Thursday, February 16, 2006

About Daphne 'Daffy' Wright

Some asked me to cover about the killing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Some asked me if I knew the killer.

The truth is that I do knew her.  Daphne "Daffy" Wright used to go out with my sister's close friend. Daffy is from a deaf family in Laurel, Maryland and graduated from Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, NC (Conflicting information has indicated that she dropped out, kicked out or graduated at NCSD). She was not well-liked person in the GLBT Community in the DC/Baltimore Area.

I once met Daffy when I was staying at my sister's close friend's apartment for few days, she did not like the idea of a man being in the apartment where her girlfriend lives. I had to assure her that I'm gay and not interested in females. But the anger and vitrol through her body language was a powder keg. Not only that, she's big woman for any ordinary woman. She is taller and bigger than I am. She often used that to intimidate others to her advantage.

It gets to a point where my sister's close friend finally got the restraining order against Daffy for physical assaults in Maryland. Then she left for South Dakota six years ago.

That was the last time I heard of Daffy until the recent developments where she was arrested for the killing of Darlene VanderGiesen.

I got an email telling me that Darlene is not lesbian but merely a heterosexual friend trying to mediate the tense situation between Daffy and her girlfriend, Sallie. How she was killed is unclear at this moment.

According to the local newspaper in Sioux Falls, they are suspending the search at the landfill until Tuesday because of a snowstorm.

My sister described Daffy as a big thug lezzie who was going to explode one way or other.

And she did explode, after all.



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