from
On Turino Olympics: Suffice to say, it motivated me to contribute my time and energies to 2007 Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City.

No. 2 Duke 88, Virginia 65: Coach Ryan has outlived her coaching abilities after 29 seasons. It is time for a change.

Snowstorm vs. East Coast: It looks like the massive blizzard is slated to hit DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston today or tonight. In Richmond, they said that we get about 2-4 inch of snow if not for rain. If snow, it may interfere with Richmond's first DPHH event at Capital Ale House tonight. The snowstorm may end up ruining BLADeaf's (Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf) Leather contests in Baltimore, Maryland. Only time will tell.

Smoking Ban In Virginia? Bizarre legal process in Richmond. I'm not sure how it works but I hope it paves the means to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. The smokers does not have the right to smoke in bars/restaurants, mainly because they are the cause of secondhand smoke. Once they smoked these damned cigarettes, they infringe others' rights to breathe under normal circumstances!

Deaf Woman Arrested In Sioux Falls: Daphne Wright was arrested in the murder of Darlene VanderGiesen in Sioux Falls. It appears to be some kind of lesbian triangle. Since they mentioned three women being involved. Check this out. This is big news in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.



Friday, February 10, 2006

2.10.06 Tidbits

Ex-Giants Not Allowed In Super Bowl: In Detroit, former NFL lineman for New York Giants, Roy Simmons, who eventually came out of the closet as gay and HIV Positive, has claimed that the Super Bowl in Detroit denied him the press credentials to get in while others received them.

On Second Thought, Ex-NFL Player OK With His Gay Son: This is very charming article about the former NFL player's gay son.

My Letter To Style Richmond Two Weeks Ago: I do recall writing a letter to the Style Richmond (mini-Village Voice from New York or DC's City Paper) about Brokeback Mountain. I kinda forgot about it until my hearing sister mentioned it last night. I found the link. I did my part, did you?

On Second Thought, Who Wants To See ... ? Heath Ledger's penis? Then click on this. [Work not safe, of course!]

Oh, This Is Not Good: Former President James Carter's son is vying to be the US Senator, representing the state of Nevada, against Republican John Ensign. I'm not sure if this is good idea at all. Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

Wayne Gretzkly Scandal: Apparently, the authorities in New Jersey is sacking several people including Wayne Gretzky's close friend, Rich Tocchet because of its nationwide gambling on basketball and football. Wayne Gretzky is the icon of hockey. Now the reports are coming out that Wayne's wife was very active in gambling, spent more than $500,000 to that. Umm. Wayne claimed that he was not part of this at all.

My response: Bullshit.

Turino Olympics 2006: Like I told some friends, if I was a hearing person and lived in the northern states or Canada, I might be a speedskater. I seem to enjoy the sport more than anything else. Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. For some reasons, I'm not motivated to check it out. I'm more motivated about 2007 Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City!

Richmond DPHH: Tomorrow night at Capital Ale House, my sister is organizing the first Richmond Deaf Professional Happy Hour. It should be interesting. At first, Hedy and I talked about it. She thought about getting one in West End, I told her not to, mainly because since it is first time, it is always better to centralize it by going back to Downtown. And Capital Ale House is perfect place, really.

Virginia vs. Duke: Tonight, Duke will host Virginia in Durham (women's basketball, of course), hope the luck is in for Virginia to pull the upset over Duke. After all, Maryland beat No. 1 UNC last night by 3 in an overtime. Anything can happen in the ACC. Or not.

Nerve Agent? Few days ago, there was a nerve agent scare in the US Capitol. I suspect it was a way to derail something important -- like ex-FEMA Chair Mike Brown, who just told the Committee that GW Bush *knew* the levees were breached on the first night when Katrina battered Louisiana. GW Bush claimed he did not know. Another lie on GW Bush's part. As usual.



Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Penis, Outing & Redick

Is It Me Or What? I checked the news updates on which is a daily fixture on my part. There was a picture on its website which I glanced. At first, I thought it has something to do with Middle East (and it is!). But if you look at the picture, it looks like a penis ejaculating, or is it?

I guess some Muslims will want to decapitate me because I made fun of their Islamic beliefs. Pray for me -- never mind. I don't believe in that crap. Update: I personally think Mike Rogers is losing his credibility when he attempted to play a cat-and-mouse game in attempts to OUT people that worked in the US Capitol. He should just cut the chase and OUT them each time they violated the respect and dignity of gay men and lesbians in general.

However, Mike is now narrowing down to the list of 35 Republican senators -- one of them is married but plays with men at Union Station's infamous men's restroom. I had been to Union Station's restrooms just to pee. How can men play in that environment is beyond me. Its smell is pretty foul. However, I was staring at the names, I'm hoping for Cronyn (R-TX), Coburn (R-OK) or DeMint (R-SC) because they are pretty much anti-gay legislators, to say the least. But I'd love for Thune (R-SD) to be busted, simply because he's hot. I'd do him anyday.

Speaking of Hot Guys: What can I say about J.J. Redick? I'm not a fan of Duke Blue Devils. I'm not a fan of J.J.'s play. His constant scoring outbursts turned me off, I guess. But he is a good player, I admit. And when he buried a 3-pointer, he would flap his arms as if he was flying as he streaked across the court. That was so cute and condescending of him to do that.

I'm grateful that he's a senior as of now. I'm grateful that he hasn't won the national championship. I'm grateful that he only went to the Final Four once. As of yet.

Yet, each time he played against Virginia Cavaliers, he scorched them. In fact, he averaged 20.8 points against Virginia -- oh, I should mention that few weeks ago, he scored 40 points on Cavaliers in Durham.

I read that he has a girlfriend. I was not amused. He should be mine. Oh, well. I'm not fond of taller guys, I'm 5'6, he's 6'4. But I'll break the rule just for J.J. This Thursday, I may be in Durham, North Carolina to watch No. 2 Duke Blue Devils women's basketball play Virginia Cavaliers -- maybe I'll be lucky to see J.J. at the game. If not, damn my luck. Probably that Coach K reads my blog and warns J.J. to stay away from me.

I thought Bomani Jones wrote an exceptional article on the fact that so many fans hated J.J. Redick but could not come up with a good reason why they hated J.J. Redick. I do not hate him, I just wanted him for myself.

On second thought, why was he signing "7" in this particular picture? Was that a sign for me? Nah, I'm just fantasizing, folks. Relax your soles.



2.8.06 Tidbits I

Soldier Forced To Pay For Armor: In Charleston, West Virginia, a soldier was medically discharged from Fort Hood, Texas after being injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq. Then he was billed for the damage to the armor that he wore during the explosion. He was billed for $700. The local paper, The Charleston Gazette picked up on this subject. Then John Aravosis of, a prominent liberal blogger, mentioned this and opened the donations to help William "Eddie" Rebrook.

Boom! $5,400 in all. And many dirty conservatives and whiny Republicans said that the Liberals hated the USA Armed Forces? I personally disliked the Armed Forces but in a period of struggle, I'm all for it. And the best part is that ... no Conservative/Republican has mentioned about this at all. I can vouch that they are not real patriots as they claimed to be.

The link from also crashed The Charleston Gazette's server a while ago. There was an uproar in Charleston area where the prominent figures wondered what's wrong with the US Armed Forces. Suddenly, today, in Fort Hood, Texas -- they announced that this man will be reimbursed for $700.

But the point is ... why attempt to bill him in the first place when he was injured, serving for the United States?

Shut Up Conservatives & Republicans! Many conservative & Republican bloggers are trying to make a big deal that folks at Coretta Scott King's funeral, people took an opportunity to criticize GW Bush in his face. I say, go for it! Know why? GW Bush clamored that he's all for freedom of speech but often used his powers to block his detractors away as far as can be. Some Conservatives and Republicans attempted to speak for Coretta Scott King that she would be disgusted at how "Liberals" and "Democrats" used her funeral to punch in GW Bush's face. Please get a clue. Coretta probably are smiling right now, knowing that the opportunity is there for others to bombard GW Bush of his policies. It was fun reading some conservative bloggers who whined about this. Grow a spine, I say.

Spell This: I W-I-L-L S-U-E Y-O-U! Very amusing article.

Brokeback Mountain Captioned But Not Right Now: On February 19, that is. That would make 72 days, equalivent to more than 10 weeks (2.5 months) of waiting for the film to be open captioned so that Deaf people can watch. The first place to show the captioned film of Brokeback Mountain is Rockville, Maryland. For further information, check this website. Hat tip to Aaron.

Oh, Good Riddance to Lance:
I never liked Lance Armstrong. I was disgusted with his antics. Especially when he was ill, his wife took care of him. Then he got healthy, he divorced her for Sheryl Crow. Now Sheryl Crow dumped Lance. I'm so glad.



Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coretta Scott King & Andrew Walter, Las Vegas and Gallaudet!

Is Andrew Walter Gay or Not? Perhaps he is, perhaps not. But nevertheless, his profile was found on -- maybe someone did this as a prank. Maybe it was Andrew Walter, Quarterback at Oakland Raiders, who is lonely and is in need of a male companionship. Be nice if he comes out of the closet, fellas. If not, I can always fantasize about Bill Cowher, the Head Coach of Pittsburgh Steelers, his jaw-faced personality is a huge turn-on. I understand why he coached the Steelers for 14 seasons, he is married to 4 females in his house -- his wife and three daughters. I mean, everything in his house is so girlie! So cute when Bill attempted to suppress his smile with 1 minute left in the Super Bowl.

Coretta Scott King Honored: In less than 3 months, two prominent figures of the Civil Rights Movement has died. First Rosa Parks, now Coretta Scott King. Either way, both deserved the honor and respect from every American citizen. My hats off to the Governor of Georgia for making sure that everyone can pay her respects in its State Capital, making Coretta Scott King the first woman and first black person to do that. bon voyage!

Priceless Comments from Hobo: Loved this stuff from New York!

Speaking of New York: I'm heading off to New York on February 22, then fly off to Las Vegas on Feb 25 to March 1. Yep, flying with the same friend that I went last May. Yes, I'll get to see my second Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. I'll check "O". Chris said that he heard that it is good. Can't wait for this!

Now About Gallaudet: As much as I love Gallaudet, there is something wrong with Gallaudet. I was alarmed to learn about its antics. Especially with its relationships with corporations such as Kellogg, Coca-Cola, Sprint and Sorenson. I learned that Sorenson has forced Gallaudet to agree that if the students invented something in its new building (SLCC), Sorenson has the right to patent and own it for a certain number of years.

Excuse me? Where was Sorenson when we were here 10 years ago? They were not active participants of the Deaf Community at large! They are simply locusts, taking what they see in profits. Yes, they may have won the competition over CSDVRS, but for them to come in Gallaudet University and start to dictate the policies surrounding the new building just because they donated some cool $5 million does not mean that we have to submit to that audistic attitude! If they increased the amount to ... say ... $25 million, I might change my mind. But $5 million is pretty cheap donation, coming from a big-time corporation businessman like James Lee Sorenson who is worth $43 billion dollars and No. 73 on Forbes' List.

People has tendency to forget that James Lee Sorenson does not manage only Sorenson Video Relay Services. In fact, the SVRS is one "small potato" (to quote someone else!) out of many companies that James Lee Sorenson spawned, thus making him a billionaire to start with.

Perhaps Dr. I. K. Jordan has to stop coddling these businessmen. Perhaps it is good thing that he is going to be retired but again, he could leave a huge trail of mind-boggling legal mess for the University to clean and adjust.

Look at Kellogg, they just contributed money to Gallaudet and suddenly, the University gave the Conference Center to them. Spring contributed -- boom! We give them Sprint Multipurpose Room. Coca-Cola contributed -- BOOM! -- Gallaudet gave them Coca-Cola a room where Career Center is located at. I guess, if Gatorade donated a cool $10 million to Gallaudet for its Field House, we'd have to name after them as well.

Where is the sense of decency on our part? Giving our scraps to the corporations that has done nothing for the Deaf Community in the last 200 years?! I completely understood that business is business, we have to name after these corporations to foster such relationships so that someday, we might be lucky to touch that "old floating money" that has been denied to us for years. Like someone else said that it helps Gallaudet's future but it harms the current students in the process. A double-edged sword, really.

Laurent Clerc was the first Deaf teacher in North America and Gallaudet had the audacity to name him after a dorm, not any educational building like at all. Never mind that they associated Laurent Clerc with the pre-college programs, I'm talking about his association with Gallaudet University!

And I got this information from someone else who alerted me to this website at White House. Check the link for further information. It makes you wonder what Fred Weiner, Special Assistant to the President in Planning, has been doing so far?

What it was being said does not surprise me. And reading Fred Weiner's website made me wonder about many things. But again, perhaps Gallaudet is going through a period of parenthesis. With a new change, maybe the Fates will smile upon Kendall Green once again.



Monday, February 06, 2006

2.7.06 Tidbits

59 Days And Counting: still hasn't distributed Brokeback Mountain. That is 8 weeks or 2 months. Gee whiz, anyone surprised with that?

Whua-Hey?! Last night, my sister mentioned that Richmond Times-Dispatch had an article that featured my comments regarding my compliants about the lack of open-captioned films in the area. Check the article if you want to. Hat tip to Hedor.

About Ben Soukup: Someone sent me the exact address of Ben Soukup's house so that I can google his home via EarthGoogle. Yeah, I saw the home. But I declined to provide the means because it is invasion of one's privacy. I feel it is inappropriate to give the link to the exact location. Sorry but that is bit too much for my taste, I think.

Cochlear Implants = Bacterial Meningitis: According to FDA, the children with cochlear implants are at high risk in getting bacterial meningitis more often than the ones that did not get it. All I can say at this is: About time, honey.

My close friend, Erin Whitney, had bacterial meningitis last year, she was hospitalized for a week with 105 degrees. Her thoughts on this subject? "Meningitis funny zero." Hat tip to Carrie.

Virginia Cavaliers Succumbed to No. 6 Maryland Twerps: Gee. Thanks to the Ewans, I was able to watch Virginia women play Maryland Twerps in Comcast Center last Sunday at noon with Darlene. Thanks to Referee Bryan Enterline's bad officiating (trust me, he was that bad!), Maryland won the contest, 85-71.

It was a game of spurts. Virginia came back within six, then Bryan took over and called fouls on Virginia one too many. Screw the Zebras! Argh. Then I had to endure the barrage of heckling comments by Darlene's father who seemed to enjoy in trashing my beloved Cavaliers. But I'm tough lad -- the Cavaliers is now 13-8 heading into this weekend's tough match-ups versus No. 2 Duke and No. 1 North Carolina. God preserve us, please.

What About Mike "McWeenie" McConnell?
As I suspected all along, I cruised through the Gallaudet yearbooks to see what kind of "activities" that this fool has been doing when he went to Gallaudet sometimes in the past. Apparently, this guy ... did practically do nothing at Gallaudet. He did not join any organizations. Perhaps this is the reason why he was virtually unheard of at Gallaudet. And yes, he ended up marrying a cafeteria worker. Bubba, you need to earn some stripes before you claim to represent the Deaf people in general, especially with your kind, on your blog.

Jacob Robida's Rampage: Jacob Robida used the fake ID to get in a gay bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He ordered two drinks then went on a rampage and injured three persons, using a gun and hatchet. He then drove to Norfolk, Arkansas where he ended up shooting a police officer dead and his friend dead. Then the cops in Arkansas blew his head off. And I have the access to Jacob Robida's myspace profile. I visited his profile -- it was filled with racism and all that. Very disturbing. Then boom, someone erased his profile. Go figure. But if you want to see his profile as is, you can find more about his profile through this article. Oh, by the way, Jacob's family member signed the anti-gay marriage petition. Go figure.

And what about fake IDs? All I can say is: Big deal. Many teenagers will find a way or other to get it, like it or not. Big non-issue here at all.

Speaking of Barfeteria: The rumors are true, Gallaudet's Barfeteria is indeed good. Despite the fact that it is good, the students still whined.

New Species of Animals Discovered! This is cool, man!

TV's CSI: Blame Me! I enjoyed watching CSI:Some City at times and sometimes I wondered if it actually helped criminals to polish their criminal activities. Apparently, it does.

Aguilera vs. Spears: I love it when Christina Aguilera talked trash about Britney Spears and I guaranteed that in the next few days, Britney will badmouth Christina ...

Volunteer ... ? After talking with friends, I may volunteer for this world-class event next year in ... Salt Lake City. Is that a hint already?

Muslim Extremists Need To Shut Up: They whined about the cartoons in Europe which ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims has many of their injustices in many areas, and they are so upset about this? C'mon. Even some fellas in Syria hinted that European countries need to be reminded of 9/11. I say, "Go ahead and do it -- nations in Europe reserve the right to retaliate if they did do something in their nations! Especially to Syria!" The drama in Middle East is absurd -- that is why I'm going to give you the link to my favorite gay porn star, Michael Lucas who wrote a great entry on this Muslim wacko drama.

That's All Folks! I met many people at Gallaudet last week -- it was nice to be back once in a while. To some folks that I could not really have the time to chat, there is always the next time, guys and gals. Oh, thanks to Lambykins for two shots of Absinthe. I really enjoyed the taste of licorice.



Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bitch Session XVII

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers. I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else. Confidentiality is assured 100%. Enjoy!

Don't be a Marbie Doll!

Rex, the bomb sniffer dog, sure did understood Bush's State of Union speech. ARF!

Joy, you crazy gal, you rock my world! From one of your fans!

Heather WhiteStone, I find you to be distasteful, and a pussy because you choose to ignore a wonderful side of yourself, your deafness. You only see it as a handicap and its folks like you that give the rest of us deafies a bad rep. Please grow up! Cochlear Implant doesnt make you hearing, anymore than Michael Jackson is white.

I secretly hate Chuck Baird for giving me an C in Intro. To Drawing class because I drew much better than him... He drew a stupid cat while I drew a hot guy with a monstrous cock. Perhaps because it had forbiddingly aroused him.

Sam, you tried to rip me off finacially, you tried to kick me out, you tried to bombard me with stupid ass emails, and guess what, I'm still here. Go fuck yourself and crawl back to the trailer youre from in WVA!

RT got it right about Aubrecht -- that woman deserved to be trashed!

Abenchuchan Boy, congratulations. Be sure to preserve your ass during your pledge probation. After all, it belonged to me.

Until you learn that you get what you give, dont come crying to me and expecting me to bend over for you to fuck me up the ass! After the kid smeared shit on the bathroom walls, after the roaches multiplied because you cant wash your fucking dishes, after the psychotic bitch from last year verbally abused me, I have no sympathy left for you at all.So let me sing, sign, yell, mime, write, do interpretative dance all to say the same thing, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

Oh my goodness! Who died and made McWeenie king??

Chris Corrigan, one damn HOT guy on campus and why is that troll following him? Oh! Milana!

Haha DS is pledging Kappa Gamma! It should keep his hair short and his fly zipped shut for a while. His hair last year was scary. Maybe he really is becoming a man now?

Weenie and Whale have very strange priorities! They both need to get a life.

DSP?! Your pledge announcement = Lamest scene in gally history

Please pardon Nanc's drunken celebrations this week. After all, her Steelers won it all.

Tanya is one hot mama!

Sarah I miss you so much, I think about you often and you're not far from my heart. NYC isnt the same without you! I miss our talks, comparing sex lives and I just MISS YOU Pack!

William Schmidt, why did you cut your hair?? It was so cute before.

Muslims at Gallaudet needs to shut up and show some respect and gratitude that they are in this country. Who gives a fuck about drawing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, really? There is more issues to deal with than to whine about cheap cartoons!

Ricky you hot studmuffin, I wuv you and am addicted to your blog. You're not allowed to go more than 2 days without blogging! Its your God's given power, use it for good and to better mankind like you've been doing! mwah!

Roy Ricci is awesome--his art is so fab fab fab. Can't wait to see his show with Muck as special guest artist in two weeks!

Brokeback Mountain's open-captioned films still has not been distributed at all. Why is that we have to be apathetic when it comes to things like this?

We should be glad that Dr. I. King Jordan is going to be retired -- he is responsible for instilling many bad people that perpetuated the audism practices at Gallaudet!

i *heart* ty giordano!

Anyone saw Tate's comments about Brokeback Mountain? "I hurt myself." -- Priceless.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Weekend Tidbits & First Video!

But first thing, gotta tell few things.

DPHH Sux: Last night, after dining with two great gals at Urban Thai restaurant -- fabulous food -- I go umm umm on every bite. It did not make me feel full, just perfect dinner. Loved the name that I ordered: Pad See Eew. If you try to sign that in ASL ...

However, went to DPHH which was located few doors down the street. It was cramped, small, smoky and awkward. Stayed like five minutes -- saw some familiar faces. Greeted some. Decided to leave after 5 minutes, my friends and I kept on bumping people on the street more than we did inside. In fact, it is safe to say that we hung outside longer than the inside of the pub. That's how bad it was.

Stopped by Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant, the NOVA's only gay bar. Nice place -- too many lezzies. But that's OK. Was amused to see several Deaf patrons coming in by mistake. Asked us if we were here for DPHH. Told them that DPHH is at the pub down the street. Should see how they smiled when they had the pictures taken at a gay bar. Come to think of this -- the DPHH never took place at a gay bar. Homophobia? Maybe, maybe not.

Compliments, Compliments and Compliments: During my stay in the DC area, I received nothing but compliments about my blogsite. Naturally, I was bit surprised at the numbers of raves, considering the unique situation with my blogsite. Sometimes people wanted to shake my hands just because I write stuff. Basically, thank you for the compliments. I'm not quite used to accept the compliments. I guess, it is my weakness -- I grew up not getting enough compliments. And now people are coming at me in every directions and it kinda blew me away a little.

One most amusing comment by a reader: "Every morning, I get my coffee and check your blog for further information. And in the last two days you did not blog anything -- I think I need to check myself in rehab or detox or something!"

Bit Long Article But Think About It ... Read Slemo's article and reflect this upon many deaf-owned (and some hearing-owned, of course!) businesses. Is this familiar among us all? Discuss.

Remember PM Mark Oaten? According to PopBitch, the married man of 3 who was outed by the London tabloids last week for having lengthy relationship with a rent-boy -- in other words, a male prostitute. However, PopBitch has reported that Mark Oaten was interested in coprophilia. Apparently, PopBitch said that Mark likes to eat shit. Umm.

Thanks to PopBitch ... Check Ashton Kutcher when he went into the toilet stall. [work not safe] Now that is hot, Ashton!

Audism At Its Best? I winced when I read The Buff and Blue about the plans for Sorenson Language and Communication Center (SLCC), it mentioned that the entire 2nd floor will be devoted to Audiology Department while on the first floor, half of the first floor will be reserved for Deaf Studies, ASL and Linguistics Departments. Why is that the Audiology has the whole floor while these three departments has to cramp together? Why? Someone said that the Audiology Department got $4.7 million from some grant. Perhaps it did. But this reeks of audism.

Irony But ... ! I purchased a plastic bracelet from Kappa Gamma for $3. The price is bit high for one plastic bracelet -- but I had to get it -- the color is black with white words: STOP AUDISM. One funny thing about this is that the Kappa Gamma fraternity is doing the fundraising to support the SLCC!

Now For Your Own Entertainment! I'm posting my very first video production on my blogsite -- this 7 minutes was produced, written and directed by myself many years ago when I was in college. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I was able to transfer from VHS tape to the computer.

The title is very lame. The actors in the film were: the late Jake Temby, Christie Abrams, Stacy Abrams, Manny and Liam Sharpe. If a hearing person wanted the transcript, feel free to shout in the comment box. I'll come up with it sooner if you guys wanted this.

It is possible that you might see a glitch in the first few seconds -- be sure to play around with pause/play to continue the tape. The remainder of the film seems to work all right. Enjoy the film!



* * *

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Should Slap Your Head Off, Allison Aubrecht!

Allison, people often told me behind your back that you're one incredibly whiner and liar. I care less about that. Because it does not affect me at all. It is your business to lie and whine, really. After all, this is free country.

But for you to say that I'm a troublemaker is something else, honey! Nothing is far from the truth.

You claimed that I did things despicable to Jake. I challenge you to prove it. All I did was to free him from the lies that he buried himself with -- by coming clean to his former wife whom he cheated on for months. Yes, I caught him in bed with that $1.29 slut by the name of Brooke Budzinski. Yes, Jake asked me to keep a secret from my own best friend (who happens to be his former wife) -- which absolutely goes against my very rule, I do not keep secrets from my best friend. I literally forced Jake to confess everything or I will. If you regard that as a form of troublemaking, then by all means, I am one!

I never went to his funeral and memorial services because that $1.29 slut whined a huge river about it, besides I had other plans on that day. So your claims that I plan to interfere is utterly ridiculous, Allison Aubrecht. In fact, Jake and I chatted online before he died. So I kinda knew the routine but for you to claim that I did this, that and there is silly, m'dear.

Coincidentally, today is 3rd anniversary of Jake Temby's death. Bet you a dollar you did not know about that, Ally? Today I saw you at Results DC Gym, and you actually fled the gymnasium after seeing me, eh? You were afraid of me, Allison Aubrecht. In fact, you told someone else that you could not believe that I was at the gym and you said you would not come back to the gym. You know what they say about liars and troublemakers? They often avoid the persons they bashed upon. Essentially, I should have confronted you about your lies. But lucky for you, I was busy doing the cardio.

You may run all you want, Allison. But at least, what people said about you initially is something that I believed as of now. You're truly a good liar, Allison Aubrecht! And I hope people knew what kind of person you are.




MICA RUNWAY 2006 is slated to happen on Saturday, June 16, 2006. Perhaps the most surprising thing about itself is its location -- it will be held at crobar, a massive nightclub geared towards gay men and open-minded persons.

I had been to crobar before. It is fun, huge and great. I'm certain that the MICA participants and supporters will enjoy the rest of the day and night at crobar!

Ridor To Support MICA Runway 2006: Since I'm enthusiastic supporter of MICA Runway 2006, it is only fair that I promote this on my blogsite from now on until June 16, 2006. I also offered them the option of blogging about any updates and announcements from the MICA Runway 2006.

Naturally, I shall be at MICA Runway 2006 to observe but not interfere -- and report it from there.

Its website is if you want to look around.

The theme of the MICA Runway 2006 is "As in Art ... be Daring, Avant-Garde, Guerilla, Creative, and Innovative."

MICA Runway 2006 To Set Up Scholarship for Sarah Marie Pack: Bravo to the Committee of MICA Runway 2006 for setting up the scholarship for Sarah Pack, a dear friend of mine who passed away suddenly last November. Check its website for further information on the Sarah Marie Pack Writing Award.

MICA Runway 2006' Call for Open Casting: The Executive Committee of MICA Runway 2006 is open to the auditions for anyone over 5'7 feet tall. Plus size models are welcome! Please contact for further information on modelling audition.

MICA Runway 2006' Prices: $100 per person. $250 for VIP Ticket.

Naturally, there will be updates on this in the near future. Stay tuned.



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Much Things To Do, So Little Time To Blog ...

Yes, that is true. it is nice to be back at Gallaudet. I met so many old faces and friends on and off the campus. It was nice to see them up and running. I could go on and on and on ... but time is so limited. So I'll cover what is needed to be addressed.

blogACTIVE Warns Repubican Senator: Mike Rogers of blogACTIVE has issued a warning to the certain Republican Senator here in the Nation's Capitol that if he voted for any anti-gay legislation, he will be massively outed for his oral sex activities at Union Station! This is the best -- this particular senator is married! Hat tip to Lambykins.

ExxonMOBIL Nets Nearly $11 Billion: ... IN PROFITS! Wait a minute -- was it they who said that they had to increase the oil prices because of this, that and there? And yet, they produced enormous profits. Let's face the music, they are mocking at us. We need to do something about it. Did you notice something? When I was a child, there was TV commercials by Exxon. These days, you do not see one. Know why? These oil companies knew we needed them more than they do for us!

Shut Up, Muslims! Muslim Extremists are decrying about the cartoon that was produced by a company in Denmark. They pressured the Arab countries to boycott the Danish nation when they said that they do not prosecute the freedom of speech. Good for Denmark! For a long time, Muslims had mocked others for their beliefs and when someone joked about theirs, they cried a huge river. I am all for respect and dignity but this is silly, Muslims need to do something else than to decry this shit. My hats off to Denmark for being firm in this manner.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Among my best friends are from Seattle and Pittsburgh. I want Seattle to win. But at the same time, I want Nanc's Steelers to win just to see her react like a wild monkey. I can imagine her going haywire over this. She is bona fide Steelers fan. My prediction? Seahawks 31, Steelers 28.

Umm, Am I Supposed To Smile At This? I think it is not funny. I think this is lame, simply put. Hat tip to Philip.

Remember Vonetta Flowers? Few months ago, I mentioned about Vonetta Flowers being the first African American to win a gold medal in Winter Olympics. I also mentioned that she has a deaf son. She recently took her son to Italy to do some more damages to his head, as expected. Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

To have A Deaf Family Is Nice, But 11?! I'm not sure if having 11 deaf children are good idea. Another Visco in the making, I guess? But this article should be commended for not portraying such a negative image on Deaf family in general. In fact, it was very cute and positive. Hat tip to PJ.

Bitch Session Due This Friday: Wanna bitch at someone else? You know the drills.

Bored? Wanna See Jokes In ASL? Check this link -- look for "Videos for Jokes" on your right side.

Whatever Happened to the Freedom of Speech? Arrested Cindy Sheehan for wearing anti-war t-shirt, and kicked Beverly Young out of the Gallery for wearing pro-war t-shirt -- what does it spells for our so-called Freedom of Speech -- of course, it is blatantly violation of our freedom. Of course, it is allowed under the Bush regime! Either way, nobody cared about the State of the Union -- I even missed it. I did not care. I mean -- who cares?! Evidently, the press do not. For God's sake, they covered Cindy and Beverly's antics more than Bush's comments! Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

DC's DPHH: This Friday, I shall be at Crystal City Sports Pub for its DPHH function -- feel free to stop by and say hey. Today at Gallaudet, many people complained that I hadn't blogged in the last few days. I apologized for that, it is just that I was overwhelmed with many things. I met old friends -- met new faces including ... the fabled Alex Abenchuchan. He's good as advertised ... I think!

Next Entry Is All About MICA Runway 2006! Be prepared. I got enormous information to entertain the readers -- of course, I will be in attendance and you should be, too!

Confidential To McWeenie & Whale Fatterson: Both of you are impudent to start with. I think the idea of whining about one's tendencies is a sign of desperation. All roads must come to an end, and you both have reached the end of yours. Your lies wouldn't fool a child, in turn, you had to attempt some kind of amusing rhetoric to attack me directly and indirectly on your websites, comments and emails. Let's face the reality, you guys lost. I am simply beyond you both. Next!