Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Change

It is time for a change. Why do I do this? I am merely moving on to the next level of blogging. Many bloggers has moved on to establish their own websites as the means to launch their careers. It may help me to an extent, who knows?

You cannot fail unless you try it first. This particular blogsite has been a pivotal role in shaping my relationships with many people (enemies, friends, family and acquaintenances). The experience has been very rewarding and I do not mind for it to continue. But I need a new look and a massive upgrade to indicate that I meant the business.

I was fortunate to have a friend in Eric Hamlow for helping me out with the glitches and all that. Thank you, Eric!

The brand-new website is:

More details on the new website. Check it out and do share your feedbacks.

Cheers for the final time on,


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