Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coretta Scott King & Andrew Walter, Las Vegas and Gallaudet!

Is Andrew Walter Gay or Not? Perhaps he is, perhaps not. But nevertheless, his profile was found on Myspace.com -- maybe someone did this as a prank. Maybe it was Andrew Walter, Quarterback at Oakland Raiders, who is lonely and is in need of a male companionship. Be nice if he comes out of the closet, fellas. If not, I can always fantasize about Bill Cowher, the Head Coach of Pittsburgh Steelers, his jaw-faced personality is a huge turn-on. I understand why he coached the Steelers for 14 seasons, he is married to 4 females in his house -- his wife and three daughters. I mean, everything in his house is so girlie! So cute when Bill attempted to suppress his smile with 1 minute left in the Super Bowl.

Coretta Scott King Honored: In less than 3 months, two prominent figures of the Civil Rights Movement has died. First Rosa Parks, now Coretta Scott King. Either way, both deserved the honor and respect from every American citizen. My hats off to the Governor of Georgia for making sure that everyone can pay her respects in its State Capital, making Coretta Scott King the first woman and first black person to do that. bon voyage!

Priceless Comments from Hobo: Loved this stuff from New York!

Speaking of New York: I'm heading off to New York on February 22, then fly off to Las Vegas on Feb 25 to March 1. Yep, flying with the same friend that I went last May. Yes, I'll get to see my second Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas. I'll check "O". Chris said that he heard that it is good. Can't wait for this!

Now About Gallaudet: As much as I love Gallaudet, there is something wrong with Gallaudet. I was alarmed to learn about its antics. Especially with its relationships with corporations such as Kellogg, Coca-Cola, Sprint and Sorenson. I learned that Sorenson has forced Gallaudet to agree that if the students invented something in its new building (SLCC), Sorenson has the right to patent and own it for a certain number of years.

Excuse me? Where was Sorenson when we were here 10 years ago? They were not active participants of the Deaf Community at large! They are simply locusts, taking what they see in profits. Yes, they may have won the competition over CSDVRS, but for them to come in Gallaudet University and start to dictate the policies surrounding the new building just because they donated some cool $5 million does not mean that we have to submit to that audistic attitude! If they increased the amount to ... say ... $25 million, I might change my mind. But $5 million is pretty cheap donation, coming from a big-time corporation businessman like James Lee Sorenson who is worth $43 billion dollars and No. 73 on Forbes' List.

People has tendency to forget that James Lee Sorenson does not manage only Sorenson Video Relay Services. In fact, the SVRS is one "small potato" (to quote someone else!) out of many companies that James Lee Sorenson spawned, thus making him a billionaire to start with.

Perhaps Dr. I. K. Jordan has to stop coddling these businessmen. Perhaps it is good thing that he is going to be retired but again, he could leave a huge trail of mind-boggling legal mess for the University to clean and adjust.

Look at Kellogg, they just contributed money to Gallaudet and suddenly, the University gave the Conference Center to them. Spring contributed -- boom! We give them Sprint Multipurpose Room. Coca-Cola contributed -- BOOM! -- Gallaudet gave them Coca-Cola a room where Career Center is located at. I guess, if Gatorade donated a cool $10 million to Gallaudet for its Field House, we'd have to name after them as well.

Where is the sense of decency on our part? Giving our scraps to the corporations that has done nothing for the Deaf Community in the last 200 years?! I completely understood that business is business, we have to name after these corporations to foster such relationships so that someday, we might be lucky to touch that "old floating money" that has been denied to us for years. Like someone else said that it helps Gallaudet's future but it harms the current students in the process. A double-edged sword, really.

Laurent Clerc was the first Deaf teacher in North America and Gallaudet had the audacity to name him after a dorm, not any educational building like at all. Never mind that they associated Laurent Clerc with the pre-college programs, I'm talking about his association with Gallaudet University!

And I got this information from someone else who alerted me to this website at White House. Check the link for further information. It makes you wonder what Fred Weiner, Special Assistant to the President in Planning, has been doing so far?

What it was being said does not surprise me. And reading Fred Weiner's website made me wonder about many things. But again, perhaps Gallaudet is going through a period of parenthesis. With a new change, maybe the Fates will smile upon Kendall Green once again.



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